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“I’m too old for this shit” edition

31 days to go

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>You Preregistered?
>for the premierfags, you still miss being a premierfag this year?
>did you manage to get a hotel? Just a yes or no would suffice
>How’s your AX fund jar doing so far and what’s your budget?
>You got your work PTO approved?
>Any setbacks so far until the con?
>Cosplay Day 0/1/2/3 plans?
>what are your dream guests that you are hoping will get announced the week before AX?
>Going to that AX orgy that obviously doesn’t exist?

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I remember when Anime Expo was about anime and not Vtuber. Why don't those cunts start their own convention.

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Don't they have their own conventions already? I kept seeing stuff for OffKai and assumed that was a Vtuber thing.

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Anime Expo would be dead by now if it weren't for Vtubers. Cope.

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I missed Covid AX. It didn't cost you anything to attend, you didn't have to go anywhere, and you didn't miss anything since everything was on your computer or mobile device. Those were good times.

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99% of ax attendees do not give a shit about panels.

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Yeah, that seems to be the case. Their volunteers went full retard or something. I don't keep up with the drama. I guess the vtuber shit will have to latch on to the ass of anime conventions for a few more years at the least.

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at least its not filled with ecele-

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Covid AX had better concerts than this year's disaster

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Where's the fucking schedule AX? Liars.

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schedule is out

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top 10 people i wish would drop dead

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Having a vtumor "guest" is as cheap and easy as setting up a big screen in a room.
Much more work and money required to fly out big name anime VAs, mangaka, and musical acts. Sad to think those kinds of guests used to be the norm, but now that anime is more popular than ever here, AX is at an all time low for actual anime related programming.

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anisong was funded by cool japan probably. now that those funds are dried up no one wants to waste their own money coming to ax.

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Genuinely as a former attendee, why do any of you still go to Anime Expo?
Every year I hear the same complaining and bemoaning about this con yet everyone still continues to attend when it's probably not even worth it in the end.
>It's an excuse to drink/party/hookup
You can do this at any con

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Holy fuck these panels suck ass...

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>no trigger panel, only trigger q&a + drawing panel
>It's on day 2
>it kinda overlaps with the hololive dodgers game
shit, I either have to hope they dont give out new trigger dollars, or get in, and line up early for a q&a question and dip out. Or I can just ebay this shit.

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The vibes.

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if you need tk ask, it isn't worth wasting neurons to find out who they are

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Good luck trying to get Cover, Anycolor, Vshoujo, Phase Connect, and top Indie tubers in one building.

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Can Zoom not handle that many callers or?

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Is it just me or do like half of these just feel like reruns of 2022/23 panels?

literally who

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>Mamochan announced
Fuck, I don't even like BNHA but they're bringing all the A-List seiyuu for that one

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Will this AX be any good if you're not into Vtubers?

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everything in entertainment is going downhill. only a few things get the treatment they deserve and if they do it's expensive as fuck.
it's not like saving the money and time by not going to ax is going to result in some better experience. or that i would have saved a significant amount of money by not going.

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the 2022 ax where no japanese wanted to come will probably be better than this one.

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Do you like MHA or Delicious in Dungeon? If not, then probably no. Looking at the English VAs, I think there's going to be a FF7 panel too.

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Yeah I skipped AX last year for MGScon. No fucks given then. Think I'll be doing the same again

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Honestly I don't think it's bad as people are saying but a lot of the things I'm excited for are vidya panels: The Guilty Gear Event, The Trails Series Event, The Yakuza Lounge 21 event, the Atlus event
There's also the Oshi no Ko Season 2 Premiere and Plus Size Elf Premiere
I'm disappointed there's nothing for The Apothecary Diaries Though

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My nigger in Christ I'm talking about the convention itself, are you having fun?
Are you enjoying the event and lack of fun it provides year after year, overpaying everything, not being able to find parking or even going out of your way to fly out there, waiting in long lines and crowds, being directly in LA, etc.

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I was gonna go this year since the last AX I went to was 2018. But Imma just save my money. The hotel fee for myself was going to be $1200~. Thats the plane fare to fly to JP.

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Oh man MGScon was perfect, hope this years one is better. I went super early so I don't know how long the line was to get in later in the day

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i wouldn't say ax is fun anymore, but that's an irrelevant metric for doing things in life. i'm not going to sit at home my whole life and treating ax like a 4 day hiking trip with scantily clad cosplay wildlife and air conditioning isn't a bad way to go about it.
you don't have to get a $300 hotel 5 feet from the con. there are plenty of $100 hotels with the same amenities in the area.
>Thats the plane fare to fly to JP
do you have a house in japan? food? travel costs? the money you could have made instead of sitting 36 hours in a chair?

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I am ready for sexe. Been practicing with burro and gato. Cosplayers give me a good time.

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See I KNEW there were anons around but never found any despite a literal 100% chance we both the other at some point. And yes, it got pretty long. At least to the end of the hallway and it was hours before disappearing altogether

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much better than getting western e-celebs as guests

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What usually happens at Trigger panels anyway? I've always been too intimidated to bother with one because of the time sink. I remember for the Promare screening no one could even get into the panel before it because the room was full and no one was leaving. I like Dunmeshi enough to actually try this time though.

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Anyone else sad that there's no CWF? They've always manage to out perform a ton of industry panels

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Well obviously my budget for an overseas trip will be different than a local trip from SD to LA. In regards to lodging, I still have friends in Nagasaki from when I lived there. My old roommate is in Atsugi. We get 30 days of paid leave in a year and I have about 90 days in the books so I actually need to start burning them.

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Usually a premiere and new announcements for regular ones, otherwise q&a and live drawing are exactly what they sound like. They don't have anything this year, so nothing new, or at least new and ready to annouce. Hopefully that means no nrw trigger dollars, but there's not much going on anyway in terms of panels that day so I'll probably go to the drawing and Q&A anyway and leave early for the dodgers game.

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i think it's a mistake to miss potentially half the game for something that you could easily buy on ebay afterward.

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>rich kid gets richer printing out anime in his parents third home who allow it for tax evasion status as a church
I also hate rich kids anon.

>> No.10920522

he's the son of the guy who wrote the musical Grease and he uses his dad's money to print out thousands of giant cutouts of stuff like anime girls, vtubers, and ecelebs. you too could do this if you were the trust fund kid of the guy who wrote one of the most famous musicals ever

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ive been going for the same reasons ive been going since 2009- industry panels and meeting japanese guests. its a expo, not a con, and i wish all the moaners would get that through their heads and stop coming.

