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Previous thread. >>10910760

Cosplay feels.

I'm so sick of ageplay thots in the comm. They be like goo goo gah gah- gah guh *farts* gah guh gah *shits* gah GUH GAH AAAAAA AAAAAA *vomits* *farts* *chokes on own vomit and dies*

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well, my son lost his $300 cosplay at the park

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Parkcon at fanime? Or just… at the park

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I really want to buy and wear more ryosangata (pic related) stuff but i'm 21 and my sister always says how and where are you gonna wear most these things in london. I say Cons,with friends (who are all weebs and very accepting) or when i got interesting places which i always do with the pieces I own.
and my mum says how are you gonna find a boyfriend and says men will be scared of you.
Like I don't wear my ryosangata clothes every weekend but my brother is surprising very supportive of me wearing it.
whenever I buy something i go into hesitant thought spiral like is "is it normalfag friendly","It subtle so no one will mock me", "i need to hide my power level"
i'm probably gonna quit the hobby to make these two shut up and try more an normalfag.

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Anything that isn't cheapshit from Primark, H&M, Shein or whatever will probably get you looks in the UK. I've gone out in nicer clothes that aren't J-fashion or alternative before and people have still asked me why I'm wearing what I am or where I got it from. British people generally have terrible fashion sense and judge the fuck out of anyone regardless of what they're wearing (my friend got heckled and asked if it was Halloween once when she wore a late 2000s emo type fit and she lives in a major UK city). People will comment regardless of what you're wearing, so I'd say just buy and wear it and stop cringing.

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>British people generally have terrible fashion sense and judge the fuck out of anyone regardless of what they're wearing (my friend got heckled and asked if it was Halloween once when she wore a late 2000s emo type fit and she lives in a major UK city).
yeah like I always wear feminine stuff and jfashion during the weekends but my mother and sister got really negative when show them more overt feminine things despite me wearing lizlisa stuff
>People will comment regardless of what you're wearing, so I'd say just buy and wear it and stop cringing.
noted,also people really like the normalfag friendly street wear in my family such a hypebeast shit and coquette
British people really want you to feel miserable

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just an idea

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>British people really want you to feel miserable
it's the national pastime

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i started on a genderbent astarion cosplay last year and got as far as patterning and mocking the whole thing up/casting prosthetic elf ears and then the fanbase got so cringe in the past few months i don't think i wanna finish it

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Do it anyway. Large fanbases will always have cringe

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I think they look cool and you shouldn’t be devaluing yourself by trying to hide what you want to do just to appease a guy. Find someone who appreciates the dresses, or at least someone who understands that you like them, or don’t find anyone at all.
t. moid (but gayfag)

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I finally settled on who I want to cosplay next, but this character has a six pack, I still got a whole month of starvation ahead of me before I get to see if there's even a six pack under all that bulking I've been doing. I need to start making/ordering the other parts of the cosplay soon, but I'm so nervous that I'll have everything ready to go and when the con I'm going to rolls around I'm still either too fat or I lost all the fat and it turns out I have a femboy stomach from not exercising my abs enough.

I've seen at least two ageplayers on Hinge in my time swiping in the past 12 months, so I guess what I've feared about more extreme fetishes becoming mainstream is becoming true. You'd think there'd be less of them given how averse zoomers are to age-related things after the whole Epstein thing.

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Post tummy now. For progress comparisons.

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I've now lived long enough to see zoomies feeling nostalgic for Youtube Poop
>YTP leaned into early 90s nostalgia
The irony isn't lost on me and I don't feel old yet. That day will come when this sort of thing stops coming off as a surprise

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>the fanbase got so cringe in the past few months
it always was, the normies just left because they either dropped or beat the game and all that's left is coom central, say fuck it and embrace it

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I unironically use nostalgia to rizz up zoomer girls because they seem shocked if you say you were actually there for stuff like the 00s internet (mostly it's vocaloid for girls)

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Men don't care about what women wear, just like they don't care about our personalities either. As long as you're slim and have a decent face, you will have plenty of men into you regardless of what you wear. They're extremely superficial and that's all that matters to them.

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I let him wear his Diarrhea Wimpy Kid cosplay to the park and he forgot it after he the the bathroom.

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Just do what you want. Life is too short to be all constipated with concern of other peoples' opinions.

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I have really enjoyed going to a a number of the conventions in my state this past year and by doing so I have cultivated a friend group. I am very happy about this; I've been isolated for much of my life and this change is positive.

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In a way the femtists are harder to chat up than the costhots. I can definitely get their attention but they seem honest to God oblivious since they're actually there for the convention, full stop. Plus there's the age. I'll remember this for later since it's an angle I'd never considered

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My con friend group has been dying. For career reasons I need to move elsewhere anyways, but I don't have any clue how to make new con/cosplay friends as a guy in my late 20's

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Same here, you have to talk to people before. Even stuff like the con’s forums or discord is better than nothing.
What series do you cosplay?

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do you think you have a better chance of finding a creative artsy gf who loves creating cosplays by attending cons than by browsing dating apps?

do you have any success stories?

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Finding someone with shared interests is always easier through the hobby itself than through dating sites.

