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How do you feel about cosplayers taking on characters of a blatantly different race?

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its okay, honestly the only thing that upsets me is some fatty cosplaying a normal weight character

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I literally could not care less as long as they do it accurately (looking at you, black people that don't wear wigs for characters who have straight hair)

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It fine as long as they do it accurately and respectfully without trying to alter their racial appearance.

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As long as they like the character and do them justice.

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I have to disagree. Given the conundrum black cosplayers find themselves in (9/10 not having the features of the characters they want to cosplay) they might as well fully lead in o their own natural features. If you're going to cosplay Sailor Moon and the Usagi yellow wig is going to look awful on you, why not just do up your natural hair in a cute way? Looking good/feeling confident is far more important that just attempting a point for point accurate translation.

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Where would you find an elf willing to cosplay? Currently we only have humans (and sometimes cats and dogs) cosplaying.

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They can cosplay masked characters.

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White people, at their best, cosplay most anime characters better. There isn't one Asian Erwin cosplay from AOT that looks good. Meanwhile Asian Levis look better (because he's canonically Asian). OP is a great example of this. We don't have to seethe over it, it's fine, but the best Marcille cosplays will be from White people.

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we will genetically engineer elves into existence alongside catgirls

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Is a world without elves worse than a world with elves who will never date you?

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Well i think she looks cute enough to pass for a fantasy elf, they aren't real anyway, real elves would be tiny and have funny hats.

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even dateless real elves would be good coom material to both genders

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Everybody should be free to cosplay whoever they want, the whole point is to show off your passion for a given character than the cosplay being 100% accurate. I'd rather have black Goku than a costhot whose cosplay is perfect down to the natural features being consistent but it's some FOTM waifu she doesn't know or care about (like what happened a lot with Makima cosplays a year or two ago).

Having said that, I wish Asian cosplayers like the one in the OP would stop using eyelash glue, or at least use it correctly like K-Pop idols to enhance their look instead of trying to look white and instead looking uncanny.

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dont care

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Cry about it

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as long as they're of a good race

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Seeing as how Elves don't exist, I think its perfectly fine.

And if Elves did exist, I would still think its fine.

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What if a skinny person cosplays a fat character?

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I have to agree with this.

If you're a black cosplayer, I'd rather see hair that fits the characters ideal and looks good rather than the characters on-model design/colour but looks pants.

Marcille is Italian-Coded.

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What, like that black samurai from the new Assassin's Creed?

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I will eviscerate myself before touching Ass Ass In Shit, but I know for a fact that there actually was a famous black samurai, and the japs themselves love putting him in their games.

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He was a retainer not a samurai, and his reception is mixed. My joke is that he is cosplaying as a samurai. Some japs defend him because if he isn't a samurai then neither are their ancestors of the same rank. Others are pissed off that they're being charged to see a foreigner killing japanese people and being glorified for it. Then some people made AI generated photos of him and passed them off as historical proof. I've never noticed him in any japanese media. I won't be playing the game either way. I'm not into AssCreed.

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>I've never noticed him in any japanese media.

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Blacks cosplaying white characters is the funniest shit in the world. Even more so if they try to match the hair as best they can with whatever whack-ass hair they've got

It reminds me of those tumblr blackwashed redraws

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You should also consider the fact that it helps them not look like they’re trying to become another race entirely or are doing it for some kind of kink. There are a lot of black girls in jfashion that look as white as possible without changing their skin color, some of them even brighten up the photo to make the illusion their white or mixed. I find it uncanny and sort of depressing that they want to look as asian/white as humanly possible, it’s very intentional. I addressed this one time outside of /cgl/ and someone replied to me that they weren’t trying to become another race and was just apart of their “alter ego”, which gives me raceplay/fetish vibes. Personally I don’t care what black people cosplay as, as long as they aren’t trying to purposefully look white or are doing it for kink reasons.

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if we're expected to respect the work on the costume, then judging based on an unchangeable characteristic doesn't seem to follow the spirit of respecting the costume work. You're not fucking casting the character in a production. Knock yourself out.

that said, you also don't get to claim that as a whole package that they look closer to a given character all other things being equal. Thats just disingenuous.

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>I've never noticed him in any japanese media
>Kessen series
>Nobunaga's Ambition
>both decades old Japanese video game series
Just say you are a zoomer; Period drama has been out of vogue for 20 years, just long enough for you to not have seen anything in your short life.

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I'm more bothered by the fact that they shooped her face into oblivion and made it look nothing like Marcille.

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If it works, it works.

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Elfeet, even.

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>Levi is asian
He's not. At best he'd be a French jew.

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He's canonically Asian and drawn as Asian. It's a literal plot point. Watch the show.

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That's Mikasa, you retard. She's expressely the only asian in the island and no indication that Levi is too is mentioned. Levi having black hair and being a manlet due to malnutrition don't make him asian.

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I could not care less because I have actual problems

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Holy hey, 500 upvotes for this?? Thanks, gang!

Edit: WHOA now 600, this is honestly incredible

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Nice dead link to your headcanon. Next time take it to Tumblr or Tiktok.

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Elves are a thing?

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Like, Black Panther?

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>Marcille is Italian-Coded.

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blacks look ugly in cosplay because they turn straight hair characters into greasy dreads and shit like that
just wear a wig that’s accurate
asians look terrible as white characters because they can only do one makeup look and abuse photoshop instead of learning sfx makeup and how to make their features look more european
whites look terrible as asian characters because they can’t into neotenous makeup and good lighting
fix those problems and cross race cosplay is a non issue

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>Dead link
Are you retarded?
That's literally what you posted lol, no source listed. They are both Ackermans, an Asian family. Go Ack yourself lmao

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Ackerman are Eldians, they have no Asian in them whatsoever aside from Mikasa, faggot. Can you even read family trees?
You'd think with a name like Marcille they'd say she'd be French.

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Turns out the japanese don't appreciate having their history rewritten.