>> No.10920527

They've said on their Discord server it's because Geekboat are too busy with PSG S2 to bring anything to show this year. They don't usually make TRG dollars for licensed shows of theirs, usually only for the originals they've done (Inferno Cop, Luluco, PROMARE, PSG), so they wouldn't do Dunmeshi ones for example.

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Anyone know if J18 or Fakku are doing signings this year? They do every year but the artists they are bringing arnt on the autograph schedule.

>> No.10920531

Because it's retarded garbage. I'm glad AX finally told those clowns to fuck off back to ALA.

>> No.10920532

They had to make room for more Vtumor and diversity in cosplay panels.

>> No.10920565

surprisingly didnt see any wokeism panels listed.

>> No.10920586

There are a few 'Anime That Black People Like' and 'Why Black People Are Important in Fandom!' ones.

>> No.10920587

>'Anime That Black People Like'
In itself, there's nothing wrong with that but of course I'm not retarded enough to take it at face value
t. got suckered into attending a "Is Piccolo Black?" panel which had almost nothing to do with anime at all and concluded with a hard "No"

>> No.10920590

For sure; I can see why people would want to support an anime with more diverse skin tones, but it does get a bit tiresome when every brown anime character is claimed as black when they're clearly meant to be South/east Asian, Latino, or Polynesian.

>> No.10920597

Because it's close enough to drive to.

>> No.10920598

imagine paying so much money to invite people for a zoom meeting lmao
englush vtubers are western e-celebs

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So where is the big gay orgy fuck fest going to be at this year?

>> No.10920603

Same, I need to know

>> No.10920606

Damn the only two panels I'm interested in are running at the same time, kinda weak panels ngl.

>> No.10920609

Even the Japanese ones do the same shit as well.

>> No.10920610

Frieren panel announced.

>> No.10920616

What sort of panels did you like in thr past?

>> No.10920618

Same, I want to stick my hard peepee at the first hot Inosuke cosplayer that shows up.

>> No.10920620

last year i went as OMGKawaiiangel and i got fucked up at how many lil 12 year old girls wanted a picture with me. i hope it was just because they thought i was pretty and not because they actually know what the game is about. i will be rewearing my costume this year as well

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The Jojo panels, the FGO panels (which are still there but not as hype), LoveLive panels, good screening panels. I also started attending in 2017 so my perspective is a bit skewed compared to those who've been going for ages.

I like LoveLive alot but I don't think 45 bucks (cheapest ticket) is worth it to see a show on a screen, with probably the most "meh" LL group around aside from Liella and having to sit (stand) through a bunch of rando no-name vtubers to get there.

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File: 3.63 MB, 4800x3600, anime expo 2023 crowds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't wait!

tiktok and youtube popularity, kids these days watch much worse things

>> No.10920631

I can smell this photo.

>> No.10920632

just find some human shit in the park and shove it up your piss hole and youll get the same effect you gross faggots.

>> No.10920639

I think I've only seen trigger dollars on ebay once and even then, that was for the first or second time they did it.

>not for licensed shows
That is a pattern I may have been too retarded to see for myself. I can safely skip it this year then, thanks anon.

>> No.10920641

It's my local con, even if it is the "biggest con and most crowded" in NA. If everything else is already smaller and probably has less by default, then I dont feel like spending flight and hotel money when I can just go to one con a year that I can drive to. The only other "local" cons I've been to were anime expo chibi (not worth it, don't go there) and anime impluse orange county/Anaheim convention center (which was worth it since they also had a couple other expo things going on at the same time).

>> No.10920643

>orange county/Anaheim
oh shit, I went in 2022 for that it was actually at the pomona fairplex that year.

>> No.10920644

Don't hate! It's Pride Month. Many AX attendees go for the gay sex parties at night.

>> No.10920645

You don't attend ALA?

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I can tell that this one is eager to join in.

>> No.10920657

Anime Impulse at the Pomona Fairgrounds was great last year. Nice, small con, the Asian American con held next door made for some great food options, the arcade was small but fun, wasn't alot of Vtuber stuff, not a bad local con.

>> No.10920658

Next year might have it again with the PSG dollars if the show that, maybe a different design, or something from a new unannounced project. They're toning them down since people got hurt during the PROMARE screening, and just give them out at Q&A sessions for asking a good question.

>> No.10920659

45 bucks for a dv is pretty common in japan. a prerecorded concert sucks for ax, but the costs don't really get much better from here on.
the cringe part is that it's vtumors.

>> No.10920668

Never been to AX, just sac/fanime and im ngl some of these panels seem mid af lol

>> No.10920670

I think by the time I knew about I already went to Anime Impluse LA/pomona and didnt feel like going to two cons in the same month.

>> No.10920676

ax panels are pretty lame for the normal con demographic that goes to panels to hear people screech jr high memes into microphones and wave plastic katanas around. but for people who can sit still and listen to a single subject for an entire hour, all the rest of the cons in the US are comparatively "mid af lol"
i wager that ax will quickly disappear once the dikdok impaired generation becomes the majority.

>> No.10920677

Isn't the main appeal of AX the industry panels though? I can see some nerd blab about their favourite MHA ship for free on Tumblr.

>> No.10920688

most ax attendees don't even go to a single panel. the event has 100k+ badge holders and 2000 capacity rooms don't fill up anymore.
even without a premier badge last year i got into everything i wanted to go to, which is something that probably wouldn't have happened 5 years ago.
the vast majority of people are just there to shop and party.
i also go to comic con and it's experiencing the same thing. e3 bankrupted. blizzcon cancelled. younger people just don't care about information.

>> No.10920698

That sucks. For all the bitching and whining about lines, I think of them as part of the experience. I remember camping overnight to guarantee a spot for an early panel with Yuki Kaji and waking up to a nice Mexican lady selling freshly fried churros for $5.00.

>> No.10920703

I only did a handful of panels last year, but they all filled up and I barely made it into one of them by the skin of my balls (granted, the line management is retarded which contributed to that). Not sure about other shit, but premiers and stuff with the Japanese VA's all seemed to still be popular.

>> No.10920716

I can't wait for the fire Marshal to close off the LACC on Day 1 and screw everyone over with a Thursday only pass.

>> No.10920717

do you have a thursday only pass and are you trying to create boogeymans for yourself?

>> No.10920719

No, but I have read of people being pissed and to the point of tears because Thursday was the only day they can go. They spent all day outside and by the time the Fire Marshal let them in, they only have an hour left in the dealer's hall.