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i want her in my life

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Femcel cope. I can feel the bitterness of "they only have stable relationships with boys because they're pretty, I wish I were pretty too!" from behind the screen.

Change the genders around and this post came straight out of /r9k/ screaming about Chad.

Don't be /r9k/, guys care more about personality than you're giving credit. At least, the guys I assume you'd like to date. It you just want a fuck boy who just wants a pretty hole to ignore when he's not horny then I guess you may be out of luck.

Guys have a wide range of preferences for body types and looks. Most "ugly" girls are entirely done by most guy's standards. Girls have the worst taste in judging what guys find attractive and call each other ugly for easy psychic damage.

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Ordinary people are going to be turned off by anything out of the ordinary. Your mother and sister want you to fit in with ordinary people to find a proper man. The rest of your family find your clothes a charming novelty. If you're making your money then you should make your own choice, whether it is a good or bad one.
What is London like btw?

These are the men you are giving the time of the day.
No, men are animals. We will fuck anything. Fat women, amputated women, stinky women, goblin-faced women, robot women. Men with options will fuck their type. Men without options will convince themselves that the woman they think they have a chance with is their type. Which is why when you take pity on a bottom feeder and befriend him he will end up wanting to fuck you. Like Chris Chan and that chick from the gaming store he used to go to.
We are quickly tempered as we grow. Our libido chills out some and our spirit is scarred by the world. Not that we can't feel romantic feelings prior to that but we develop a need for another heart to cherish and to complete us at that point. And with it comes the interest in a woman's personality, because we want to spend more time with you and do more than just sex with you.

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fuck you roastie, post tits

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I am a man who fell madly in love at eleven. If you're a man then at some point either you or a mate sprayed AXE/Brut/STR8 on him like it was pesticide because he heard the urban legend that the pheromones in it will make girls horny.

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Yeah, but cons aren't dating events. Most people don't go there to date, they just go there to have fun and relax.

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I didn't say anything about cons. There are other places you can get together with people who have the same interests.

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Dating happens amongst people of the same community. It's incidental to socialization at large.

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i’m an oldfag so im a little past wearing lizlisa but i would love to see people wearing it… i bought some lizlisa for a cgl secret santa a few years ago and i hadn’t realized how nicely made it was before i saw it. you can buy the same look nowadays from aliexpress or shein but it looks like shit and most people wouldn’t be able to tell because they don’t know what good clothing looks like

i think i was lucky being part of the shopping mall generation because i was able find out and see what good quality was like even if couldn’t always afford it

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A person from my classes brought up a con that's coming soon, I didn't know they were interested in cosplay. I've been kind of considering the con, but it's laughably expensive and not that good so I've been kind of hesitant, but maybe I should go there. Maybe I could even talk to my classmate there for a bit, if she ends up going. I could at least show her one of my cosplays, if she goes.
But she'll also see how much of a loser I really am, she probably already knows but actually seeing me hiding away and crying from loneliness, that'd be even worse.
Even if she doesn't go, though, it may still be worth going because it's really long until the next con, and none of the cons nearby are really that good anyway. So I guess, my conclusion is that I'll go to the convention even though it's too expensive and it'll be a terrible experience.

But other than that, what will happen? I have this fantasy of meeting classmates through all of summer. We'll have a end of semester picnic soon, and after that we're not supposed to meet again, but I wish we could, I got no real plans for summer and it'll suck to spend all that time alone, I wish I could hang out with the awesome people from my class.
But I also wish I had more real friends that I could make real plans with.

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You wouldn't wanna date someone who goes to "dating events" anyway, if we're being perfectly desu here

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real. true social freedom is in realizing male sexual attention is worth nothing because men will fuck anything from objects to animals

wear whatever you want nonna, life is too short to worry about hiding your power level

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>just date uggoes and/or old men, they care!
No thanks lol. It's very possible for girls to get a young, decent looking guy just by not being fat and taking care of our skin. Worked for me and I still get to wear jfash without any issues.

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>We are quickly tempered as we grow. Our libido chills out some and our spirit is scarred by the world. Not that we can't feel romantic feelings prior to that but we develop a need for another heart to cherish and to complete us at that point. And with it comes the interest in a woman's personality, because we want to spend more time with you and do more than just sex with you.

My experience has been different. I feel that when I was younger, 18-22 or so, I was more of a wistful yearning romantic type whereas now that I am older I am apathetic/utilitarian.

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I have never regretted going to a convention. I've made a lot of friends at conventions as well. That's my encouragement.

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>too fat to enjoy lolita without a bunch of limitations and checking measurements on every piece
>sick of it
>take break to lose weight
>come back and boards and servers are all dead
where did everyone go nonnas? i crave interaction
i've done some comm stuff but online feels dead and i want to talk about pretty dresses with nice people

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I don't think I've really regretted it either per se, but I often have a really bad time at conventions, and rarely is it actually good. Last time I went to this con, I had a terrible experience, I spent a lot of time crying and the best thing that happened was that an enemy hugged me to comfort me, and most con experiences are at best meh, and just as often awful. This con doesn't really have many activities to do either other than what they put on their program so it'll be boring and lonely.
I don't really make friends at conventions either (or anywhere else), so that's not likely to happen.

