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Any gals here?

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gal is being ruined by zoomers. they legit hate everything it stands for and modern gal is just jp instathot shit like it was since 2015. there's no winning.

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Why do they have the need to constantly invade subcultures that are not meant for them? They're doing the same to menhera.

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really? damn that sucks. are they also policing that part of japanese street culture? for a generation that cares so much about cultural appropriation you'd think they wouldn't do it so much.

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You really need to clarify if you are talking about Eastern or Western gyaru, OP. In the East, gyaru was a fashion style, and you typically hung out with other gals/ gyaruo. In the West, it is a fashion **statement** for individuals. These are two completely different things. They look differently, they behave differently, they believe completely different things... Gyaru/ Gyaruo was the Far East's cool take on the 2000's American coastal style, and a legitimate substyle of its own geared towards Asian bodies. On the other hand, ""Gyaru"" in the West is more like a parody fashion that takes itself so seriously. I really cannot stress how different the feel of this fashion is from the real thing. Only the most outrageous-looking sub-styles are ever used, because the whole point is not to look good, but rather to look like a museum exhibit. This is because there is a completely insane feminist literary canon attached to this fashion-style in the West, which insists that Japanese gyarus from the 00's were feminist apostles that secretly hated the men they were whoring themselves out to for free drinks. Thankfully, the fashion as a whole has seen a TikTok revival lately, which I'm hoping will revive the original spirit of "gyaru" as a legitimate streetwear style and not as some off-brand, poseur, 2-dorra shit rife with "It's okay because it's feminist"-ism.

If you are looking for self-important cunts who believe a bunch of crazy shit about gals, you came to the right board. On the other hand, if you are looking for real gyaru, I suggest you instead board a plane to Japan and hang out in Shinjuku, Harajuku, or Shibuya, at some of the foreigner bars for awhile... I can recommend a few if you want. There are gyarus there, but they mostly look like "normal girls" you would see at any bar in the West, instead of exaggerated freak shows.

Do not go to the themed bars or cafes though, they have trannies.

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>t. Millennial

IMHO, it was actually millennial blog-writers who ruined gyaru. They are the ones who made all the BS Twitter and LiveJournal posts advocating a false reality, which got constantly referenced by feminist newsrags and-- I am not shitting you-- university papers online. Our youth generation was so infested with feminazis... You wouldn't understand, unless you lived it. For a short while (around 5 - 8 years or so,) EVERYTHING had to be "feminist" in some weird way, or it wasn't okay to like it. On the other hand, the zoomer approach to most millennial-era fashion rules seems to be "I'm just going to ignore all this shit and have fun," which is **exactly** what gyaru/ gyaruo is supposed to be. It gets called superficial instathot shit by haggard boomettes, but that has always been the whole fucking point... You just get together with your friends, and have a good time. It is not fucking complicated. Like with all things Eastern, which are beautiful because they are simple, the West has tried to make it complicated.

Cannot speak about Jirai-kei/ "menhera fashion" in Japan. I suspect this is more of an online thing, or else a modern update to LoliGoth or J-Punk, rather than a truly realized substyle of its own. The next time I'm over there, I'll update you guys if I see a lot of it. I'll be sure to go by the name "Menhera Safari" so that you'll know it's me.

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oh man i missed your rants

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menhera died years ago. it had a boom with yamikawaii/yumekawaii back in the mid 2010s, and then westerners found out about it through the comic and the listen flavor menhera chan collabs. menhera and menhera chan both lost a lot of traction when bisuko (menhera chan author) went on some bizarre rant about abortion and sold pads at some art show. everyone who didn't abandon it outright moved on to jirai kei, since it's fairly similar.

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I guess this is the new trend in the west

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>feminazis ruined gyaru
gyaru was always for the girls to express themselves and free themselves from strict japanese beauty and moral standards. it was always feminist you fucking retard.
>Cannot speak about Jirai-kei/ "menhera fashion" in Japan. I suspect this is more of an online thing, or else a modern update to LoliGoth or J-Punk
yeah because you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. you're probably a moid whose only "interactions" with gyaru are porn doujin and you're sad it's not trendy anymore because makes your penis sad. kill yourself. lmao "loligoth" why don't you jump off a bridge you sack of shit.

