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No autosaging edition

This is a containment thread for all questions like "how do I get a cosplay gf?" or "how do i hook up at an anime convention"

>required reading

>I can't get laid IRL. Can I get laid at an anime con?
No. You need the basic competence from IRL

>Thread prompt:
Who's the one that got away? either you were working up the nerve to flirt or you actually did, but things ended up not working out

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I'm not sure why you expect this thread to be any different, but best of luck to you

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Here's my blogpost responding to the thread prompt:
A woman at a convention once told me that she fancied me. While we were both drunk she placed my hand on her leg. I slowly worked up her leg until I (assume aggressive and unpleasantly) fingered her through her bodysuit. She pushed my hand away after a while. The next morning I felt gross about the whole affair and then ghosted her.
I feel like I should kill myself.

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you know you can recover from that right?

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Had a similar event like that but with a guy, in the moment it feels like if you stop its embarrassing but also don't want to keep going so its awkward all around.

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What do you mean? now it's been months. In any case, I have all these internal contradictions about sexuality due to my upbringing that I need to work out before I can get anywhere. I feel that any sexuality is gross and dirty but I feel that I become boring and ignored if I am not sexually aggressive.
I feel like you grow up watching all these literary type romances in anime or other media but that's not to be found in life. There was 503 day and that made me sick. You can't exist out of society and then it's just being a an animal. Do I want that? Do I want to live as I have been? What may one find? You have to make concessions to reality. Do I want that?