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I say wear what makes you feel best about yourself.
My fiance wears EGL out in public whwnever we go out on a date.
Nothing wrong with looking different!

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Dating sites largely don't work, don't bother it's just a heartache.

Find a hobby group and meet girls there, don't go in expecting a GF and things will eventually work out just due to proximity.

Con dating doesn't work unless you get lucky with a turbo con slut, but you probably don't want to be putting anything in her. Any meetup you have will be too ephemeral to form a lasting connection, and most people these days are too guarded/awkward to just exchange contact info with randos they meet at cons.
Cons work for bringing people you know from outside groups in to hang out though and share common interests.

My typical successes come from
>join some type of hobby group (art, soccer, dancing)
>be friendly with everyone there
>typically some girl will eventually ask me out
>we usually date for a few months
>usually invite her to a date to an anime con and sometimes they cosplay with me

so far nothing super long term, but that's just the dating game at work.

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I would agree when it comes to women, but not for men.
Yes it's a double standard, but the dating pool for men and women are difference, and men have to try many more different things than women do.

Basically every female friend I have gets dates by existing and walking outside where they're inevitably hit on by men.
Men don't have that option so they have to cast their net into dating events and various other nonsense until they get lucky.

I'd just consider it bad for a woman to do so, because she knows full well the men there are desperate and she already has other options that aren't as pathetic.

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Considering their memes are all skibidi ohio rizz at 3am I can't blame them

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> shopping mall generation
I’m a zoomer and I don’t understand why everyone thinks that malls are dead. Maybe some of the high quality brands went out of business but I still like observing the clothes even if there not loliable or alternative. I like a variety of fashions so maybe that makes a difference. A lot of my friends still meet at malls to look at the shops like Sephora or normie clothing stores, I decide to tag along even if I know I’m not going to buy anything.

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>I don't understand why everyone thinks malls are dead
>Because stores are still there
That's the problem with the later generation mentality, it's a
>I have to be there for a reason
sort of mentality, the shopping mall generation didn't go to the malls for a brand or a store, it was just the general hangout place you'd go to with friends to just hang out.
there's still some of that, but even then it's always about going to a specific store or something, not just going to the mall for the sake of going to the mall.

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Ayrt and I live in America so I don’t have a mall in walkable or bicycle distance. I also don’t live in a city which makes it ten times harder to find fun things to do without driving. If I’m going to the mall it’s planned ahead with my friends so we’re not mindlessly losing gas. I’m sure it was a different story in the 90s or the 80s but it was a car centric country then and still is now. The main reason I don’t go to the mall without friends is because the majority of the clothes are ugly and low quality and we can’t laugh at anything lol.

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I'm sorry to hear that, I wish I could help.

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>mfw two week ago I had sex in a comic con on a surprisingly unused staff-only room, where i got blown and i blew too

Well now. I had sex in costume. And I love it. Now I know it's my fetish. And now I can't say i'm not attractive, I can't say I am hopeless and etc. Hell, i'm going to fuck in the convention in two weeks from now.

It's a good feeling but also, unbelievable. I went beyond what I ever expected.

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>blown and blew
>now i can't say i'm not attractive
sorry bro, gay dudes will fuck literally anything.

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congrats anon, get yourself out there. what costume?
takes one to know one

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my cousin came back from vietnam to renew his work visa was talkin to my parents about finding me a wife in vietnam. im cooked

>> No.10921768

I'm not sure if this should be considered creepy or not. It's like you're a passport bro but you're the same ethnicity as the girl. Getting a mail-order bride seems fucked up either way

>> No.10921793

is this seriously the first time you've heard of this, anon? it's super common especially in ea/sea cultures. also it's more like he would be an anchor husband.

just accept it.

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participate actively in the process so you don't one that hates you and you hate

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It will do you good. A trad vietnamesse wife will probably beat the faggotry out of you.

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Women also have to do the same for the reasons you just listed. Any woman who has dated the catcaller on the street is either desperate or seriously fucked in the head, and the guys catcalling or approaching her on the street are probably real pieces of work, too. It's way easier to vet someone seeing how they act multiple times in relation to being around others. Especially if they're drunk. Women have to be careful.

>> No.10922233

>or approaching her on the street
I look down upon catcallers but are you for real? Where the fuck do I talk to women then?

>> No.10922237

It's not just catcallers.
Every single woman I know has
>hobby friends
>guys she regularly interacts with at the store
all hitting on her.
and if she really is desperate a dating app would instantly land her 1000 dates.

are they great? obviously not.
but speed dating is far worse than all of the above, and as a guy I've done all the above and speed dating... and even more desperate shit.

but as a guy, I had 0 luck with all of them, until out of nowhere a girl I know wanted to date. a girl would never have 0 luck with any of those, and that's the real issue.
a guy has to do every possible thing, if a girl has already moved passed the
>people I know in real life
stage, it means she's fucked.