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Thanks bro/ sis, I missed these threads.


"Menhera" just means "mental health" in jp. I was lumping Jirai-kei, and all of those other things together as "menhera," kind of like how people do with different types of "goth," as they all seem to have a similar implication... "the look of a pretty, and clearly mentally-unwell individual." But you are right, they are all considered different things.

That's a crazy story about the pads... Got any more detail about this?


It is also happening in Japan, but to a thankfully lesser extent.


You know what, my mistake. Let me rephrase that... It wasn't that gyaru was "ruined" by feminism. Real gyarus (ie: Eastern) were never ""feminist"" to begin with. The trend died out organically, and is now being revived by anime. Rather, it was lonely, feminist lunatics, who have never been to Japan (or even a house party) once in their miserable lives, and who spend all their free time looking for surfaces to see their own reflection in, that ruined it in the West. In other words, you are the problem. It's so apparent in how you write. What your post says to me is that your whole closet is full of ugly ita crap that you are proud of, and that you demand other people believe the same, warped crap about tanned women that you do.

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Nayrt but the original gyaru was feminist at its core. They purposely rejected patriarchal societal rules and standards.
For you to claim it's not feminist just sounds like wishful thinking on your part.
I'm guessing because you're conservative or at least right off center, and you like the style, so you're ignoring anything about gyaru that isn't incredibly surface level.

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Nayrt but you obviously don't know what you're talking about, lumping different fashions together that have nothing to do with each other, talking nonsense about gyaru and trying to rewrite the origins.
Shut the fuck up and get out.

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Respectfully, I strongly disagree. This is probably because I am a boomer oldfaggot millennial, and I remember a time before third-wave feminism. My high school was full of real gyaru. Back then, tanning, going bleach blonde, and dressing glamorously was all the rage. I didn't get along with these people at all, was never attracted to them, and I felt that the people who practiced this fashion were completely vapid. Regardless, it was a fashion trend at the time, and one that I can appreciate the careless "spirit" of, in retrospect. I'm also from New Jersey, so it's something I'm particularly nostalgic for, but I digress.

What I can also say about those girls is that absolutely none of them would be considered to be "feminist" by today's standards. They were total bimbos. I can't speak as to whether or not this was "the point" of the fashion-style (I think it was a strong part of it,) but what I can say, definitively, is that none of these women felt that they were defying "the patriarchy." Not one, whatsoever. Most of them could not even spell "patriarchy." I once had a gyaru ask me, "What does 'crucify' mean?" while wearing a cross on her neck. They simply did not care about imaginary, theoretical concepts like the ones you are describing, and did as they pleased. They probably would have bullied you in high school.

By the way, this trend was mirrored in Japan's gyaru, who were just dressing a certain way to buck the usual trends, and take on a Western look because it was cool to do so. I saw this first-hand. None of these girls had such complicated opinions about life! The thing is, simply being "different" without doing so purposefully is not considered "okay" in the West anymore; every new fashion style needs to adhere to some meta, deconstructionist narrative about the plight of first-world living. Unless you paint "gyaru" with the broadest possible brush (in which case, what is the point?) then it was not a feminist trend.

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If anything, it was an anti-feminist trend. You have got to remember, that part of the reason this style became so popular across the world was because of both Eastern and Western celebrities. The East wanted to emulate the West, and thus "gyaru" was officially born. Well, what was the West doing at the time? Nearly all of the female celebrities to come out of the West, who were able to achieve worldwide popularity at the highest level, shared certain physical features... These same celebrities were also known for their sexual misadventures or proactive stage performances. They would not have become so popular unless they appealed to men in this way. Young women saw this, and began to emulate these horrible role models. Not so coincidentally, they all looked like gyaru, plus or minus the amount of tanning.

There is a great, now 20 year-old South Park episode about this phenomena, called "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset." That episode is now likely to be older than most of the people in this thread, which is also why it is impossible for anyone here to commentate. Gyaru is something that happened well before they were born.

