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Yeticon is June 15-16th at Blue Mountain, Ontario. Who's going?

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Someone tell them their mascot looks like absolute shit

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I'm bringing 10 dusters to do some badguy shit

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13-17 to make a proper vacation of it.
They know.

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and yet...?

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Anyone want to discuss hatred for minorities at yeticon this year?

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Are we going to talk about how jews have ruined Yeticon?

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We can also do that

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It was designed by one of the organizers, who is also one of the overweight burlesque performers. Make of that what you will.

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imagine the smell

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Is anyone else here tonight?

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Going tomorrow

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holy shit

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How was Friday? I'm heading over now.

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This is the most smoothbrained mayo ragebait, jfc

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So was the actual con any better compared to last year and worth going to or is it still photography and party in your hotel con?

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You have my upvote.

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Party in your hotel con.

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We tried our best to party outside the hotel but security made it so hard. Why does Ontario have no good party cons?

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Because it's against the law to carry open containers of alcohol.

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It wasn't police telling us not to, it was security (which is not the police). Feeling was that it was more of a problem that we would be cutting into the profitable drink sales at the venue than anything else.

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You're still not permitted to carry open containers unless it's your own private property. If the security didn't succeed, police would be called.

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Why do people hype up this con so much when you can just rent a cottage with your friends and do the same thing? Or just go on an actual vacation instead of an overpriced tourist resort. Genuine question, went for the first time this year and thought it was alright. Had fun with friends but not something we’d plan every year for, maybe we’re just not the demographic.

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That's the thing: security enforcing laws on behalf of police. Venue is not on the hook for being the police and enforcing the laws, yet they do it anyway. It's extremely vaginal and not once in decades of flagrant drinking in public have I been fined for it.

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Because you can meet new people with the same hobbies at these events.

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As if Yeti is not just already established friend groups hanging out compared to other cons

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You could just cut to the chase and say you're autistic.

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Venue is on the hook if other people see public drinking and the venue isn’t doing anything about it, because that gives the idea that the venue is okay with it on their private property. The chance police find out is infinitesimally small but the venue is responsible if they haven’t dome anything.

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You could just cut to the chase and say you’ve never gone on a real vacation and consider Toronto anime cons the highlight of your year.

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>Toronto anime con

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I enjoyed the rave/hangout room thing they had this year. It's definitely one of the more enjoyable cons.

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Because I don't want to organize renting a cottage for the 40+ people I look forward to seeing over the course of yeticon, and I won't have the opportunity to meet new people at a cottage where the only people are ones I know. And 'actual vacations' are overrated. Who wants to party with normies. Gross.
Also it's just expensive and unreachable enough to keep the children away.
Too bad this was almost certainly the last year.

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Why would it be the last year?

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Yeti struggled for event support from Blue Mountain. That this year had any programming was a last minute bit of miracle work. From what I was told it was unlikely anyone would be putting themselves through it again next year.
It could change, but last I was hearing, from people I trust, this was probably the last one. I hope I'm wrong.