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I know it's 2 months away, but I don't have anything else to look forward to, anybody else in the same boat? I've got a Marriott Marquis room, a couple of friends, and a few cosplays I haven't worn yet. What can I do to have the most fun there?

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>What can I do to have the most fun there?
Daydrink so all the lines don't grate on you so much. Ota definitely is not the most fun con there is but if you want to be any bit prolific it's a good spot for pictures and connections if you're willing to make some.

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>Ota definitely is not the most fun con there is
Second this, unfortunately. Be glad you're going with friends, OP, cause my crew was really the only thing that made it worthwhile. I had some fun in the hotel lobby, went to a couple parties but as a con, it was bordering on bad. REALLY low energy attendees and it just felt like everybody was aimlessly wandering

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They're already advertising in DC

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I noticed this last year, it was like everybody showed up tired, but there were no crowded lines to get in though. There was some energy Sat night but that's it. What are some better energy cons? I assume Dragon Con?

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For a "legendary" con it was a real letdown. This year is my first Dragon so I can't speak to that one, and I'm not even too big on the other Atlanta cons but those are miles ahead just by enthusiasm alone. ColossalCon Prime and East are always hype too

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The plus side of Ota is that they manage to bring guests with some amount of real clout behind them and are able to cobble together halfway decent programming compared to something like Katsu(programming isn't why you're at Katsu though)
Over the years Ive grown to enjoy the more laid back atmosphere and somewhat engaging programming with real backing behind it as an inverse to Katsu. If it's not something you're into, it's very easy to be disappointed. I definitely was letdown the first time I went where Katsu '19 was my first ever con and then going to Ota just 5ish months after.

Sidenote, last year at Ota I spent about 70 minutes in line to play one set of Dancerush, the year prior I spent the same time to play one set of Chunithm. The lines can get real bad at Ota as of recent years.

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>ColossalCon Prime and East are always hype too
Yeah if you can ignore literally everything about the Kalihari beyond the waterpark, I love Colossal too but fuck them resort staff, resort prices, and resort room blocks

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This year’s guests are pointless if you don’t like FF.

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Finally ordered tickets ahead of time, so I am actually planning on having a cosplay together this time around. I've got a few idea in mind, so it is a matter of what will be the most fun (and the most reasonable to make). The most fun at cons for me is just meeting people, so as long as people are hanging around the bar in the evening, I'll consider it a con worth going to. I'm planning on being there Friday and Saturday, but I'm close enough to DC that I'll try to go home instead of getting a hotel room. Although, knowing how things go, I'll probably end up bumming floor space off someone to sleep through the night if it comes to that.
Well, I'll be going so that is one guest that isn't pointless :)
I'll be happy if they have a ton of SDVX machines again, since I can spend hours just playing those. Last year it was especially easy since I only ever had to wait for one or two people to get through their plays before another machine would open up. I can imagine that some of the popular games would have massive lines, though. Project Diva is always one that comes to mind since there are usually only one or two booths + it is a popular game + the songs are usually full length so a single play can be around 10 minutes.

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Last year's game room was pretty powerful as a Chunithm player. Like 6 cabs and you could just hover over and see what track number everybody was on. Only ever had to wait 8 minutes max inbetween sets with consecutive plays actually being feasible.

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that's a big road

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Yeah, it's always a great feeling looking over your shoulder and seeing nobody waiting in line so you can get the easy back to backs. I will definitely spite play chunithm to get in your way this year if you show up though mhm (I do quite like it but I'm just not very good yet)

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A lot of people on the staff and volunteer side seemed tired from the get to, too. Wondering how it's going to be this year.

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That funny because 2022 was a disaster linecon, people waiting hours in the hot sun to get into the building, but energy seemed to be higher once people were at the con. I wonder if their crowd control that fixed the crowding last year ended up making everybody spread out and lower energy.

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In my experience, it feels like since covid hit cons have just been less social than when I first started attending.

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I’ve got hope that this year will be good since it’s a milestone. Already sounds like there will be good programming and a lot of people are hyped. Got my Marquis room. I’m ready to drink and people watch.

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I don't know the area, any good places to stock up on room snacks and booze nearby?

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CVS, Walgreens, not much desu. Your best bet is to hit up Costco, Sam's Club, or some other supermarket after dropping your stuff off at the hotel. Implying you're driving to DC that is.
Just filter by liquor stores on whatever map app you use. Hefty chunk of liquor stores all in walking distance.
Imma let all you guys in on something rq. Glass Sanpellegrino bottle, go nuts

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Trigger and the Trigun stampede studio are gonna be there, that's worth it to me. And they usually announce big guests just a few weeks before the con.

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Any of you guys thinking about going to any of the anison shows that weekend? Some AnisonHijack+Aniparty guys are doing shows at the Black Cat on the 2nd and 3rd while there was another happening at Soundcheck on the 3rd as well. I really like the Black Cat (and I recognize the Hijack guys) so I was leaning towards that Friday show, but wanted to see if anyone else was thinking about going to any of them.

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This is the best tip I've heard all year

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Do you guys think that Otakon is a top 5 anime con in the US? I'm guessing LA and NYC are 1 & 2 at the very least. Also when can we expect the schedule to release? I'm planning on skipping one of the days but not sure which one.

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What metric are you judging on? just size?

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Yeah, it's definitely in the running after AX and ANYC. Otakon is in this weird space where it isn't quite an industry con like the big 2, but it's not totally a party con like Colossalcon, and it doesn't get the big cosplay attention like Katsucon. It's kind of stuck in the past for better or worse.

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I used to frequent Otakon when it was in Baltimore 2005 - 2016 (whatever year it stopped being there). Some of the best con memories of my life. Now I am ancient by anime con standards (super late 30s). AMA

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What was it like just walking around back then? Seems like nowadays people just keep to their own groups, and everyone is just too busy to interact with anyone they don't know.

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So, Otakon has always been the "4chan" anime con because moot used to have panels there. It attracted a lot of the ancientfag anons back then. It was like meeting 4chan irl, some very fun times. I met a lot of anons in person and they are all actually very good people as I still keep up with them on social media to this day.

That being said things were more social back in the day, it was less corporate if that makes sense. Back then when you cosplayed, it wasn't for online clout or onlyfans, it was for the love of the series. I don't know if there is too much of that anymore, maybe among the 18-22 year old crowd. I would say people keeping to their own groups didn't really start until 2012 ish.

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God those truly were the days. The inner harbor was so alive. Even doing the annual 2+ hour wait outside for prereg feels like a fond memory now. People sleeping in that dark hallway of the convention center. Ice cold water guy.

Vibe just isn’t the same in DC, but it wouldn’t be the same in Baltimore now either. The inner harbor is a ghost town.

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I wonder if anything can be done to recapture the feel of those old days? The big problem it feels like is that otakon doesn't have a big hangout area. All the spaces are medium sized and you're expected to keep moving. The Marquis lobby is big, but it's far enough from the con that it doesn't become packed until night.