So, why is gyaru considered feminist in the West? There are several reasons, in my opinion:

1 - Because younger women like the style, and want to believe it was feminist.
2 - Because, if it weren't feminist, you would not think it was "okay" to like it. I suspect this is probably your true motivation for disputing my claim.
3 - Because you can't speak Japanese, so you can't be easily corrected.
4 - Because the only documentation about "gyaru" comes from a narrow-minded and Eurocentric feminist perspective. Therefore, you feel justified in believing what was written by self-referencing academics.
5 - Because you weren't alive at that time, so you can say whatever you want about it, and your peers will not be able to dispute it.

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Big fuckin' TL;DR - If you think that dressing like yesterday's bimbos is "feminist," because it "defies beauty standards" instead of perfectly adhering to them... or if you think you're some kind of feminist intellectual for dressing like a whore for men despite being a lesbian... I've got a used dildo collection to sell you. Brand name.

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stop responding to gal safari he's an idiot. you dumbasses already ruined the thread.

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I forgot to mention I am also a huge faggot who loves getting pegged by my obese girlfriend, hence the dildos.

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Also if I actually really think about it, gyaru was feminist in the sense that it upset the conservative Japanese male, something I can't understand for several reasons:
1 - I am an ugly white male without any connection to Japan or the culture
2 - I am applying my own male bias to something not intended for me
3 - I have never actually seen Japanese documentation of gyaru or how it evolved
4 - Because my disgusting penis cannot seperate my attraction to the style from the actual reality of it.

Not to mention that I was the one who mentioned feminism in the first place and replied random posts that had nothing to do with that. I'm not even aware that zoomers think everything I like is racist.

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gal safari nobody like you and your rancid opinions, I will wear gyaru with my besties where your ugly scrotum having ass will never be able to gaze at us. We will wear the big hair and the white highlight fuck you.

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>me and my friends when we see gal safaris chode

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Hey gal safari I hope your gf find a man who deserve her and not a looser screaming at non-existent "feminazi" on a dead 4 chan board ! Pic rel is here to cheer her on packing her stuff and leaving you

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Actually, this kind of juvinile personal attack does not work on me. You can literally see the shift in gyaru over the years if you are actually paying attention. Compared to modern gyaru JAV, the gyaru from years ago was completely detached from modern third-wave feminism, the essence of gyaru was in the fashionability and foolishness of the women. The gyarus I have been around were much less focused on "feminist" ideals like what it equivocally is today. I recall a gyaru approaching me and asking me if I "had any money," while I was just out on the street. They literally were not interested in the high-minded feminist ideals that so-called "gyaru" turned into today.

What can I say, the shift in gyaru has been completely self-evident, why would I need to read about what I can already see? The girls are not like how they were before, whatsoever, and this literal shift towards feminism is not what real gyaru is supposed to be about. Regardless, personally, as a millennial I was literally alive when gyaru was relavent and if you knew anything about gyaru, actually, you would understand that it was not feminist at all. It was entirely composed of ditzy women, actually, and all the documentation about gyaru that anybody can find or read is from a European-third-wave-feminist-women-perspective so of course you would believe it. If you actually studied gyaru from real Japanese material, like the contemporary AVs or Paris Hilton interviews of the time, you would, honestly, understand it better.

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This is so much higher quality than I am used to from this board. The genuine laughs I got from reading these really made writing those gigantic posts so worthwhile. I'll be sure to screenshot these and put them in my "Gyaru loot" folder... Thanks for the fun, ladies (*slurp.*)


I hope you do, and that you post it in this thread. Otherwise, I will be the only one contributing... Wouldn't that be sad? Have no fear, there is no risk that I will be attracted to you.


This one was funny too, but the fact that you got so upset by my simply pointing out that gyaru is not a feminist fashion is total proof of everything I said. You have never been to Japan, and you have no idea what you are talking about. "GET WILD & BE SEXY!" is not automatically a feminist catchphrase just because gyaru is different from yamato nadeshiko, and that's okay... Not everything you enjoy needs to be "feminist." What is this, 2011???

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Oh man, I was a few minutes too late. This is EASILY the best response in the whole thread. The only problem is that they will seriously believe you are me... The joke may fly over their heads, even though I just pointed it out right now. Gal Safari should be something everyone can enjoy, so you can be me for a few hours while I bang my massively overweight gf.

By the way, I did not mean to tripcode (I forgot those existed.) My tripcode is #Hunting4Gals, please feel free to enjoy it.