>> No.10920721

if you're talking about how fire marshall closes off areas when it's overcrowded, that person is just a retard. they could have used any of the other entrances.

>> No.10920722

Fire Marshall closed off the entire LACC on Day 1 last year and years before. It's a retard tradition that has been going on since they moved to the LACC.

>> No.10920725

It's a bunch of the usual 4chan conspiracy brain rot. /vt/ has very active imaginations.

The only part that was closed off was the lobby area with people waiting for the dealers hall to open. They fixed that by opening the dealers hall. That was it.

>> No.10920726

what do you have to gain by parroting what some retard wrote online? did you bother to imagine that maybe someone who bought a one day pass is ignorant.
i'm sure the part that was overcrowded was the hallway connecting the two lobbies. meaning they would have closed off both the west and south entrances this is where retards who can't even look at a map, end up asking the minimum wage hired security staff what to do and fail. the security and line staff should all wear shirts that say 'i am an idiot' so other idiots stop getting the wrong idea.

>> No.10920729

im not hateful, just disgusted, like being in the same room with someone you know has shit particles in their teeth and gut parasites.

>> No.10920730

I went to almost all of the industry panels last year and they were packed to the brim, what bizzaro AX were you at?

>> No.10920731

No you could still go into both lobbies. Don't think the connector was even closed because fire marshall wasn't there, just people couldn't move. You could still take the outside route and the upper floor route to cross over to the other side of the building

>> No.10920734

Didn't they just close off the escalators? I remember we had to go around the outside to get to the food area because we wanted to grab something to eat before we waited for the Spy x Family panel.

>> No.10920736

they wouldn't close the hallway ever. that would just cause a bigger mess. they have closed off those entrances to get inside the building before until the hallway congestion cleared which could take hours if you're in a long line.

>> No.10920750

Lets fix AX in 3 easy steps
>21+ only.
>$500 4-day tickets only.
>capped ticket sales to half of total attendance numbers.

>> No.10920755

I'd get filtered by this. I can afford $500 but I'd feel bad spending it on an entry ticket. That's Disneyland pricing.

>> No.10920758

>18+ only
>bring back Premier tickets at $500 with added bonuses on top. of the old ones
>return normal 4-day to $65
>cap it at 100k attendees
>kill the autograph ticketing bullshit and move to online lottery / first-come-first-serve via. app

>> No.10920760

Going to AX for the first time with my gf, other than it being crowded to all hell is there anything else I should know?

>> No.10920763

Agree with everything except the ticket capping. Ticket capping doesn’t solve crowd management issues. You could have 10,000 people or 100’000 people and still have the same problems in both crowds if your management of said crowds is ass. Also less people attending hurts the convention to a degree. Potentially Less vendors, less industry, less profit for the convention. But I do understand that a good event organizer can deliver a way higher quality experience for less people, but it’s the SPJA we are talking about here. They have definitely dropped the ball since Covid, but we will just have to see how they handle it this year.

>> No.10920764

If plan on attending panels:
Line up about 45 mins to an hour and a half before a panel starts to ensure your spot at a panel. Stay away from Petree Hall panels, you have to camp in there the entire day because the line just gets exponentially longer as time goes on.

General info:
Get there early, at least around 6-7 am if you are going on day 1 or Saturday day 3, or else you be in line con. Get your 18+ wristbands asap when you get inside the con. Get pictures with people, whether ur in or out of cosplay. If you and your GF are older than 21, I highly recommend going into the quiet lounge as the bathroom lines are super short in there compared to other bathrooms throughout the con. Other than that, have fun!

>> No.10920778

CWF outdrew many guests and was one one of the hypest panels. Don't know what you're on

>> No.10920779

But CWF is already woke

>> No.10920790

Move to Las Vegas Convention Center.

>> No.10920792

I sat through one because everyone and their retard butt buddy were hyping this shit. It was nothing but autism trying their best to cut terrible wrestling promos. It was awful and people find that shit funny? It may work at smaller cons, but I'm glad it's never coming back to AX.

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File: 1.49 MB, 357x498, 1716271914016207.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mfw ANYC is now the premier anime convention of North America

>> No.10920803
File: 1.54 MB, 1847x2048, IMG_1477.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

agree on the 18+ instead of 21+. 21 is too old.

>> No.10920805

the number of attendees would instantly drop to like 6k or lower. it would remove all locals, double the hotel costs, double transportation costs, and make everything indoors

>> No.10920809

>+18 anime con
It's like you people don't want to make money.

>> No.10920810

Maybe move down to the San Diego Convention Center?

>> No.10920812

Almost all these suggestions are objectively awful to be desu

>> No.10920815

All of those would be awesome. SPJA move to Vegas when?

>> No.10920822

A good strat to get into a panel is to go to the panel before and just stay there until the panel you actually wanted to see starts. This only works if they don't clear the panel, so check room clearing policy before you do this.

>> No.10920833

Day 0 gay sex gathering at my room at the Moxy!

>> No.10920858

based ottaposter
i need cute girls under the age of 20

>> No.10920870

Can't say it just works at small cons when it consistently filled the room every year and the crowd only got louder.

You a hater

>> No.10920880

i've seen a special ed retard fill a room at ax so that's not really saying much. out of 100k autistic weebs i'm sure there are at least a few thousand low functioning autists

>> No.10920883

No one wants to go to Vegas for a con. Vegas cons just die.

>> No.10920884

>Anime Las Vegas
>Lvl Up Expo
Vegas getting all the good cons now

>> No.10920891

Two those are video game tournament events and tsumicon is tiny. The last one I have no idea

>> No.10920896

the only appeal of vegas i can imagine is being able to hire a prozzie to your hotel room. but if you're going to a con that's the opposite of what you're trying to do.
everything there is shit and expensive.

>> No.10920912

would go but everytime i go i end up talking to nobody and end up dicking around by myself the whole fucking weekend, how does anyone get laid or make friends out there?

>> No.10920914

true how am i suppose to pick up and rail qt 18yo if they make the con 21+?

>> No.10920915

Vegas is hot and even pricier to hotel and eat at then LA. Why the fuck would you want it in Vegas.

>> No.10920916

Guy probably lives there.

>> No.10920919

why the hell would you ever hire a prostitute when you can rizz up a 19 year old cosplayer slut for free?

>> No.10920925

I got no game anon.

>> No.10920926

>19 yo
100% a OF prostitute anyway m8.

>> No.10920946
File: 2.30 MB, 600x347, 1709387016718974.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no trash taste panel or booth
You’re right

>> No.10920948

Don't (you) me with your garbage desires, that's the only good thing they have going at this point.

