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We've be blowing through threads, might as well let it roll with some general discussions.

What cons are you getting ready for?
Any new cosplay you're working on?
Upcoming events or news you'd like to share?

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Sir a 6th Chicago con drama thread has hit the catalog

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Mental illness containment zone.

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Has anyone been to Anime Magic? Wondering its worth the money to go

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1000000% worth it. It's like ACEN lite.

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Found this guy in my yard :)

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How do you guys figure out where the parties are? ACEN was my first con and I had no clue what i was doing

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Oh gawd this about to be 2.0 of the one last year

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Follow Reisen around, duh

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Yeah, don't blame you. Reisen, the guy who throws the hottest and best parties, was nowhere to be seen this year.

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Message me

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>about to be

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Yall gotta like... give contact info dumbass

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I just wanted a trans gf

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2 guesses lulz

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Go to the smoking section and ask for parties. Or just walk around the Hyatt and look for noise in the suites etc to find parties

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I wont make any guess cause you're a weird and sad person that thinks other people would ever care enough about them to jump through hoops and guess their contact info

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I only go to ACen.
Haven't given next year's cosplay a single thought... Maybe Zero Two, FFXIV Bard, or a new Lolita coord...?
The only news I have is that I unfortunately missed my chance to crawl back into the walls of the Hyatt this year.
C'est la vie!

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Bad year for me to quit smoking


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lol yu dont have to smoke to be there

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02 if you want people jerking to you, Bard if you want to impress people with how fucking rad the hat'll look. Either one sounds pretty good.

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I think... I'll go with Bard...

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I'm going as an Aztec

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Good choice!

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It's not hard you just have to find this tall white dude wearing a slutty cosplay and follow them,

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Anon, I......How do we tell him??

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what? did they stop going to cons?

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yes, forever

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Anime Magic based, Anime Midwest cringe
simple as

It also fucks me up how the "lesser" cons somehow get better guests than ACEN.
ACEN needed to fucking expand more into the cosplay/gaming area, cause god damn that Artist Alley was CRAMPED.

The vendor area was like 20% dead space too and cramped everyone in the back for no reason.

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he killed himself day 0 of ACEN

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What's wrong with Anime Midwest, besides the rapist host?

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I think the con chair rapes people financially more than vaginally

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It's the same time as AX so it has shit guests and is mostly Homestuck kids

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It's around 4th of july so unless you wanna deal with that shit, dunno what to tell you

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ummm... I hope you're not a colonizer...

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Yuck, I hope you stepped on it after this picture

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warsie or atjap for sure

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4th of July holiday and anime expo
And they will never move the date for reasons

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I don't go to Anime Expo and I don't know if I'm in the minority or not there but that makes me also not know what's the big deal of being at the same time as Anime Expo then?

Do really that many people go to Anime Expo that it becomes a problem for other cons happening at the same time?

It it really that big a conflict?

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>It it really that big a conflict?
short answer: extremely
ill post the long answer later and explain in detail

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Can't disclose further because obvious reasons are obvious but word down the grapevine is 4chan global admins aren't too happy with the recent spike of traffic this particular board has gotten in the past few days and are considering actions. So don't be surprised if posts start actually getting removed now. /BmYtCPhU IYKYK Source: literally trust me bro

>inb4 omg it Reisen he not dedge

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They should just nuke this dogshit board all together

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I got fucking banned from that server for bullshit fuck that shit.

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Guess that makes sense. I had no idea when it was, but that's a pretty stupid decision lol

God I hope so. I've only just gotten into conventions, and I'm stick of this teenage drama about some stupid fucking nobody and his nobody friends arguing.

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Explain, do you feel slighted? what did you do

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I don't think that's the same server you're thinking of. I checked to see if the one you're referring to renamed, but no the server linked appears to be a completely new server. Imma join it.

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VTJ no one is joining that honeypot

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I'm Warsie lol, I'm one of the faggots shitting up the thread XD

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I'm wrong, this is very likely Sergio/Serena's discord. Joining.

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Now who the fuck is that. I swear every time I check these thread a new name drops like it's Pokémon.

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They used to run room parties at ACEN in the deluxe suite. Shit went to hard either them or someone else threw a fucking chair from their party off the balcony outside breaking the glass on the dome for the hotel.

