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What are some slutty male cosplay ideas that show off a lot of skin and work well on someone with a very lean, athletic build? I like these kinds of cosplays because beyond showing off my body, they're perfect for summer weather.

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Another example, except I'd ideally prefer a simpler outfit compared to Alhaitham's.

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any man from jujutsu kaisen

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Lol at the bad photoshop

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That just looks like "Chad, somewhat gay or bi", not "slutty"

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Asian men are so unattractive even with all the editing

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You don't think Chads are slutty?

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isnt only gojo popular from that show?

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any cosplays where I can show off skin without looking weird? (I'm slightly chubby and out of shape but not obese)

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Unless you are jacked or, at the very least, fit, do not bother with it. You'll come off as clueless, creepy or cringe. Neither of them are positive.

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Guarantee you're a fat fuck

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You'll have to get better at guessing

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gray fullbuster?

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No love for yuta?

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lmao those proportions.. stop.

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aim video games. Western has been very "body inclusive". I've seen some road hogs.