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"It's like ACEN, except only the absolute worst members of the scene attend. Everyone else waits for Magic." edition

In order of most to least recent:
>>10917652 (Finnish Anti-tank soldier at Acen 2024?)
>>10917374 (Midwest General Thread No.1)
>>10916637 (Anime Central: "Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them." edition)
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Deleted threads and obvious bait/drama threads have been omitted from the list above.

Same exact location as ACEN:
May 17th-19th, 2024
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center & Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Rosemont, IL

Are you actually going to this convention because you like it, or are you simply going as cope for not being able to go to AX?
'member when Anime Midwest managed to somehow get Studio Trigger for two years in a row? 'member how Studio Trigger even debuted exclusive content at Anime Midwest those years? Pepperidge Farms 'members.
Any guests you're looking forwards to seeing there this year?
You are aware of the management team of this convention and the drama behind its CEO, right anon?
Pipkin Pippa we know you were /here/ during ACEN. If you're reading this, please tell Sakana to consider a collab between Phase Connect and The Chicago White Sox for the 4th of July weekend 2025. I'm sure it'll absolutely blow the Dodgers x Hololive collab out of left field! (Yes pun intended.) ily please get better soon.

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>May 17th-19th, 2024
Stop fucking simping for Pippa and maybe proofread what you write baka. Those were the dates for ACEN, the dates for Anime Midwest are 4th of July Weekend 2024 like always. July 5th-7th to be precise.

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Also maybe consider using an image bigger than 10 KB, 175x287 next time. This is an IMAGE board not a THUMBNAIL board. Sheeesh.

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What the fuck do you mean that Pippa was at ACEN

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This is the worst OP post for a thread I've ever seen

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Yeh the other thread is better

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You're all a bunch of faggots

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Warsie smells like shit and AtJap13 smells like dried jizz

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Are you fuckin us to know that? Seems like some bottom shit I would hear.

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Lmao mention moonway and he flips out and deletes the post. Hey dipshit everyone knows you scam people for free rooms, drinks, and are broke as shit. What's your discord alt these days? Did you change cosplay fandoms again to avoid detection?

I love he got kicked out of the group before reisen and hates jabbies at cons but somehow became a mod on cgl. Fucking lmao

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The mods of this are fucking pussy ass faggots.

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Everyone on this board is broke as shit.

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I doubt that, he's an incel.

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nah he will for sure, he LOVES to molest

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will pell be here giving alcohol to minors again?

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I reiterate, y'all are bitches.

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Lee Mckinnis (Warsie) and Makoto's have fun with that. 939 washington blvd oak park 60302 the nazi pedophile can't hide forever

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See you at blacklight blackout faggot

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Seems like the CHAD rapist versus the VIRGIN incel

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Heading up to blacklight blackout to fuck Orgy Guy like they're a 15 year old Ohio hooker

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I remember this guy from when I was in the discord and he literally got 0 pussy every time.

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pell gives alcohol to minors

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Warsie and Wendigo fuck them

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is pell still giving alcohol to minors?

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Hope Warsie pulls a Reisen and kills himself at Anime Midwest.

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she a fan, she a fan, she a fan, she a fa-aa--aan

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We know you're a fan.

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Any raves happening Saturday? Like acen ?

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Which rave should I attend, Friday or Saturday?

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I hope you like grippy socks, bitch because you'll be spending a lot of time wearing them in the asylum

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Saturday probably better.

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Is it at the Hyatt?

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Two weeks left and this general is dead. Unlike acen

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You can thank one very specific tranny Jannie that decided to close the floodgates of Content(TM) for that...or the three very specific Midwestern gulls that acted way out of pocket on here a few weeks ago that freaked out said tranny jannie into taking that decision. Also this particular con just sucks absolute donkey bollocks so most gulls and normies alike are skipping it and waiting for Magic instead.

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Damn, not worth paying $50 then? Since I was a little too late.

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>Since I was a little too late.
For what exactly? The pricing tier increase? This con is absolutely not worth 50 USD + hotel + food etc, not even in the slightest. If you haven't bought a badge yet, I'd suggest you take that 50 and enjoy the 4th of July weekend getting shitfaced elsewhere. There's bars doing weebshit in the city all the time, some will be doing it that holiday weekend, take your money to those instead. Better yet, save that 50 and use it to get the VIP Badge for Magic. Magic's one of the very few cons where the VIP badge actually is worth something. Plus Magic is happening on Labour Day weekend this year so if you're looking for "holiday weekend con vibes", you can get those at Magic too. I believe Rosemont also has a fireworks show going on on Labour Day, so you literally wouldn't be missing anything by skipping Midwest and going to Magic instead.

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Go to both.

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> Convention for magic the gathering
Im looking at pictures, and is it just a big convention for people to play the game, or are there raves as well?

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It might look MTG related but its actually a tattoo convention.

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shit tier con...plus everyone has moved on to anime magic

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no its an anime convention and they have 2 events, one is magic inked aswell

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$60 ticket whyyyy

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Anime magic is the last good con of the year?

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If you can make the drive, colossal north in November is good

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CAD is a good comfy solstice/christmas party basically

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I still can't believe that the con is in 1 week and this general is dead.

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I was going to ask but it seems it's been answered a lot. A lot of people have been telling me that they're going to the Midwest but apparently it's a lame con and magic is the hype one. Is that so?

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Lol I can believe it. Idk a single person irl who still goes to that con

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Furfest is super fun

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Both honestly are mid compared to ACEN. Midwest is much bigger than Magic by attendance, but Magic has significantly better presentation and mascots. They're honestly both fine to go to and have different vibes and events. Its just with the supposed allegations against Midwest's organizer and Magic being the new kid on the block having just started a few years ago, people like to play up a rivalry between the two cons.

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Price is too high for magic to be the new kids in town. Not even acen was 70

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Magic is slightly better than Midwest, simply because Midwest happens near a major holiday PLUS already in the same slot as a major con across the nation.

Magic happens in a dead slot which can garner more interesting people/artists/vendors.

Both still somehow manage to pull better guests and industry experts than ACEN somehow... probably because ACEN is more of a hardcore weeb thing, and Magic and Midwest are more catered towards nerds in general.

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Is Chicago the only place with big cons in the Midwest?

>> No.10924698

Prices for magic are so weird, for $5 more you get an all day access. The prices are also way too high for single days.

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See your faggot ass at Midwest, I can't wait to see how badly you try to "beat my ass" (given the last time you tried to have one of your bros steal Makoto's phone and that shit didn't work too well) you'll probably end up being gangraped in the Hotel lobby

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Gawd you need a padded cell and a tranquilizer.

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Both of you could beat that fat loser's ass.

>> No.10924754 [DELETED] 

Destroy the fat HIV+ Goblin Wendigooner!

>> No.10924755 [DELETED] 

I hope that pfp they have isn't what I think it is. Absolutely fucking speechless if it is...