Keep those faggot ass podcasting motherfuckers out, I don't want to hear their shitty opinions you 'people' regurgitate on the daily to your failed normie groups

>> No.10920949

Same line of thinking whenever some dumb fuck says comic con should move to vegas. Vegas in July. Sounds wonderful.

>> No.10920969

Connor is doing a panel with mouse at the novo.

>> No.10920983

They don't enforce room clearing half the time anyways

>> No.10920984
File: 431 KB, 1195x1401, Screenshot_2024-06-06-13-00-59-260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gigcuck hijacked one of the panels. Not sure if there's more.

>> No.10920988

>Not sure if there's more.
HSR and Black Butler

>> No.10920993

>Black Butler
It's CDawgVA on that one.

>> No.10920995

>AX is now just a bunch of vtuber shit and then even more vtuber shit
LOLOLOL AX is now for the gooners, it is quite over

>> No.10921000

>Vegas in July. Sounds wonderful.
Better than downtown LA.

>> No.10921001

Reminder that Gigguk ripped of Demolition_d's style and somehow became way more popular after watering the humor down for normies

>> No.10921003

It literally is not.

>> No.10921004

What Anime Expo in Florida?

>> No.10921007

What? The reason they stay in California is because most of their main vendors are already there. Crunchyroll's up in Norcal and Bamco's just over in Irvine. Goodsmile's American HQ is in Los Angeles.

>> No.10921017

he didn't invent that style. there were gaming videos like 20 years ago with that style of 4chin memes interspersed between narrative commentary.
if anything unironically the person who popularized that style is a vtumor.

>> No.10921019

LA is a shithole and the SPJA will have to move AX to Florida soon.

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File: 1.20 MB, 1284x1359, IMG_1627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>likes trash taste
>not into mid art online or genshin impact IN SPAAAACE
I’m eating and famished at the same time. Fucking how?

>> No.10921023

wrong fake and gay

>> No.10921024

which is funny because all the shit eating gacha players are whining that trash taste is ruining their ccp kernel hack advertisement.

>> No.10921034

Do you do Karaoke at AX? I'm not that great of a singer but i hate it when I have to follow someone that actually sings really good.

>> No.10921043

Worst year for me too. Literally only going to r07 and trigun

Geekboat, movie premieres, amv theater

>> No.10921058

>looks up expected temps
yeah, 70 degrees is def the same as 109.

>> No.10921077
File: 1.46 MB, 1400x930, 9e5e478f01de28fc31bef6e22751159e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have no other commitments and half want to take amtrak cross country back from the con (flight out is dirt cheap, flight home is retardedly expensive) but I am always exhausted after AX anyways and multiple days with no shower or real bed might be too much for me

>> No.10921088

LA is an absolute mess and now Red states are bringing more money and support more cons will be open to it.

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File: 112 KB, 1024x768, 1717789690854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last year was my favorite programming-wise (aside from my first AX) because of the LoveLive panel and meet and greet (the overpriced beers at the beer garden helped), so either this year just seems bad in comparison or the Rothschilds are paying SPJA to make it less fun this year.

Is it a stampede panel?

>> No.10921119

Yes it's one of Orange's 3 panels so it's about Stampede S2.

>> No.10921120

>Stampede S2

>> No.10921131

Is ghosting outside AX worth it? Last minute turns out that I’ll be in LA anyways for the weekend, but I don’t wanna commit to the price this late with what I’ve seen the lines look like. Thx for any input and sorry in advance, this is my first time posting here

>> No.10921136

you will have a hard time ghosting AX now. its not 2010 anymore.

>> No.10921145

downtown la is actually cleaner than it ever has been. watching ccp view botted rage bait propaganda videos will warp your reality.
i was harassed by thugs and inconvenienced by idiots more in houston and dallas for cons than i ever have been in LA. houston in particular has roaming gangs in the middle of downtown with no police in sight.

>> No.10921157

Being at the lobby of the JW is literally being at Anime Expo without requiring an Anime Expo ticket. For me any yearly Anime Expo would not be a real Anime Expo without having a drink at the JW lobby bar.

>> No.10921159

half the cosplay photography happens behind the staples center. also all the cosplay meet ups happen outside the con. some of the concerts and events also don't require a badge. you can find some stuff in little tokyo as well.
if $100 to have fun is out of your budget, you will likely not be able to do anything interesting.

>> No.10921163

Hey this actually sounds perfect, thanks for the reply! Less of a budget thing and more just not wanting to spend money for the long line and parts of a con I usually don’t partake in too much. Hate to sound like a loser but I’m from a small town, AX just seems like too much of a behemoth for me right now lol. Appreciate it!

>> No.10921169

Honestly the main reasons to go to AX are the things that need a badge. Anything you don't need a badge for you might as well go to a con closer to you instead.

>> No.10921198

I've been planning to want to go to Expo and already the drama flows

man I cannot wait

>> No.10921212

>downtown la is actually cleaner than it ever has been
I work DTLA as a security guard and have since 2014 and LOL no it got better during covid because no homeless could make money but holy fuck has it nose dived. every single block has people doing fent and meth, especially near the heart of downtown. the buses are full of these crazy people and gangbangers. cops dont do SHIT. sidewalks full of shit and piss. multiple stabbings from these drugged up zombies every fucking week. retarded gangbangers doing "street take overs". That giant construction failure across from staples got so bad with "homeless" and gangs they have police there all the time and it still got graffitid up. DTLA is a shit hole. They might clean it up some before AX but realistically their arnt enough cops and they arnt allowed to do anything.
fuck you, bet you just sit in some ivory tower ubering everything or white area like Pasadena and never touch the real LA.

>> No.10921225

meanwhile back in reality, actual crimes are down. furthermore real residents think that abandoned chinese eyesore was improved by the graffiti artists and it highlights the failure of the corrupt piece of shit property owners and politicians that were willing to sellout downtown to the ccp.
as an aside it's funny watching the propaganda tards pivot to whining about graffiti because there aren't enough homeless around anymore.

>> No.10921233

>actual crimes are down
because they changed what is and isnt a felony and rarely book homeless because the prisons are full
>no homeless
yeah the roving meth gangs and tent cities dont exist
yeah ill be downtown working tonight, go fuck yourself.

>> No.10921263

I'm making it a goal to have sex (or at least makeout) with someone from AX this year. Is it possible to avoid herpes or is that something I'll have to live with?

>> No.10921265

Just come on by at my hot gay orgy fest at the Moxy on Day 0.