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>what's the big deal of being at the same time as Anime Expo then?
For me it's vibes, you're just getting off the coat tails of ACEN, meanwhile another big, more fun, and more well known anime con is taking place.

It's a little depressing, it's just people who were too poor to go to AX, and artists who aren't well known enough to fly out.

Anime Magic is spaced like 3 months after ACEN which gives people enough time to relax and chill and go to several big cons before that, and nothing else happens that conflicts with Anime Magic, so you get the fun ACEN vibes back.
I just use it as a grounds to test my cosplay before bringing it to a bigger con and it's always pretty fun for a day.

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Whats wrong with being on the 4th's weekend? Isn't that ideal, a holiday with fireworks off the parking garage?

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TL;DR poor people

Go to magic instead where everyone will be there instead of LA

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I don't mind not-well-known artists, but you've great points. A lot better info than just "host bad". Anime Magic it is, thanks anon.

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>traffic kinda sucks
>hotels even off site go up
>flying in sucks(for those who need it)
>basically have to tell family friends STFU going to an anime con

>> No.10917719

>not bringing your friends with you to cons

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Going to an anime con on Independence Day. How does one even begin to explain that to their parents? Midwest is just a terrible idea all around. Magic is the easy to go.

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Hm. I wonder why

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I wanna go to Colossalcon Prime but I can't afford it nor do I have transportation there.

>> No.10917746

I can still go to Colossalcon Prime but most people I know aren't including one who died

>> No.10917749

You don't have to be at the con the entire weekend lol, also people would light fireworks on the parking lot. Also Rosemont has fireworks stuff.

So it's not exactly a horrible idea. I think one con i grilled a bunch of food and brought it there

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Do you have room for someone to go with you/transportation?

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Oh look, another server full of rapists. Yay

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My favourite kind of server ;3

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If you had asked me last week, the answer would've been yes. But now...who knows! (See previous post for why). Transportation would depend entirely on where you're coming in from

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Oh yeh we are in a similar situation. I am coming in from Chicago.

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>also people would light fireworks on the parking lot. Also Rosemont has fireworks stuff.
They allow that? How does that work?

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They dont allow people to light fireworks on the roof of the parking garage, but you know enforcing that shit is a bit different lol.

Oh yea there is that new trail by the hotel you can prolly light the shit there or on the bridge now.

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Me too. I fly in really early on Wednesday, and figured I could hang around a few hours before heading out. You could hitch a ride but we're both in the same boat on arrival from the sound of it

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>flying to sandusky from chicago
uh... bro it's only a 4 hour drive...

>> No.10917787

I'm flying *into* Chicago to drive to Sandusky. It's not that far, I know. Done it before

>> No.10917800

Hmm gotcha. We could possibly connect the day you arrive in Chicago.

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so tired of talking about this retard but who tf made the first gofundme and ran off with the money

>> No.10917829

Wendigoon, the orgy guy did.

>> No.10917838

is there any word on a funeral or proper memorial type thing for Reisen?

>> No.10917841

Do you have any plan on what you're gonna do once you get there if you don't have a room anymore? I'm gonna meet with one of my guys tomorrow and / or Saturday and if he's going again, he'll probably be able to work something out too
Seconding this. As unlikely as it is that I'll even be in town when it happens, I'd like to know if there's at least a chance first

>> No.10917842

Yeah I'm sure I can find someone to crash with, I'm familiar enough with this con to be confident in that ability. That's why my only issue really is getting there.

>> No.10917843

Moonway, is that you?

>> No.10917844

This one is legit and organized by his family, the first one was by his girlfriend who killed him and she ran off with the money

>> No.10917850

Damn, she's getting away with it?

>> No.10917855

She did not make the GoFundMe. Taylor did.

>> No.10917856

No, I'm not Moonway.

>> No.10917867

They’re rich af this is stupid

>> No.10917871

Not true, he was raised by a single mother, not rich by anymeans

>> No.10917885

Single mother dont mean they cant be rich wtf

>> No.10917893

He always knew where parties were. Heard this year he was seen shotgunning some beer pretty hard.

>> No.10917910

Please don't post funeral details here. We don't need any scumbag trolls and haters going and causing a scene.

>> No.10917940

Sir, this is 4chan, trolling is our culture

>> No.10917943

AtJap's music sounds like dogshit

>> No.10917973

JapJap let me cum down his little JapJap mouth.