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>and my mum says how are you gonna find a boyfriend and says men will be scared of you.
fuck that, some of us are into it and the guys it repels are ones you don't want to be with anyway, you can't be happy with somebody if you have to pretend you're somebody you're not to get with them. I'm too old for you and on the wrong side of the world but I'm a pretty normal well-adjusted guy (at least by this place's standards) and I'd be way more into a girl wearing the stuff in your pic than 99% of what I see women wear.

>> No.10922241

i'm sure you're surrounded by women you wouldn't want to date, too.

>> No.10922245

>then where DO I talk to women

Basically any place meant for socialising.
You're not the first guy to ask this. But by asking that you're expressing your frustration about the option of talking to random women on the street being taken away and then act like this means you cannot talk to women ever.
I think those guys and you already know where else you can meet women.

Also if having a healthy satisfying long term relationship is the goal women don't have it easier than men. Women get lots of men expressing interest in them, a fact many men are very salty about, but you have to remember that these are men.
No man more physically attractive than her will consider her unless it's to use her as a fuck hole with no strings attached.
The rest is just a collection of men from all walks of life, since a lot of men shoot their shot even if she's way out of his league and not in his age bracket. She's not going to be interested in hobos, quasimodo looking dudes and men much older or much younger than her. Not all of the remaining options are kind and good men either. And even those men are often only interested in having a very casual (meaning not serious, and probably also not monogamous) relationships that focuses on sex and not much else until a certain point in their life. Other factors will reduce the pool of acceptable options even further and that's not even factoring in the shallow preferences of some women regarding height, hair (or lack of hair), physical fitness and income.
We're just talking about how having even low standards will reduce the pool significantly if you're looking for a good long term relationship.

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Some, but I'm willing to give most girls a chance if they're not obese or have children.
I'm not "surrounded", there are women I wouldn't date, but there's plenty I would, many of which I'm friends with.

That's the difference with women, for the most part men will give a woman a chance if she asks and she clears a very very low bar.
Women won't give those same men the chance unless they're just feeling depressed that week and need an ego boost.

And this isn't some incel soapbox or anything, it's just how I see it with every single woman I'm friends with. These days, most of those girls are the ones asking me out and not the other way around, that's just what age and money does I suppose but I can't help but see the irony.

>> No.10922260

>this isn't some incel soapbox or anything

Sure sounds like it is, since you've already parroted 3 incel beliefs in this post.

>> No.10922261

you mean just facts of life that everyone has known for decades?

>> No.10922262

It is so over for us 20’s fags

>> No.10922263

doubling down I see

>> No.10922264

Pretending to be ignorant doesn't make you right, you already essentially agreed by claiming that I'm surrounded by women I wouldn't want to date too.

The real reason behind the incel movement isn't that men are single, it's because they bought into the same belief as you did; that things are equal between men and women and that they should have the same opportunities and chances as one another. Except that men don't in the case of relationships, and whenever they mention the extremely evident divide, people like you just insult and attempt to gaslight them which given the extremely obvious evidence on the contrary, just makes them angry.

>> No.10922266

>I'm willing to give most girls a chance if they're not obese or have children.

There are a lot more things that a girl could have that would prevent you from wanting to date her. Age (too old), looks (too ugly) and political beliefs (women tend to be more left leaning than men) are just 3 very obvious examples.

>for the most part men will give a woman a chance if she asks and she clears a very very low bar.

For sex, not for a serious relationship. Men are a lot more picky about who they commit to and there's nothing wrong with that.

>Women won't give those same men the chance unless they're just feeling depressed that week and need an ego boost.

Yeah, women don't typically date or hook up with men for the ego/self esteem boost. Some men get respect from their male friends if they date very beautiful women. It gives them an ego/self esteem boost if they are able to be with a beautiful woman that's out of their league.
Women don't hinge their ego/self esteem on having sex with men regardless of how attractive he is. And especially not with men they're not attracted to, because as you said they did not want to give those guys a chance.
Women can just be lonely and/or horny. That's mostly why they hookup.

>it's just how I see it with every single woman I'm friends with.
your biases affect how you interpret what you see. None of what you described sounds like typical girl behavior.

>most of those girls are the ones asking me out and not the other way around
in your dreams maybe

> that's just what age and money does I suppose

This is the well known manosphere coping strategy. They tell themselves a fairy tale that women's market value is highest in their early 20s and that men's market value is highest much later on when they're well into their 30s and are financially stable.
Only some of this is true (and only partially) which is why it's such a convenient lie that they sell you.

>> No.10922267

Reality is this;
-men typically find women in their late teens~early 20s the most physically attractive regardless of the age of the man himself.
But this does not mean that men that are much older than these women are able to get into a relationship with them, and it also doesn't mean every guy who is much older than that age bracket would want to be in a serious relationship with someone of that age bracket. Lots of people (men and women) who are into their 30s consider people in their late teens~early 20s as basically kids. The developmental gap and experience gap is just too big. You typically need a decent level of relatability for a relationship to work (studies on age gap relationships all come to this conclusion). The average age gap in a monogamous relationship in the US is 2.3 years iirc. That's why it doesn't matter at what age women have their highest market value.

