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Share your hauls! Did you finally track down that grail? Are you just buying some miscellaneous pieces to fill gaps in your wardrobe? Maybe you just need more worbla? Preorders, secondhand sprees, taobao binges, and material restocks, anything goes!

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My current small haul. Ive wanted the sugar hearts jewelry for forever, im so happy i could snag some.

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Recently won an auction for a Cameo Window Tiered JSK + the KC at a decent price. I've been searching for this dress for a good year or so but I usually only come across the regular JSK or the OP (neither of which fit my chest). Not much to brag about, but happy that I'll finally own it soon.

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That must be so exciting, especially after searching for over a year. Have you already planned a coordinate to wear it in?

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Where did you saw those sugar hearts jewelry!?

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I'll scrape by with what I've got in my closet right now (brown shoes, brown bag, white tights, the most elaborate long-sleeved white blouse I own, I might have a suitable necklace laying around somewhere). I've ordered a few things to make more elaborate coords with it and I'm currently contemplating getting the bonnet to wear alongside the KC for an even more OTT look.

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I recently snagged a Day Dream Carnival full set for $250. Really wanted the tiered JSK in ivory, but I couldn’t pass it up in black. I’ll wait until people start getting their dresses from the rerelease to get cream or ivory.

Also just won a listing for a Romantic Rose Letter tiered JSK in mint. Last listing on LM for the tiered/mint combo was 7 years ago. Wild they never rereleased this print considering the demand.

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I just snagged a Day Dream Carnival tiered JSK full set for $250, and also a Romantic Rose Letter tiered JSK in mint!

I really want Day Dream Carnival in ivory, but couldn’t pass up the set in black for that price. Soon enough people will be selling their rerelease dresses and I’ll grab one in ivory or pink.

It’s also wild that Romantic Rose Letter never got a release considering the demand. Last tiered/mint combo on LM was listed 7 years ago so I feel lucky. I have the dress in sax but mint is my favorite.

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I snagged a Day Dream Carnival full set with the tiered JSK in black for $250. I also just won a listing for a Romantic Rose Letter tiered JSK in mint.

The last tiered/mint combo was listed 7 years ago. I have the dress in sax but mint is my favorite. It’s crazy Romantic Rose Letter never got a rerelease considering the demand.

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They re-released them the weekend before last. They sold out in under a minute so I'm glad I was fast enough to get it lol.

This is so dreamy, I can almost picture the coords youre going to make with these. What dresses do you plan on pairing them with? This is gorgeous.

Full set for $250 is insane. Great catch. Having a DD that was only ever listed on lacemarket once, I can relate. Im so glad you were finally able to get it.

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You realize this taobao trash is going to make your coord tacky right? A few items is fine but this is the rest of the coord ffs

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I'll say switch the wrist thingies for some elegant and ¿frilly? gloves, the tight highs for something similar deal to the gloves

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My style is rather swassic, so cream/white accents should work with most of my wardrobe. I've got the Champetre Fleurie OP from Baby which could work with the cuffs and brooch, and quite a few of my pieces have some sort of cream or light gold which could be brought out more with the shoes.

I've been thinking of getting some brand legwear (probably some lace topped OTKs or UTKs) and blouses, so I'll probably make an order for either or both of those at some point. Taobao blouses are more forgiving with styles that fit my chest though, brand blouses that'd fit me (as far as I've seen) have shirring bands along the back at the very least, which I don't really like the look of.

Thanks for the suggestion! I have a pair of gloves but they're made of floral lace, which I didn't think would be fitting for the vibe of this JSK. I might some more opaque gloves and some different tights in the future. My only concern is skin exposure, I'm rather tall for lolita (168 cm) and I feel like a gap between legwear and a dress/skirt hem could look awkward if I opt for socks inatead of tights (if I'm not going more casual/summery).

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she's talking about the horrible bows.

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Nayrt, everything in this picture (except for the shoes and leg wear) looks very low quality.
I have nothing against the general idea of buying from Chinese brands (or mass produced items), and I've seen decent stuff from Chinese brands. Not amazing, but workable. This is not that.

The bows specifically are horrible and remind me of "lolita" accessory sets on YesStyle that are sold there for 4 times the original price. Not having much to spend is not an excuse, you would have been better off DIY-ing most of this.

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how abt instead of picking apart peoples purchases you just post some of the things youve gotten recently? cant we just have a nice thread every once in a while?

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This came in the other day.

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You have shit taste.

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innocent world stuff coming in

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Cute taste anon!

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Beautiful haul. Where did you find the jsk?

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Nice haul!

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mistake to ship this many shoes at once but i'm excited

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Was shipping expensive? That coat looks lovely.

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>Was shipping expensive?
>That coat looks lovely.
OP is from alpstola and still in stock. they ship to the US directly if you're interested, and send lots of snacks to overseas customers. i only threw it in with my SS since i already had this going.