>> No.10917981

I just want to send flowers

>> No.10917983

>trolls and haters
You sound like Chris Chan. This faggot was hated for a reason and I will be posting Sydney Wieczorek's funeral details the moment I catch wind of it.

>> No.10917987

CWC was right though

Also yea the dude was a faggot, but he is a DEFEATED faggot now. Give him an honorable funeral (as honorable as an imageboard can do)

>> No.10917988

Mad reisen wouldn’t fuck you?

>> No.10917997

He prolly stole from him

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>> No.10918006

No, I just think he got what he deserved.

>> No.10918018

He was only hated by toxic people.

>> No.10918019

Compass moment

>> No.10918021

He was toxic people

>> No.10918023

He was a good guy you are all just sad losers who get no pussy

>> No.10918026

That's not why I had issues with him lol

>> No.10918027

Did he fuck your girlfriend

>> No.10918030

>y...you are just jelous!
>try getting some pussy!

Woman logic has really got you fucked up. Projecting your insecurities onto men does not make for good insults. Try paying attention you hole. It's not complicated.

>> No.10918032

Get some pussy

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Post your dirty, blown out, /cgl/ snatch and I'll consider it.

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No, he threatened to shoot me at AMKE 2023, turned into an evasive bitch when I fought back, pretended that never happened even though I have screencaps to multiple people about that which is corroborated by other people's stories from fucking swingers clubs to bars.

Oh and he was aligned with enemy #1 in my life. Oh and he ran up 300 fucking dollars for one con (MFF) in room fees before i caught it and broke the door in another room party (AMKE) I was running (125 dollars).

Oh and it wouldn't surprise me if he was the guy who ran up 70 of room fees before he self yeeted at ACEN on early day 1

If he just fucked a girlfriend that would be MUCH better as I could just fuck his girlfriend in exchange lol. Or better yet, fuck and get my opp pregnant, yeet both of them out of the con scene with them alive and not fucking my shit up!

>> No.10918063

Kill yourself, Warsie. Take your place alongside the departed. You and Makoto are as equally worthless

>> No.10918065

Hmm who is this:


Some other nigga

Also if you want me dead don't be a manipulative bitch and buy a gun and shoot me yourself. Nut up or shut up

>> No.10918067

Shut up go eat some shit!

>> No.10918068

Warsie you’re a scared little bitch with a small ego. The only pussy you can get is from minors and trannies. Aren’t you a rapist? Don’t even know why makoto fucks with you she’s probably scared to leave you

>> No.10918069

You should be killing me lol do you have the balls for a murder charge?

>> No.10918070

Looks like my attack has hit the target! I repeat, we have hit the target

>the flak is strongest over the target

>> No.10918071

I would think a "small ego" would be a *good* thing but hey you do you lol.

>> No.10918072

Warise eat shit

>> No.10918073

No ones saying anything about you

>> No.10918074

Yea I'm eating you up all through this thread already thanks. You're pretty tasty and nutritious shit

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>> No.10918076

Warise eats poop from the toilet

>> No.10918077


Funny how all those names have misconduct allegations tied to them.

As I said before, kill yourself. We're not helping you

>> No.10918078

Yea we know you are the poop generator I'm eating shit from your asshole. You know what, lemme vacuum the shit out of your ass

>> No.10918080


Lol you're using the oldest trick in the book, samefagging.

Kill me bitch

>> No.10918083

You guys make cons unsafe

>> No.10918084

Stay out of the party scene and kill me yourself coward

>> No.10918085

I will be 100% reporting this warise guy to the hotel staff for every upcoming con I will be attending does anyone have his full name?

>> No.10918087

>I report you huehuehuehuehue

>> No.10918088

The fuck is wrong with you no one is plotting to hurt you in any way schizo

>> No.10918089

>People telling me to kill myself is not a "plot"
>People trying to report me is not a plot

You really are fucking stupid (Samefag)

>> No.10918090

This is why I don’t bother with the gulls

>> No.10918091

Wise idea

>> No.10918092

Warsie can you post makotos asshole for me I wanna know how much of my cock can fit into it

>> No.10918093

The gulls are nothing but drama

>> No.10918095

And you're probably the people generating the drama too in this thread!

