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This is a containment thread for all questions like "how do I get a cosplay gf?" or "how do i hook up at an anime convention"

>required reading

>I can't get laid IRL. Can I get laid at an anime con?
No. You need the basic competence from IRL

>Thread prompt:
What are your con romance stories? Either victories or defeats

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At least you tried for more subtly this time but in all honesty I don't think it's gonna save you either. Hell with it. I'll engage while the chance is still there

Success was taking someone home that went to the same meetup as me. Defeat was getting a date with a 10/10, instant chemistry but still failed for some reason

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were they both cosplayers

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No to the first, yes to the second

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what if ur gay? how do you get twinks to let u succ?

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First practice with burro, then move to gato, then you graduate to women. Expert move time.

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being gay is easy mode

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>manage to get girls to come up to me for photos but they always walk away immediately before i can try to do any small talk

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no its not they will hookup with you but if you so much as hint as you have romantic feelings they nope the fuck out

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What's the point making friends at a con if you're not in the immediate area? If you're 2+ hours removed from the town it's taking place in, chances are you're not talking to whoever you meet there afterwards unless they give you a discord invite or something.

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So you can see them again next year, or maybe you go to visit a con in their area

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Wash your ass

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>What's the point making friends?
Human companionship. Even if you're only buddies in one context it's still nice to meet someone nice. Have you never gone to a foreign country or a new city and made a pal?

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I always have my wife as an "assistant." She helps them feel comfortable and usually gets them to sign a contract of rights for the images. Lots of times that leads to us offering paid photo shoots. I'd say 20-25% of the time we fuck team fuck the ones that agree. And we usually only end up paying them like 100 bucks or sometimes only booze and drugs for some good OF content. We hide our faces and bodies so the girls never know who we are.

If you're too ugly to have a femme dyke friend do that for you, I'd say maybe consider actually hiring an assistant. Sometimes that can grow your business.

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Is it a good idea to post photos taken from a con on IG to try to get the girl to respond and talk to her? Not a professional photographer just posting simple casual photos taken with phone and no editing

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If it’s unedited that’s a good way to get her to block you kek

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Quick question: Friend gas cosplay loving wife, did he win?

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Maybe. Is it >>10911090?

If he's monogamous, then no. Every woman gets boring. Even the hottest bitch gets on some guy's nerves after 5-10 years of marriage. See Married with Children.

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Any con dating/hookup advice for trannies? Since I married in my early 20s I don't have much dating experience, now I'm single, in my 30s and getting back into con life. I'm ftm with botched surgeries (I pass, until you get my clothes off) so frankly I'm scared to hookup with or date people due to all the trans hate horror stories. I figure if I have any chance with someone it'd be at an anime con. I'm outgoing and don't have general social anxiety or problems making friends, I just have anxiety about hookups and dating.

My idea is that as a tranny I probably need to put about 300% effort into my body, personality and costume, and that my best bet at success is if I can find a horny bisexual. I'm not fat and I'll be at the con with some friends.

The only con "romance" I've had, I was an older teen and a guy my age was hitting on me. He was obsessed with some shoujo anime I hadn't seen, and kept telling me he'd never met anyone like me before. I ended up agreeing to go out on a pity date with him, but he immediately took me around to all his favorite places just to introduce me to everyone he knew as his girlfriend. I cut that off fast.

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Join the big percent tranny. Not welcome here.

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Posting without permission is rude, especially because nowadays your boss can use facial recognition to find your pics across the internet and then fire you for what you're doing in your free time. Most people, especially women, also want their photos edited so they look great.

Also you can use the very act of asking for permission as a conversation opener. "Hi, you looked great during the event and I really enjoyed your cosplay, I took a few photos of you in your costume and am wondering if I could post them to Instagram, you can choose which photos I upload and I can link back to your social media... By the way, I'm going to (next convention) as (character from the same series as this lady), would you be interested in trying to get a group cosplay together?" or some shit. Or you can be less subtle than that, I don't care.

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>big percent tranny
Dunno wtf this is.

