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Sup /cgl/ looking to get into cosplay. Am a poor uni student however and don't just wanna order the lame body suits and shizzle.

Any tips or tricks are appreciated!

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>Am a poor uni student however and don't just wanna order the lame body suits and shizzle.
Thrift stores are your best friend, then. Also, how are your craftsmanship skills?

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On a basic level, used to sew with my mum and shit

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this, I bought a good actual business suit at a thrift store for $40 and I mogged everyone who was in a cheap cosplay suit, I also sewed on everything I needed for my cosplay

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what are you interested in cosplaying?

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Top characters would be Kitty Pryde, Starfire, Azula, Atom Eve, Jill Valentine, Nejire. I could go on lol

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If you know how to sew you basically already have a headstart.

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are you Bri'ish?
most of these are wearing bodysuits so I unfortunately can't help because I've never made my own, but good luck! just be warned that this is unfortunately a very slow board, one of the slowest on the site actually, it only gets super active whenever a big convention is happening

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I am British yes and thank you for the words of luck

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>"my mum" instead of "me mum"
>"shit" instead of "shite"
Anyway. I think the bodysuits in question are shitty because they are comprised of a single type of fabric with designs printed on it. There is no texture to break up the flat empty surfaces or any reliefs between the colour borders. No physical details such as buttons. I suggest you go browsing stores selling fabric by the meter for raw materials and cutting & sewing your own patterns. You can make patterns with this method.

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Since a lot of those are bodysuits, but you don’t want the printed kind, I would suggest getting a body/zentai suit in a single color. Pick whatever the main color of the character is and use it as a base. Then just sew on the additional details yourself