>> No.10918114

And tranny minors.

>> No.10918119

Probably fit the whole thing in, withcho micro dick ass.

>> No.10918120

Which one? Post the names faggot

>> No.10918121

Be more obvious, you repressed fag

>> No.10918143

Come cream on my bbc then

>> No.10918155

If you gotta say BBC then you don't have it, you limped dick fruitcake

>> No.10918161

Makoto (not her real name btw)/AtJap13 fucks with him because she's equally as useless and worthless as him and has finally found someone who she can share that worthlessness with. You know what they say, 0 x 0 = 0. If anything Warsie is the one afraid of leaving her given he copes with the fact she fucks anything that walks whenever she gets the chance and deals with her psychopathic tendencies.

>> No.10918163

Oh and wishes she was actually a "full" woman.

>> No.10918164

Eww, why would you want to fuck that?

>> No.10918166

What an awful bunch you all are, it was fun at first but now it's just getting boring. shut up

>> No.10918168


I'm actually super selective over who I allow to fuck me.

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>> No.10918176

Oh so you admit to everything else in that post. Got it. How exactly is that a win lmfao

>> No.10918179

Cuz they won't fuck your cheese dick ass. I say that's a big win

>> No.10918184


Black and Asian only. Also I've had very few partners in my life because I turn down damn near everyone.

>> No.10918188

>I've had very few partners in my life because I turn down damn near everyone.
I've had very few partners in my life because damn near everyone turns me down. There ya go.

>> No.10918191


I've never been turned down lmao

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as someone who isnt interested in weeb shit, has never been to a con and who is only here to laugh at the cringe, i hope each and every one of you kills yourselves.

>> No.10918201

Holy BASED. Killing myself rn!!

>> No.10918202

Well one already did lmao Only around 4 to go!

>> No.10918203

Who are the other 4?

>> No.10918204

You (Warsie) and your girlfriend (AtJap13) are for sure 2 of those 4.

>> No.10918205


>> No.10918208


>> No.10918223

List em

>> No.10918239

>fxy, pell, cass, another nigger

>> No.10918278

>warsie, atjap, fxy, pell

>> No.10918279

What did Fxy do???

>> No.10918286
File: 81 KB, 1280x720, 98738B59-3500-47F5-9273-628EC34DDE63.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10918288

WOW, that's super fucked up. Fuck that guy

>> No.10918290

bro is the creepiest niggwr of them all, dude wants to rape any girl he can get his hands on and no one wants his disgusting gross troll self, dude is a thief and a liar

>> No.10918297

That wasn't warsie

>> No.10918298

I think that's like any gull now lol

>> No.10918303

>I don't like anime and I don't like cons
What is behind this "logic"?

>> No.10918368

I got banned from acen

>> No.10918370

List of gull server that I have known.
Midwest gon goers (Invite only)
Rosemont most wanted (invite only)
Anime Con Club.(Public link but I aint providing it)
Fishy and Tsu's server.
All these servers seem to have alot of cross over regarding Gulls. All of them are gull servers and at the end of the day.

>> No.10918373

What did you do? Are you allowed at the Hyatt still?

>> No.10918384

The ghost of Reisen is haunting the halls of the Hyatt in search of cunny as we speak...

>> No.10918399

He's black

>> No.10918401

Saw pell and cass at combo breaker this weekend drunk as fuck

>> No.10918402

You fuck them?
They fuck each other?

>> No.10918412

Painted the ceiling

>> No.10918414

Back to normal

>> No.10918415

Had to make up for the weekend before

>> No.10918416

Anyone who gets that room (1069), hire a magick worker for that shit pl0x

>> No.10918417


>> No.10918419

I wonder if it can be requested? we should do a seance

>> No.10918424

>be me
>from portland, maine
>visit a friend in st.louis
>long and windy trip
>no sun on sight, rain approaching, windy again
fuck st. louis

>> No.10918441

That's some shit you gotta hire yourself, doubt the hotel provides that (they lost the religious places nearby like churches and mosques)

>> No.10918453


>> No.10918469

The cake was delicious.

>> No.10918479

That's all of his kind.

>> No.10918525

fxy the nigger and pell the fat slut

>> No.10918551

Pell isn't even fat tho ? She is a slut tho

>> No.10918556

Pell is definitely chubby

>> No.10918557

In the cute adorable way.

