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Is it ACEN yet? edition

Previous thread >>10910795

May 17th-19th, 2024
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center & Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Rosemont, IL

Are you going for the whole weekend?
What are you cosplaying?
Is your cosplay done or are you con crunching?
Are you hosting a panel or working a booth?
Going to the rave?
Favorite part of the con?
Any other activities you’re looking forward to?

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Scrimblo Bimblo

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Customize and save with liberty biberty

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Ciel Lanchester

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I BETTER see (You) at the Silent Hill dance off in the bathroom

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Homeless Hermes from futurama with my femboy kip

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*space captain and his ensign

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you mean Amy dong

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Any Bocchi cosplay groups/meet ups? It's our (my husband and I's) first time and he's dressing up as Nijika. We'd love to meet a band! Have weekend passes.

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I would be shocked if there wasn't one. It should be in the schedule on the guidebook app assuming that was published by now. Hope you two have fun!

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Scrambling to figure out
1) A family cosplay for me, our infant son, and my wife
2) How to get a Saturday pass for my wife without spending $55 since she's only going to attend for a few hours

If I had a daughter we could pull off SPYxFAMILY. Maybe a shitty One Piece cosplay? Fuck me, I registered last year. Why didn't I think about this months ago?

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Goku, Chichi and little Gohan!

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Thank you! I will check there.

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We're not laughing with you, we are laughing at you, mooncel.

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Lol dude your child is an infant who cares if they’re a boy or a girl? At that age they all look exactly the same

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>they all look exactly the same
Baby racist

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I'm not gonna crossplay a 17 month old boy as a psychic little girl, I can't explain why it bothers me but it does

Although to her credit my wife doesn't care, so seeing her dressed as Yor might be worth it

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The only fame he's achieved is as a living meme, but he's so narcissistic and demented not to notice.

Additionally, he should try to be less greedy and less of a liar

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So it has come to this: I'm staring at pre-made costumes on Amazon, fully planning on returning them the moment the con ends. I feel dirty, this is the cosplay equivalent of hiring an escort to take you to prom

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why does it bother you? The baby isn't going to give a fuck. You could always just have your baby wear the boy's school uniform with shorts instead of a dress. Or have him be Damien. Or even the dog! That'd be cute. You can tell people you're looking for Anya or something.

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get a job, you immoral bum

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Hey, in an ideal world I'd assemble these outfits from scratch goddammit, I just have no time but want the fun of walking around in a family cosplay.

I never said it was RATIONAL, anon, my brain is stupid
>Or even the dog! That'd be cute. You can tell people you're looking for Anya or something.
...shit, that's adorable, maybe I'll do that.

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yuyu hakusho. there is that boss baby with the binkie and i bet you could find premade costumes. probably too late to order now tho

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Leaning towards One Piece if we can find a Luffy onesie that fits him, but oh GOD he'd be cute as hell as Koenma

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Not super familiar with the area is there a convenience store or even a gas station near by the convention center for snacks and water or are we doomed to pay con prices

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Nothing within walking distance. Stock up before you go.

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There's a 7/11 I've walked to before. It's inside a mall area. I had food while I was there too

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Is this what the Hyatt escalators looked like in 2003

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The Anime Con Club is hosting a hello kitty theme party Thursday night!

We also have a meetup Friday & Saturday!
Feel free to join us!

You can find the discord link to the club and information to the party -
www.JoinAnimeClub.com !


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Yes, pretty much. Glass staircase and more steel came later. Me, I miss the consuite/karaoke room they used to have where that stupid bar is now.

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Wife wants to cosplay something we've both watched and enjoyed that doesn't require a wig. Given she's got long black hair and hasn't enjoyed that many shows, I'm stuck with...Azumanga Daioh, maybe. Her as Sakaki, me as Chiyo's Dad (she shot down Kimura-sensei), and the boy as the Gray Cat.

But then I'd need to figure out how the fuck to throw together a Chiyo's Dad cosplay in two days.

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Are there more pictures of the hotel lobby area from that era?

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Earliest I can find in my photos are from 2008, but...

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The skyway has always smelled

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DH is...pretty much identical, I think

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I think this was from the year some people waited up to 12 hours for badge pickup

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Hideous carpets still the same

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And pulling the fire alarm has always been a grand tradition

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the main building needs a renovation its been the same for 20 years and the premier tower makes it look old as hell

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Blurry-ass 2009. Honestly thought I had more pics of the early years (I was taking film shots in 2000) but I guess I sucked at keeping track of them.

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Ain't broke, don't fix it, especially when historically congoers like to break stuff. (Including the skylight at least twice.)

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>Kyle was here

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Never saw that one, but

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What does it mean

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Will there be a bomb threat or no one is that crazy? Also is it ok can I bring my bomb bag?

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The guy who is gay only because he hates women?

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I requested they shout out The International Gachimuchi Wrestling Festival during the formal. I hope they aren't a bunch of fags and actually shout out my favorite fags. RIP Billy.

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The Yakubian Baboon

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Well he has a girlfriend currently so...can't see how either of those two things are true.

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Where is the best place to park?

>> No.10914432

Beats me!

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I want to get a nice cosplay gf who really puts her heart into her costumes. She will make them in secret - I won't see them until we're off to the con. We would enjoy the con normally. We would head home and I would prepare her some tea just the way she likes it. She would explain to me how she made the costume and all of the details and choices of each frill and what the materials are as I tie her to the chair. She continues to explain while I compliment her and feed her the tea and biscuits. When we run out of tea I brew more. She starts to squirm and fake pleads me, desperately, to be released. I feed her more tea and steer the topic back to her great costume as she shuffles her knees desperately against the restraints. When she finally loses to her own body and soils her nice cosplay with her pee, I untie her and roughly make love to her in it. Then she has a cathartic cry while I massage her and we clean up and rush to the drycleaners to save the outfit.

These are the unholy things I am thinking about at acen while I am being polite and shy to cosplay girls wishing I could be their bf. I'm a madman.

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If you aren't a poorfag, the Hyatt has a parking lot attached to their building for easy car unloading. Go around the back oh Hyatt through the ticket gate and get the parking tied to your room for unlimited weekend in/out with your car

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As long as you don't need to carry a ton of shit/aren't relying on constant access to your car, just park in the lot at the nearby Rosemont El station, it's $13 for 24 hours and only a 20 min walk away. Just don't leave anything valuable in the car itself (it's a pretty safe area, but it's an uncovered lot, so there is always a risk of opportunistic break-ins). But >>10914453 is correct, the Hyatt lot is extremely convenient if you're willing to spend more.

