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ITT: why you couldn't go to a con last-minute, and how that impacted you.

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i paid over $600 for a nice hotel room, tickets, food/drinks, and cosplay as compensation for my ride since i'm disabled to where i can't drive a car and there's no public transport. so no ride = no con for me. everything was planned months in advance, i took unpaid time off. ride cancelled last minute for a shallow reason. too late for hotel refunds, no ticket refunds, have nowhere to wear the cosplay at. can't trust people anymore

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Both my first and second attempts at a con got cancelled. On the first one, I was building up to it for weeks and then like a week before...my knee dislocated during a workout. Despite a limp, I could walk without a crutch almost immediately so it was honestly a dumb reason to cancel (just look at all the "he / hims" in canes and wheelchairs today). The second time, somebody dropped out and then we all did. Even dumber, but I was also 19 at the time.

The impact is, I didn't actually go to cons till 3 years later because I never thought to check for any in my area. Why? No clue.

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I had tickets to Thursday and Sunday for San Diego Comic con then months later my sister booked our Tokyo Japan trip close to that week.

I missed Thursday of the con but i had the time of my life stepping on Japanese soul for the first time. Still enjoyed the sunday of the con, its probably the kind of week ill remember on my deathbed

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>spent $600 for con
>couldn't spend a few extra bucks on a taxi or uber
that's on you anon

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Fucking 2020, that's why I couldn't go to last one I missed.

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Come prepared with a back up plan next time then?

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there is no taxi or uber. there isnt even a bus or train system. sure, once you get inside the city there is, but not when you live outside of it

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>there is no taxi or uber
you're retarded. next time call up a taxi service from the city and ask for a quote for your location. they'll charge you a hefty amount for the cost of the miles to the pickup address, but it's not like it's impossible.

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the city is 3.5 hours away by car. that is relatively short, but even choosing the closest town to me that has public transport, taxis and ubers from there dont go out to where i live. uber won't even give a price estimate. this is why i had paid for the hotel room and tickets and so on for my ride in exchange for them agreeing to drive me - because there is no other way to get there other than driving, or at least getting driven partway until public transportation starts.

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Last time I checked, public transportation betwen cities is a thing in the forst world. Maybe you should consider migrating out of whatever third world hellhole you're living in. Might be a bigger priority than cosplaying, wouldn't it?