-the belief that men who weren't able to bag beautiful women (or any women) in their 20s are able to do so in their 30s because of things like money and experience is just nonsense. Firstly because if women did not find you attractive in your 20s they are certainly not going to find you attractive in your 30s unless you've changed the way you look (weight loss, different style, etc).
Secondly because women aren't going to date much older men just because they're rich. The gold digger is a dying breed in the modern western world.
Women are typically also most attracted to men around their own age.
If the market value beliefs were true it would be reflected in reality and large age gap relationships would be the norm and not the exception. The average age gap wouldn't be 2.3 years.
If you're attracting more women now than you did when you were in your early to mid twenties it's not because of money and your age.

In conclusion these "facts of life that everyone knows" are not supported by studies and statistics. It's usually only manosphere guys and incels who believe in that.

>> No.10922285

>There are a lot more things that a girl could have that would prevent you from wanting to date her.
Maybe for you.
I've dated women 10 years older than me, girls who are objectively uglier than me (personally I thought it was charming, but she was a bit fucked), and girls who were "nonbinary" who just watched trans videos on youtube.
They didn't work out, but I gave them the chance and there were usually bright spots to each relationship despite the fact they never worked out.

>for sex
I find men are very interested in relationships, sex is just a big part of that.

>that's not typical girl behavior
it's distilled down because i don't want to dump their entire lives.
but just the other day my best friend (female), hooked up with a doctor who was extremely into her, and basically told him to fuck off because he was a little shy. After using him for sex of course.
She's a bit of a slut though...

>that's a fairy tale
i spent my entire 20's single, despite doing all the things i mentioned. i hit 30, bought a 6 figure car, and suddenly i haven't been single for more than a month in years. (I say that as a humblebrag, I don't think my car actually had anything to do with it, i just love my car)

it's not a black pill, it's just reality. of course I could give additional advice to men as well, but this is a separate argument about the inequality of the two.

I don't know why you're so hyper focused on the age gap issue. I just mentioned that as a personal anecdote because that's been my life.
The point isn't that older men get hot babes, it's that women hold all the power in getting a relationships, and getting back to the main point means that a desperate woman has far more wrong with her than a desperate man.

To bring it back to the initial argument, since it's gone off the rails apparently.
Women at speed dating means they are abnormally desperate.
Men at speed dating is mostly expected.
Because, women can get dates far easier than men.

>> No.10922288

>I've dated women 10 years older than me
Depends on what you consider dating. For some people that's more casual, for other people it's with the intent to have a serious long term monogamous relationship. Most men aren't willing to "dumpster dive" (that's the term for dating someone uglier than you are) when it comes to serious relationships.

>I find men are very interested in relationships, sex is just a big part of that.
Standards for hookups and standards for serious long term monogamous relationships are often quite different. People in general are less picky when it comes to hookups because they don't have to share more than sex with them. If you're going to live together and eventually even have children together you will be more discerning about who you are going to do that with.
Men and women have hookups with people who they would not date. For example guys who are into fat women and don't want to be seen in public with them because they think that would hurt their reputation.

>it's distilled down
If you're only leaving out non-essential parts then my point still stands.
Have you considered your friend is unhinged? How old are you and your friend anyway? The fact that your best friend is female is also quite rare. Most guys wouldn't even consider being friends with women unless they had hopes of dating them. Maybe you're just such a weirdo/unconventional, you should not expect that your experiences are typical.

>i spent my entire 20's single, despite doing all the things i mentioned
which things were those?

>i hit 30, bought a 6 figure car, and suddenly i haven't been single for more than a month in years.
a man hitting 30 doesn't trigger some kind of switch in women's brains that makes him irresistible. Your chronological age had nothing to do with it.
The most likely reason is that you were more happy and confident because you got to a point in life where you could buy a 6 figure car that you love.

>> No.10922289

>ignoring me getting back to the point so you can ignore what I said and insert your own strawman

>> No.10922293

experience also has something to do with it. A lot of guys are not that good at interacting with women in their 20s. They can get much better at interacting with women when they're well into adulthood.

>it's not a black pill, it's just reality.
it's just copium. A lot of the beliefs you mentioned are not supported by the evidence.

>I don't know why you're so hyper focused on the age gap issue
The market value beliefs just have a lot to do with age. Guys who were losers in their 20s aren't going to magically get hot chicks (of any age) the moment they turn 30. Unless they change something about themselves their chances in the dating market are just going to get worse.

>I just mentioned that as a personal anecdote because that's been my life.
nah, you were bragging. You can admit it. I'm guessing you're one of those guys who sees bagging a significantly younger woman as an achievement and status symbol amongst your fellow men.

>women hold all the power in getting a relationships
No they don't. Having more people interested in fucking you does not translate into having more people interested in having a serious relationship with you and you actually liking those people as well. As someone else already mentioned people don't tend to see the unsuitable options. It's just more obvious with women because men approach them a lot more than vice versa. You still need 2 willing participants in a serious relationship, no-one is forcing men into serious relationships. Women are generally sick of guys who just want hookups and casual dating, they tend to be a lot more interested in men who are willing to commit to a serious relationship. It's men who decide if they want to commit or not.