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>what should I do today?
>I know, I'll write a shitpost designed to make every gull coming to ACEN uncomfortable

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Shope at Rosemont, it's technically walking distasnce but its quite a distance.

For 2)
Borrow someone else's badge, there's enough friendly people who will let you borrow their badge for a little bit especially if you offer something to them as collateral for it. Also the "2 people enter, one person leaves with the badge to bring a third person in" thing.

Or have YOU walk in the front waving your badge and your wife and child are right by (behind and facing away from the security) you so the security notices you and not everyone else. Better to do that when it's really crowded

>> No.10914500

I've been using the same acen badge for a decade now I just flash it really quick, usually the reverse side with the text. Never had a single problem.

>> No.10914526

He has a boyfriend that looks “fem enough”, which further proves my point.

>> No.10914530

Thanks, I'm cheap and booked late so I ended up staying a few miles from the con. Does the lot get pretty full during the day?

>> No.10914531

Y’all are sounding racist af

>> No.10914532

Update, we're doing a thrown together One Piece cosplay. To my wife's credit, while she may not be a frequent cosplayer, she refuses to half-ass Nami by using the headscarf from the live action version, so she's tucking her long hair under an orange wig for the duration.

Bought a Sanji suit/wig, but if it looks like garbage I'll just wear my real black suit and live without the double buttons. If the Luffy jumper doesn't fit my son, I will cut it into pieces and glue it onto a jumper that does.

Can't remember the last time there was a bomb threat, but there will inevitably be at least one fake fire alarm, and probably at least two ravers will end up taking ambulance rides.

All good suggestions, thank you. I'm considering the three-person shuffle if I can sync up with a friend I trust to hand off my badge lol. Outside of the DH and kids' area we wouldn't really need badges anyway—no way am I bringing a baby into a panel or something.

Ballsy! Now I wish I'd kept more old passes, I stopped collecting them back when they were still shitty printouts instead of all-plastic.

Oof, I know that game. It does fill up, but I've never had any trouble finding a spot.

please for the love of fucking god don't shit this thread up with interpersonal drama like the last one

>> No.10914540

Now THAT'S What I Call Based! Vol. 24
>please for the love of fucking god don't shit this thread up with interpersonal drama like the last one
Lolmao. It hasn't even started yet and their server had a meltdown last night. A funny one but your request will fall on deaf ears

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Don’t go to minki party dude shoots up H

>> No.10914589

Sounds based I've always wondering if that would work

>> No.10914594

Is this Reisen's (other) discord?

Linecon 2008

>> No.10914596

looks to be just an anime club without reisen or any of his goons


>> No.10914598

>any of his goons
it's literary all of his goons

>> No.10914599


it’s literally just an anime club

>> No.10914600

It's a gull discord

>> No.10914601


it’s literally just an anime club

>> No.10914602

>please for the love of fucking god don't shit this thread up with interpersonal drama like the last one

Shut up, fag

>> No.10914604

lol we got booted within 10 seconds of joining the server

>> No.10914606 [DELETED] 

Minki the SNITCH is throwing a party? hard no

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File: 1.31 MB, 1079x1171, Screenshot_20240515-202654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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typically gull behavior, baseless claims with no evidence.

leave people alone

>> No.10914625


Yea, imma avoid the harder drugs on that spectrum....

>> No.10914626

Will give someone coke to suck my big dick, femboys very much welcome

reply with da gram

>> No.10914636

Please for the love of fuck is anyone other than minki, gulls, or lick my anus hosting a party? I'm so tired of those niggers having a monopoly on con parties.

>> No.10914640

be the change you want to see, I'll bring the jello shots

>> No.10914642

We can hang out at the Hyatt basement and hold hands

>> No.10914643

What did he do?

>> No.10914644

Lick my anus has the best parties.

>> No.10914645

Yeah, but none of you worthless niggers are invited, for obvious reasons.


Try CTA Parking. Have fun getting your car broken into/ stolen. Such is life in Chicago

>> No.10914646

>Try CTA Parking. Have fun getting your car broken into/ stolen. Such is life in Chicago

nigger, that shit never happened for the white dudes I knew who used the Rosemont CTA stop

>Yeah, but none of you worthless niggers are invited, for obvious reasons.

List them, niggerfaggot


They aren't a nigger, but you ARE a faggot.

T. oldfag

>> No.10914648

Hey there's the SJW orgy room on Friday

>> No.10914659

I see Pell's still knockin back the xannieberries like skittles.

>> No.10914661

right could do a good joker cosplay

>> No.10914663

Right looks aquite breedable....Mmmmmm

>> No.10914676

>Rosemont, ass end of the line, right by a convention center and a casino
>"Such is life in Chicago"
Found the suburbfag. Lemme guess, everything south of Dempster is "downtown". And even if you were in Chicago proper, all you do is put your easily-stealable valuable shit in the trunk. The two times I've had my car broken into were:

1) 2009, one year into living in Wrigleyville, when I left my Garmin on the windshield
2) 2019, when I left my laptop bag on the back seat while parked on a dark sidestreet because I didn't want to shell out $9 for the parking lot across from Pequod's

Both were opportunistic attacks to steal very visible, portable valuables, and neither were in a well lit parking lot by the Rosemont El. You giant overconfident faggot.

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File: 3.91 MB, 356x264, tumblr_88c33bfeb2ecd9f728e98487c1caf4ca_68c18840_540-ezgif.com-resize.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never thought I'd be nostalgic for waiting 8 hours in line with nothing but rock paper scissors and a giant carton of cheddar goldfish to keep us busy, but god, there was something beautiful about the shitshow years.

>> No.10914682

If there's no good panels or events in the evening, I'm going to go across the street to a Chicago Dogs game.

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File: 190 KB, 340x409, everything.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

acen is literally tomorrow already and once again I have no cosplay or even plans for what to do at the con
why am I always so lazy every year

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File: 1.88 MB, 736x411, 1620913007802.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shhh. Didn't you get the memo? You're supposed to circlejerk about how HARD Chicago is. I'll have you know, I walked outside and got murdered to death five times...and that was just last week!

>> No.10914687

Is anyone going today?

>> No.10914693

Don't worry anon. This is my first ACEN, my entire cosplay hinges upon the two Goodwill stores I'm checking out today, and my only con-goer friend has a 50% of bailing tomorrow.

If we suffer, we suffer together.

>> No.10914694

>And even if you were in Chicago proper, all you do is put your easily-stealable valuable shit in the trunk.

Or just cover it with a *blanket* depending on what the item is.


>> No.10914702

This is my like 10th one. I just got so lazy and before I knew it, the date crept up to me
Oh well

>> No.10914703

I am convinced that some of these motherfuckers would see a plastic bag tumbling through Southport Corridor or a homeless guy sleeping on the Brown Line and go home talking about how dirty and dangerous this city is. They'd burst into flames if they went within ten blocks of Austin or Englewood.