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I found out that if you're a guy and simply just talk to a gay guy a lot right when you meet, never bring up sexuality, and hint that guys have been into you in the past as part of a longer story (as in "...I ended up having to call the police, and it was pretty funny, the detective hit on me..."), even if you never say you're gay or into men, he'll probably end up prepositioning you for sex within an hour or two, and will pass it off as a fun activity you should try instead of anything romantic or like a date. He'll also probably try to ply you with alcohol or marijuana. Happened to me about 4 times in 2 weeks (I used the same story on every one) and some I didn't know were gay beforehand.

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Then stop posting here.

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lurk moar

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isnt posting permission already sort of implied when you ask for a photo and they pose for you? ive seen people post photo dumps of their con weekend and never had issues

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I guess so. I'd still ask though.

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Contrary to this board most con goers are fine with trans people. I don't know about hooking up, but you're probably ok.

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Let me get this straight.
So you and your wife pay girls to sleep with you then upload the video footage at a profit?

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I've been going on /cgl/ off and on for over 10 years. Glad to see some things never change.
Thanks. I definitely think I have a safer bet at cons, but I always only seem to read about mtfs or people who haven't actually transitioned.

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Usually. Sometimes they just suck my dick or eat my wife's pussy. Once or twice I've taken dirty pics to jack off to for myself tho. All legal. We film them signing the agreements I mentioned.

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I imagine prostitution is pretty widespread at major cons

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Prostitution is common everywhere. Superb Owl is #1 hooker even tgo

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id pay to fuck a girl in cosplay

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Just send them a message on OF. If they live near you it's only like 200 for a blowie and 500 for all 3 holes.

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I am at a country where hotels aren't nearby convention centers and even the hot girls aren't usually looking for hookups at the convention itselfs (except for the anime ones and often they're minors who deliberately trick others). So, dating and fucking cosplayers isn't exactly easy to find.

As much as i'm a big autist and only recently like a year ago or so i've fixed myself enough to be 'available', I would say... Randomness is a thing. attempts must be soft, specially with the 'everything is sexual assault' these days, card pulled by many cosplayers seeking, merely, attention and fame.

but it's entirely possible. we have to believe or else, we have already lost. attempts must be made, we can't deny ourselves this.

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Just cuz something is legal doesn't mean it isn't greasy.

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OF has direct messaging?

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Almost all OF have a linktree. Are you tards even on the internet? Do you need your mommy to put your pp in the vagoo?

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I've been on the Internet longer than you. I just don't go on zoomer internet.

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I also like to lie on the internet

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Fuckin newfags

Thanks fellow oldfag, even if you're only been in here since ~2016 you're still an oldfag compared to these people

t.2005 chanfag

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It's an anime con you can tell people you're trans (there's trans groups even in party scenes at least where I am at, though more MTF)

Oh be warned a lot of FTMs are absolutely unhinged like MTFs only in a feminine manners

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They are all unhinged. Breaks my heart to see someone's little boy or girl get brainwashed by the Internet.
That said, that bussy shouldn't be wasted after wrecking their bodies for a short period of life.

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cons are trannie central. if you're okay t4t you're fine.

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Yeah, its a total lie that skeezy dudes take advantage of wannabe models. By the way, you can trust all government regulations! Make sure to ignore all real world examples to the contrary

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Most people I know look through the conventions tag to see if anyone posted their pictures. You could upload multiple pictures and ask people to comment if they're in any of the pictures so you can tag them. If you didn't get their Instagram at the convention, you could follow them from that. Just make your main target the first image. If they want to be tagged they'll let you know. Sometimes people will recognize them and tag them in the comments

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It is. Some people will ask for their Instagram handle for tagging purposes, but I've had cosplayers hand me a business card and ask that I tag them if I do chose to post the photo

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Thank you so much, your advice is great. I definitely don’t want to get laughed at for my lack of experience.

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I really like the cars photgs and cosplayers have, its cool after the con to go through them and check everyone out

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Is IG a must? I feel too old to use zoomer shit.

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It pretty much is. Women are way more comfortable handing that out compared to their phone number

>> No.10911286

People in general are. I met tons of people last con just swapping instas

>> No.10911289

I thought TikTok was more zoomer shit than IG. Regardless, like everyone said, IG is probably the most common social media that people have

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Yes, creepy dudes hit on girls, almost always unsuccessfully. But even if he finds some desperate girls looking to become instafamous, how many of them are willing to fuck the guy, his wife, AND be recorded for onlyfans? Not enough that this would be a regular occurrence

No idea why you're ragging on me about trusting the government when you're willing to believe some guy writing fanfiction on a Tibetan basket weaving forum

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what about discord?