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The only people who kept these threads even remotely active all either nuked their discords or mass left and regrouped into new discords going full scorched earth after Midwest's incident. Your best bet is just joining the Cons official main discord, if you intend to meet up with anyone heavily question who they are.

If I ever needed the perfect excuse to leave the midwest shithole group it was the recent con lol.

>> No.10924757

It is lmao.

Wait what happened at Midwest?

>> No.10924758 [DELETED] 

Oh it is anon, it is. You're not hallucinating, she's using his literal grave as a prop the same way an insta thot uses food, or puppies, or whatever the fuck.

>> No.10924759

>Wait what happened at Midwest?
Pretty sure they're referring to the incident at acen. Midwest hasn't happened yet, it's this weekend.

>> No.10924762 [DELETED] 

>His mom very directly said to keep his grave site a secret
I can personally confirm that is a bold face fucking lie

>> No.10924774

No, but it's the only place in the Midwest with more than one really big con in the same city

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That fat faggot was never real friends with the twink faggot.

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Hypocrisy is on Fleek with Wendigooner


>> No.10924795

No one fucking cares about your fag enabler drama. Find a bridge and shuffle off this mortal coil

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Makoto getting attacked at Belmont for supporting pedophilia is the funniest shit I ever heard. I'll be sure to throw an orgy when he dies too. Lying on the dead isn't a good luck and karma came and got you.

>> No.10924798

Weird given all the bites these posts are making. Make your lies half believable. Also how about you play in traffic anon

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File: 118 KB, 828x844, Messenger_creation_e17dc849-ac2e-439d-a632-02650c00272d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nigga you hit the wall at 16, of course you're butthurt over pedophilia. You were only cute as a shota. Damn, hitting the wall ain't JUST for women it seems.

I guess you can't pimp your bussy like you did when you were 15 anymore

>> No.10924801

Damn, I wish I could take full credit because it's so fucking Hilarious Makoto got got for lying on the dead. Pure comedy gold. Anyways run up get done up at Anime Mideest good luck even getting near me lmao. Remember I roll with them goons

>> No.10924803

Imagine believing pedophiles and child endangeres yikes. These 2 are just mad they got exposed and are trying to save themselves but its already too late Makoto admitted in full to giving minors alcohol and drugs and allowing a 15 year old to be around a pedophile. Major yikes. When you do clownery expect a circus boo. I'm F R E E Fuck Nigga Free.

It's weird to post my already public pictures can't never knock me off my pedestal being literal nazi pedophiles

Anyways let me know when yall die and I'll throw a massive orgy since that's totally what I did on purpose.

I hope you get attacked again lmao omg I'm sorry that shits too funny.

>> No.10924804

He never lied on the dead. Wendigooner is the one lying on the dead and sending people to attack others. In fact, Makoto has been one of the only ones to honestly report what Sydney's real friends also corroborate.

>> No.10924805

Bro you just admitted you threw an orgy because you're glad Sydney died.

>> No.10924806

Is it time already? Cause I woke this mornin' feelin' like P Diddy.

>> No.10924807

>can't never knock me off my pedestal being literal nazi pedophiles

Better than being backstabbing SJWs, I still got most of my friends. Hey didn't you summon about 8 of your bros from other states where they don't have to tolerate your toxic ass last week?

I got the cunny AND the style. You just have HIV and Herpes.

>> No.10924808

Why is this man sexualizing me when I was 15-16? Major yikes. I was not opening my legs for grown ass niggas at 15 or 16

This is genuinely disgusting to even say something like that especially as a grown ass nigga talking on minors even when I was that young I would have never remotely touched you lmao.

Way to prove you aren't a pedophile you sure showed me.

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Corroborating evidence, hey it's less than a hour old

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See this is a valid criticism I did not attend the first memorial for Sydney it was during my scheduled orgy event. After wards I asked to have a second one but the person didn't have time that day. And people already paid I couldn't cancel or reschedule. If you actually saw my post you'd see I never participated and immediately went to be with my friends afterwards to grieve Sydney.

Please keep in mind I would have went if I had someone to watch my event. I truly apologize for those offended that I wasn't there. Trust me I wanted to be it was just scheduling conflicts.

>> No.10924811

You're pedophiles your feelings don't matter you aren't people so I'll say what I want in my mind I know Jesus has forgiven me :)

>> No.10924812

Jesus has forgiven you for stretching your worn out asshole as wide as a bowling ball correct.

Hey can you even take a shit or are you reduced to diapers :3

>> No.10924813

Stop lying, everyone knows you did.

>> No.10924814

Jesus isn't real. Also, kinda impossible to be a pedophile when your partner is older than you are -shrug-

>> No.10924815

Gurl you really aren't helping your case here you really just sexualized a minor

No one's unadded me and they are ignoring you 2 because they are tired of you niggas harassing them lmao.

Baby when I tell you when I heard Makoto got beat up like IKE I fucking hollard laughing instead of being on my dick you need to avoid these charges coming your way lmao.

The only thing I'm guilty of is bullying Lee for being a racist pedophile who believes all jews should die.

Baby let the petty Olympics begin I can't wait for midwest omg.

Oky I'm done now

>> No.10924816

>This is genuinely disgusting to even say something like that especially as a grown ass nigga talking on minors even when I was that young I would have never remotely touched you lmao.

Anyone know Cody from around Columbus, Ohio? I know everyone is or will be in this thread, does the vox populi consider this comment to be CAP or REAL?

I vote "CAP"

>> No.10924817

So you're denying your man's ficked a 15 year old and a 16 year old? Kay Makoto literally kill yourself at that point so I can throw an orgy immediately after

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>> No.10924819

Fucked* lol

I hope you're ready for the con they are coming to stomp you the fuck out. What did it feel like when you got attacked at Belmont? Did you experience fear? Omg I wish I could take credit so badly lmao

Does anyone know who Makoto is at all? Your life is a lie you aren't famous and if you have to tell people you're famous you're not. I'm a real bad bitch and talented unlike your failing career.

>> No.10924820

I didn't get beat up, that was never said. They didn't lay a hand on me or they'd not be walking away lol.

Someone you hired grabbed my phone, I chased him and caught up with him very fast. Person specifically said “im not gonna hurt you, my friends wanted me to do this” then looked through my phone and told me to call Lee. Remarking “your bf is into anime and shit”. After that, he gave my phone back and walked away.

It would be a cold day in hell the moment anyone would *try* to beat me up. They be on the ground before they know what hit em

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File: 7 KB, 652x433, 1718521694611918.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm raping you inside ALL OF YOUR HOLES in this thread, I guess I can pretend you're 16

>> No.10924822

No one's owning me I walked around comfortable every where yalls niggas didn't do shit but laugh to yourself saying I'm the target. Showing up in your nazi uniform was hilarious.

Please as one last request record yourself killing yourself so we all can laugh

ABCDEFG someone should have told these niggas not to fuck with me.

>> No.10924824

>Showing up in your nazi uniform was hilarious.

Which Nazi uniform?