>> No.10914706

Tenth? So I'm sure you had several good times already, despite the laziness.

>> No.10914710

Oh most definitely
I'll see how this year goes

>> No.10914712

Wishing you luck on your tenth. Wish me luck on my first

>> No.10914715

Going to pick up my badge today. Anyone know what that bag stuffing thing is all about? Wondering if I should leave now or in a few hours

>> No.10914728

No one will ever fuck you

>> No.10914734


>> No.10914742

Any place I can meet new friends? I’m going alone and want to chill out with fellow spergs. Going possibly all 3 days, tomorrow not so sure but for Saturday and Sunday are a given.

>> No.10914748

So who will win the Taylor vs VTJ fight club which will happen in the Presidential Suite this ACEN!

Be sure to post the room number the gulls are in so that we can ALL join in the Battle Royale

>> No.10914754


>> No.10914758

ACEN? More like Acwhen is this gay con gonna be over? AmIright?

>> No.10914764

Lee McKinnis

>> No.10914767

Bro there was a couple fucking in one of the Hyatt bathrooms

>> No.10914782

Aldo, are you lurking? I love you and we lost contact

>> No.10914784

Cool did you get a video?

>> No.10914787

There's a girl with really nice boobas here at the minki party. Just saying.

>> No.10914789

I'm going alone on Saturday

>> No.10914792

Single anon meet up location?

>> No.10914799

No you idiot I needed to shit

>> No.10914801

I'm going tomorrow just to get my badge but I'm down to talk and say what's up. I'll mostly hang out at the arcade.

>> No.10914803 [DELETED] 
File: 379 KB, 1284x1974, 1715920766311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the reason lil niggy got banned?

>> No.10914806

be prepared for a random slapping tomorrow.

>> No.10914808

preliminary Day 0 gull meetup going on right now Hyatt Room 677. Everyone's there.

>> No.10914811


>> No.10914816

Shit, count me in too

>> No.10914821 [DELETED] 

Billy boy laying down the pipe while reisen gets cucked again by a 3rd gull, everyone clapped in the smoke pit for celebration

>> No.10914823

I've never actually gone to a con (or come to this board outside of looking for good cosplay). I have a few panels picked out, but what else should I be doing at ACEN? I'll mostly be wandering around on my own. Is there a bar that I can retreat to? How much booze should I bring? Was making a hot costume a giant blunder?
Not having a schedule scares me I want to pretend that this is just a business trip.

>> No.10914827

Who /still up/ and why?

>> No.10914828

Playing Pandemic board game
Probably gonna sleep in 2 more hours once we win this round. Or lose horribly

>> No.10914829

I am, ponderin' me orb, sippin' da Malort. Come say high.

>> No.10914835

Going into work early so I can leave early and get to ACEN early and take a nap early because I woke up early to get to..

At least I don't have to sweat the money this year

>> No.10914836

Any insight as to the SWAT situation? Birds (not gulls) are saying someone an hero'ed the day before the fucking con even starts?

>> No.10914839

There's a bar in the center lobby and hotel lobby as well as over priced beer stands through out the hall. Bring more booze. Nearest liquor store is like over a half mile walk. You probably fucked up but it's been cool at night so maybe.

>> No.10914840

No, but I just walked past a few Rosemont PD doing field tests at their cruiser

>> No.10914841

It was Reisen. Being 100% serious.

>> No.10914842

Reisen flew over my house

>> No.10914843

You'll see in the morning.

>> No.10914844

If you're actually not bullshiting, make sure to save his mugshot this time. You retards fucked up saving his mugshot the last time he was arrested at the Hyatt at CAD 2017

>> No.10914845 [DELETED] 

CONFIRMED: One of the main proponents of the latest most recent chapter of gull drama is now gone.

And thus another book ends in the incredulous saga that is the Midwestern >>>/cgl/ scene.

c'est la vie I wonder what comes next. Nooooobody knows.

All that is known is that the life insurance policy will absolutely NOT pay out given the...suspicious circumstances following that particular individual's untimely passing.

Many will be celebrating, but many will also have their con experience completely and udderly (pun somewhat intended) ruined BEFORE it could even officially kick off.

Fuckers couldn't even wait until the con STARTED to take this shit ULTIMAX for fucks sake GODDAMN.

>> No.10914846

That way of typing....it looks familiar. Who are you?

>> No.10914847

Forgot to confirm that I canceled my Thursday reservation, so I got a costly surprise when i woke up (pay up, chump!). Begrudgingly decided to come in early to make the most of my reservation. I walked into the Hyatt at around 4am and looked around but didn't see anyone (likely wouldn't have said hi anyways as I'm pretty much done with you all). There was a VERY noticeable police presence on the lower floors. Outside it looked like they were taking photos of results from field tests as if to determine certain substances. I witnessed another officer ask an employee at the front desk for a copy of a reservation statement. On the way out, it appeared that they were carring in more mobile testing equipment. Interesting morning.

>> No.10914848 [DELETED] 

Fentanyl overdose at the Reisen / Minki / cow themed orgy. Many people got hit, one died. Actually real this time unlike the "spiked drinks" fearmongering from Colossal North last year or whatever con that was. ACEN 2024 cancelled, don't bother showing up if you're not here already.

>> No.10914851

this never happened or existed.
when a mfer loves to lie, addicted even…sad

>> No.10914855

All that security and a metal detector just for someone to become an hero

>> No.10914856

And during Jewish heritage month no less

>> No.10914857


>> No.10914858

What's the real women to 2024 women ratio like?

>> No.10914859

can you tell me the lottery numbers next?

>> No.10914860

I’m in line where y’all at?

>> No.10914868 [DELETED] 

" Lil nigga bigger than glorilla
'Cause he's killing every nigga that can try to be on his shit
Better cuff your chick if you with her, he can get her
And she accidentally slip and fall on his dick
Oops, he said, "On his dick"
He ain't really mean to say, "On his dick"
But since we talking about his dick
All of you haters say hi to it
He's done "

>> No.10914870 [DELETED] 

" Ooh, who can it be now?
Who can it be now?
Who can it be now?
Who can it be now?
Who can it be now?
(Oh, wee oh) Who can it, Who can it
(Ooh ooh) Who can it be now?
(Ooh ooh wee) Yeah yeah yeah "

captcha: <<<4VT0X

>> No.10914877

Going to be at karaoke hmm?

