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seriously what's going on with this replica.

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Should have ironed it first.

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replicas make me so nostalgic

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tokyo alice has the 2002 usakuma backpack for a whopping 600,000 yen

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Horrifying alteration from Weibo

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Didn't it sell for less than ¥60k last year kek

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actually genuinely this looks so much better. The original cut doesnt look good on anyone

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The original cut only looks good on girls who are thin and don't have busted hag faces.

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Same lmao, I quite like it. It reminds me of the curtain clothes Maria made for the kids in The Sound of Music.

No one cares about Celestial anymore anyway so nothing of value was lost

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i agree, it looks like it's a 2 piece set now.

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the original cut looks best on thin, narrowly built young women who are below a B cup.

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Some chinese lunatic is going to bite, I feel it in my bones. They should've just put it on yahoo auctions like they do with their other sought after stuff, but I guess they don't want to pay the fees if it goes too high.

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on my usual LM shopping scroll and see this ridiculous BIN pop up, I know it's rare but there's no description at all about the condition and this seller seems to flip a lot of rare sweet pieces... is OTT sweet even that trendy nowadays anymore for this level of pricing?

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I’ve bought a few rare dresses recently and it feels like there’s not really competition for them anymore. I’ll still spend up to $500ish on a rare dress, but yeah forget that. Only dress I see actively selling in that range is Melty Ribbon Chocolate