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Let's say there's some anon who DMs you on social media and offers to support your lifestyle and buy you any and all cosplays, give good cosplay advice, buy flights to bigger cons for you, and literally give their life to being your supporter, but you can tell they truly have feelings for you. What do?

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That sounds like a simp and someone who is going to get used for their money because hey, free money. While it is possible to get a relationship like that, there won't necessarily be love, which your "fall for" implies, and no guarantee there will be a relationship.

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Let's say though this person is someone who is a very caring 5/10 who makes you feel special and really does care for your hobby and how you feel. Would that change any aspect of the situation at all?

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In before the ack

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The person doling out money should not expect any return on his investment. It can happen, but again, there's no guarantee. If you're going to simp hard, be prepared to get nothing in return.

Don't expect things to be like sono bisque doll where Marin likes Gojo because lol the author says so. He doesn't really do anything outstanding for her to love him as much as she does.

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