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I have this sintetic wig and i canot for the love of god fix the mes it become i whased it used wig conditioner and a comb for wigs any help or idea is velocome.

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did the wig itself type this post

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Have you tried crimping it into oblivion and making a tik tok about it?

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have you tried taking the cum in your mouth so you don't mess up the wig? kekmao

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Maybe from this angel the problem is more obvious

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have you heard of a tangle teaser hairbrush?

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Nope not before you mentiond it.Thx for the tip. Just wtf is this obsetion whit semen eating?

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i dunno man, you're the one with a jizzy wig.

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hehe'h, now I understand why some people is evil in 4chins, you get keks out of it

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welcome, welcome! you are learning, but this is hardly evil, this is some light hearted jesting, a little trolling if you will, not the totally heartless shit that some anons do.

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>not the totally heartless shit that some anons do.
I see, cheers

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Where on earth i writed i have jizz on my wig?

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>i have jizz on my wig