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>i don't know what libfeminism is because it makes my peepee hard

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Guys, this is not me, I wouldn't use O.G. Gal, that doesn't even make any sense, and I wouldn't use Japanese because gyaru is unequivocally a western fashion. This is completely absurd, why would I pretend to not know I was tripping and then leak my own trip while using and entirely different name? A sign that I have clearly struck a nerve with the feminists here who are trying to pretend to be me to invalidate my points.

This guy is just reposting pictures I have already posted before, really pathetic, honestly. I will start using a tripcode just to be sure this kind of childish assertion doesn't continue. I would expect better against a seasoned boomer oldfaggot such as myself.

Just because you have never been to Japan and have no idea what real gyaru is meant to be, doesn't mean you have to try and discredit me because you are angry. Whether or not you like it, honestly, has no bearing on if it is feminist. I want to make sure that people do not get fooled by this, which considering the reading level in this thread, is likely to happen.

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why the fuck are you replying to me in post? i was referring to zoomers sterilizing everything by claiming it's racist or appropriation or some shit. unless you're honestly okay with that kind of PC snowflake shit.

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just because they're not doing it consciously doesn't mean they're not progressing feminism. feminism includes the ability for women to choose whether they want to be ditzy hoes or pious homemakers or high-powered career women retiring alone with 5 cats or whatever the fuck.

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Nayrt, gyaru is originally a counter cultural subculture that was born in japan.
I'm not talking about modern gyaru. American bimbos from the 80s and 90s aren't gyaru. American celebrities aren't gyaru. The fact that you call them that tells me and everyone else here you don't really know what you're talking about. Gyaru isn't a japanese version of bimbofication. It is entirely its own thing. I was there in the early 2000s when gyaru started to become known online and I was downloading gyaru magazine scans from LJ. Gyaru rebelled against what was expected of them in the 90s and 2000s. They were expected to be quiet, reserved, pale skinned, sexually inexperienced and to dress conservatively. They rejected all of these patriarchal expectations. Gyaru is the exact opposite of that. That type of rebellion is feminist regardless of what you call it. The stereotype of gyaru being promiscuous and doing compensated dating does not mean the subculture was not feminist.
I got none of this from western gyaru coverage or western academic papers.
It was covered by several japanese interviews with gyaru and even in one j-drama during the 2000s. I would still like the style even if it wasn't rebellion against the aforementioned expectations.

Your "knowledge" of gyaru sounds entirely based on JAV, anime and eromanga.

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that's because he can't understand what you're saying because "muh feminism" and can't possibly fathom that something he likes is related to it. that's why he brought it up unprompted and is larping about the nihon. he doesn't get that while not intentionally feminist, gyaru was intentionally supposed to be shocking in a fun, flashy way, to men, to women, to teachers, to whoever. he's conflating being fashion conscious with appealing to men because of his boner which just isn't correct.
literally all of this.

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I'm against all of the PC crap, sterilizing everything for Western mass-consumption, etc... My feeling is that people want to re-write history in order to make it "pure," somehow, because this makes them feel better about their fashion choices. I just feel that this whole shit snowball of historical revisionism started rolling in my own generation, because I saw it happen in real time.


You are so right. Gyaru is, unequivocally, a perversion of Western fashion trends of the time by Eastern women, which makes it even funnier because the uninformed in this thread are trying to pervert a perversion, whilst ignoring the intentions of its original basis, and whilst simultaneously claiming (falsely) that the perversion has always conformed to their contemporary moral standards for fashion, despite having no knowledge of that time in history, at all. This is in all spite of the fact that, actually, in actuality, it was never that way, and it should never be that way, because the idea of achieving some feminist ideal is the total antithesis of the original fashion style's intention. To be fair, you need to have a very high IQ to appreciate real gyaru... I pity those who can't reach up to your level.

Gal Safari-sama... I kneel...

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and yet you're the one who's being revisionist but you can't actually grasp that.

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Obviously I wouldn't post without a trip at this point. I did not think somebody would really take it this seriously. I must have really upset all the cringe "gyarus" who still don't understand what they are even wearing. Just because they don't understand that gyaru is supposed to be inherrently slutty and anti-European-feminist. Gyaru was and always has been focused around being a tanned bimbo and nothing else, and if you have ever been to Japan you would understand that. That's why so many gyarus offer to sleep with you at roppongi, you just don't get it, honestly.