>> No.10914879 [DELETED] 

comfirmed by those close to him :(
they don't take mugshots of corpses anon

I'm going to miss that guy

>> No.10914880

why do you losers sit at home and lie all day about people on here, GET A LIFE

>> No.10914881

you misspelled headshot

>> No.10914883

It's not a lie

>> No.10914884


>> No.10914885 [DELETED] 

I...I...don't know how to tell you this anon, we're actually not memeing this time. He really is gone and it really did happen. Should be an official statement from ACen/Hyatt/Rosemont pd soon.

>> No.10914886

well they certainly will take photos they just don't stop at the shoulders

>> No.10914887

Backrooms aldo? Please kiss me

>> No.10914888

I just saw him walking around the hyatt..

>> No.10914889

Are you the Mexican guy with the thick nerdy wife

>> No.10914890

Sunday morning speedrun. what will happen next?

>> No.10914892
File: 1.05 MB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20230117-f202059_YouTube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got multiple sources confirming a self inflicted fatal shooting on the 9th floor of the Hyatt early this morning. Considering Reisen's history and the interactions I saw him have in the smoke pit, this all tracks. I mean we'll all know soon enough when there's an impossible to miss twitchy 6'4 Jewish guy suddenly absent from one of his main cons.

If no one sees Reisen today I'm certain he's dead.

>> No.10914896

she sydney on my reisen till i shoot

>> No.10914897

I know it's a meme janny but it's real this time; you're shit at your job

>> No.10914898

Late as fuck to the conversation.

Can confirm that Reisen / Sydney shot himself. Got the news early morning from a friend of a friend.

Given how much shit he's kept doing and how he's kept degrading as a person, I guess it was only a matter of time. It's still jarring though to know that the dude killed himself though

It's also fucked to think that maybe he wouldn't have been such a vile piece of shit if that faggot Arby (MAGA Momiji) hadn't forced themself on him and turned him into the rapey fag he was.

>> No.10914899

I'm upset he shot himself in front of multiple people and gave them PTSD just as one last fuck you on his way out.

>> No.10914902

I'm starting to think that the only good thing about these threads is that they eventually die

>> No.10914903

i WILL be getting another picture in the backrooms

>> No.10914904

Are you Gaz again

>> No.10914906

not this year! i'm going in Lolita

>> No.10914907

Just know that there's an admirer out there, whom you've stolen their heart

>> No.10914908
File: 39 KB, 499x402, blsh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im flattered anon! i hope you have a fun ACen!

>> No.10914913

These anime bitches are making me sweaty man.

>> No.10914914

Not a fag but I can trade vodka for some coke.

>> No.10914916

Heartbroken. American Airlines destroyed my kamen rider cosplay.
I got nothing aside from some last minute stuff.

>> No.10914918
File: 3 KB, 297x148, 9582 - deformed komeiji_koishi lowres meme pacifier subterranean_animism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there's only 5 actual women over by the 2hu cosplay photoshoot

>> No.10914922

He did???

>> No.10914925

Better question:
Any good bussy at this con?

>> No.10914926

did reisen really anhero?

>> No.10914927

Yee, already found a femboy who's dtf

>> No.10914928
File: 66 KB, 565x561, 1651470180016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine killing yourself over petty drama

>> No.10914929


>> No.10914930

how do you even go about that? genuine question

>> No.10914931
File: 178 KB, 1200x1141, 1663544575248411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine killing yourself because you are terminally ill online and all you have to do is just simply walk away from the PC...

Holy fuck, it's 4chan guys we are talking like 1:2000 people even care or know about this place at a con like acen. It's fucking anime people you can get a new hobby

>> No.10914933

Huh, that horrible that awful. Where is their dignity? Where is their honor? Where is their invite? Where is their room number?

>> No.10914934
File: 3.27 MB, 1920x1080, Katina-Marie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where can I get a dress made? I'm trying to get the Valerian Dar/Priest top from FFXIV made with good material so I can crossplay my Viera. Got ears from Etsy

I knew something was wrong with him when we met a couple times last year. He came to one of our mutual's birthday get together and was just morose/moping the entire time. Tried to ask him what was up and he just kinda skirted the issue and kept being blue, sucking the vibes out of the room. Something about being lonely and his friends not being his friends. Distanced myself from him and left his server after that. I don't like to associate with people who wanna stew/roost in their depression.

>> No.10914937
File: 896 KB, 1090x1617, F54F176B-6527-4EEA-8DE3-6C3D04642683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lonely and his friends not being his friends
Yeah no shit he’s an annoying asshole lmfao good riddance
I’d kms too if this is how I spent my birthday

>> No.10914941
File: 104 KB, 284x246, Screenshot 2024-02-28 110442.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't care to denigrate the guy, just sharing my experience.

If you are in need of help, it would behoove you to accept it from those who try to offer it, especially when they can see you are hurting.

>> No.10914942
File: 291 KB, 707x408, 1693882584769213.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last time I met him he was scared stiff about being 30, like he would have panic attacks about it and when I tried to calm him down he just didn't get it's just a number. Like I get he was a piece of shit in the con community but like seriously bo, he could have literally just dropped the midwest crew and fucked off doing his own thing rather than be obsessively online trying to rejoin 'the glory days'.

Seriously all he had to do was leave this part of the internet for maybe 3 cons and boom done, no one would know who the fuck he was. Like this nigga didn't even warrant enough of shit to be on lolcow farm, he was just a shitty person to those around him but nothing means he couldn't change it.

He seriously didn't look that bad outside the weird baby face he had going on with his zoomer haircut trying to look "how do you do fellow kids" level shit. Like I know one gull who stole money from people, harrassed women, called any con staff 'tranny jannies' would report room parties they were kicked out of, and stole multiple drinks from rooms. And that dude is walking around living it up in some shitty ass cosplay riding the coattails of other meme's and popular anons. Not fair this time, reisen could have actually changed.

>> No.10914946

I met him at ACEN, but my typical crowd is not /cgl/. I don't personally have any qualms about age and con going, just maybe how you carry yourself.

I shadowed him at last year's ACEN since he invited me, bouncing between rooms and getting drunk and yeah only real issue is how hard he tried to engagfe some people or how he kinda latched onto me when he wanted to take a pic.

>> No.10914947

what's wrong with gull discords?

>> No.10914951
File: 89 KB, 401x358, 1692823384126659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah my biggest issue with the dude, not in the Midwest gull hell drama server or whatever, was he would always try to act 18 or 21 when he clearly wasn't. He could have just owned his age and been a tall white guy with cash, like that's easy mode life (and I think he lived with his mom rent free?). I don't get it, 4chan is hardly even relevant this day and age and only a handful of people who what the discord midwest server is.