>> No.10911294

Post the OF link or this is fake and gay.

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>Cosplay gf
What a pointless thread since 99% of female cosplayers are disgusting lesbians or bi with ugly tatoos all over their body.

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Discord works too

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It's okay but not as good. I think it can work if you had a conversation with them already about hanging out during the later hours of the con and are gonna let them know about parties or if you invite them to a cosplay server you're in. Too much like texting though. If they add a bunch of people through discord they might not really remember who you are. Instagram works with messaging because it shows that they've read your message and they can't just ignore it the same way you can with discord. And they'll remember when they interacted with you based on your posts

>> No.10911314

Discord for talking later
Insta for public tagging and posting someone in a pic you took

>> No.10911320

IG is better. It carries the plausibility deniability of just looking at pics. The article is right.

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What cosplays do girls like and are easy to pull off for manlet?

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kek, the tinder AI recognizes cosplay

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>being gay is easymodo
>forgot about gay chubby chasers where most fatties at cons are straight
Gay chubby chasing at anime conventions is the Dark Souls of gay hookups

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can you please pick ONE disgusting thing to be into?

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Fucking lol, he's been posting about this for NINE YEARS

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Jesus Christ gay men are revolting

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Holy shit @ parts of that guide advising men to intentionally ply women with alcohol so you can rape them.

Reminder that drunk women can't legally consent and you legit can be charged with rape if you do this.

>> No.10911360

Yeah, it's really creepy. This is not a place with morals unfortunately.

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You're fucking retarded. It doesn't say that all. You can drink without getting drunk and the article suggests having alcohol so you can have a fun party

>> No.10911366

It's AI generated so of course it's going to miss the finer nuances

That being said, perhaps we could take the opportunity ITT to Redpill everyone how to not ruin their lives chasing weeb puss

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obvious samefag

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The article has entire section on not being creepy and respecting boundaries

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>buying a woman a drink is rape
Do foids actually believe this? is this a zoomer thing?

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It definitely relates to both, but I'd mostly attribute this to weight

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the important question is how do i bag a chick like this:

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Yep here's the part of the article that pissed off the fat girl in this thread

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i need a cosplayt gf EXACTLY like this

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You can't.

>> No.10911403

how do i do it as a girl?

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>No. You need the basic competence from IRL

>> No.10911448

Don't be fat
Not ugly
A cosplay of a still trending waifu

>> No.10911449

I mean
I got one and discussed a little bit with a hot cosplay-chick once

Too bad my IG is anonymous, and she lifes a little bit too far away...

>> No.10911450

What's "it"? Getting laid? getting a bf?

for getting laid go up to a guy and act interested in his cosplay and hobbies and shit and laugh a lot. Have something fun planned and offer to come with him. In any case, get his instagram. If he doesn't come out, message him later that night asking him what he's going

anyway anyone who wants coaching on this topic add maintenancetunnels on Discord

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>I'm ftm with botched surgeries (I pass, until you get my clothes off)
Maybe, they weren't such a good idea in the first place...
I guess bi-people might be your option
Or another transperson
No idea what you are into

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I have the problem, I don't know what to talk about after the photo...

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So you're a dickless, narrow-shouldered, wide-hipped short man?

And you want to hook up with people?

What the fuck were you thinking nigga

>> No.10911457


saying this as someone who has had probably more than their fair share of sex at conventions, the best thing is not to have sex at the con itself but build the relationship and then date after

anything you do at the con will be rushed or not as private as you want it to be, be someone that they want to meet up with after the convention

>> No.10911478

>required reading
>Dating AI
Top fucking kek. I hope you're a shill for this shitty website and not legitimately spreading it as advice.

>> No.10911484

>I'm ftm with botched surgeries
you said the same thing twice.

>> No.10911490

Honestly when I ask people for photos I'm not expecting conversation. It's usually busy and standing in one place blocks the flow of traffic too much. If it's not too busy I think conversation before asking for a picture would be better. Talk about their cosplay and ask questions, then ask for their picture and Instagram

>> No.10911502

I don't think it says that. I need to have a drink myself in order to even talk to women. Booze cures autism. No one should force booze down anyone's throat, but I need to be drinking to talk with women.