>a desperate woman has far more wrong with her than a desperate man.
only for sex/casual dating/hookups

>> No.10922297

>Women at speed dating means they are abnormally desperate.
>Men at speed dating is mostly expected.
>Because, women can get dates far easier than men.

sure, women who attend speed dating events are most likely abnormally desperate. I don't disagree on that and have never disagreed on that (you are talking to multiple people). They probably (wrongly) think that it's going to be better than dating sites which are mostly a sausage fest of guys looking for "casual dating/hookups/sex with no strings attached".
A common complaint from women about dating sites is that they find it difficult to find a man who is looking for a serious relationship. A common complaint from men is that there aren't enough women willing to have hookups/no strings attached sex. Women don't have an overabundance of options when it comes to guys looking for serious relationships that meet basic non-shallow requirements.

Neither dating sites nor speed dating events are reflective of society as a whole though. A lot of people have never used them and would never consider using them, they meet people the old fashioned way.

There are a lot of guys who are fat, ugly and not rich who are in relationships that they are happy in. It's not as bad for men as the manosphere claims it is. They parrot the idea that you have to be over 6 feet, have a 6 pack (abs, not beer) and earn 6 figures in order to attract any woman at all.

>> No.10922306

> A common complaint from men is that there aren't enough women willing to have hookups/no strings attached sex
This is the strawman.

Yes there are guys who are there for that, but most aren't. I have literally never heard once about a guy complaining that there's not enough sluts on tinder.

If you talk to any "incel" it's almost never about sex, it's about not having a relationship. I don't know why you think someone would go
>yeah dude i just want casual sex one time.
>oh more than once with someone i actually like? that's too much, just the once with an std infested whore is fine.

>it's not as bad as the manosphere
obviously it's not THAT bad, as there's plenty of contrary evidence. but, it's still pretty bad for guys and ignoring that reality doesn't help either.
I mean even your post is evidence of that, you just automatically assume every guy wants hook ups, despite that being the rarity by far. In my experience people get to that stage not because it's what they want, but because they've given up on actually getting a girlfriend.

>> No.10922310

mean girls are the worst archetypes reminds me of my sisters

parents are still talking about it. they even joked about talking to other families when they go to vietnam in October. rn im laughing it off saying nty but if it starts becoming too serious i'll give them a hard no. being emotionally involve with another person just isnt my thing.

>> No.10922317

>is this seriously the first time you've heard of this, anon?
Same-race people doing it with their own? Yes. What I usually see is white guys getting Asian mail-order brides, or Asian guys getting Eastern European or South American ones. It's never their own race of women, idk why.

>> No.10922318

Damn I really started a whole chain of arguments from my comment, my bad. I want to specifically address the incel shit. I don't know how many incels you've actually spoken to, but I'm a woman and want to give some perspective on this. A lot of incels haven't been in a relationship in general and don't even know what they want, which basically ends up in not wanting a relationship at all. They want a relationship, but not one in which they have to respect an actual person. They want sex when they want, to say what they want with no recourse or realistic response other than "wow you're so great nonny!" And don't have any deeper qualifiers other than "is hot". They want a girlfriend as an emotional bag to scream into and use when convenient. That is the textbook definition of a casual relationship, they just don't like that it's not for only THEM. The fact that you mention an "std infested whore" gives away the name of the game with you. Be real.
When women say "every guy wants hookups" it's not just the guys who outright say such things. It's also the people who treat women like they're only something to neg a transaction out of, much like how you're talking. I'm not sure what you're hoping to accomplish by "proving" that men have it worse in the dating scene. Would it make you feel better if people coddled you and commiserated with you? Are you hoping to score pity pussy?

>> No.10922324

heavy agree, even when men "want a relationship" most of them just want a bangmaid and the ability to say they have one. women not having to try to be objects of male desire isn't really "ease of dating" because most women don't want to be objects lol

however let's please get back to the feels
>mfw dress too big
and whatnot

>> No.10922327

Yeah ayrt and I didn't mean to derail a whole ass thread for this.
On a positive note, I just really like seeing people happy in their cosplays. Nothing is more fun than seeing people nerd out about foamcraft or giant wigs. I just really fucking love passionate people. Been feeling good about it lately.

>> No.10922332

I have a desperate, pointless, and pathetic crush on someone I 1) can never have, 2) who would surely annoy me if I actually knew them as well as I’m wishing for and 3) is a good enough friend I’ll neither risk the friendship by saying anything nor break it off to avoid the pain. I know this hardly a /cgl/ problem but I don’t know who else to tell. I’m just feeling very emo…
On another note: did you see converse kneehighs are coming back? I’m excited. The knockoffs I bought were awful.

>> No.10922347

Every word out of your mouth has to involve insulting people or talking down to them huh?

I’m not trying to gain anything other than to explain to you the situation, which clearly you just want someone to tell you
>wow you’re so great nonny!

>> No.10922361


I'm in the boat with you, nonna; the subreddit is itas and sissies, FB groups require FB, this board is slower than it ever used to be, and drama hungry idiots ruined servers.

I've always been a lonelita but sometimes I want to sperg about girly shit with women who actually get it. My normie friends are nice about it but they don't really understand lolita.

>> No.10922372

You’re not alone. I realized today that the subreddit is even worse than I remembered. Why are they all acting like it’s some hug box…?

