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decided to start my own anime con. i'm looking for advice on how to run it or stuff you guys would love to see at a con.
>held at a hotel with 2 pools
>more ticket sales = will expand to also rent out local bowling alley arcade
>panels will be vetted by actual nerds, so you don't get "who is ash ketchum? what does yaoi mean?"
>r18 panels/merch allowed in separated area
>baggage storage
>hands-on cosplay panel tutorial where you actually make stuff
>cosplay repair area

lots more stuff under consideration. i'm financially prepared to eat the costs and pay for everything out of pocket and lose all the money if no one buys tickets, but i'd like to make this con fun and successful.

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Have you at least volunteered at an existing con or know the people that have organized them?
Otherwise you have no hope. At very least you need a company insulating you, otherwise you'd personally be liable for a lot of shit.

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Make sure to serve booze. Where is the con gonna be?

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have both volunteered myself and have 3-4 people who have been staff at other cons who agreed to be staff or at least help out with the planning at this con. also i studied event management, project management and bookkeeping in school, not that it means much irl.
police won't let us serve booze as an official part of the con, but no restrictions on room parties. i've been a bartender so was thinking of training someone to "unofficially" serve "anime style" drinks in the adult only room, or just doing it myself once the evening hours hit and most people have left.
washington state

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You know what city it's going to be in?

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Quick recommendation: Make social media accounts and a Discord server. That will get the message that your con is happening out to congoers.

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yeah. i plan to book the venue next month after our website and ticketing system gets finished and i double confirm everything with the hotel manager and the police. could be we have to suddenly change locations due to the police and municipality rules being a pain in the butt so i'll refrain from giving more precise details until after we at least have all that settled and the local advertisements out.

we have a discord (mainly just open to con staff until the ticketing system gets put in place and we start advertising), the instagram, youtube and other stuff will get made after we have the main website set up.

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>you need a company insulating you
Will look into this. I dunno how I could get a company to do so - all I know is to run your own business as something like an LLC. The hotel has its own system for dealing with damages, drug addict customers and so on which I can build on in the contract for the tickets, but the hotel doesn't have a special system that covers stuff like "you caused a traumatic experience" or "a kid was kidnapped"

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Ok, Compass.

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If you don't have an LLC set up before the announcement you're setting yourself in a massive world of hurt. You will need an EIN and state tax ID. If you put your SSN as a tax ID you're now liable for everything.

Never ever trust hotel sales in a single word of what they tell you. Everything must be in writing. Your contract is what will break you if it's not in there. The hotel will fuck you if you don't understand all of the terms.

It also sounds like you haven't done jack shit on insurance research which will be required during the con.

This is business 101 shit

There are groups out there who are organizers that can give you advisement. Do not do this because you hate the cons of how they're run.

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As stated, we are not announcing or advertising until we get all the basics set up. This includes the permits from the police, signed hotel contract, business accounts, ticketing system, and all that other stuff. We have a long time before the con, we're just starting out now after confirming it is actually possible to host and after conferring with different potential venues.

>Everything must be in writing.
Yes, we have an unsigned copy of the hotel contract in writing.

>There are groups out there who are organizers that can give you advisement
The reason why I made this thread was for advice, not to advertise the con. I already said we are looking for advice and that we've recruited members with experience of con management. We aren't just going to ask for advice in one single place or ask for advice just a couple times then do whatever, we are getting advice throughout the whole way from various sources. It's not me who has the business experience, I personally am in charge of other stuff.

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>advice on how to run it
Go to the AX thread, look at the kind of terrible opinions people have on running events and realize what an even worse idea it is to ask this here. Oh and there's also a book on the subject

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No, dumbass, there are specific groups in which hundreds of organizers who help run anime cons talk to each other. This is the worst place to ask for advice. They are easy to find if you take the time to speak to long-standing organizers instead of letting your ego get ahead of you.

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nice to see 4channers are planning their own dashcon for the upcoming 10 year anniversary

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I hope you do it and it’s successful. I don’t have any advise but I want to encourage you. Keep us in the loop.

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Also came to encourage you. You're right about getting opinions from different sources.