All feminism is regressive liberalism, and by trying to pretend that gyaru is feminist misses the point that, truthfully, gyaru is supposed to be sexy which feminist women (like pic rel) just aren't.

Respectfully, I have to disagree, strongly, honestly that is just not true, and if you had seen what life was like before third-wave-feminism, like I have, you would know that.

If you had actually been to Japan, which I have, truthfully, you would understand that gyaru is meant to be against western-European-womencentric-feminism which is against the sexy look of gyaru. Gyaru are only meant to be promiscuous from what I have seen and experienced in Japan, they completely ignore you unless you have money or look hot, just like vapid anti-third-wave-feminist western women.

Good impression of me, I got a real laugh out of that, but still not good enough.

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This is what real gyaru is meant to look like, just like a scene queen from jersey shore in 2003, just as it should be, an emulation of western fashion from eastern women, without European-liberal-feminism. You would understand this if you knew what real gyaru was without subscribing, honestly, to the feminism tainted modern "gyaru."

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>gyaru is supposed to be sexy which feminist women (like pic rel) just aren't.

being sexy or promiscuous isn't anti-feminist.

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I think that it is willfully ignorant to deny the obvious inspirations that Eastern gyaru takes from Western fashion trends, which are fundamentally identical to gyaru in every meaningful way. I have posted countless, and I mean countless examples over the years, illustrating the exact extent of these similarities, only to have them repeatedly ignored by people looking to perpetuate a narrative of supposed originality and "feminism." It is very clear that "Gyaru" and the American bimbo are the same creature... Or at least, kissing cousins. I was really determined NOT to post any Jersey Shore content this thread, because it is just such low hanging fruit at this point... But, eh, what the fuck. One more, for old time's sake! Jersey Shore Coastal is gyaru. California style is gyaru. Gyaru is hardly an original fashion, and it's not even original at defying the convention of the "yamato nadeshiko," which is what you're referencing.

Let me ask you this: Assuming I believe that you really are an Original Galster (and I do,) can you point to a single instance where the English word "feminism," or a near-exact Japanese equivalent of the term, occurs in any gyaru magazine prior to the year 2008? Alternatively, I'd also accept if you could point to instances of terms which paint a clear, subcultural awareness of a meta-purpose to the fashion (ie: "defying beauty standards.") If you can do that, I'll honestly nod my head. Maybe we won't totally agree, but I'll at least admit that you might be onto something, and that you may have a point.

If you can't, then this claim is really all bupkiss, isn't it? I simply do not accept such a broad definition of feminism. What is so "feminist" about some gyaru girl in highschool chasing boys and doing prostitution? Does that activity advance women in any way? If that is the case, then why is it so important that this misanthropic label be applied to your fashion hobby?

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but anon, his precious "eastern women" can't possibly be feminist, they're just dumb bimbos, obviously.

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You are the most based man alive.

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oh i finally understand it! you ARE feminist. it makes so much sense now. you're uspet that gyaru doesn't meet your requirements of feminism and objectifies the female form. your deeply feminist critique of advancing women and defying beauty standards makes it so clear to me. it's like you're attracted to what you hate(not feminism) however i have good news, gyaru IS feminist, if you consider actual japanese culture and not western culture, but i think you already know that, so i think you're just pretending. you want to instill the idea of gyaru being feminist by being so absurdly stupid sounding that people have no choice but to see how feminist it is. it's genius actually and i applaud you. it must hurt you every time you have to lie like this.

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AYRT it's in japanese, but here's some posts about the controversy from 2019. picrel is the pad exhibit.


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That guy is a moron, anon, he doesn't know Japanese.

