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post pics of cosplayers interacting with some random breed of comic writer/artist/creator here

(it’s all about the contrast)

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fun fact: perez is involved in this specific situation a lot

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dude gets a lot of babes that way

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taken in the eboyhussie era

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ngl i'm surprised that's what rob liefeld really looks like

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Holy shit Tara has pretty big implants, but she looks pretty normal standing next to those two

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this one's pretty recent:

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I know I'm embarrassing myself here, but Hayter's a sweetheart, we ended up shooting the shit for like 15 minutes because I was the only one in line.

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>be Asian
>draw boobs
>ignore crybaby virtue warriors
>crush mad puss
It's that simple

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He liked it so much he had his handler take a picture on his phone.

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He really is super fucking cool and chill. I met him a few years ago at a con; you could bring one item for him to autograph for $20 bucks
I brought two metal gear solid games and asked him which he would prefer to sign. Dude then without any hesitation says he'll sign both no problem