>> No.10911504

I think my comment got deleted by a jealous janny, but just to be clear I PAY these girls to fuck on camera. Tons of attention seeking sluts in skimpy costumes are willing to take it to the next level for money. This isn't rocket surgery.

Jannies always get mad when I talk about how easy it is to fuck women, especially when my wife is pimping for me. Not sure why. They say it's off topic but I'm posting in an off topic thread.

>> No.10911506

Yes I understood what your fake story was in the first place, no need to clarify. No one is mad. We just don't need to read some pathetic larp

>> No.10911507

Is there an OF couple who doesnt bring in wannabe models? Why are you so butthurt about this? Way faker stuff posted on cgl’s front page right now. Says more about you than anything

>> No.10911508

Stating that I think you're lying isn't being butthurt lol You're the one digging your heels in because some rando on the internet doesn't believe you

>> No.10911510

it's probably his fetish and he'll get off better thinking someone believes his fanfic.

>> No.10911511

Not the boomer that was asking about it earlier, but what the fuck do I even post on Instagram? How do people use this site?

>> No.10911513

Post the link faggot

>> No.10911514

Is it prostitution if the man offers money first?

>> No.10911516

pictures dummy, with appropriate tags

>> No.10911520

NTA but what do you mean by appropriate tags?

>> No.10911521

Pictures of what? Myself? My cat? My coffee cup? The wall?

>> No.10911522

It's pornography if filmed.

>> No.10911525

I'm not giving you free pics. Pay for my OF if you can find it. It's pretty obvious since 85% of the third wheelers are in cosplay. I make plenty of money so I'm not looking to get doxxed or fucked up by 4chan, thanks. I'd definitely prefer you think I'm lying than to hunt me down with your internet sleuth autism.

>> No.10911529

I don't want free pics. I just think you're full of shit. Post the link to your OF. I'll pay .

>> No.10911532

Pets are good. You in cosplay is good, cool food nature.

>> No.10911533

Then go look for it. I've had bad experiences posting my shit on /gif/ many years ago. Not gonna get my spot blown up again.

>> No.10911534

man you need to use the internet more you sound so new to all this

>> No.10911536

Okay, I'll try.

I don't normally use social media, I just got a Facebook and Instagram this past month. I have a discord but it's not associated with my RL stuff at all.

>> No.10911563

the article seems like a pretty solid way to make the most of a con tbqh

>> No.10911575


desu I found your OF and it’s nothing but mid women, I’ve hooked up with hotter without paying for it

some of us prefer quality experiences over volume, enjoy banging cosplay deviant rejects

>> No.10911579

Quantity has a quality of its own, anon...

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How would I romance this girl?

>> No.10911584


yeah and that quality is sti’s, low status women and mediocre lays. If you were halfway decent at it they’d want to fuck again and enjoy your vibes not your money. A hard concept to understand, I’m sure

>> No.10911590

>low status women
What does this mean?

>> No.10911610

say you have free HRT at home

>> No.10911611 [DELETED] 

>Sick Jinx jospaly! Do you also have mental problems?
Lmfao did an AI write this?

>> No.10911612

Not hot

>> No.10911614

How small is his dick?

>> No.10911619 [DELETED] 
File: 32 KB, 493x276, oh my fuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Your jinx cosplay is right on the button. Are you mentally ill too?"
Looks like AI can produce art

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File: 32 KB, 493x276, oh my fuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Your jinx cosplay is right on the button. Are you mentally ill too?"

>> No.10911621

How drunk are you anon.
It is a funny line that machine wrote.

>> No.10911674

I've hooked up with hotter women without paying for it too. But I'm making money having threesomes with my wife. I'm totally fine with my life. Are you?

>> No.10911692


nobody genuinely happy with their lives needs to validate and prove their degenerate lifestyle to anonymous strangers on the internet, it’s fine if you want to bang mediocre lays with your unhappy wife but it’s the validation that betrays you

>> No.10911693


it’s exactly what you think it means, women intuitively know where they stand in relation to others just like men do

>> No.10911741

Where we stand? I know people are hotter (I'm not very hot) than others but I don't think someone is a higher status than someone, that's like weird Jordan Peterson crypto fascist crap

>> No.10911744


do you think money to perform on camera would be a deciding factor for a wealthy person or someone with a curated following

when you go to a convention, do they treat industry and guests like attendees

sure we don’t have titles of nobility and maybe your vote counts the same, but we absolutely have other ways of measuring status in society

>> No.10911747

>we absolutely have other ways of measuring status in society
We do have classes under our current material conditions. Those classes change and have lessened since the creation of private property. I'm glad I'm an employee instead of a serf or a slave.