>> No.10918561

Pell killed my dog

>> No.10918567

anyone going to the bristol renaissance faire in july?

>> No.10918572

She’s just tall

>> No.10918574

And placed in on her wall

>> No.10918575

BREAKING: Ryan Kopf is at it again! Birds chirping that his latest little trick is he is going to file bankruptcy soon but he will be transfer all of his assets (including his shitty cons) to someone in his polycule (Erica C. Wise more than likely) first so they are immune to the bankruptcy. He will then simply start more LLCs and get loans and credit cards under that LLC and start the process all over again. Oh and he apparently is poly and in an open relationship polycule.

>> No.10918576

murderd my dog

>> No.10918578

Where at? And don't say in Bristol because istg

>> No.10918590
File: 87 KB, 539x960, IMG_1796.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I will be going with the wife. We want to go on pirate weekend, but we are going to go dressed as British officers and arrest the pirates.

Last year we went as Xena and Conan and we'll probably go again as that also.

>> No.10918598

Kenosha, WI

>> No.10918603

If there is anything recent event's taught me it's that
1. Everyone is insane in this group
2. Everyone is somehow a rapist or not depending which way the wind blows
3. No one can be trusted and any and all advice should be taken at face value
4. Don't fucking interact with the midwest gulls

I have no idea what water you drink but keep it the fuck away from me

>> No.10918610

>t. Scrimblo Bimblo

>> No.10918611

are you referencing the same person every single time you say it

>> No.10918613

you wouldn't know

>> No.10918614

If you truly want to avoid gulls, I'd keep watch on thesee servera to know where the gulls at cons are. It will make it easier to avoid them.

>> No.10918615

Oh boy, you don't know who Scrimblo Bimblo is???

>> No.10918618

That is an actual person I think

Have fun they WILL find themselves into any room you run

>> No.10918619

Atjap13 has aids.

>> No.10918622

Yup, can confirm.

>> No.10918639

Warsie raped a minor

>> No.10918642

Yup, can also confirm that.

>> No.10918645

Glup Shitto still owes me for the roomshare at colossal north and he fucked my girlfriend, if I see him it's on sight!

>> No.10918646
File: 175 KB, 640x622, 1714730914730156.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds like you just have a shit sense of who to avoid. I've gotten far the last 8 years by just figuring out who's a fuckup and avoiding them.
There's plenty who are good if you just stop going near the retards, but everyone is so preocupied with trying to get their dick wet and getting hammered at parties they ignore their gut feeling and hang with people asking about the Jewish Question and bringing guns to conventions.

>> No.10918649
File: 185 KB, 1446x1080, IMG_2947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You’re absolutely correct. But to be fair, many of the people attending cons have not developed that sense or broken totally free of some social awkwardness. The attention and socialization a person can get at a convention is intoxicating for those that may not have experienced it much up to that point in their life. As such, they may partially or wholly forgo vetting of people to associate with or call their friends. Sometimes being in bad company is better than being lonely is I imagine how they feel. It takes a long while to fully develop that sense of people to avoid after first impressions. Some people still haven’t gotten there in almost a decade because they themselves haven’t improved in meaningful ways in that time. I’m not really sympathizing for them, they have some hard lessons to learn, most of which require some heavy self introspection.

>> No.10918651

And his girlfriend AtJap13 fully supports, encourages, and defends him.

>> No.10918654

>doesn't know the legendary Scrimblo Bimblo


>> No.10918659

Which one

>> No.10918664

>literally just admitted there's multiple minors he raped

Oh you're definitely NGMI Warsie, not in the Midwest con scene not in life.

>> No.10918666

Well list them, you have the evidence right?

>> No.10918667

I remember being here since 2008, so I would love to see the logic you employ

>> No.10918680

He has dated multiple pedos. That's what he prides himself on, ageplay and having the body of a 14 year old.

>> No.10918691

Agreed. There is a reason weebs at conventions have the reputation they do. They are mostly socially retarded and don't know how to interact with people. That's how you end up with gulls not knowing how to run their servers. All they do is base their entire personality on anime and Japanese culture and don't know how to socially interact with "normies."