>> No.10921266

I probably should have clarified that I'm not gay. I could have gay sex any time I want on grindr.

>> No.10921279

Any chance this year is a down year attendance wise? Seems like a lot of the con hotels (ones a reasonable distance to the con, not just the ones 10+ miles out) still have rooms available and the 3 Nijisanji concerts all seem to have barely sold any tickets.

>> No.10921280

>the 3 Nijisanji concerts all seem to have barely sold any tickets
It's because the general AX attendee doesn't give a shit about vtubers. Most of the excited comments under their announcements are from SEAsians or Midwesterners too poor to fly out here.

>> No.10921289

even the 2022 con where there were no japanese seiyuu or concerts, it was still insanely overcrowded

>> No.10921306

I know it has been overcrowded and that, realistically, it still will be, but AX sold out of badges in both 2022 and 2023 (granted, both times were closer to the con than we are now) and hotels sold out (besides the ones super far away) well before the actual con.

>> No.10921317

In winter 2022 I was just walking in Venice and a crazy bum threatened to kill me for literally no reason lol, I didn't even make eye contact with him.

>> No.10921355
File: 1.47 MB, 1062x1491, IMG_1048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im not fuckin playing with u anime expo give me my gay puppet show season 4 panel announcement NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW

>> No.10921356

its more indicative that people are feeling the economic tug more. more people are probably rooming with others or getting cheap airbnb they will uber/transport to.
sounds like venice, which has always been where violent bums on drugs go. its just expanded everywhere in socal x1000

>> No.10921357

>making it a goal to have sex
you know the rules. be hot, dont be ugly.

>> No.10921361

If you have more than one airport in your area, try changing the landing destination. Sometimes that can make a difference on price.

>> No.10921362

>planning a desire to do something
Interesting strat, anon. Can't say I've ever reached this level of autismo myself, but maybe I have something to learn from you

>> No.10921363

Surprisingly there is always a high number of ticket sales a week out from the event and especially on the days of. And somehow there are always people acting like they didn't know tickets were available until they're sold out.

>> No.10921365

>always people acting like they didn't know tickets were available until they're sold out
I will never understand this. Its advertised everywhere months prior.

>> No.10921376

It's procrastination, pure and simple. As someone with that problem I know it all too well.

>> No.10921384

>I'm not gay
>lurking on /cgl/
Whatever you say

>> No.10921399
File: 46 KB, 522x472, 1664768091302440.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't been to ax in years, last time was when Mikunopolis happened in the Nokia theater and I was there for that. I don't remember panels but I do remember walking around and going to small concerts (KOTOKO and AK48), and watching anime like The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya and some ToraDora.

Are they doing that still or is everything a paid event, a workshop, or some woke shit?

>> No.10921449

Everything is still there, but now there are twice as many people as 2010, so getting into anything is a lot more effort and time

>> No.10921450
File: 400 KB, 630x1296, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

as a /k/fag I'm thinking of just doing a processor from 86. Idk how easy it would be to procure military cuts in this color and boots. I'm assuming not overly hard but idk

>> No.10921451
File: 232 KB, 350x1063, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the other uniform from the series looks too.. german

>> No.10921454
File: 183 KB, 2048x2048, 1717991511656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello fellow /k/ fag! There's definitely some easy ways to do this one, you can get tan BDUs to match the first one and do some minor sewing to add the trim to the shirt, but the color may be a bit lighter than you're looking for. Then all you would need after that is the matching pants, cheap thigh holster and black boots. Are you local to LA?

>> No.10921457

at ax you are more likely to run into some ignorant chinese who wants to harass you for dressing like that than running into a karen that thinks you look too much like a nazi.
i would say go to the genshit booth and take some selfies with staff to make it extra spicy.

>> No.10921458

Isn't AX in the peak of summer? As a Canadian going for the first time, I'm expecting hell on earth.

>> No.10921460

if you bring plenty to drink you will be fine.
i wear a hoodie usually when i go because i don't like getting sunburned and indoors the ac can get pretty cold.

>> No.10921467

Wakabayashi is the one who gives out trigger dollars and he isn't going

>> No.10921468

>hololive dodgers
alternatively you could try getting some taste

>> No.10921483

its bad if your in the sun waiting to get in, which really only happens if your lining early to get in asap. but if you show up at 11 or later youll just walk in. its LA weather so like 80 with a breeze and honestly not bad. most of the con blasts AC and some of the rooms get cold af to the point id rec keeping a jacket on you but places like AA are sweaty. its not muggy though because LA is a desert.

>> No.10921503
File: 546 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_1665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

O hai sydsnap

>> No.10921505

shes a cunt, pay $45 and she stopped taking photos half way and was a bitch to multiple people in line. fastest unsub ever.

>> No.10921537

>vtuber vtuber vtuber
what the fuck can’t they get anything besides these washed up talentless hags

>> No.10921540

Most of the actual anime related guests are being brought by Crunchyroll.

>> No.10921561

Easier to host because it's just a screen and a camera rather than flights+hotels+food for someone overseas

>> No.10921655

Apparently Hotel Figueroa is still on strike.

>> No.10921672
File: 809 KB, 1080x1350, who.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The best I can do is tiktok zoomers.

>> No.10921677
File: 226 KB, 640x578, imdajokahbaby.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Jesus Christ, can you get some Japanese fucking talents? Why are they spamming the glorified zoomcalls- These people are insufferable.

>> No.10921691

there's plenty of real guests going to ax that were announced recently. if you actually cared it would take two seconds to look it up instead of getting filtered by terminally (you) addicted losers only posting the worst of the worst.

>> No.10921696

>Complaining about vtubers
Anime is a dying media, even in Japan. Whores larping as waifus is the new thing.

>> No.10921756

streaming is fundamentally brainless and a one sided parasocial relationship. which means vtumors will be replaced with ai soon since that's the same audience. and it will become unmonetizable and fizzle away.
anime will take much much much longer.

>> No.10921762
File: 155 KB, 341x327, 1717933386249619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>believing in this garbage

>> No.10921764

Protip: if you see the words "industry appearance," it's not AX bringing them. AX is merely giving them space. The vtubers either bring themselves or their parent vtuber company is doing it.

>> No.10921823

I really dont get why they give these western social media types room at AX. Same with streamers. I dont watch vtumers but understand the japanese ones as much as I understand allowing gatcha like azur lane but not english garbage ones like steelrat.

like all these faggots should be at twitch conventions or tiktok meetups not anime expo.