But like with women I don't care if she works at dollar tree if we have chemistry. I know not all women feel like that but I have to feel that there's still some.

>> No.10911809

If you learn to read, and then read the thread you will be shocked to discover some things. 1) i was trying to help some pathetic weirdo get his dick wet with a cosplay thot and 2) wasnt bragging at all. In fact, i used very boring matter of fact language.

Butthurt losers have to blame others for their failures I understand, but this is a bit if an extreme case.

>> No.10911815


except none of your advice was meaningfully actionable, and the majority of the remaining time your posts are defending a cringe pecadillo

it’s the fact you can’t stay on topic by centering yourself hoping for a crumb of validation that gives it away, it wouldn’t have been that weird if it wasn’t for that, promoting your OF does nothing for the thread lol

make your paper i guess but don’t expect that’s something other people are seeking. not everyone has an underwhelming marriage

>> No.10911821

Explain why it wasn't actionable. Offering women money for sex is 100% actionable. As proven by my actions. ACTIONABLE. PECADILLO? You breakin out your thesaurus faggot?

>> No.10911822

If your story was even true, do you not realize you should be the last person giving advice? You can't convince women to sleep with you without paying them

>> No.10911830

? I'm married? What are you talking about?

>> No.10911843

Again, I don't believe your larp. But if it were true, your advice for someone meeting women at a con isn't valid because you're paying them, dingus

>> No.10911847

Not to mention, even putting the paying part aside, getting a third as a couple is completely different and in my experience much easier (never actually did it but my ex and I got plenty of offers) than hooking up as a single guy.

>> No.10911856

? I met my wife before I married her?

>> No.10911863

Do you have to pay her every time too?

>> No.10911866

No. Wouldn't be my wife if that were the case? What's confusing you here?

>> No.10911868

You're the one that's been lost in this conversation, bud

>> No.10911870

I'd like to hear a summary from your perspective.

>> No.10911874

Us: Your advice isn't useful
You: I have a wife
Us: Yes, but for the women at conventions, which this THREAD IS ABOUT, your advice isn't useful
You: I have a wife

>> No.10911881


the original prompt for the thread was “What are your con romance stories? Either victories or defeats” and all you mentioned was how to stage a discount brand backroom casting couch scenario lol

imagine being mad at words, your wife must do a lot of emotional labor to support living with such a child that needs to fuck other mid women to keep it interesting

>> No.10911882


>thread: ”What are your con romance stories? Either victories or defeats”

>> No.10911883

where is the romance story huh huh??

>> No.10912017

stop derailing the fucking thread

Here's a story
>Dressed as legoshi at small con
>in line for a drink in 18+ area
>girl in generic anime maid OC talks to me and identifies my costume
>she's clearly flirting
>we hang out and drink all night, meet some people have fun
>go back to my place
Sometime's it's just having the right costume in the right place at the right time

>> No.10912057

No. Having sex with a drunk woman is rape, as defined by US law. Even more so if you are intentionally getting her drunk so she will have sex with you, because she would not have consented when sober. It's something you should avoid risking at all costs.

>> No.10912091

Something's fucky here.

>> No.10912122

i've never been approached by a woman in my life so i doubt any cosplay is going to fix that
>inb4 just lift, get a haircut, etc
already did all that

>> No.10912135


>> No.10912140

>What are your con romance stories? Either victories or defeats
I was talking with a female cosplayer at an afterparty a little bit once
Closest I ever get...

>> No.10912162

from beastars

>> No.10912276

My wife attends conventions. I met her at conventions. I also fuck women at conventions who aren't my wife.

I still don't get why my advice isn't valuable. You haven't explained why you're dismissing my advice based on the source.

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>> No.10912410

Ha that is a funny meme

>> No.10912718

>it's autosaging

>> No.10912737

A better fate than most of these threads can hope for

>> No.10916198

jannies don't want concels to get laid simple as