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I did a jax cosplay and at least 3 women wanted me to fuck them what the fuck is wrong with people.

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0 women want to fuck you.

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No I want to fuck 0 women im gay.

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People who go to cons are mentally ill. I used to dress up as orochimaru and the amount of girls that told me that wanted me go back to their rooms and fuck with the cosplay on was stupid.
I didn't. Because I was always in a relationship when I went to cons. (Stay loyal.) But like it was weird to see what some of those girls were into.

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>I did a jax cosplay

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league of legends character

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what a hottie!
(what r the odds they r both purple)

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You see that video of the Michael Myers pretending to choke a woman? The look of pure bliss on her face was something.

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You made them fear for their lives and they tried to preemptively appease you. It's a classic female survival tactic, which is why you see women flock to abusers and psychos.