Pell and her simps made their copycat version of Midwest congoers and it was cringy as fuck. They had people have their own channels under the blog category. it's the most narcissistic thing I have seen. They might as well each get a tumblr and follow each other.

The owner of the anime con club don't allow members to talk about topics that are remotely serious. When Reisen made an Ohayo con channel to talk about the drama surrounding it, it got deleted the next day cause the owner wanted "a positive vibes only server." This further proves that weebs can't socially interact with each other.

>> No.10918702

sounds smart who want’s to keep talking about drama? grow up

>> No.10918704

referring to when it was the yomacon party club and every single gull has been kicked or banned from it since, it’s not even the same server anymore..it’s just a bunch of congoers now

>> No.10918706

That just means the drama is discussed in PMs and festers in private chats. It doesn't solve the problem, it just hides it.

>> No.10918707

99% of the drama is nobody’s business so that’s perfectly fine! :-)

>> No.10918737

While I can agree with this statement, once the drama/stituation spread and involve more then 4-10 people, its hard for individuals to keep it contained.

Alot of the gulls are in servers they left with their alts. They still dicuss what goes on in the server inside pms.

>> No.10918750

cool story bro you sound like one of them faggots

>> No.10918751

And the tail risk of "hidden drama" fucks us all over, so having a open drama channel seems like a food idea for whoever is joining to survey the weather in said server

>> No.10918758

Did anyone meet any hot trannies at Sydney’s memorial I need 1 pwease

>> No.10918760

No u nigger

>> No.10918761

I'd jerk off to that and hope I can see nigcrawler get ran thru again

>> No.10918768

nobody gives a shit go fuck yourself you stupid idiot

>> No.10918812

Night crawler can’t suck dick

>> No.10918823

Bet you can't either :(

>> No.10918840

Who the fuck just knocks and walks in to a party they know nobody at

>> No.10918858 [DELETED] 

Literally only two people do this, Warsie and his girlfriend, and Moonway. Never have I known any fucks more retarded than them to actually do that and think it's acceptable.

>> No.10918889


>> No.10918895
File: 3.72 MB, 2110x2370, eroge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ACEN threads are dying so I'll post my pictures I took here. My One Step Flash Polaroid is really fun at these events, both expensive enough to really think about what I want to shoot and really cool instant film gimmick. Should I crop the image or leave the Polaroid edge? kinda on the fence.
Starting off with a classic eroge booth MangaGamer. I'm just getting into eroge so i got boobwars from them. still need to play it tho

>> No.10918901
File: 2.62 MB, 1833x1874, TBF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

neat seeing these guys in the flesh.

>> No.10918906
File: 3.80 MB, 2050x2359, Yamoto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was so cool, guy 3d printed yamoto, Took him 7 mounths of work.

>> No.10918913
File: 2.19 MB, 1834x1878, LiosandMarcile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was expecting a lot more Dungeon Meshi cosplay. Unfortunately there where not as many as I wanted. This couple was really good.

>> No.10918926
File: 2.68 MB, 1865x1898, SCAN0094.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bonus: Bocchi playing some music at a different con

>> No.10918966

there are more server than you've linked but the vast majority of those are private and you have to know someone who knows someone to get in because the average 4chan /cgl/ poster is a horny dude from /pol/ who wants to make edgy jokes and try to fuck anything that moves.

>> No.10918975

>nobody gives a shit

They clearly do if you notice this thread.

>go fuck yourself you stupid idiot

Ad hominem. Fuck you too.

>> No.10918977

How do you think people found parties before everyone had discord and shit?

>> No.10919027

They used Skype.

>> No.10919034

well, i dunno what other people did but that's not how my senpai nor me did it. And yes, people generally will let randoms into their parties especially if it' a suite.

This strategy works, think of it as sales if you want, only here you just need ONE person to say yes.

Naturally this works the best if you're new to the con scene and/or dont have many enemies in the con life

>> No.10919035

How long have you been going to cons for, faggot?

>> No.10919068

like mr noodle?

>> No.10919070
File: 51 KB, 1001x667, BR-edb0bf4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dedicated drama containment thread

>> No.10919071

Be a fat nigger. Crossplay don't work for your fatass Fxy

>> No.10919076

At least Warsie has a good body.