Dude could have been awesome if only done three things
1) don't hit on girls barely legal
2) don't be grabby with people just wanting a photo
3) ignore the internet for a bit and go to a therapist about your weird 'aging' concern

>> No.10914954

Can someone just make a separate thread about this guy vs ACen. Noon cares vs the typical con party losers.


>> No.10914955

The gull discord is full of love triangles and people wanting petty cat fights.
Arby use to run the server with an iron fist(so long as they'd sleep with him), and most drama was outright banned
Arby needed an excuse to troon out(but keep the dick!) when someone from a prior con got 'too close' and nuked the server
In rolls TJ who decides it would be a great idea to take our 18+ server for hookups and other con events to EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO WAS A GULL
Brainiac forgets to delete any of the former posts about who slept with who rolling the server out to anyone who wanted it or remotely said 'ye dude I gull kek'
This caused people to see the dark side of the moon(no awoo meme meant)
Some users go "hey tj was this a good idea?" to no response because he is never around
People get more and more crass with eachother to the point most people only stay in the server to go uwu to eachother
Everyone begins making their own private servers for the cons because how shit main is
server is an ever loving burning fest to this day of people attempting to play friends before shit goes down or play down damage control

I barely post and this is probably finally my excuse to exit without anons giving it a second thread

>> No.10914958

Twink death is real isn’t it
I’m scared bros is this how it ends for all twinks? I just started my hrt hopefully that gets me an extra 5 years or so before I hit the wall

>> No.10914959

>tfw wanted friends to do con shit with in the midwest
>join TJ's and that bald mexican dude's cord
>mostly lurk
>finally get to meet gulls in person, weird crew but try to give em a chance
>days after ACEN 23 cord gets nuked because people were cheating on each other
>TJ was main sex pest but he's in charge so he got rid of the person he cucked

the game was rigged from the start

>> No.10914960

TJ was a retard for that but his gf forgave him and being angry at him past that is stupid.

>> No.10914961

>met moonway in the server
>still haven't gotten my money back
>he larps on an alt that I saw him at weebcon still traveling with
>won't reply to my messages
I will never forgive the midwest server

>> No.10914962

>reisen invites gulls to his birthday party
>charges $80 entry fee
oi vey

>> No.10914963

Damn, first time I skip acen and I miss out on the jew making out with a barrel

>> No.10914964

Sidney was to based for this world. All the hate are just bitter virgins and zoomers seething he had game and fucked all the girls they where simping for.
Says the bitter ugly creeps and hamplanet feminists. Mother fucking knew how to party and got what he wanted while the rest of you bitched and moaned in the corner angry you're to spineless to stand up for yourself.

RIP in peace he was the only kike I liked.

>> No.10914966


>> No.10914969

Rip buddy. Sorry we didn’t get to hang out more

>> No.10914973

t. pumped and dumped hamplanet (non feminist though!)

>> No.10914974

fuck that nigga he was a bitch and a pussy thank god I don’t have to see his pussy ass anymore

>> No.10914979

What time we meeting tomorrow?

>> No.10914986

Sydney was not a twink with that gross ass face and those weird knobby fuckin bones. Don't ever try to put that kind of respect on that freak, dude looked like a fuckin locust and the only reason anybody fucked him is because it was easy for them to not look up

>> No.10914987
File: 1.28 MB, 3024x4032, 20240517_123127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought so much Madoka shit. Imma be Nico tomorrow and Homura Sunday. That Homura car is fucking sick.

>> No.10914994

sydney was a literal fed

>> No.10915000

>Sidney was to based for this world. All the hate are just bitter virgins and zoomers seething he had game and fucked all the girls they where simping for.
>Says the bitter ugly creeps and hamplanet feminists. Mother fucking knew how to party and got what he wanted while the rest of you bitched and moaned in the corner angry you're to spineless to stand up for yourself.
>RIP in peace he was the only kike I liked.

The glazing's insane. Stop living in other people's shadows.

>> No.10915003

I think it was more "materially fucking people over" but whatever man.

>> No.10915008

He once said he was accosted by a mossad agent in Israel. That doesn't sound like something a fed would experience.

>> No.10915012
File: 142 KB, 594x2048, signal-2024-05-17-15-13-15-595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10915034

Foul play was involved by the way. I can tell what happened but cannot offer any logs because I do not want to be involved if there’s an investigation.
Someone had proof of Sydney distributing photos of minors and was threatening to expose him this weekend. Rather than face consequences, it seems he took his own life. That’s the extent of what I can share, sorry but you will have to believe me.

>> No.10915036

i don’t give a fuck omg

>> No.10915044

Anyone that could have been a supportive influence on him was driven away by the drama llamas that would always start shit.

>> No.10915047

good riddance little pedo fucker

>> No.10915049

You reap what you sow

>> No.10915062

rip bozo

>> No.10915063

How is that foul play? Sounds like he played stupid games and won stupid prizes. I salute whoever threatened him

>> No.10915072

Thank God I got out of touhou cosplaying. People like Reisen were much closer to the norm than exceptions. Even though I found 2 or 3 solid friends in the community, the majority are just fucking sad, and this is what happens when you turn 30+ and you maintain a SAD lifestyle. Everyone reading this should grow up and learn some self control and how not to fuck up your life like he did

>> No.10915078

Don't worry moonway is now 2hu cosplaying

>> No.10915087

Didnt Moonway molest a teenage girl last colossalcon?

>> No.10915092

No it was that one in detriot. Though he's done it at other cons, Dead broke Dan is a fucking idiot from florida. I thought he would have done this rather than reisen but it turns out I was wrong. He's changes cosplay now to cirno and rei for some weird reason, he posts in every FL thread and was trying to pass off as being some chad at weebcon when I saw his stupid ass.
Just go to any FL thread he was so drunk I doubt he remembers telling me how he "owns the 4chan cgl scene"

>> No.10915098

I hope he did a flip before he went to gensokyo

>> No.10915099

this is partially true but you are intentionally leaving out info on the malicious individual (not reisen).

I know for a fact reisen talked to his lawyer and thought he was safe from legal prosecution in this matter.

>I salute whoever threatened him
you don't know shit and this shows it

>> No.10915100

>you don't know shit and this shows it
Lmao why would I have sympathy for this loser? You sound like his friend.

>> No.10915101

I can assure you that after Arb stopped being able to fuck his mom his mom was not suddenly driven away. He lived there. Anything and anyone else that he kept in his life that could have been an actual supportive influence was one and the same with the drama, because he never committed to logging the fuck off and getting a real hobby and a real life rather than sucking in and burning through new zoomer weirdos and iPad babies like a dick-sucking engine, no matter how often and for how many years he said he would. >>10915072 is fukken right

>> No.10915102

It’s probably better if details aren’t brought up in case of an investigation, but that’s just my opinion

>> No.10915108

QRD on Reisen? Why do people seem to hate him so much? Other than being a gross looking dude

>> No.10915111

Moonway told me about it. He was the one who knew about the girls nudes going around and Reisen sharing em.