>> No.10921824

look how quickly vtumers who are canned or "graduate" are dropped from the face of the "fandom". They rotate away way faster then the average anime or even real streamers popularity period. Half of vtubers content is just going AAAHHHH and signing, both of which Ai can easily replicate. Their designs are also over designed garbage that already looks like Ai art. I give them 5 years tops.

>> No.10921872

Yfw you realize hololive first gen debuted 2018 and Pmarusama has been active since 2016. Hololive English is about 4 years in and doesn't look like they'll be stopping

>> No.10921948

>a long time ago
you have to be 18 or older to use this website.

>> No.10921981

>8 years is not a long time
Get a load of fucking Methuselah here. Everything passes this man in the blink of an eye. The entire vtuber era is not a long time to him, nevermind how that timeframe has been longer than the popular period of many an anime.

>> No.10921993

the time period between mushishi s1 and s2 was 8 years. vtumers are a fart in the wind.

>> No.10921994

and mushishi's entire manga run was 9 years. 8 years is right around the corner from that. vtubers have matched your example and will surpass it next year.

>> No.10921995

my point was that wasnt a long time. anyway, enjoy your onlyfans whores using digital make up to scam you out of your money, incel.

>> No.10921996

Anime Expo would have gone the way of E3 if it weren't for Vtuber agencies pumping money into it.

>> No.10921999

Many Anime companies are skipping out on bringing guests to AX in favor of D23 later this summer.

>> No.10922011

Let's say someone was 40 years old. 8 years is 20% of their entire lifetime. How the fuck is that not a long time? Hell, US presidents are maxed out at 8 years.

>> No.10922056

youll figure it out once your over 18.

>> No.10922083

You should stop going to anime cons when you reach 40.

>> No.10922089

the biggest vtuber agency avoids ax like the plague.
gacha games really exploded about ten years ago, and the fatigue has only now just set in. 8 years is a fart in the wind as far as entertainment trends go. look at how long it took people to get tired of superhero movies. vtuber shelf life is short.

>> No.10922102
File: 30 KB, 739x415, IMG_9842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw im 52

>> No.10922110

Get off 4chan and stop going to anime conventions you creep. I'm turning 40 later this year and I have already decided that this will be my last AX. I'm too for this shit.

>> No.10922111

I'm 26 and this is honestly feeling like it might be my last AX. I've gone to every in-person AX since 2018 and something about it just feels played out.

>> No.10922114

you retards are funny. do you also tell the geezers at the stadium to go home because entertainment is only for young people?

>> No.10922125

Which entrance is best entrance?

>> No.10922156

With out the trigger panel and so many things being sold out. im probably going to just sell my badge off and not go this year. im tired of the long lines and disapointing panels. i already asked for pto but im going to ask for that back go to a con that i can hang out with friends instead. i dont have any friends in LA but i have friends in texas for anime fest.

>> No.10922160

Why the fuck are you on this board, dad

>> No.10922170

it's russian roulette because staff are incompetent and can't look at a clock.

>> No.10922180

What are the parking options are available around the con center other than the Pico blvd. structure? Last year it was a clusterfuck and I sat in standstill traffic for over 30 minutes. I don't even want to look at it anymore. I heard that some people were buying Regal movie tickets and getting them validated for less expensive parking -- truth or lie?

>> No.10922194

I feel bad for anyone who feels they have aged out of their hobby and that they are no longer able to participate anymore due to an arbitrary limit they've placed on themselves.

If you're still having fun, keep going. Fuck the haters. Everytime I go to Japan there's people running the whole age range at concerts and events and buying merch at the store.

>> No.10922195

Anything but the rear entrance that goes through the parking lot. I was in that for 3 hours last year because there was only 1 metal detector and 1 staff member.

>> No.10922197

>that timeframe has been longer than the popular period of many an anime
Even most popular anime are almost completely forgotten about 1 or 2 seasons after they finish airing.

>> No.10922200

parking at la live and buying a movie ticket is more expensive. the max per day of that structure is $40 whereas con parking was $30 last year. you'd have to be at con for less than 5 hours to make it cost effective. it's also way worse to get in and out of.
con parking is the best spot. there's a reason it fills up first. get there early or go to the furthest structures in the very back.
the other options are $20 to park street level in downtown which is 30 minutes of walking anyway and no security, or residential parking where you can get your car keyed or broken into. alternatively you can park at union station for free and take the bus in if you're a poorfag.
being able to walk to your car to drop off stuff and access an ice chest and take a break far outweighs all the other bullshit.

>> No.10922203

I have enjoyed every year even if I panel sit the entire time.
to look at hot 18-24 year old cosplay ass, my faggot son.
japan is great because you go into a weeb shop and its half salarymen my same age.

>> No.10922204

its more cost effective to uber or take the bus. AX has a drop off area if you dont want to lug your hull.

>> No.10922207

uber during ax is like $40 minimum to leave downtown. and the bag check at ax was $20 per item and you have to pray they don't lose anything. also you have to wait in line then wait again for them to get your stuff.
it's cheaper to take the bus, but unless you like suffering and holding stuff all day it's not very cost efficient.

>> No.10922210

admittedly I havnt used it so didnt know about the cost per item. Does one backpack with stuff count as a item?

a bus is $1.75

>> No.10922211


>to look at hot 18-24 year old cosplay ass, my faggot son.

bwahaha. yeah faggot! shove off, then

>> No.10922212

I park in the ghetto on Washington and walk 30 minutes. Obviously not great if you plan on buying a lot of stuff but it's free.

>> No.10922216

in the past at least as long as it was one container it counted as one item. i haven't used it in a long time but a poster tube attached to my backpack still counted as one item. i used the all-con special and just left a suitcase there, pulled it, swapped stuff around as needed, and put the suitcase back. i don't even know if they still do all-con.

i've done this too. only bad part is if you're hauling stuff and it's hot. or, just hot in general.

>> No.10922232

Yeah because it got published and everyone kept using it instead of it being a well-kept secret

>> No.10922244

>Be single into your 40s
>Still attend anime conventions
You yourself out of iy since you're no longer in the main demographic.

>> No.10922250

What's wrong with staring at cosplay whores that legal and half your age?

>> No.10922251

I see, there's just no getting around coming early. For a few reasons I was trying to avoid having to arrive at 7-8, but it sounds like it must be done.
>access an ice chest and take a break
Oh you genius, I never thought of that. I don't like travelling outside of the con center much but this is a great way to avoid paying $10 for a drink.