>> No.10922395

Reddit admins really went nuts the past few years with the "harassment" rules. If you're the least bit mean to anyone on Reddit now, you risk being reported for "harassment" and "discouraging users from participating" and can catch a sitewide IP ban across all your accounts for it.

>> No.10922412

If you think every word of that post was talking down to you I genuinely don't know what to say other than that if you identify with incels that much despite supposedly not remaining single you should do some soul searching.
>n-no you!
Is not a great response.

Yeah my normie friends are great and try to be so supportive but I'm convinced normies just don't understand quality in general despite trying their best. I love my girl friends but the second we get to talking about fashion the copious amounts of fast fashion brands just depresses me. I love lolita but sometimes I want some quality normie clothes and I just feel like an alien talking to them. I know that's only tangentially related but it bleeds into lolita when they send taobao or art saying "looks like something you'd like nonna".

>> No.10922447

yeah... i used to be a lonelita outside of here and discord, and now i feel starved for content and discussion on those ends. i guess making comm friends is healthier anyway in the end.
>with women who actually get it
this, and >>10922412's point about nice normie fashion hits too. lolitas have an eye for quality in general that i'd feel autistic and rude trying to explain to normie friends.

>> No.10922448

They sound unhinged…

>> No.10922479

We need to bring forums back. They're not expensive to host or hard to code, someone just needs to volunteer to do it and not be executed for it.

>> No.10922480

Imagine Lolibrary hosting a forum. That’d be pretty cool.

>> No.10922586

What were the lolita forums? I have only heard of Blue Period and local comm forums.

>> No.10922605

How do normalfags even do this

>> No.10922609

There used to be several to choose from which was kind of the point

>> No.10922667

They are. This is a site that currently hosts some of the most misogynistic content on the internet including guides on how to rape women, formerly had subs for jailbait and beating up women and watching people get murdered, but god forbid you discourage someone from participating. They're virtue signalling retards.

>> No.10922725
File: 424 KB, 828x1298, IMG_8623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Apparently this is what happens when you “discourage” someone… So sad. When will they learn that babying people doesn’t mean helping them?

>> No.10922726


I also feel the same as all of you. I used to be active in FB groups but delete that after most groups becoming too hugbox. Discord servers are good but they usually always implode for some reason. Smaller community discord servers also just die off.

I talk to my friends about it but they all say they do not want to be in edgy/4chan servers cause in their mind it is "toxic". But we all met through cgl, which I find ironic that they are so against it.

I am not even trying to find ultra edgy, racist humor, look at me I'm a channer server. I just want a place to just talk to normal people who can understand my hobbies, niches, and more without feeling like it is too "normies" or "ow the edge".

I miss the days when hobbies weren't meant to be tools to become popular/monetized, but genuine hobbies.

>> No.10922733
File: 205 KB, 634x758, chavlita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When your sister's femboy friend is acting weird, that's sussy bussy.

>> No.10922758

>I miss the days when hobbies weren't meant to be tools to become popular/monetized, but genuine hobbies.
Absolutely agreed. I hate corporations cashing in and I especially hate people giving into that mindset and pedaling "hustle culture" when it's just desperate poverty culture. Why can't we just work a normal job and have hobbies and a social life outside of work anymore? Why does fun have to become work?

>> No.10922872
File: 143 KB, 287x357, 1706647008755492.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks, my mum and sister changed theirs minds but she likes when i wear more darker colors and fashions (jirai-kei,cyber and gothic lolita) since she thinks it's more elegant on me.

I will just aim for these three i listed more, since these styles what we both like and i like compromises.

>> No.10923033 [DELETED] 

I decided to stop listening to blacks, jews, and other women, and my life is a lot better for it. This might sound like race bait but honestly, try it.. stop listening to and taking advice from these groups of people. Especially other women, most of their advice is fucking garbage that's always been wrong.

>> No.10923291

The person from my classes who brought up the con expressed excitement at not being alone when I told her that I was going to go, so I have hope that we could actually spend some time together and that it'll be an enjoyable con experience, at least part of the time.
Other than that, I don't know about many people I know that'll go, not that it matters because I probably wouldn't interact with them anyway, but I did look to see if an AA vendor who was nice to me and tricked me into buying something at my last con would come (no idea why they did that, was it just to trick me into buying their stuff?), didn't see anyone with anything I recognized as theirs though.
A lot of the AA people seem to be people I've seen at many cons before, and my interests aren't that close to what AA people make in general in the first place, so there probably won't be anything to buy. Some other AA people asked me what I'd be interested in at the last con I went to, would be awesome if they actually made something related to that, but don't know if they'll come and I made it clear that I don't like what other people like so it'd be a bad idea for them to actually make something I'd like.

As for my classmates, we did have that picnic, which was really nice, and then we went to an arcade a few days later, which was also really nice, and since then we haven't done anything together, a small number of us are planning to go out one final time relatively soon but then it's absolutely over. I hope I can at least meet the person who's going to the con more in the future, we even met just us two to practice earlier this week.

>> No.10923298

I skip the comm meeting ONE month and they posted a fucking video of themselves dancing to that Ice Spice FART song.