>> No.10915113
File: 169 KB, 912x684, 20230513_180238_copy_912x684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Didn't like the path he was headed down as it just kept getting darker and darker. That being said, I didn't think it would come to such an extreme conclusion.

>> No.10915114

tfw missed out on the nightcrawler gangbang

>> No.10915115

rip that retarded pedo rapist kike ig. you could’ve been cool if you weren’t a mentally ill alcoholic! thanks for not raping me when I was incapacitated in the arcade parking lot!

>> No.10915116

moonway probably thought she was an adult as well if they didn't do anything about it

>> No.10915117

He was always on a dark path as far as I could tell. Anyone on here that thinks he just switched over randomly one day is just coping with their own shitty choices. He was a selfish bastard to the very end, and his choosing to put a bunch of people in harm's way, both physically and mentally, at his very end just shows he never cared much to be any better and definitely didn't give a damn about any of his "friends"

>> No.10915118
File: 63 KB, 477x565, sadge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he fucked my gf

>> No.10915119

Did someone actually die or are you guys retarded, I didn't see any ambulances

>> No.10915120

dropping unrelated names for attention?

>> No.10915121

If he did it in the hotel, they have protocols and ways of getting the body out without making a huge alarm for other guest. People kill themselves in hotels all the time

>> No.10915122

Singles anons meet up at 4pm tomorrow? I’m thinking the arcade is a good spot.

>> No.10915125
File: 37 KB, 720x699, 1696668987049223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Statutory rapist is dead, TJ should join him in the grave as a literal rapist ebin

>> No.10915128

Take this from someone who knew him and Arby tangentially through the past 8 tears. Reisen basically a classic case of someone who never wanted to grow up; his constant pursuit of people way younger than himself was him not letting go. You have to sunset the cosplaying as you get older and get married/have kids or get further in your career and have less time. Cosplay can still be your interest but Jesus fuck you're not going to be a teenager/college kid forever. It stops being fulfilling. The attention pales in comparison to the fulfillment you get from real self actualization through a family, solid career, or passion project. The worst.part is this faggot was 6'4 and wasn't born a truecel or retarded, he wasn't relegated to this lifestyle because of his loserdom, he chose to waste his life like this. He could have literally had his cake and eaten it too if he made more important life decisions and cosplayed on the side. Instead he chose to act like a perpetual hormonal teenager. At the very least his life should be a cautionary tale to anyone reading this whi sees some of him in themselves.

>> No.10915129

But real

>> No.10915130

This is something most of the people in the gull cord need to learn and realize.

>> No.10915132

Real, this is why tonight I'm enjoying my cosplay. Having a few sips with some friends. And then going back to my room at a reasonable time, not fucked up on drugs or alcohol to get a good night's rest. It has been a good day.

>> No.10915133


>> No.10915134

So is anyone enjoying the actual con

>> No.10915137

Im laffin

>> No.10915138


>> No.10915139


>> No.10915140


>> No.10915141
File: 38 KB, 960x816, 1715992856702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm down. I'll be a brown guy wearing a blue miku eyes shirt, and one of these hanging out of my pocket. Only going Saturday, I'll mostly be at the arcade section.

>> No.10915142

Wait, there's a con?

>> No.10915143

Well you should give a fuck because ACen will literally never be the same after this. That kike genuinely got his ultimate wish of taking over ACen after all. wow

>> No.10915145

anyone got hero pics?

>> No.10915146

I saw women wear literal lace lingerie. What the actual fuc lmao

>> No.10915147

It's okay. I'm drunk as fuck though. Makes it tolerable.

>> No.10915148

Didn't they also an hero themselves sometime last year?

>> No.10915149

Faggots, thots and a nigger. Classy.>>10915113

>> No.10915150

pics or it didnt happen

>> No.10915151

See you there fellow brown

>> No.10915155

Given who he is and the people that were with him in the room when he did it, I'm genuinely surprised no one decided to go live and stream the whole thing. It would have made for content to watch during the slow periods.

>> No.10915156

You probably didn't see anything because this all happened late Thursday night going into Friday morning. Guy literally whacked himself on day zero before the actual con even started.

>> No.10915158

pell sucked his dead dick

>> No.10915162

And you're complaining? Women are walking around wearing literal lace lingerie, passing it off as cosplay, and you're complaining?

>> No.10915164

I had the displeasure of having to be reminded he exists for about as long and you're spitting the realest shit in this thread.
I will say I've had cosplay as a hobby much longer than I've known him and the truth is he wasn't into cosplay as a hobby. He never had enough intelligence or self-worth between his ears to put any fucking labor into a complete costume and everyone knows it -- he was just constantly throwing money into more and attention whoring AliExpress landfill.
CON PARTIES were this dude's hobby. And that's a lot of fucking money to dump into something that gave him absolutely no transferrable skills nor any lasting takeaways other than crotch-rot, probably.
Just actually enjoy the con, guys.

>> No.10915170

kys as well Reddit faggot

>> No.10915177

This party sucks so bad it makes me want to shoot myself!

>> No.10915178

First day so far been awesome
I did a completely crazy thing where I went to anime karaoke and sang No Thank You
It sucked cause I was basically reading romaji but it was still fun to get hard into the chorus and end

>> No.10915179

only 9 hours until we arrive!~ eeeeeeeee

>> No.10915181

I spent the entire time window-shopping, was fun

>> No.10915184

Same. Didn't spend quite as much as friends did but unfortunately didn't really commit to the "let's meet new people" idea I had earlier in the week.

>> No.10915186

it be like that, I'm no good at meeting new folk too. First time going to this con so it was nice to scout around for the first day as well.

>> No.10915188

I know someone who isn't lol

>> No.10915190

ill be there, tranny with striped hair in a loud ass rave sweater

>> No.10915191

Fair. What did you think so far of acen?

>> No.10915192

I'll keep an eye out, possibly in cosplay if I can pull one together last-minute

>> No.10915193

A whole lot of cosplay, I was taken back with how many people were dressed up. Their were a bunch of vendors and artists selling stuff, but I can't help but feel I saw most of it within 3-4 hours. Their were some nice ttrpg pannels that I missed, so I'm hoping to catch some other ones tomorrow. I have a buddy who's been hyping up the rave all year, but its not my thing so im sitting it out. Overall i'm having a good time and looking forward to the rest of this weekend.

