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How do you feel about cosplayers who only dress up from stuff that's currently popular?

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Lame ass fake anime fans.

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No one cares, your childish play pretend make believe hobby is all for attention anyway.

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I don't care, if you actually want to cosplay something from a currently popular show and make it yourself you easily mog all of them. Also people who cosplay currently popular western cartoons are worse lol

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Let em do as they want but I draw the line when they get upset that nobody cared. Either be the best or accept the lack of attention. (I'm also not gonna lie, seeing Demon Slayer go from 100 to 0 in real time was really satisfying)

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It's about to happen to chainsaw man too because normies hate the latest chapter. you even have big normie accounts finally admitting the chainsaw man anime wasn't that good...

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CSM is in a lull stage. I expect it'll pick up again soon. The anime cut off before the best parts, but at least for me, Reze is when it starts picking up steam. Meanwhile, Part 2's been a total mess, and that shows in the cosplay. People dressed as minor devils before the anime was even announced. No one in part 2's getting attention other than Asa or Yoru

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Is Blue Lock in that tier, because I really cosplay as Gagamaru

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I just feel neutral about it, Naruto, Death Note, Homestuck, Overwatch, MHA, Genshin, people cosplaying popular things is inevitable. And this year those things seem to be JJK, ChainsawMan, Frieren and Hazbin Hotel (I've also been noticing a small resurgence of Vocaloid cosplayers in recent cons)
For the last series I mentioned, almost all cosplayers are normie-esque teens, but who knows, maybe stuff like this will end up being a gateway for many peeps to care about cosplay that isn't just putting a cheap aliexpress costume + wig and calling a day, 1/3 cosplayers of those FOTM series seemed to put in quite a bit of effort in either costume or prop making.

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>Naruto, Death Note, Homestuck, Overwatch, MHA
all of these are dead fandoms. only Genshin still has a fuckton of cosplayers
Hazbin Hotel has surprisingly high amount of detailed and self made cosplays for a western show

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>all of these are dead fandoms.
Because I wanted to have a few past examples of popular series that had a fuckton of cosplays in their heyday.
>Hazbin Hotel has surprisingly high amount of detailed and self made cosplays for a western show
Because it attracts a lot of autistic women, and they love the show to death, so of course they aren't gonna skimp out on their cosplay.

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Normies have been coping and seething about part 2 since it debuted; I remember them just going "where's Denji" for the first few chapters like in the Simpsons. JJK seems to be the popular one now, I guess that's more bing bing wahoo to them.

It's similar to mid-tier artists that just pump out fanart of FOTM waifus, you gotta do what will get the most eyeballs on you, which means making content of whoever happens to be the most searched character of the day instead of making something about your favorite characters that people may or may not look up that month. In artists' case, it gets more people to consider their paywalled content. In cosplayers' case I'm not really sure these days, I don't know if the cosplay-for-a-living model still relies on selling pinup sets or peddling OnlyFans since I've cut all the Yaya Hans and Jessica Nigris out of my social media feeds years ago.

>all of these are dead fandoms
I will never forget the time I showed up as Soldier 76 to an Overwatch meetup at a con. The only people there were me, my buddies I dragged to the meetup with me, and one other cosplayer eventually showed up and quickly left after seeing that it was just me there. I still give my Overwatch-obsessed friend crap about it.

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I dont like the ones tha are trendy trendy like referencing the latest tiktok or twitter meme from a few days/a week ago

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>I will never forget the time I showed up as Soldier 76 to an Overwatch meetup at a con
Boy I wish this had been posted two weeks ago. My group ran into a girl boss Blizzard employee and she got extremely pissy just for being asked "How's work on Overwatch 2 going?" This would've been some beautiful salt to rub in her wound. I don't know her name or what she worked on, and I don't care to find out

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>Because it attracts a lot of autistic women
wtf maybe I need to watch hazbin now

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>JJK, ChainsawMan, Frieren and Hazbin Hotel
No Dunmeshi?

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Are there really any Homestuck cosplayers at all in 2024?

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Dungeon Meshi is for sure the next one

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Everything was new at one point. I think the vocal hatred people levy towards FOTM cosplays are misplaced. I think the real source of the anger is just some frustration at oversaturation of a show they may or may not be interested in taking over valuable cosplay and market space. I think the other anons do have a point though that it is clear when some people (mostly influencers) are just pumping and dumping costumes to catch the most attention on and off-screen. That's why making your own costumes is much more beloved because there's a clear indicator of personal appreciation for the show and effort. A homemade FOTM cosplay is going to be more well-received even by a bitter hater than a premade. And I can't say they're entirely wrong for feeling that way. It's just a piece of the pie that is the popularization of cosplay.

It's not a FOTM anymore and even if it was: who gives a shit cosplay what you want

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Yes and artists who make content for it, believe it or not. The kids are a popular choice for comfortable cosplays among the niche.

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I know literally nothing about anime, except for Berserk. I can't tell if the blue haired thot in a miniskirt is from trendy slop or classic slop.

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this is the most based man in the thread, I don't care that Yor is a FOTM waifu because her being that means a bunch of slutty girls will wear slutty costumes

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>How do you feel about cosplayers who only dress up from stuff that's currently popular?
There are 3 categories I can think of for people who would do that.

1) Career cosplayers
2) People who honestly like the character, but getting attention for their cosplay is a big goal.
3) People who don't like the character/show who just want attention.

1) It makes sense to follow trends if you're trying to make a career out of cosplay/crafting. Most art careers require you to go where the money is. Look at the artist alley/dealers hall at any con and tell me how much of the stuff being sold is old-school anime vs FOTM anime.

2 & 3) For these groups, I think trying to get attention for a cosplay from a very popular show can be a bad move because there will be so many other people rocking the same outfit that you'll be overshadowed. At least with #2 they like the show and can enjoy the company of other con-goers who are also into the show. But for #3 I can't understand what the point will be. Unless you're very attractive or a fantastic craftsman, your cosplay is probably not going to get as much attention as others dressed as you and you're going to spend the whole con surrounded by people you don't have a shared interest with, which just seems like a lonely experience.