>> No.10924825

Na don't play hard now you got your ass beat you was all over fb playing the victim saying I was responsible if I wanted you attacked you'd be stomped the fuck out.

Anyways I'll be walking around comfortable at the con can't say the same for you.

>> No.10924827

Everyone knows about the relationship with Ciel. If they woulda stayed together y'all wouldn't be saying shit.

He never fucked the 16 year old (trust, I got proof)there's no crime against talking to someone you're really on some shit.

>> No.10924829

Y'all niggas are jokes no one is on yourside besides yourselves I'm solidified I could literally tell you to kill yourselves and remain on top oop already did and guess what no backlash AAAAAAAAHAHAHHA I live.

Ima grill nigga nigga niggas

>> No.10924830

I'm incapable of experiencing fear. I literally told them to give my shit back or else. Don't worry about my career. You hit the wall hard and are mad jelly. It's ok, you said drag is just a hobby for you anyway.

>> No.10924831

Everyone knows Lee and a nazi pedophile stop defending his actions you're the problem you dumb bitch that's why you need to kill yourself because you have no business breathing being this stupid. Make sure to record it please for me

>> No.10924832

“Attacked” does not mean “defeated” or “beaten up”. Attack simply means someone tried it (and failed miserably I might add) but I wanted to warn others of your mental instability.

>> No.10924833

How does it feel to be reduced to nothing and hated by several people. You lied on the dead and got karma. Karma is my boyfriend and got you good lmao.

Ima name the orgy Rest In Piss Makoto

>> No.10924834

Nobody likes you, they're afraid of you attempting to cancel them.

>> No.10924835

I didn't lie on the dead, you did. You continue to do it every day. Karma isn't real, Izanami protects me and gives me everything I'll ever need.

I will outlive you, and all my enemies, as will Lee most likely. Looks like you already in danger of high blood pressure and diabetes.

>> No.10924836

Wendigooner is making himself look worse and worse. Atjap is right nobody likes that guy.

>> No.10924837

It's also yall can't really speak on Sydney as long as I'm breathing you'll never see his body ever again or have the chance to get closure. You were never Sydneys friend if you're friends with his murderer I will take it to my grave knowing you will never get to see him

You would have had a better argument before you mad such bull shit claims literally no one believes. I'm 100% guilty of being horribly mean to a pedophile.

>> No.10924838
File: 1.19 MB, 1944x2592, PXL_20240701_194711908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We already grilled last night nigga, slow as usual

>> No.10924839

You lied on the dead got your ass beat take the L and kill yourself. Periodt. I don't give a damn how pedophile supporters feel yall aren't people so I treat you how I see fit.

>> No.10924840

I thought he did fuck - well it doesn't even matter

>> No.10924841

I got the closure I needed, at the memorials I attended while you were not present. In retrospect I'm glad you weren't there cuz that was you couldn't make it all about you.

Encouraging suicide is not the same as being mean, you need serious mental help and I'm not even joking.

>> No.10924842

Sydney didn't like you. It's truth. It's facts. He tolerated you. Also, how is taking someone's phone and looking through it equivalent to beating someone's ass? Is your English reading comprehension that bad?

>> No.10924843

Taylor just needs a nice long stint in a concentration camp mining uranium or something in Alaska, unfortunately this country is too cucked to allow that.

You know what fuck it? Make them a sex slave for BBC, they'll like that. rehabilitation through (anal) labour. Make Taylor a nice productive citizen of the new America, after all tops need their sexual release and there's socialist writings addressing the incel issues.

>> No.10924845

At least I know where Sydney is and you'll never know. I take solace in making sure you never see him again. I'm the only one who knows. How does that make you feel? You weren't his friend so you don't get to see him regardless lmao

>> No.10924846

Everyone is a person, that is the dumbest shit I ever heard. You are deranged.

>> No.10924847

Way to be racist again you're out here proving you're a racist pedophile congratulations

>> No.10924848

You know SJW dehumanization propaganda. Hey I can do this as well.

Taylor is untermenschen who's only value is the matter which sustained their lives, which can be repurposed for more deserving humans on this planet.

>> No.10924850

Oh but you don't know what I know. Whatever you gotta do to make yourself sleep at night.

>> No.10924851

Nothing he said was racist considering he is Blacker than you and said nothing about your race anyway.

>> No.10924852

Then I can go full Nanking mentality on em then.

>> No.10924854

Make Taylor rape their rotting mothers corpse with a pistol to their head

>> No.10924855

You're not a person ergo you don't matter. When you die i'll be laughing my ass off lmao. Live as long as you can in Misery. Me and Sydney were best friends and was at my house and partying weekly and had long deep talks. I'm not taking your word for shit I know my very relationship that you were not involved in.

Learn your place trash again if weren't friends why was I the first one to know where he is? Lmao exactly bitch suck a dick through a toilet seat and choke to death bitch.

I'm not deranged y'all are literal pedophiles so I can treat you how I please and not feel bad or have repercussions lmao. You've given me the greatest gift ever of being mean af to you and not feeling bad at all because you aren't people.

>> No.10924856

Again, you don't know the definition of pedophile.

>> No.10924857

He's a black nazi who hates all jews I can't imagine being this delusional anyways i.know where Sydney is and you don't lmao. I'll make sure you never see him you couldn't get the location out of me if you tried you sad ass failure.

>> No.10924858

Keep thinking you're that important. Gawd, having your “friend” die is the most exciting thing to happen in your meaningless life.

>> No.10924859

Name where he is right now lmao. You have no clue lying on the dead again day it right here right now or you're full of shit. You're broke ass couldn't even get to him regardless

>> No.10924860

Hearing you getting your ass beat was pretty funny. You could never stay mad never pressed. I'll make sure to tell Sydney how I roasted your fake ass.

>> No.10924861

Taylor is into scat now apparently.

>> No.10924862

The definition is Makoto and Lee case closed.

>> No.10924863

Lying on the dead again y'all niggas don't know shit and will never find Sydney lmao.

>> No.10924864

Nobody got their ass beat YET.
But yours is coming believe you me

>> No.10924865

Scrimblo Bimblo

>> No.10924866

Lmao sure Makoto who's going to beat my ass? Most definitely not you lmao. Lie to me but don't lie to yourself. Stop lying on the dead and you wouldn't be getting attacked lmao I like how it's "Taylor got me attacked to I wasn't attacked." Which is it nigga I know this is most attention you've gotten in your career from a real celebrity but lying now isn't a good look boo.

Makoto I promise if you remotely touch me I'm breaking your hands so you can't type on gang.

>> No.10924867
File: 317 KB, 502x478, 1693875697203770.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'll make sure to tell Sydney how I roasted your fake ass.

When someone finally smokes you? Oh yea I can see that happening in the near future, say hi to him for me in the afterlife

>> No.10924868

No one is touching me and I'll be walking around comfortably y'all niggas can't be serious lmao. No one takes you seriously again where is Sydney because you don't even know. Other wise you're withholding information from his friends like you claim LMAO dumb ass.