>> No.10915194

I always end up having lots of conversations with people, but once the panel/line/etc. is over we just part ways.

>> No.10915196

Room 2306 Presidential Suite at the Hyatt party still going strong

>> No.10915197

Sweet dude. See ya there. I’ll be in a blue shirt.

>> No.10915198

anyone else going to the Touhou orgy tomorrow?

>> No.10915199

ofc i go every year.

>> No.10915200

Are we invited to this party or what then?

>> No.10915202

The what?

>> No.10915203

My throat hurts after yelling in my car for an hour after being rejected

>> No.10915204

No ciel, no TJ and his girlfriend, no opps it's the KEKISTANI party

>> No.10915210

I still can't tell if he did it or if its an elaborate social exit scheme to make people think hes gone

>> No.10915215

No Sonny either, fuck that "totally neutral" nigger

>> No.10915216

Nah that nigga actually dead fr fr >>10915062 rest in piss he will not be missed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU4Hw-xbBNo

>> No.10915217

I saw it too, and if you're bitching about it you're unironically a fag.

>> No.10915218

where did he aim, why did he do it, what was he wearing

>> No.10915220

Oh no, I spotted the fat sicilian and his gremlin. He knows I saw him too, scampered out of eyesight pretty quick. Smart boy.

>> No.10915221

Are we talking about the dead kike or girls in thigh highs?

>> No.10915222

Wrong conversation bud, but answer your questions:
>where did he aim
>why did he do it
Because he was a kike
>what was he wearing
Some skimpy crossplay

>> No.10915223

pics or btfo

>> No.10915230

Heard there was a memorial by the small fountain next to the cafeteria, I need someone to piss on it for me. Free beer and thigh pics to the fag that does the deed

>> No.10915231

I'm sad. I got rejected.

>> No.10915232

Damn i can't sleep thinking about her

>> No.10915233

Just like Reisen lmao hue hue hue amirite guys

>> No.10915234

Holy shit stop talking about the drama or the one who kys

>> No.10915235

Talk to me anon, what happened? We need to change the discourse going on here anyways.

>> No.10915237

I wish my throat hurted... but from deepthroating femboys all night long that is. Any cute femboy down to have that happen this morning before the con starts back up?

>> No.10915239

One femboy in military uniform in a party I am at

>> No.10915241

>in a party I am at
It is 5:30 in the morning. I know this is acen but what the hell kind or party could still be going on. Do you mean the smoking pit?

>> No.10915242

Had to show these weebs how to rave last night. I was the guy in a white dress shirt starting a congo line throughout the crowd. I also got a confirmed Amazonian gf with no strings attached but I was too drunk and exhausted to get her name or anything at all :<

>> No.10915243

Not true at all. It was a contribute what you can sort of deal. I was there for both of his birthday parties.

>> No.10915245

Friendly reminder for anyone who is just now coming to the con today: Ryan Kopf (rapist, pedophile) and his goons are once again spreading advertisements for Anime Midwest and his other shitty cons throughout all of ACen. If you see or receive one of these advertisements (they're little paper flyers) please do your fellow con-goers a favor and promptly dispose of them in the trash. Ryan Kopf is a rapist, pedophile, abuser who has no place in the con scene. Plus all of his cons are absolute dogshit.

>> No.10915247

But Reisen did the same thing and people still try mourning his ass in this thread

>> No.10915248

If you're gonna lie at least make it believable ffs, when did Reisen ever hand out advertisement flyers at acen? What was he even advertising? His room parties?

>> No.10915253

This product contains nicotine, nicotine is an addictive chemical.

>> No.10915256

Based smoker. I'm currently enjoying a cigarette myself.

>> No.10915257

Exactly why I wrote that. I was smoking one out on the balcony and looking at the box. Getting ready for today, not fully sobered up from last night.

>> No.10915258

True that man, true that.

>> No.10915259

Who's up and ready to start the day?

>> No.10915260

>raped someone

>> No.10915261

I'm the white guy in a white mage cosplay. Was at the rave Friday and planning on partying tonight and making friends.

>> No.10915263


>> No.10915264

were the security gates here yesterday too?

>> No.10915265

Nice, see you there anon. I'll be in a white dress shirt showing these fucking weebs how to properly rave.

>> No.10915266

soap bubble's djs need to be permanently confined to DJing bar mitzvahs. that was comically bad. not even in a quirky cringe sort of way, but an objective normie kind of awful

>> No.10915268

with the LED eyes?

>> No.10915269

I had LED props but no eye accessories. I haven't seen another white mage but it would be cool to see another.

>> No.10915272
File: 54 KB, 1280x720, 1713394756704265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

YO where is moonway he owes me 150 from last con

>> No.10915273

This niggy threatened to kill himself at anime st louis because he couldn't find his phone

>> No.10915285

I am hungover and now I have to boot some freeloaders out of my room. Gettin too old for this shit.

>> No.10915288

Now hold your horses there bud, it's barely only Saturday.

>> No.10915291
File: 1.90 MB, 3024x3706, IMG_8229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shoes off in memory of da Jew… forever may he rest beneath feet

>> No.10915292
File: 432 KB, 500x475, IMG_20240518_105751.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10915293

>he didn't take Ibuprofen and zinc to ward off the hangover
Literally works like a charm.

>> No.10915294
File: 142 KB, 828x1041, IMG_20240518_110841_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bruh, this bitch is actually insane.

>> No.10915295

fat alcoholic retard

>> No.10915297

LOL incredible

>> No.10915298

Don't you dare slander arby she has done nothing wrong

>> No.10915300

Was Arby’s hot

>> No.10915301

Reisen owes me 50 bucks has anyone seen him?

>> No.10915302
File: 180 KB, 653x408, 1716051815313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just had high hopes for her, we've been talking on discord for a week, pretty much messaging every day. We met, I couldn't read how she felt. Now the messages are dry, sure I know she can be tired but still. I couldn't stop thinking about her, I couldn't sleep, so I messaged her last night. I got an answer, I'm not fully rejected I guess.it But it seems to be one of those pity messages. I doubt she'll be interested afterwards. It just sucks cause she seemed promising. FUCK.

Thank you for listening, i called my but friend didn't care how i felt. I needed someone.

>> No.10915303

Moonway where you at dawg you're going to pay me back right? Don't think reissn killing himself made me forget about last time

>> No.10915304

He is probably at Otakufest because he was ostracized from the midwest

>> No.10915305

Who isn't? Do you know where we are?