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an interesting thing about the people who project feminism onto gyaru is a lot of them aren't really feminist in the "women empowering" sense of the word. they say gyaru was a feminist movement but in practice these types are usually women who fundamentally hate other women: while they love the idea of women being fun and sexy for their own sake on paper, in practice they despise women who follow trends, wear makeup, and participate in party girl culture, because they consider these women "traitors to the cause" for "pandering to the male gaze". they'll praise this imaginary idea of the sexually liberated feminist gyaru but have a meltdown if a gal is actually caught having sex (or, god forbid, interacting with men). that's why they get so angry if you imply that the original gals didn't have a feminist agenda-- they're only capable of admitting to liking mainstream girly shit if they can convince themselves it's somehow feminist (or rather, anti-men) to do so. otherwise, they feel just like the "traitors" they hate so much.

tldr it's just pick-meism. if gal doesn't make them feel like they aren't like other girls, zoomers aren't interested.

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you're replying to a male.

>> No.10913873

sorry, but i'm not actually scared of men.

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Female here, absolutely sick of the newfags calling literally everything they like feminist. I'm agreeing with Gal Safari on everything here, you apply it to lolita too and it's a pathetic attempt to rewrite history for political gain. Lolita isn't feminist, gyaru isn't feminist. You look like a joke in lolita circles to everyone else that isn't a flaming librtard like you. I'm sure it's the same for gal.

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>Respectfully, I have to disagree
shut up scrotoid
not reading that shit, kys

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Women don't call themselves female, moid

>> No.10913904

>Gal Safari here, absolutely sick of the newfags calling literally everything I like feminist. I'm agreeing with myself on everything here, you apply it to lolita too and it's a pathetic attempt to rewrite history for political gain, just like I am right now. Lolita isn't feminist, gyaru isn't feminist because feminism is a specific western thing that I can't beat my dick to. You look like a joke to me personally because I need to reeee about feminism to cope with reality. I'm sure it's the same for gal but I wouldn't know because I only know gyaru from porn after all.

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Lose weight.

>> No.10913924

I know Lolitas are used to being an anti-male subculture, but you need to understand that isn't the case for most J-fashion subcultures. Gyaru do not hate or avoid men, and Gyaruo were a major part of the subculture. I know that's weird and scary for you, but you don't have to participate in Gyaru if you can't handle it without erasing major aspects of the subculture.

>> No.10913942

How don't you understand that feminism isn't anti-men? What do you think liberal, sex-positive feminism is? You're trying to define shit through the same narrow scope you've accused others of doing without realizing it. Gyaruo are not the men that gyaru were trying to shock, it was the crazy Japanese Ben Shapiro's. Japan isn't a monolith, there are different types of men and women, liberals and conservatives. Rebelling against a conservative society by being slutty has historically occurred in the 60s and 70s. If you don't get that, I don't know what to tell you. If you think gyaru has previous been co-opted by prude, western lolitas, you're right, but that's not the point. Just remember gyaru didn't call themselves gyaru either, it was a term used ABOUT them not BY them like they do now. And gal safari doesn't even think gyaru is anything, he just uses it to jack off so anything he says that might make sense is ruined by his perspective.

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Anon have you ever thought that your the retard? Your only defense is that this is a porn addict, that’s sad.

>> No.10914020

nta but he literally posted porn in previous threads. are you new?

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The mental gymnastics you have to go through to think that a tan with smokey eyeshadow can’t be done by 2 cultures at once is actually embarrassing. I bet your also the newfags saying that every girl looks the same because of beauty standards and makeup. why can’t you see the barrier right in front of you? Japanese fashion isn’t always going to be americas shadow, why can’t inspiration just be inspiration. There was definitely a tanning craze in the west before Gyaru and celebrities started participating in the bimbo look, but it’s obvious to anyone who has been lurking for more then 2 years that American bimbos and Japanese Gyaru is NOT the same thing. your trying so hard to prove your a wise elder but you can’t comprehend the rookie mistake that Gyaru isn’t bimbo.

>> No.10914103

Op here, ignore the fag and post gyaru

>> No.10914273

Dressing in a slutty way that appeals to men and whoring around with tons of men = feminist and fighting the patriarchy? Women showing as much of their bodies as possible and being an easy lay is exactly what all these men want lol. That's why gyaru has been featured in so much porn, both live action and hentai. It's a counterculture fashion but it's not feminist.

(Not trying to back up the mansplaining scrote either though, he's swinging too far in the other direction.)