I can see him whenever can you? No because you'll never know where he is as long as I'm alive.

>> No.10924869

Are you saying you're going to murder me that's a nice screenshot lmao. Y'all couldn't scare scooby doo if you niggas tried lmao yall ain't going to do shit.

>> No.10924870

I'll be waiting boos y'all are hilarious you've already lost before you even began. You aren't people so I don't feel bad for what's coming for you.

Anyways let me.know when you kill yourself and I'll throw an orgy.

>> No.10924871
File: 105 KB, 1200x800, ClockTime-Watches-NBS-1200x800-1463401413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No because you'll never know where he is as long as I'm alive.

Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok......

>> No.10924872

All talk no action having niggas.

>> No.10924876

Sydneys friends have all said you're full of shit and we were most definitely friends also Sydney Confided in me the day of his death so. If we wasn't friends why do I know where he is lmao. Make it make sense dumb ass something you'll never know.

I genuinely hate how Ash is being victimized again by a pedophile she's been through enough and has no business being around 30 year Olds yikes.

>> No.10924877

I said “Taylor got me attacked”. In my original post, I never described HOW. I described how you had me attacked ABOVE. You had someone follow me and take my phone to look through it, force me to call Lee several times, then hand the phone back and run off after saying “i know where y'all live”.

Attack means anything from verbal altercations, etc. It doesn't just mean physical violence. How dumb are you?

>> No.10924878

Literally everyone and I mean everyone in your group chat is sick of yours and Lee's shit and have been ignoring your stupid asses because no one cares you could try to cancel me but people love me and not you and coming from a pedophile your word means virtually nothing.

How's it feel to know you don't matter.

>> No.10924879

You said I was responsible for getting you attacked with no proof shut the fuck up lying lmao. Have you no shame to have integrity?

>> No.10924880

You hate Ash and call her a murderer, get over yourself. Your virtue signalling is thru the roof.

>> No.10924881

She killed my best friend the fuck why would I like her even then she shouldn't be around a literal pedophile she mad fun of several times.

>> No.10924882

I matter more than you ever will. You have no real friends, everyone is scared of you. Nothing is coming out way unless you yourself so attempt something in which case there's two of us and one of you.

>> No.10924883

You don't matter my dear sorry to break it to you those aren't your friends they hate you and only tolerate you. Lmao you wouldn't know real friendship if it bit you in the ass you love pedophiles and are a fucking joke you're career wi never take off and you're a lame ass nobody.

If you have to tell people you're famous guess what you're not famous lmao.

Get therapy and get off my dick

>> No.10924884

You have no integrity. I gave the proof. Only you would be dumb enough to have someone take a person's phone to look thru it. You said it right here on 4chan about why didn't Lee just take your phone.

>> No.10924885

I could literally take you both on easily Makoto you aren't a threat to anyone stop acting hard also there's 30 of me and 2 of you so do the math dumb ass

I'll fall off on the 33rd of the month just wait boo

>> No.10924886

You have 0 proof of anything and speak a bunch of bull shit you have nothing on me and can't effect me in anyways. Give up your dumb endeavor cause you don't have a shot. And will never see Sydney lmao.

>> No.10924887

I don't need therapy, you do. You don't even know my friends, you never met them (and never will). They like Lee tho. Unlike you, my circle doesn't start and end with ppl I meet at cons. Everyone is tired of your shit. Go back home nobody wants you here.

>> No.10924888

You were being an attention whore on fb saying i got you attacked lmao you're a punk ass bitch pick a story build a bridge and jump off it.

>> No.10924889

Is that your way of saying you have multiple personalities? That explains why you're a deranged psychopath.

>> No.10924890

If they like Lee you lied to them that he's a pedophile lmao everyone I tell immediately cuts yall off. That means virtually nothing to me. What's 1 person to 100? Yall some fake ass niggas you can't fight stop acting hard.you won't do shit at Anime Midwest I'll be enjoying parties and walking around comfortably.

>> No.10924891

I'm perfectly fine it's perfectly acceptable to be mean to pedophiles they aren't people and deserve to be talked too horribly :)

>> No.10924892

I'm not trying to see Sydney. Why are you so obsessed with him? You want to take his social credit and hijack his friend group. You will never BE Sydney.

>> No.10924893

I told my story. You got me attacked and threatened us many times. It's not my fault you don't understand that being attacked means different things in different circumstances.

>> No.10924894

Nobody agrees with you so give up.

>> No.10924895

I've literally been invited to several events coming from you your word means absolutely nothing lmao. I'll be busy minding my business and partying enjoy the peanut gallery where you belong.

I should tell your momma you're dating a pedophile.

>> No.10924896

Because you wanna see him so badly and say I'm withholding him I sure am from you lmao Sydney hates pedophiles fuck I look like taking you to him. Sure Jan whatever the cooling tells you to say no one's on your side they literally all hate you.

>> No.10924897

Lying on someone is absolutely not good for your character. I have an entire network. Lee is not a pedophile, and my friends know about his ex. Unlike your sjw circle jerk, my friends know the difference and also know basic English.

>> No.10924898
File: 883 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20230823-101117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If no one cares you wouldn't be posting in this thread you would be secure in your victory.

Oh how's those HRT titties going for you?

>> No.10924899

We know everyone hates you. Go back to Ohio. Oh wait, you got in it with all the drag performers there and can't return.

>> No.10924900

My family likes Lee and yes they know the story. Remember , we don't subscribe to Western ideologies.

>> No.10924901

Gurl talk about obsessed Lee has been harassing people nonstop about me for a month lmao and you winder why no one is on your side I stay rent free in your brain 24/7 you got yo ass beat and I laughed so fucking hard.

Who I smoke MAKOTO who I Smoke Lee and now i wonder where the opps at

You could walk a 1000 miles and I still.domt wanna see you.

>> No.10924902

I'm not even asking to see Sydney. That's some fantasy land you live in.

>> No.10924903

No one in this thread said THEY would smoke you bozo.

>> No.10924904

What's me being trans have to do with anything wot lmao

>> No.10924905

Ew your entire bloodline should kill themselves being pedophile enablers who treat you poor af.

>> No.10924906
File: 49 KB, 1080x236, Screenshot_20240701_151948_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So anyways Lee ain't going to do shit lmao niggas soft as hell they just act hard.

>> No.10924907

So you're saying the entire culture (that your weeb ass is obsessed, hence anime cons) should become extinct? That's hella racist and talk about Nazis...phew pot kettle

>> No.10924908
File: 101 KB, 955x2048, received_973004477692660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well you blocked me on everything and knew I could bait you out here lmao. You haven't appreciated all the effort I put into exposing you as a pedophile and turning everyone against you. My victory was assured the moment I made Lee go on a schizophrenic rant.

I have no remorse for my actions and laugh every time yall get death threats on here.

This you?

