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Those cuc/k/s at /k/ sent me over to talk about canes
I consider heavy objects to be weapons but maybe they're too fat to lift anything heavier than their girlfriends .32 pea shooter.
Inform me on weighted canes /cgl/
I've done a small amount of googling on them but can't find much on that precisely
>An individual is allowed to carry swords, sword canes, and machetes, openly or concealed, as these instruments are not classified as weapons anymore.

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This is the wrong place to be asking about legalities lmao. This is a place where we either dress up as girls or simp for girls.

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I know /k/ sent you, but I think /fa/ might be worth a try

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yes but because i'm visually impaired. i carry a blind man's cane or something else. if possible i put a "sheath" over it to disguise it as like a cosplay weapon then just pull off the sheath when i actually want to use it.

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Regular of hilariously both /k/ and /cgl/ here.
Local legalities aside, if you live in a place where somehow weapons are not weapons, maaaaaaybe you should consider moving to some place where weapons are weapons, bread is bread, wine is wine and (quoting C. J. Cela) cunt is cunt.
Meanwhile, leave the weighted canes for faggots like... well, like yourself. And stop being a faggot so you don't need one. If you are going to a place where a weighted cane is enough for self-defence, then you don't need it to begin with. Unless you're a half-man whose fists are wea like a 80-old sister of charity's. And if you're going someplace where your fists aren't enough, fucking pack real weapons.

Also note that cosplay cons fall FIRMLY in the first (fist) category.

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>Also note that cosplay cons fall FIRMLY in the first (fist) category.

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that's Mr. until autsimo's orange tipped assault rifle starts firing live rounds, soon, hopefully

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Nice word salad. Are you sure all those words can be actually used in that order?
No, seriously- I need to know. For... science.

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yes, he's saying fists work until someone uses a gun which is disguised to be a prop (con staff often can't tell real firearms from a prop, so painting the tip orange will work)