>> No.10914314

it does in a conservative environment, anon. that's the whole point. feminism is a broad term. it's been explained already but gyaru started during a time when women were still expected to act like they were in pain during sex. gyaru av didn't start until the culture was already mainstream. that's the other thing. anons are saying it STARTED as a rebellious subculture, not that it's still that way or that it didn't change over time. obviously hostesses aren't feminist, but being loud and flashy in public and sitting on the floor of a traincar certainly is. early gyaru wasn't considered sexy and that's a fact. also i'm saying this as someone who only wears gyaru because the clothing is sexy cute and i can wear flattering cute clothes instead of childish ones.

>> No.10914570

This is why I hate stuff like liberal feminism, what exactly is feminist about having sex with men for money? I can kind of see the argument for lolita being feminist since it's pretty exclusively for women and nothing about it is really that sexy but gyaru? Only if you're a libfem who thinks having an onlyfans is totally enpowering and not completely degrading for young women.

>> No.10914690

I'm not a liberal feminist but I understand the viewpoint. It's about sexual autonomy. You decide what to do with your body, you decide if you want to have sex with men for money or sell content on OF.
If you're prostituting yourself by choice, not because you would starve otherwise and not because someone else is forcing you to, that is sexual autonomy. What I've seen/read about gyaru from japanese sources regarding stuff like compensated dating is that often (but not always) this was a way for gyaru to earn some money to spend on luxury goods their parents understandably wouldn't buy for them. In some cases gyaru were doing compensated dating and other forms of prostitution in order to survive because they had run from home.

This was of course pretty dangerous and degrading, and will probably lead to regret and trauma down the line.
But lets also not exaggerate the amount of gyaru who did compensated dating and other forms of prostitution. It is well known that the japanese media blew this way out of proportion during the early 2000s when this was covered a lot.

>> No.10914743

does anyone understand why tanning is racist now? is it because of the woke weebs reducing blackface to skin color again? i am sick of random white girls apologizing for ganguro and saying japanese girls are only allowed tan x amount. what gives?

>> No.10914805

It's not, you just don't go outside enough. Nobody in the real world gives a shit. People squawking on Twitter or tiktok doesn't mean shit.

>> No.10914820

What is there to clarify? Obv everyone in here wears the western variety

Btw ageha often features a famous tranny

>> No.10914854

Nayrt, is ageha still publishing?

>> No.10914861

hmm i wonder if i'm specifically talking about the gyaru community that is *gasp!* online. don't answer shit you don't have an answer for next time.

>> No.10914865

Oh you're one of these. You realize that tanning for cosplay is banned at cons right? You can get kicked out for it. Online shit seeps into real life especially in smaller circles.

>> No.10914871

definitely one of the most horrid jfash out there together with stdecora

>> No.10914874

it's not 2012 anymore anon, this weaponized autism affects real life now. people on tiktok especially gas themselves up with this mob mentality shit and actually do assaultive things in real life to people they think are "appropiating" shit.

>> No.10915103


>> No.10915136

they stopped for a few years retard.

>> No.10915176

Do you need to read that back to yourself, dingdong? Why would you ask and then say some shit as if they aren’t publishing again? Pls kys

>> No.10915249

hmm i wonder if that has to do with why the OP asked if it was still being published or something. you're probably too young to even know they stopped. zoomers are always so angwy!

>> No.10915316
File: 64 KB, 735x810, 50bb07c19e873171d196333331f90f21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10915322

Anyone notice himegyaru gets so butchered by zoomers? It's worse with hime than the other styles. Just wear lolita if you don't actually understand hime.

>> No.10915327

they don't understand lolita, that's why they're wearing hime. they think it's just hime lolita with less rules.

>> No.10916131

I’m from the 90s. If they wanted to know that badly a simple google search is infinitely more productive than asking some newfag question. Quit trying to be contrarian because your fat and bored.

>> No.10916499

yeah, the 1890s you gay faggot.

>> No.10916501

Lol is it your first time on the board? Asking if Ageha is still running could start a discussion but you're not even gal so you clearly don't want any. Maybe take your own advice and stop being a waste of space with a small cock.