>> No.10924909

Yes you're entire bloodline should commit suicide the only good pedophile Makoto is a dead one as far as I'm concerned.

Anyways you won't do shit about it. You can't stop me and I'll continue to drag you til you give up lmao.

>> No.10924910

Again, in my culture the age of consent is 13. So you're saying an entire race should die. That's some hardcore racism.

>> No.10924911

Y'all mad? Good stay mad lmao. Y'all niggas ain't going to do shit lmao. Lying on the dead and lying on my name just to have me face no consequences must sting lmao.

>> No.10924912

That's fucking disgusting this is america and very frowned upon I knew you were a pedophile ew

>> No.10924913

So you're actively admitting you intentionally tried to turn everyone against him? Don't worry, we already knew that. Your lies will catch up with you soon.

>> No.10924914

Stop bejng a weeb and stop going to anime cons then.

>> No.10924915

Who's going to stop me Makoto no one lmao you're stuck with me and I'll make sure to destroy every fiber of your reputation since you're clearly a delusional ass bitch who fucks a pedophile and supports him hitting on minors absolutely disgusting. That trash niggas like you get to go to cons

>> No.10924917

Considering you're a danger to yourself and others, you are your own worst enemy.

>> No.10924918

You're a nobody at cons regardless I'll do what I please who gon stop me lmao. Definitely not you.

>> No.10924919

You can't touch me.

We are infamous.

>> No.10924920

Ima danger to pedophiles I'm just fine there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing to Lee lmao.

>> No.10924921

You're a danger to EVERYONE.

>> No.10924922

Gurl lie to me don't lie to yourself you'd shit yourself if I caught you by yourself shut the fuck up lying lmao. I don't care what happens to you niggas lmao.

Infamous for being weirdos who give minors alcohol and drugs yikes.

>> No.10924923

All I'd have to do is run cuz you'd get outta breath trying to catch me lmao also I'm very rarely alone I have my people with me so good luck.

>> No.10924924 [DELETED] 
File: 42 KB, 646x595, 1715170343774659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Last comment 1 minute ago
We are soooooo back Midwest gulls, we are sooooooo back

>> No.10924925

You right I'm a danger to you bitch watch your back at Anime Midwest and that's on periodt. Lmao

>> No.10924926

When I leav, brush mah teeth with a bottlea Jack

>> No.10924927

Also to be very clear I was not fucking grown ass men as a 16 year old I fucked a 18 year old guy I pursued multiple times because they dick was good and I was 16 and didn't know better

If you want it from the horses mouth.

>> No.10924928 [DELETED] 

>I genuinely hate how Ash is being victimized again by a pedophile she's been through enough and has no business being around 30 year Olds yikes.
Motherfucker YOU'RE the one victimizing Ash. YOU'RE the one calling her a murderer. YOU'RE the one going around sayin she's responsible for the death of someone she truly loved. YOU'RE the one spreading misinformation saying she is some sort of 14 year old mastermind serial killer when she is literally in her 20s and didn't fucking kill anyone. YOU'RE the one causing unneeded metal anguish to Ash and preventing her from properly grieving because you find amusement in doing so. YOU'RE the one that has given everyone around you an "ultimatum" of either believing your bullshit narrative about Ash or having you turn against them. YOU'RE the one manipulating/blackmailing Sean and others to force them to hang around you when they literally do not want to. YOU ARE THE BAD ACTOR IN ALL OF THIS.

>> No.10924931

Girl bye no cares.

>> No.10924932

Ash has admitted they are 15 to multiple people unless you can disprove her own word of mouth please shut the fuck up and learn your place trash.

>> No.10924933

Everytime I come back to these threads when theres a con coming, it's just nonstop drama from another random mother fucker i've never heard about before today.

Are you fuckers just making people up like tulpas?

>> No.10924934

Makoto and Lee are jokes and have no real social standing Lee can't even get into parties lmao. Just stop the Cap, stop acting hard y'all are not about that life.

>> No.10924938

All I got to say is it was low af to say me and Sydney weren't friend when we clearly were and that's a horrible thing to do to someone who lost their friend to suicide.

Do better Makoto you know you was dead wrong for that.

>> No.10924939

America is a decaying empire and 10 years ago you couldn't get fag married to your older partner lol

I don't think you want that argument

>> No.10924940 [DELETED] 
File: 512 KB, 245x155, popcorn-minions.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Out of everything that has been said throughout the course of all these threads, this by far has got to the be the absolute FUNNIEST shit anyone has said. Especially because the pic proves it did happen LMFAO

>> No.10924941
File: 50 KB, 1080x750, Messenger_creation_321ab832-ac0c-4bfb-a342-76a993efd0fb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You sure said different privately

>> No.10924942

I do want that argument lmao let me the fuck know shit you know nothing of. I'll tell you something about my good name it's mine alone to disgrace I don't cater to all these pedophiles praying on children.

>> No.10924943
File: 72 KB, 1286x900, Messenger_creation_204dce9f-b6be-4864-9862-806f3ea6f2c4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Friends try to boot each other from their groups apparently LMAO

>> No.10924944

Way to throw your bestie Sydney under the bus. You know the dude whose grave you have on your profile pic?

>> No.10924945

These are fake and also anything from last year is null and void we sat down and really talked our shit out and became friends. We were the victims of the telephone game and pitted against each other since we both were well known in the community but nice try.

>> No.10924946

We had a rocky relationship and will fully admit that this year we were tired of arguing and actually talked our differences out use whatever you want everyone around me and Sydney would beg to differ. Nice try though lmao.

You're man's got his ass beat then you turned fake on me after calling me crying saying he was horrible to you and asking to come over yeah you ain't shit Makoto literally kill yourself.

>> No.10924947
File: 120 KB, 1080x1019, Screenshot_20240701-170058.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought you got hacked? Bow they're fake screencaps?

>> No.10924948

They were posted online I did my own sleuthing you really had to ask my old drag sibling about me and guess what they are racist af and do all white shows and never get black or poc a chance way to to support racism you dumb fuck.

>> No.10924949

You literally are sitting here supporting fake news and racism do better dumb fuck

>> No.10924950
File: 88 KB, 1307x865, Screenshot 2024-06-16 190250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

According to that drag sibling they weren't all white. Classic, youll lie about shit which is easily verifiable

>> No.10924951

I'll be laughing to the grave knowing you'll never find Sydney

>> No.10924953

They were definitely all white you're racist for even believing his bull shit. It's well known me and Sydneys beef was legendary. We acted like adults sat down and talked our shit out and stopped believing the telephone game and became close friends that's something you're incapable of doing I know you back stab everyone and have no real friends.

>> No.10924954
File: 47 KB, 1296x635, Screenshot 2024-06-16 190304.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Indigenous and Mixed people are apparently white washing lol

>> No.10924955
File: 86 KB, 500x646, 1699581556539941.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They were definitely all white you're racist for even believing his bull shit.

>Telling a black person raised in a black family and in a black culture he's "racist" against BIPOC....

SJW logic everyone.