>> No.10919083

did you miss the 50 Marcille cosplayers on Saturday

>> No.10919102

Shut up fxy is my favorite femboy

>> No.10919115

bro WHAT!? He has psoriasis and scabs that he picks and bleeds all over his body.. absolutely crusty and ashy as hell

>> No.10919124

fxy got they ugly ass smile and busted ass face, looks like a homeless man

>> No.10919127

This thread is demonic
Fuck all of you people

>> No.10919131
File: 127 KB, 1080x1080, 37868147_243349996310794_540614542934147072_n-5b69b2b046e0fb0050630e3d-2065737899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ciel Lanchester

>> No.10919143

Looks like a mix of Whoopie Goldberg and Hermes from Futurama with an extra topping of fugly. AtJap also has a face of a cow. Get your fucking eyes checked

>> No.10919149

Hi Burger

>> No.10919150

I'm not Burger you fucking retard

>> No.10919154

Yeah, but it was only Marcille, I should have taken more pictures of them...

>> No.10919155

everyone is my thread enemy

>> No.10919156

That's what Burger would say, nigger.

lol RNJesus agrees with me too


>> No.10919160

And Jesus is telling you to kill yourself rn, you fucking fag

>verification not required

>> No.10919162

This is false, our Lord Jesus would never wish death or harm upon his children.

>> No.10919164

....except you

>> No.10919169

you kill yourelf instead, faggot. Go commit seppuku

>> No.10919175

Russian roulette party in room # 1069 Hyatt for ‘25 ACEN? Might be a blast…

>> No.10919189

Lee McKinnis

>> No.10919191

She lives rent free in you fucks' head huh It's almost as if you all WANT her to be underage and to fuck her specifically because of that.

>> No.10919193

Hi ash how does your blown out pussy feel from all the adults that fucked you?

>> No.10919196


I'm talking about his physique. He ain't a fat fuck like most of you.

>> No.10919198


>> No.10919202

Did...did you not see the literally 6 other threads on this very same topic?

>> No.10919204

Fxy, Warsie and AtJap all look homeless and busted down

>> No.10919210

What's ironic is that Warsie was literally homeless for a while last year and AtJap wouldn't let him stay with them. Some couple they are lol

>> No.10919253

Warsie was homeless in 2020 before he met AtJap.

>> No.10919285

Wendigo ate my asshole and the shit inside of it he even put that shit in a blender with some milk and sugar and made himself a milkshake

>> No.10919286

Or should you say shitshake

>> No.10919295


>> No.10919356

Aren't Warsie and AtJap living together now tho?

>> No.10919374

Why do you care how the Nazi faggots live?

>> No.10919377
File: 46 KB, 1280x720, getnaenae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is that common answer used in past threads? Oh I remember, lemme reach for the answer again? Ahh, I got it!

>rent free
warsie and atjap13 live rent free in all of your heads.

Apparently a bunch of worthless homeless pedo nazis running party rooms can gain so much attention that the ~6 people who care enough make a beeline when you think you spotted them in a 4chan thread.

Absolute Kek

>> No.10919383

Imma dress as the zookeeper from Curious George and chase you around the next con I see you at, you fuckin uppity monkey.

>> No.10919385
File: 21 KB, 225x225, images (17).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's my job to bring you back home, safe and sound. The Chicago zoos are nothing without their prime exhibit!! #bringhimhome

>> No.10919410

is fxy actually a rapist or does he just act like a rapist

>> No.10919428

he forces himself on women so yeah, a rapist....he creeps every women out...oh ya he's also a thief

>> No.10919446

Who has he raped?
And what has he stolen besides your heart

>> No.10919539

nigger lover

>> No.10919565

you're saying fxy raped a nigger-lover?

>> No.10919601

YO fxy killed my dog!

>> No.10919618

Damn, I didn't know I had a Yandere in these threads who wanted my BBC this badly man, guess you're into raceplay =P

>> No.10919636

Thought your job was to molest the local sealife Aquaman

>> No.10919639 [DELETED] 

Nahri if you see this you have a snake in your server

>> No.10919723
File: 170 KB, 1275x706, IMG_8686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Choose your fighter

>> No.10919742

it me, battletoad

>> No.10919765

I got permanent banned from the Acen discord

>> No.10919766

Just now for no reason

>> No.10919768

Which of the many, may I ask.

>> No.10919771

The official one.

>> No.10919947

Who is at Colossalcon?