>> No.10922257
File: 189 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_1672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally, some good fucking food…

>> No.10922259

ooooo wat is this? never heard of this vtuber

>> No.10922265

It’s the new movie based on the manga from the guy behind Chanisaw man

>> No.10922283

Chainsaw man! does he have a youtube/twitch?

>> No.10922291
File: 10 KB, 165x158, 1698508852178048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Shylily confirmed she'll be at AX
Can't this get any worst?

>> No.10922302

40 year olds with lots of disposable income sound like the perfect target for anime consumerism actually

>> No.10922307
File: 120 KB, 534x534, 1718189768378702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it too late to ban Hololive from AX?

>> No.10922308

Only if you're single and don't give a fuck.

>> No.10922309

seems extreme to whine about a jp company because one sea in the company is a wang lover, instead of complaining about all the chang game companies at ax that encourage kids to install kernel hacks on their parent's devices.
why not just attack the ccp directly? you're like those kids who destroyed schools because they don't want terrorists to be killed anymore.

>> No.10922323

Is Nikke run by Chinks like Genshit?

>> No.10922325

It's Korean, like Blue Archive. Korea is the real menace.

>> No.10922329

yes, it's owned by tencent.
korea is only a menace to japan. they are the mexico of asia.

>> No.10922331
File: 127 KB, 1024x691, 1718258552074836m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is going to be very awkward.

>> No.10922334
File: 25 KB, 205x202, IMG_1588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


giving fucks is for the young.

>> No.10922341

Niji will likely pull out and not have a booth to save face and avoid confrontation.

>> No.10922342

can't be any more awkward than their poor concert sales numbers

>> No.10922343

Hey now, they sold like 45 whole seats and only half of those were friends and family.

>> No.10922362

I've seen this discussion before, but I want to know if people feel the same.

Are you tired of paying 100's or 1,000's (usually 1,000's) of $ to get a ticket, or multiple tickets, half a year in advance, and going through LINES showing your badge?

Why can't you use some instant camera/printer and print someone else's tag?
Why can't you dress as security or cleaning/janitor/general worker for the convention?
Why can't you take some side door or back door in convention?

Someone has to try?
Hell, I'd go just if someone was willing to try with me.
ANYONE willing?

I don't understand how people seem to not be willing or able?
Does everyone's just have extra 1,000's (or like 5,000)$ every month of year?

>> No.10922379

Literally who?

>> No.10922380

I'm assuming this is a generic post due to talking about more money than most people spend on a convention badge in a year, or you're using some whacky currency where thousands is cheap. The current badges use RFID which you can't easily copy. Theoretically you could clone a badge but it may cause havoc with the tagged in tagged out status, and you would need a blank matching badge to clone anyway.

Theoretically you could dress up as convention center staff but there are different protocols to get in than "just walk through the door" and have their own set of challenges regarding badges and identification. Side and back entrances have been a lot more locked down than in the past. Pre-rfid you would have been able to do this. They had much less access control.

>> No.10922383

>Does everyone's just have extra 1,000's (or like 5,000)$ every month of year?
Most tend to save throughout the year if they know they're going to an annual event and need to drop $XXXX for tickets, lodging, food, and merch.

>> No.10922385

My budget is $20,000, that’s nothing. Just make more money and you get it enjoy Anime Expo.

>> No.10922386

Well yeah, I don't find AX expensive either, but I'm guessing the other anon works hourly at Walmart or something.

>> No.10922396

Is it a grand, mystery sir. But I am in the believe the worseness of this matter may ever increase, sir.

>> No.10922446
File: 62 KB, 640x500, anime expo 2023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Emotional attachment and I generally make some good memories even if all I do is walk around by myself and not talk to anyone. I've been doing that for about 15 years now and I think I should try stopping, but I don't know how to enter groups at random.
It's my local convention as well, aside from ALA (pretty okay if you like walking in circles and are cosplaying) or Anime Impulse (I fucking hated it; the only good part was that there was an ITG machine)

>> No.10922451

Buy some neck fans. They'll be life savers while you wait in line outside or while you're in the artist alley for vendor hall inside

>> No.10922452


>> No.10922459

Will there be cosplayers/

>> No.10922466

Only if they're half naked.

>> No.10922487

I can’t wait to go to Anime Expo and f**k some female dogs.

>> No.10922502
File: 141 KB, 1455x634, Screenshot (777).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


RIP camping out overnight for autographs
Can't wait to see how they fuck this up

>> No.10922504

What's the appeal of autographs? Not trying to hate, just genuinely cannot see why somebody would stay outside for hours on end just to briefly see someone they like and get their signature. Is it just for the potential resale value of their signature later in time?

>> No.10922519

It's about having a physical keepsake that's a connection to the people responsible for something that's important to you.

tbqh I can see it making sense with an actual mangaka or something but I don't get why someone would seek out the autograph of some random English dub VA. But that's me, whatever floats your boat I guess.

>> No.10922538

Sometimes guest mangaka and artists will sketch something for you if you bring a shikishi board.

>> No.10922543

Man, I'm cosplaying, but as a clothed male character, oh well

>> No.10922576

>I don't get why someone would seek out the autograph of some random English dub VA
my brother in christ, you see tens of thousands of simps drooling over these fat english vtubers and don't understand how someone could develop parasocial status with these same types of people irl?
the top english va's have lines of tween girls ready to spend money on pics. more than most mangaka at ax.

>> No.10922585

this is genuinely a good thing. stops all the line "holders" (cutters)
a small amount do it for resell (or a large last year with dub VA retards). Most do it because they like some show or actor so much they want to meet them and have something entirely unique in their collection. collecting autos has been a thing for years, from presidents to book authors and sports players. Its not unique to anime. its very human to want to meet and show appreciation to someone who made something you enjoy.

>> No.10922592

it's literally the opposite of what you expect will happen.
every step they've done is engineered to create crowd crushes and have the most enthusiastic people waste their entire day.
first off bots will get the majority of the tickets, you will need to give money to scalpers.
secondly at least 20% of people who get a ticket online normally won't show up. that means either the signer will just sign 20% less than normal or you will need to show up and wait for hours during the con to see if you can get the unclaimed extra tickets.
the new gated area means that there will be hundreds if not thousands of people waiting on the sidewalk and blocking the street to get in. which means there will be a stampede to get to the autograph and exhibit hall lines instead of the usual slow trickle in.
furthermore exhibitors and artist alley people will already be in line holding hundreds of spots so you will be fucked even harder than normal trying to get into the con because you ignorantly thought things would be fair.