Yes, you know all about being black, given you were raised by your white mother outside of Columbus AMIRITE?

>> No.10924956
File: 172 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We acted like adults


>sat down and talked our shit out and stopped believing the telephone game and became close friends

You only made good because you were in Chicago and wanted social power

>that's something you're incapable of doing I know you back stab everyone and have no real friends.

I still have most of my friends, I don't think you got anyone from Freaknik

>> No.10924957

Sure Jan you sure know me and Sydney literally anyone can disprove you and tell you we were very close with astronomical evidence to say so no this cast was definitely all white lmao it's also who gives a shit? No one's even listening to you so do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up and jump in the river and Drown. Can't even get your facts straight being this retarded.

>> No.10924958

Also sean said stop lying on his name you fake fucks can't even get your facts straight at this point no one's believing you Makoto you're a nobody and will stay that way as long as you're with Lee your career will never take off nor have my level of friends or social standing.

You aren't people so I can tell you to die and not care at all :)

>> No.10924959

That never happened. You must be on crack.

>> No.10924960

Lee and I both have more friends than you. Literally you fear monger ppl into hanging with you, hold them hostage in your orgies, and bully them at your house.

>> No.10924961

I still have all my friend's since I've moved here prior like you don't know my life or know how insanely popular I am and it shows lmao. If you want advice on real talent let me know.

>> No.10924962

>only 4 days before the con
>schizo posting at an all time high between like 4 people

>> No.10924963

You clearly don't lmao stay delusional my social standing will never change you're delusional stop lying on people like they can't disprove you lmao you look mad stupid right now we're currently.mad shit talking you atm

>> No.10924964 [DELETED] 

Thank you based anons for >>10924941 and >>10924943 and >>10924959
I was dead ready to call out >>10924938
>All I got to say is it was low af to say me and Sydney weren't friend when we clearly were
because that is absolute fucking cap since I have seen multiple sources and have talked to various people that disprove they were friends. As a matter of fact, I personally know Sydney didn't like Taylor at all and found them extremely annoying way after >>10924945
when they "supposedly sat down and made up like adults". Taylor also didn't like Sydney as much as they claim they did and constantly spoke ill of him behind his back despite acting friendly toward them in person. The extent of Taylor's "friendship" with Sydney was that Taylor literally only hung around Sydney to mooch off of him and party and drink and go to cons on his dime.

>> No.10924965

These 2 pussys better pop off at Anime Midwest or I swear they some punk ass niggas lmao. Pedophile vs taylor who will win

>> No.10924967

Ignore them they know nothing of me and Sydney and it shows. Nice try though at least I know where he is what about you? Lmao

>> No.10924968

>Sure Jan you sure know me and Sydney literally anyone can disprove you and tell you we were very close with astronomical evidence to say

Post it. Post your evidence.

>so no this cast was definitely all white lmao it's also who gives a shit?

Clearly you did given you bitched about it on your Facebook remember?

>No one's even listening to you

Says the person consistently responding to me. Hey at least you aren't namefagging

>so do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up and jump in the river and Drown.

It's funny as im sure your fat ass would be more likely to drown

>Can't even get your facts straight being this retarded.

Well post the evidence in detail instead of faggotry

>Also sean said stop lying on his name you fake fucks can't even get your facts straight

Provide the evidence

>at this point no one's believing you

Odd, this thread suggests otherwise

>Makoto you're a nobody and will stay that way as long as you're with Lee your career will never take off nor have my level of friends or social standing.

I think they would be ok with that they prefer avoiding dens of venomous snakes

>You aren't people so I can tell you to die and not care at all :)

Again coming from the person spending time at the thread

>> No.10924969

That's hilarious considering I bought his dinner at his birthday party and told him to tell everyone to pay him back for karaoke because they came and drank a bunch of booze and didn't pat for it and left. Some friends. Lmao keep talking cap

>> No.10924970

The board has fallen. Billions must fight

>> No.10924972

Literally stop the Cap you have no leg to stand on I know the truth lol. Y'all mad af you got nothing on me credible but do try to cancel me ill be laughing with Sydney lmao

>> No.10924973 [DELETED] 

>ill be laughing with Sydney lmao
Oh so you're gonna an hero in a few days at Anime Midwest. Thanks jesus fuckin christ. You will not be missed either.

>> No.10924975 [DELETED] 

>Some friends.
lmfao Like you? Who never paid him, nor even offered, anything at all for staying in his rooms at multiple cons.

>> No.10924976

Let's see I did the following.

Made a full memorial videos

Paid out of pocket to host his funeral and invited everyone to come say good bye and have proper funeral.

Made sure to defend his name against everyone

Got Ash banned from several cons.

Exposed Lee and Makoto for being fake af

Met his parents and got his grave location and told them everything that happened.

Lee and Makoto haven't done shit for Sydney than run his name through the mud with false narratives.

Which is why I can't take these niggas seriously lmao if you really care about Sydney you'd want him to get justice. Not war with the people who are keeping his memory alive.

His death showed me.how.many fake af friends he had in his life and it's truly sad. All he wanted was a friend and to be seen and you guys failed him.

What did yall do for sydney? Oh nothing just like I thought. Trash.

>> No.10924977

are you going this weekend bro?
whatcha going as?

>> No.10924978

Anyways I hope shit pops off at midwest we all know these 2 won't do shit and will.shit themselves if I catch them alone lmao get ya cape on you a super retard

>> No.10924979

Hell yeah brother im going can't wait I'ma walk around comfortable af.

>> No.10924980

Ima sponsor retard nation in honor of Lee and Makoto I'm so nice

>> No.10924981

>Paid out of pocket to host his funeral and invited everyone to come say good bye and have proper funeral.

Except for Ash who you were trying to ruin the life of. Damn you can't avoid lying

>> No.10924982

>Lee and Makoto haven't done shit for Sydney than run his name through the mud with false narratives.

Lee never claimed to be Sydney's friend lol. But he had enough honor to warn him you were plotting against him

>> No.10924983 [DELETED] 

>Maybe if we close our eyes and believe really really hard with all of our hearts, then maybe these people DO become real, anon!
FUUUUUUUUUUUCK THAT. I hope these people keep going to cons and one by one follow the footsteps of their bestie and STOP being real. It could be a new Midwestern con tradition, which gull stops existing at the next con!

>> No.10924984

The only fake af people here are Lee and Makoto facts if you want stabbed in the back call makoto

>> No.10924985

You would be the next one, anon. You're on this thread so you're a gull

>> No.10924986

Lee doesn't even know me or Sydney to.be commenting on either of us first of all neither of us liked Lee and.made fun of him every chance we got.

Ash's life is ruined you aren't fixing that EVERYONE knows what she did lmao the fact you defend her say you were never sydneys friend.or knew what he stood for.

Just stop lying omg lmao even if we weren't friends I was more a friend to him than you ever were lmao. Just so you know who charged Lee's room to pay for everything at Red Bar when I say we hated Lee and made fun of him any chance we were given we did so lmao.