>> No.10920006

Des Moines Con
Am I literally the only one here

>> No.10920037

Is fxy a nigger? True or False?

>> No.10920059


>> No.10920199


Send a new link.

>> No.10920232

Debated going since it's literally my hometown. Did I miss anything at all?

>> No.10920245
File: 111 KB, 1412x1003, 1717112986130720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>newfag to cons
>friend told me about anime midwest
>planned out the trip about 6 months ago
>only now learning ACEN is in the same venue a fucking week ago and is twice as big
>only now learning that anime midwest is small because anime expo happening at the same time + run by alleged rapist
>keep getting weird ass political emails from said alleged rapist after registering for the con, there was no warning this would happen when i registered

God dammit
Next year

>> No.10920249

you're going to leave your friend hanging?

>> No.10920251

No im obviously still going this year just for next year i know its not the con to plan for

>> No.10920252

I'm also a newfag to cons but I actually went to Acen this year. Is there any other con in the Midwest that is worth going to?

>> No.10920254

Any snail mail? Those are pretty funny sometimes, trying to make me fly out for "East Illinois' BIGGEST anime event!" or something like that
Yeah, the one ending literally right now

>> No.10920258

I've done midwest and acen. I was expecting acen to be a little more "professional" and in a way it was with better panels and such. Its better because its twice the size but overall its a pretty similar experience.

>> No.10920262
File: 321 KB, 1080x1114, ryan kopf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah the size is the main reason im feeling some regret
Anime midwest is at least a lot cheaper (like over $100 per night) to stay in the actual hotel so im using that as a cope, you need to be a mile from the venue for the same price at acen and my friends dont got a lot of cash so i know they appreciate saving that money
But next year ill for sure talk them into acen instead
Nah dude but his emails are all about irrelevant bullshit, this guy is fucking weird

>> No.10920290

I was an exhibitor there
We did okay, paid for the trip at least. Taya Miller and Paul Pate showed up at our booth briefly at different times, kind of strange. Steve Burns and Jim Starlin also interacted with us at our booth - slightly more expected but still cool. Nothing out of the ordinary happened overall.

>> No.10920291
File: 79 KB, 1080x1080, GONQvkeawAEAvA3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

FYI if you want to fully avoid this dude's cons in the future, i dunno how legit the alleged rapist stuff is but he's an annoying shitbird regardless and should be ignored

>> No.10920300

Yeah i read into the alleged rapist thing and he implies that all the people making allegations are one ex girlfriend he had a restraining order against on a bunch of burners (since they are all anonymous accounts)

So it may or may not be true but getting my emails serially raped without consent is enough to make me dislike the guy at least

>> No.10920339

Any of you faggot have a link to the alconholic discord? Google search doesnt show shit

>> No.10920387


They stole the "acen" link name - but this is what you're looking for.


Trade you for an invite to Midwest Con Goers. Haven't been in since Arby nuked the first one. Or whichever iteration that was.

>> No.10920395

>Anonymous 06/03/24(Mon)15:40:51 No.10920387▶

Unfortunately, Midwest Con Goers doesn't have a general invite link that everyone can use. I left the server cause it's nonstop full of drama and it's toxic. It's one where you won't get an invite link unless someone already invites you in here.

>> No.10920396
File: 130 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder why no one in michigan has made a cosplay server for just Michifags. I should just do it.

>> No.10920399

Not really much drama these days. The only people who says that are people who starts the drama

>> No.10920515

Atjap look like he been run through by every black guy who would have him

>> No.10920611

Does anyone know if Anime Magic is worth going to? I've heard good things about it but I not sure I'm willing to drive 4 1/2 hrs to Chicago for a con smaller than midwest.

>> No.10920655

Oooh boy, let us start a new thread shall we. ;)

>> No.10920692

New thread >>>10920686

>> No.10920704

Yes because you do it in PMs and your specialized discords

>> No.10920713

Ok compass

>> No.10920723

Hi stuffnfluff

>> No.10921065

hey pell

>> No.10921078

hey burger

>> No.10923113


No not really, it's fucking horribly disorganized I had a terrible time last year

Despite the shit with anime midwest, every year somehow its just all smooth and no drama, i guess the drama lives on the internet only

>> No.10923925

light fireworks off your balcony like I did, you coward