>> No.10915307 [DELETED] 
File: 89 KB, 560x550, shotgun-wound-face-gruesome-victim-pic-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last pic from the con, had a blast

>> No.10915308

That's next week niggy he was at weebcon talking about it like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I know he's here because he was up in arms last thread

>> No.10915309

whose arms? I hope he checked ID

>> No.10915311
File: 3.34 MB, 852x480, 20230423_143010iiii.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was there for it. Should have seen the signs

>> No.10915312

He wasn't in the Nazi party I THINK he was in the smoking section Friday night/Saturday morning but a later

>> No.10915313

>tried pseudo-hanging himself back in college for attention from his frat
>threatened to kill himself and others multiple times
>brought a gun to cons in the past
Yeah, those signs must've been mighty hard to see

>> No.10915314

Are you still upset he laid with your troll?

>> No.10915315

How was the rave last night?

>> No.10915318

Attending the pretty cardboard TCG panel. I like TCGs. Hope it won't be all YGO dominant like everything else in this industry.

>> No.10915320

Can you show us that pic of your asshole again burger? Cherished memory.

>> No.10915321

It was a surprisingly good DJ.

>> No.10915323

Speaking of that, can anyone QRD me on what are these things they're giving us with our programs and lanyards?

>> No.10915325

Last thread Moon went on about how he wasn't going to be attending acen in one of the many deleted posts and now that I think about it, I didn't see him in any parties last night. If he was here, he would've shown his face in at least one party.
If >>10915034, >>10915099, and >>10915111
are to trust, Moon probably had advance knowledge and he's actually not here.

>> No.10915332

She looked like Suzy Hansen and then around 2020-21 she Bogandoffed herself on purpose. Not even once.

>> No.10915333

Dunno who you are but you're fucking annoying. Go grieve for your shitty dead pedo friend somewhere else, or follow his footsteps.

>> No.10915335

New card game with Phase Connect tubbers? I haven't pulled Pippa so for that reason I'm out

>> No.10915336

Is anyone drinking yet?

>> No.10915337

i am :p

>> No.10915338

nah im doing drugs

>> No.10915339

Hmm? I wouldn't call him a friend at the time of his passing. I grew tired of his psychopathic behavior and stopped talking to him roughly a year ago

>> No.10915340

Is there an arcade, someone mentioned it earlier

>> No.10915343

What you got and where are you?

>> No.10915344
File: 509 KB, 1179x914, IMG_1628.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10915345

Come play mahjong

>> No.10915346

Leaving a pile of stickers near the Frost Haven room on the charge bar.

>> No.10915347

what are you, a cop?

>> No.10915348

Take a right after you walk in to the room of the metal detectors

>> No.10915349

are you just referring to the gaming area? I’ll be there in an hour or so

>> No.10915352
File: 33 KB, 278x263, 1641288968099.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no way fag

>> No.10915353

Lol, no, I'm a computer nerd who loves drugs. Meet me at the MGS panel.

>> No.10915354

when/where? im awfully lazy and dont want to look it up. im headed to the con on the train rn, meeting with the 4 o clock arcade people

>> No.10915355
File: 67 KB, 278x240, 1621254888512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10915356

Pippa is that you?

>> No.10915358

Bro, there is a very high chance Pipkin Pippa, the P I N K W O M A N herself, is asking you to play Mahjong and you're turning her down???

>> No.10915359

ooops meant to reply to >>10915345

>> No.10915360
File: 323 KB, 640x480, Tumblr_l_1540630146351564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10915361

Haven't stopped since Wednesday ;)

>> No.10915363

Way too many thighs, can't walk around with a boner. At least, this is the most horny I've been in 3 years.

>> No.10915364

I hope someone chops your dick off gaylord

>> No.10915365

Cool now show toes

>> No.10915366

>OtakuFest May 17-19
He's not here he's still in Florida

>> No.10915369

>She looked like Suzy Hansen
>implying Suzy Hansen is hot

>> No.10915370
File: 1.70 MB, 640x640, 1677382931986.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Lotus Juice concert

>> No.10915371

Not to mention the literal lingerie

>> No.10915372

at the arcade now. with a vulpix plushie and striped hair

>> No.10915376


>> No.10915377

So did some retard actually kill himself, or is this all one big attention whoring op?

>> No.10915383
File: 14 KB, 118x89, 1716067532191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tap my shoulder or something if you see me. I'll be staying late for the rave.

>> No.10915384

new thread >>10915378

>> No.10915385

Yes and there is a gofund me.
He does not deserve a penny. He’s taken enough from others already.

>> No.10915393

Bruh I had he biggest boner this morning. Too many big anime teddies, I tell you what.

>> No.10915394

Big fountain outside

>> No.10915403

ion wanna go back through security again brah

>> No.10915405

alright im @ the fountain

>> No.10915410

goin back in to blast city cuz I haven’t heard from you

>> No.10915417


>> No.10915418

im gonna be at the arcade sound voltex for a bit if you still wanna chat. give me something to identify you by

>> No.10915426

Sorry bro been following the gang all day. Am going to the formal dance in 15

>> No.10915429

it’s cool, im going to get dinner, no formal for me. probs going to the rave though

>> No.10915486

I implied Suzy Hansen has a face, which she does for now, and let the subjective opinion up to the reader

>> No.10915625

Oh I thought everyone got Pippa. Hm

>> No.10915816

awful grip, awful stance. hope he learned how to grip it properly before he shot himself.

>> No.10915818
File: 1.40 MB, 1280x720, 1688824305701051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn was that isshocon? I'm not even on the scene and the short impression I got of him was that he was like this bitch
same demeanor, same issues I guess

>> No.10915891

Easily one of the best ACens in a while. Had such a good time at synergy amazing acts and good vibes all around.

>> No.10915968

I have to agree. This ACen has left me with a brain buzzing with joy and dopamine in an intensity I haven't felt in a while.

>> No.10915971
File: 1.18 MB, 1862x1034, still..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10916238
File: 2.32 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_2235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Definitely. I arrived at 5:30 on Friday, when I was supposed to get there at noon, because a ton of work came in last minute. Missed the DH. Missed most of the panels I wanted to go to. I was FURIOUS. Then the energy hit me, so many positive con vibes. I hit up a few panels, I got a little high and giggled my way through Anime Hell and Midnight Madness, I chatted with people in line, staggered home at 1:45 with a big smile on my face. Brought my wife and kid to the DH the next day, just wandered around for a few hours, it was so nice. I can't make it till 4 AM like I used to and I'm too old and sober to attend room parties, but if this is congoing once you're a parent, I can live with it.

Kid was definitely confused every time he saw another Luffy.

>> No.10916437

My buddy and I got that congo line going on Friday. Best rave I've been to. Couldn't check it out Saturday sadly because I was exhausted from having too much fun.