Die mad about it.

>> No.10924987

When Makoto kills himself at Anime Midwest I hope he live streams it and does a barrel roll off the balcony.

>> No.10924988

Tbh it should have been Lee and Makoto not Sydney :/ the wrong ones always die first

>> No.10924989 [DELETED] 

Ok, I'm fully in support of them when it comes to the Taylor stuff but gotta admit I hard agree with this fr fr

>> No.10924990

The real one who should have gone never even gets mentioned here. Surprising, since he's physically very hard to miss

>> No.10924991

I got a.list of names for Anime Midwest and Makoto and Lee's is written in blood. Watch these punk ass bitches run when they see keyboard gangster's.

>> No.10924992

Makoto is mad he has nothing on me and can't cancel me I could say what I want and never be canceled by pedophiles.

>> No.10924993

I suggest you act your wage and stop your bull shit Lee and Makoto.

>> No.10924994

Oh I will never an hero but it will be fun when you get carried away to your padded cell. Unless the diabetes and hypotension get ya first ;3

>> No.10924995

>Just so you know who charged Lee's room to pay for everything at Red Bar when I say we hated Lee and made fun of him any chance we were given we did so lmao.

I already know that. I was fed information by multiple people because you and your social group leaks like a sieve

>> No.10924996

I'm not diabetic more lies lmao

>> No.10924997

Stop quoting Taylor Swift and get a gram of creativity why dont ya. You cant even sling insults without stealing someone else's words.

>> No.10924998

LMAO who are you

>> No.10925000
File: 262 KB, 1080x902, Screenshot_20240611-184023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Act your age

According to your FetLife you're 29. Lol more projection

>> No.10925001 [DELETED] 

They said wage anon

>> No.10925002

I am 29 wtf Makoto was literally at my 29th birthday also ew not you kink Shaming lmao

>> No.10925004

point is yall faggots are the same fucking age while behaving like highschoolers

>> No.10925005

This is just retarded at this point don't let me catch you at Anime Midwest I'm out

>> No.10925006

Typo lel

Act my wage? I'm assuming it's higher than theirs cause I'm not complaining on FB about being broke.

It gets better as I explicitly called that shit out at C2E2, but you were too busy between your dick sessions between who else and then Redfox to notice or be informed

>> No.10925007

Given you ran out through the back door at Jackhammer I don't think I have to worry about you lol. You'll prolly die of a heart attack in the con.

Explains why you're a bottom, even if you go on about being "verse". You're too fat and lazy to actively fuck someone. Pillow Princess.

>also ew not you kink Shaming lmao

Weren't you busy kinkshaming pedophiles through this thread?

Oh look moar hypocrisy. With this level of double standards I think I have enough material and energy for a warp drive to get us to Mars in 2 hours now.

>> No.10925008

Lol we're be in our spaceship uniforms I wanna see you catch me because you don't have any friends to rely on.

>> No.10925009

I actually walked right past you yall flops out the front door weren't going to do shit regardless.

>> No.10925010

You say that but I'm literally invited to several parties and events unlike you lmao again you clearly don't know me and need to lie to yourself apparently

>> No.10925011

The staff said you didn't leave out the front door.

Oh aren't you supposed to be heading out? >>10925005

>> No.10925012

So you're in favor that these 2 want to fuck children and have actually fucked children I genuinely have no response other than get help.

>> No.10925013 [DELETED] 

>since we both were well known in the community
Nigger, who in the fuck is you?? I knew Sydney very well personally but literally only found out you even existed that ACEN weekend. So far the only things I know about you are
>you were very cute during your shota years
>you're an ogre lookin ahhhh bridge troll now
>you backstab damn near anyone and everyone for your own amusement
>You change your gender faster than a X user in heat
>You're from Ohio (self-explanatory, Ohio really isn't sending their best, folx. Believe me.)
>You manipulate people and force them to be your friends because otherwise you wouldn't have any
>Literally NO ONE likes you within any of the communities and circles you are part of. To the point people are rooting for a literal Nazi pedophile child rapist to beat you up.
>You attempted to "spin the block" and beat up said literal Nazi pedophile child rapist but got massively pwned yourself then proceeded to just act like that never happened? Despite there being crystal clear evidence that you lost that fight.
>You were not friends with Sydney, at all
>Sydney never even liked you
>You accuse everyone under the sun of clout chasing and using Sydney's death or their benefit but you are literally the one doing that to the biggest degree
>You have Sydney's fucking grave as your Facebook profile picture for fucks sake, showing it off like a poacher shows off their game they just killed
>You run orgies at all Anime and comic conventions, despite most of them being /family friendly/ conventions what the fuck
>The only people attending those orgies are fat undesirable fucks juts like yourself
>You have all sorts of mental illnesses and refuse to take your medication
>You're broke as fuck and mooch off of everyone
>You only hung around Sydney to mooch off of him
>You LARP as being black when you are very obviously white ass southern hick
>You constantly contradict yourself in every possible instance imaginable

>> No.10925014

Yes I literally left out the front door I walked dead ass right past you 2 dumb asses laughing to yourself and went right out the front lmao then died laughing because you 2 were shook I was gone LMAO you'll be able to make it up at Anime Midwest lmao. Don't worry.

>> No.10925015

Ima ignore that entirely grown folk are talking. If you knew Sydney you knew me shows you most definitely weren't around.

>> No.10925017

Where's the evidence I lost the fight Lee refused to keep fighting me then went on a psychotic rampage because he got his ass beat these are facts people lmao

Imagine believing pedophiles I can't.

>> No.10925018
File: 379 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20240610-201813.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10925019
File: 375 KB, 680x570, 1718067819229222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

meme but yea

>> No.10925021

I literally pulled up on Lee wtf are you talking about lmao. Jaire is a punk ass bitch who stays silent when he sees me in public lmao.

Lee got his ass beat and had his glasses go flying then started spouting off after I left. I showed him mercy and he couldn't handle it.

I never lost that fight lmao that's a good one.

>> No.10925022

Nonfactors who don't know me just be believing anythign I guess lmao. Believe what yall want at that point. I be putting out so much misinformation just to see who says what it's hilarious

>> No.10925023
File: 206 KB, 1080x1946, Screenshot_20240701-185737.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10925024

Yes I left out the front the back door doesn't even open how would I leave? Punk ass bitches not about that life Imagine showing up to a birthday party uninvited causing drama and didn't even get your target and made yourself look absolutely foolish. What a total joke.

>> No.10925025

The fact Timmy supports pedophiles means I was right to block him. Even if I didn't leave I was sitting there comfortable while you were laughing to yourself and talking to yourself. Lmao you wouldn't have done shit regardless you had ample opportunity.

>> No.10925026
File: 151 KB, 945x2048, signal-2024-06-10-20-04-35-972-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>. I showed him mercy and he couldn't handle it.

The lie detector has determined that is a lie.