>> No.10923414

Stupid contact lenses REEEEEEEEEE

>> No.10923548

Stupid contact lenses day two. I'm going to practice every day until I can use them reliably. One thing I've learned so far is that it is better to buy daily lenses instead of the monthly ones because they get dirty easily. It's better to throw one away than to risk infecting your eye.

>> No.10923580

I’ve gained so much weight due to depression and stress eating…now a lot of my brand doesn’t fit. Need to lose a good 30 lbs, wish me luck gulls

>> No.10923635

>take a break from buying lolita things to save up money
>every time I peak at listings I see some good shit I really would want
>finally ready to spend again
>secondhand market is a Sahara desert of crap
Why does this always happen every time

>> No.10923689

Influx of subpar products on the primary market that then trickles down to the secondary when people try to off load it and not be a bag holder or even trying to flip it for a profit on someone unsuspecting and of course the good product gets snatched up before you've got the money together

>> No.10923698

Get on Wegovy. You won't have to diet or exercise, the weight will just come off. It's amazing

>> No.10923708

>just like they don't care about our personalities either.
this is just not true lol there are women who completely lose any appaeal as soon as they speak
something that women these days refuse to accept though is that (healthy) men don't like loose women. only porn-broken losers would feel romantically attracted to a loose woman, a healthy man feels disgusted.

>> No.10923732

I'm at a con and I'm bored, I actually met with a friend for a little while but they arrived late and had to leave early, and I'm not talking to anyone.
There were a few brief interactions early in the day but no one is talking to me and I'm not talking to anyone. And I wish I could actually spend time with some people.

At least I've been able to not treat the person I've been treating poorly poorly this time, but I wish I could talk to them, they even acknowledged me unlike almost everyone else I've met before, they greeted me albeit in a strong way thay makes me wonder if they're being sarcastic and mocking with their greeting. I hope I'll be able to stay away from them and not bother them for the rest of the con too.

It's nice when people compliment your coord, and yesterday there was someone who actually recognized my cosplay which is super rare, that was really nice as well.

I have been talking a bit to someone who also has a relationship to all the people I've met before that we pretend we don't know each other that are here, I want to talk to them, but we only talked for a brief time months ago.
Or I just want to talk to someone in general.

>> No.10923768

I’m not in the “overweight” category yet just because I’m so tall. I don’t think I can get prescribed weight loss medication

>> No.10923779

Women will never, ever tell you the real # of men they've slept with, so how would you know they're "loose"? Moids are so stupid kek

>> No.10923780

Cardio. CICO. Good luck.

We can sniff out whores the same way women can sniff out guys faking confidence.

>> No.10923791
File: 23 KB, 359x364, 1707329826002402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be at fan panel just to socialize
>get paired with some mom not in cosplay
>she says so herself she's just here to chaperone some grandkids
>jokes about the culture shock seeing this many people in costume surrounded by loud and dynamic art vendors
Thought that was funny

>> No.10923794

Vaginas don't work like that

>> No.10923795

I like that their logic is that sleeping around one time with 10 different guys makes their holes loose, but having sex hundreds of times with only one guy or just being a virgin with thousands of dildo sessions has no impact.

>> No.10923799

The vagina clearly has a barcode scanner installed so it can confirm the same dick is entering. Source: it came to me in a dream

>> No.10923800

How can I convince a cosplay girl to let me smell her stinky sweaty feet after a con? Im asexual and dont want to fuck her I just love the smell of womens feet its like cocaine to me.

>> No.10923801

its easy anon, money talks

>> No.10923807

>same way women can sniff out guys faking confidence.
lmfao women fall for guys with blatant fake confidence all the fucking time, I've known so many girls who get repeatedly fucked over by guys that any dude can tell has an ego made of glass.

>> No.10923811

don’t they have magic pills nowadays that helps you lose weight? Idk how much they cost but you could pawn off some of your collection and get it. Then instead of being sad about being bigger you can be sad about not having those dresses in your collection anymore. Imagine all the mula that could be made if every single seagull on this planet sell just one piece of their collection. We might be able to purchase me a super sailboat so that I can sail around the world. It’d be like cosplaying one piece but not really cosplaying because I’d be a real pirate. It’s not like you guys would miss one piece of your collection you barely even wear it. What’s one piece of clothing that doesn’t even coordinate with anything when you could get US a super sailboat. honestly forget the magic pill you can got on a walk or w/e to lose weight buttt you should consider selling a part of your collection for the sailboat movement. I’ll let you seagulls sleep on it arrg

where’s the math nerd seagull itt. You should calculate how much we would make if this plan was to be set in motion. ballpark it so that I can start looking for sailboat in our price range. we might have to pawn more than one jsk

>> No.10923815

I feel like this is a clever rouse to snag nonna's dresses from LM. Your pirate tricks won't work on me.

>> No.10923818

Women will fuck any blithering retard with a sufficient amount of bluster. They're really not any better at reading men than men are women, and their only insight to emotions is in other women. Most of them also just don't care, if you're tall enough or have enough money or just drugs they'll conjure up their own imagined perception of you and cling for years in agony.