>> No.10922595

you need a account and the AX badge
>wont show up
preferable to waiting for 6 hours only to miss because everyone gets a +1-10 in line
>gated area
that prob wont be a entrance and people running to get to panels or hall early isnt new. as able bodied this doesnt effect me.
>exhibitors and AA
already was a thing, this changes nothing.

sorry you cant cut in line with your 3 buddies and get a funko pop signed fag.

>> No.10922606

>you need a account and the AX badge
they don't have a way to track that on showclix or eventbrite. they'd have to create a site, which is beyond their capability. ax has already done ticketed events before. it will be botted.
>waiting for 6 hours
this is a skill issue. you were unknowledgeable about how con lines are. you could have lined up earlier, or not bothered at all after checking the line's status on trannycord or xitter.
>that prob wont be an entrance
what does this mean? the entrances are marked on the map.
>people running to get to panels
people run to panels, however this is not an issue because they are only allowed to trickle in past security. for obvious reasons security will not be at the gates, they will just have staff there directing people where to go. there will be pushing before the gates even open and running with a hazardous amount of people.
>already was a thing
wrong, it's only ever been a thing for exhibit hall. most japanese companies are pretty fair about not letting exhibitors line up early so it hasn't been a serious issue. for autographs you will be fucked, then double fucked with incompetent volunteers slowly checking everyone's online ticket, then triple fucked trying to get into the con behind 50k people.
>sorry you cant cut in line.
i have not bothered with ax autographs in the last decade. i don't plan to start any time soon.

>> No.10922610

you get a showclix account with the badge activation.

skill issue never stopped cutting.

where id the "rush" to the auto line? yes the entrances are on the map. now you only line in one line early instead of 2.

theres always been running with "hazardous amount of people" im usually one of them bolting to early panels day 1.
>only for exhibit hall
literally no. plently try to get to early panels for room lock since panel rooms dont clear.

>i dont bother or know what im taking about

>> No.10922622

>you get a showclix account with the badge activation.
imagine being this in 2024
>skill issue never stopped cutting.
skill issue
>now you only line in one line early instead of 2.
toddlers can count to three
>theres always been running with "hazardous amount of people" im usually one of them bolting to early panels day 1.
toddlers can also read.
>literally no. plently try to get to early panels for room lock since panel rooms dont clear.
all the exhibitors are cutting in front of forrest gump in the one year since premier was abolished. it's ruining his ax! why is no one talking about this?!?

>> No.10922633

you seem upset you cant get your funkos signed, sorry faggot. try going back to mexico.

>> No.10922634

The /cgl/ ax discords still around for future meetup planning

>> No.10922806
File: 44 KB, 636x636, IMG_2591.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no Gift on the exhibitor list
Where can I get my overpriced plushies now?

>> No.10922867

wasn't gift there as part of some other booth last year?

>> No.10922896
File: 441 KB, 1536x2048, GQPBVI2awAAg7rx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no video games New York on the exhibitor list
Where can I get my overpriced amiibos and collectors editions now?

>> No.10922902

try checking the ami ami booth

>> No.10922905

I only care if I really like the VA, the only autographs I went out of my way for was Kyle Herbert since ttgl is my favorite anime, and he signed a gurren lagann playmat I had, and I got Eric Stuart to sign my oversized blue eyes card
It's a shame all the JP voice actors I like will never fucking show up to a US con
I would literally kill to have tomato personality sign something, same with koyasu

>> No.10922909

is the gathering schedule up yet

>> No.10922913

What's the most convenient entrance for weapons check

>> No.10922923

I live in LA but I haven't gone to AX in years because it's insanely crowded and I have nobody to go with. I'm thinking of going alone this year to meet people. Is it realistic to make friends at a con like AX or am I just going to sperg out and leave feeling depressed
I'm /fit/ if that helps

>> No.10922924

>Is it realistic to make friends at a con like AX
I go to cons to do my business (purchasing con exclusives, autographs, and panels). Anyone who going to make friends at a shithole like AX is a fucking moron.

>> No.10922925

I'm not sure where else to make friends that share my interests

>> No.10922927
File: 1.22 MB, 150x150, 1694796397483882.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make friends that share my interests

>> No.10922928

There is are smaller cons up and down California that doesn't have a congestion and stress like AX. ALA and Anime Impulse are the perfect con to have time to make friends and network.

>> No.10922930

>Is it realistic to make friends at a con like AX
Depends. I'm also in SoCal (Orange County) and usually go to AX with a friend or a group, which is probably the biggest barrier for a solo attendee to overcome. We're open to chatting with whoever while waiting in line, but the interaction rarely lives past that unless we really click. I feel like a lot of people at AX are generally nice as long as you don't act too desperate.

>> No.10922932

Ive gone to AX alone or only with 1-2 persons many times also a LA local. You make friends there like anywhere else, by talking to people and if they are receptive continuing. If you cant make friends at a coffee shop you wont make friends at a anime con. sorry.
>im /fit/
literally only matters if you are attracting other gay men in which case do you bottom?

>> No.10922934

>literally only matters if you are attracting other gay men in which case do you bottom?
It probably doesn't help much with straight dudes but women are much less likely to want to talk to you if you're ugly, even if you aren't trying to pick them up

>> No.10922936

Nah, ugly guys are fine if they're personable or funny. Just don't smell like fermented ass or dress worse than the homeless.

>> No.10922951

Is it possible to get some cosplaying white girl pussy at this con?

>> No.10922973

Realistically, I'm guessing only like two dudes ready to scavenge organs

>captcha: NTRA

>> No.10922974

most women at a anime con will find a /fit/ guy unapproachable due to their own deflated sense of self worth + fear of men. They will think you are a playboy or making fun of them. The only ones you might get approaching you or being receptive will be the crazy fuck ones who really just want you to sub to their OF or have a huge make simp harem already.
Being /fit/ is not how you get women at a con (or really anywhere). You have to be sociable and understand social ques and be interesting to talk to. Obviously not being a disgusting smellin smuck is needed too, but just thinking your muscles will work is a laugh. Women arnt men, the only ones who will go after you are gay men.

>> No.10923011


>> No.10923020
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>Doesn't support hard working immigrant families that sell hot dogs outside the LACC for cheap

>> No.10923021

>hard working immigrant families
the illegals were kicked out by angelenos looking to make easy money selling overpriced and under refrigerated wieners.

>> No.10923026


>> No.10923038

I love danger dogs and the knowledge my sale helps launder cartel money in the states. thanks cartel for all your liveleak vids and hotdogs <3