>Punk ass bitches not about that life Imagine showing up to a birthday party uninvited causing drama and didn't even get your target and made yourself look absolutely foolish. What a total joke.

Last I remember we were going there before you were, INVADER.

>> No.10925027

Had all that opportunity to run up and did nothing Makoto you would have definitely got stomped the fuck out stop acting hard lmao save this energy for midwest

>> No.10925028

You wasted my time and I left then he started messaging my friends and they blocked him and or ignored him entirely. Lee caught a fade lmao Lee was so pissed if he wanted to fight why not run after me after I very clearly walked away lmao. Too many inconsistencies my dude.

>> No.10925030

I'll invade every space you go too who going to stop me? Again y'all can't fight are you really dead ass save this energy for midwest when you get stomped.

>> No.10925031

Like if you were about that life you would have fought on sight and didn't I'm js.

>> No.10925033

I would have given anything to see the look on your faces when I walked right past both you laughing to yourself going to the back only to see I was gone HAHAHAHAHA you 2 aren't smart at all and are out smarted pretty easily. Plus it's 4chan nothing we say matters here.

>> No.10925034 [DELETED] 

Lee was never invited to shit we only tolerate wel the rest tolerate him I make fun of him any chance I'm given because Makoto forces Lee on people knowing he's liked he tried to force Lee on my birthday party and I told his dumb ass no because Lee would have got jumped by my friends lmao.

If I didn't have friends why was my birthday party packed and all my parties packed these niggas can't even get their facts straight.

>> No.10925036

Lee was never invited to shit we only tolerate well the rest tolerate him I make fun of him any chance I'm given because Makoto forces Lee on people knowing no one fucking likes him and he tried to force Lee on my birthday party and I told his dumb ass no because Lee would have got jumped by my friends lmao.

If I didn't have friends why was my birthday party packed and all my parties packed these niggas can't even get their facts straight.

>> No.10925038

*farts cutely*

>> No.10925041 [DELETED] 

>You are gatekeeping Sydney's burial location from his real friends and acquaintances (absolute fuckin deranged behaviour) and are claiming to be the only one to know where it is despite that being an absolute fucking lie (I know where it's at.)
>You hosted a fake funeral for Sydney like a whole ass week later just to ride on the coattail of his death as they were dwindling and to forcefully interject yourself in the whole situation given you never even went to the multiple memorials his actual friends threw for him AT THE MOTHERUFCKING ACEN
>You deny deny deny deny even when presented with crystal clear evidence of the contrary (Taking one from the Trump playbook I see.)
>You are the one peddling the lie that Sydney's girlfriend was underaged and murdered him
>Made a whole ass document explaining your POV and "account" of what happened that day when Sydney died despite multiple people vouching that what you said is objectively not true at all
>Forced people to believe what you said was in that document under threat of stopping hanging out with them and turning against them if they didn't
>You claim to have all this social clout and status when most people are only getting to know you from these threads
>You claim to only have started using 4chan a few weeks ago but immediately contradict yourself and proof yourself you're an oldfag
>You are "defending" Sydney's honour now but did the exact opposite when he was alive
>You're dumb as fuck to post evidence of all your contradictions and denialisms out here in the open
>Admitted to having committed multiple crimes
>You yourself have given drugs and alcohol to literal minors before but accuse everyone else of doing that
>Your a projections maximalist
>Everything you say about others can literally be applied to you
>You post here and on other social medias that you are tired of drama want drama to stop, and that you would never tell anyone to kys, or stalk them, or steal from them, or otherwise cause them harm

>> No.10925043 [DELETED] 

>If I didn't have friends why was my birthday party packed and all my parties packed these niggas can't even get their facts straight.

They presumably do it for the alcohol and coke, I wouldn't do it and clearly Makoto reached their limit with you a while ago.

Oh and you were bitching about us at your party for apparently 30 minutes at least. According to what people AT THE PARTY told us. I'm definitely ok with not being around cancer.

>Lee was never invited to shit

I don't exactly care to go to shit. Also it's funny as you aren't in Makoto's group or the KEKISTANI chats.

> because Makoto forces Lee on people knowing no one fucking likes him

It's funny given you were inviting me to your shit and I was nope lmal

>and he tried to force Lee on my birthday party and I told his dumb ass no because Lee would have got jumped by my friends lmao.

LMAO given how shit you are it would be amazing to literally do the martial arts trope of "kung fu master owning a bunch of lower ranked noobs"


Yep this is the look of an epic winner, real ubermensch here

>> No.10925044
File: 85 KB, 816x1668, Screenshot_20240611_024919_Messenger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Real friends Ain’t this you makoto? IK your on here and you actually admitted giving a 15 year old who used a fake ID and caused his death alcohol and drugs why try to hide it?

>> No.10925045

Not reading any of that don't care. Anyways I'm rescuing a cat that's more important than Lee and Makoto lmao

>> No.10925046 [DELETED] 

I mean I don't want you endangering kids you're a literal pedophile why would I want you near my house lmao

>> No.10925047
File: 42 KB, 644x447, F0M0hLDWYAI3pkt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10925048

>Anyways I'm rescuing a cat

Probably torturing the poor meowing cat. RIP cat :(

>> No.10925049 [DELETED] 

>Proceed to do the exact fucking opposite here on this very thread
>You have HIV/AIDS
>You're a Swiftie (we don't claim you boo :/)
>You're a master liar but not a master debator
>You're 29 y/o
>Your mom died back in March
>You have diabeetus and HBP
>You're a bitch and a rat and a rodent
>You made a whole stink about being "exiled" from Ohio and moving to Chicago as a cope since it's the better city anyways
>YOU are the reason you had to leave Ohio not your stepfather or stepbrother or whoever the fuck Logan is (Don't know fuck all who he is but #Logangers RIIIISE up)
>Yo are on bennies and mooch off the government as well
>You mooch off of me by that technicality
>Claims to not care about drama
>Is the one causing almost all the drama
>Claims won't read allll that
>Will literally read and respond to each and every single item

I literally don't know you and I don't think I've ever met you in person but I 10000% believe anything and everything people say about you on here, on Discord, on Instagram, on Facebook, and anywhere else. And if I don't believe something, you literally will come in a few minutes to prove whatever was said right. i fucking DESPISE you Taylor Cody Richard.

>> No.10925050 [DELETED] 

Anon that screenshot is literally uncensored in >>10924908

>> No.10925051

how this this thread randomly get +200 replies after no one posting in 2 weeks.

>> No.10925052 [DELETED] 

read through to find out

>> No.10925053 [DELETED] 
File: 334 KB, 1080x2257, Screenshot_20240701-194228.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You yourself have given drugs and alcohol to literal minors before but accuse everyone else of doing that

They literally gave coke to Ash at fuckin Saturday afternoon lmao. Nasal spray. Presumably it wasn't the orgy room Taylor was interrogating Ash in like Taylor is the fuckin Gestapo or KGB. When the orgy was happening Friday night of ACEN.