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Been workin on this since mid jan im in school but the staff wanted me to bring it in for the art show and now i get to use the stuff in the art room so i dont gotta pay for anything only spent around $60 on this and i think its turnin out well

what do yall think?

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Looks great! Please work on your English and use punctuation and capitalization.

Great cost and there is some solid detail in it.

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is that a muthafucking poska I see? Graffiti writer's favorite marker, just not the ink, the ink goes to the trash and you fill up with permanent ink
and get one with a nice rectangular tip, that shit is beast you can paint on anything with it

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Excellent work.

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like anon said, some details are amazing, but the overall finishes aren't, you got skill for sure, but you gotta improve the finishing look, materials or whatever it is, you got it already, just improve it, 3D printing or whatever you need

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Bro fuck you English teacher ass

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Looks great. Love the originality anon!

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Looks great but I would add some teeth to the chain, it's what makes chainsaws cut