>> No.10916504

This whole thread is women deep diving debating the deep lore reasons as to why niche pop culture trends died out in the 2010s and I don’t know how to follow any of this

>> No.10916816

By posting gyaru, which is not happening cuz gyaru makes everyone mad at each other

>> No.10916819


>> No.10917582

Is it meant to be funny or do they think attempting to twerk when you have a completely flat pancake ass actually looks good?

>> No.10917806

tf sauce pls
you've gotta be fucking kidding me, I know there have been controversies through the years and people have gotten lambasted online but it can't be that bad right?

>> No.10917811
File: 322 KB, 640x480, random av screenshot lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kogal Kurogal Yamanba

I would go on about it some more if this weren't a blue board, but the thought of a girl ruining herself for a niche "fashion" is such a turn-on. I was a big fan of that "Henshin" manga.

Sorry for the shitty image, I haven't got an actual stash to source from.

>> No.10917812

>>10917811 My unicode arrows got eaten... wtf is with 4chan's board software? Even the pre-javascript version could handle this...

>> No.10918103

I'm sorry to break it to you but the actresses in porn are not real gyarus. Just like nothing else in porn is real.

Pretty sure anon is making shit up. No one gets banned for it. They do get dragged online though.

>> No.10918106

The Chinese scalpers gals need to leave the community. Why in the world are you charging $500 for a belt? Shit Chinese scalpers ruining lolita now.

>> No.10918107

The tea.
Did Aochan get a bbl?
Kona’s boyfriend was caught cheating and she left him.
Kyripu graduated from Newegg.

>> No.10918122

Is it really gal fashion, if you don't burn a hole through some guy's wallet to buy it for you?

>> No.10918206

They'll never be able to make me hate gyaru

>> No.10918219

Ayrt and yeah I'm used to the online culture being fucking trash garbage but irl people like that don't have the courage to say shit. Unless you're doing literal actual blackface and darkening yourself so much you're another race- and even then Ariana became a whole other race and it's really just joked about or a few hit pieces with no actual substance or TANGIBLE pushback. Most online instances (if they really get blown up) are say sorry, lay low a couple months, and come back.

>> No.10918430

I will find a source but some girl got banned from a cosplay contest because of tanning. She posted about it after, this was a few years ago.

>> No.10918434

>Unless you're doing literal actual blackface and darkening yourself so much you're another race
Anon, blackface isn't actually about skin colour to begin with, zoomers need to get that through their heads. Skin tone isn't owned by any race. Look at SEasians, South Americans, Indians, Aboriginal Australians, some Chinese ethnicities even, and there are more. Ariana doesn't LOOK black with a tan and high ponytail, she just evokes the idea of black women to people who only associate those traits with black women, and that's part of the problem as well, it's stereotyping. Because that's what white saviors do, they stereotype, and then you get black women with colorist views backing them up because they're already bitter. But either way, there has been girls getting beat up for wearing hoops, or braids, or getting bullied and ostracized by schoolmates for saying the wrong thing. This stuff is leaking into real life and laying low isn't going to stop it.

>> No.10918470

Yes I know what blackface is thanks, I'm just asking for sources of being banned from cons for tanning or actual REAL LIFE consequences forgive me for being old

>> No.10918494

look up "suspicious tumbleweed disqualified" and
"eurocosplay league of legends cosplayer blackface" both happened 5 years ago and were posted on here. i am not spoonfeeding you anymore when you're clearly too lazy to look but insist others are wrong.

>> No.10918496

nta but this girl was disqualified for wearing a body suit.

>> No.10918497

How is it spoonfeeding when I wouldn't even know what to look up, those are such specific terms. Thanks though. It's not that I don't believe it happens, I just wanted more than "it happens" to make a judgement.

>> No.10918499

Damn this shit mad retarded

>> No.10918512

>says cosplayers got banned from competitions
>hOw Do i KnOw WhAt To SeArCh?
seriously get out.

>> No.10918533

sorry forgot that asking for a source on 4chan is literally as bad as being a commie or some shit, I'll always trust what you guys say forever :) love you nonnie, let's kiss and get banned from cons together for tanning, ok?

>> No.10918729

being a bitch doesn't help you blend in.

>> No.10918796

Stop derailing thread with BS.

>> No.10918797

Are gals still doing meet ups? The community doesn’t feel connected as it use to be?

>> No.10919085

Could say the same to you nonny :(