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The Flower Kitten series is releasing this week

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There's an ivory colorway only available at Sendai

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Lots of hair accessories made with organdy

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If this was bunnies I’d be all over it like a rash. I wish they’d used this fabric for Flower Garden Teatime.

The boob ribbons are an interesting design choice though

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Nu AP is so ugly

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>The boob ribbons are an interesting design choice though
that's because it's popular with chinese lolitas. taobao brands put them on a lot of stuff because it looks like the ribbons on hanfu. i personally don't like the ribbons like that, it'll look better as just bows.

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They just traced over Vanilla-Chan and made it worse

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I'm with the Chinese on this one. Titty ribbon a cute.

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When is sugar hearts JP MTO shipping? I can't go that far back in the AP news section of the site.

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O i c. I think it looks alright on the jsk but a bit weird on the OP, like there’s too much going on with the yoke. I ended up getting the lavender jsk but where is my matching headbow, AP? Where is my Decoration Ice Cream headbow? Not even enough spare fabric for some barettes?


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Just lots of plain basics this week

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Bad news: Melody Toys again
Good news: it’s the regular jsk cut that a lot of people wanted!
Bad news II: no mint or sax

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They do look similar but the art style and theme is way different for it to be traced

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this looks good. i wish they did more white with pink lace pieces though.

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Next saturday should have this

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sax is the best colorway, are they stupid?

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Do we have any idea why this print specifically has been re-released a billion times? Is it China's favorite print or something?

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No, it's not super popular there.

My personal theory is somehow the fabric printing order got fucked up and AP wound up with like 10x more Melody Toys fabric than they needed. so now they just keep re-releasing it to use up all the extra. That would also explain why the color selection has gotten more and more limited through all the billion releases they've done, bc they're gradually running out of the excess fabric.

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Why is AP USA doing another Day Dream Carnival MTO?
There was already one in January with a ship date in September.

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I dont know but nows my chance!

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OH YAY! I'm so glad you posted this, I missed out on the first mto and now I can still get it. Who knows why, but I hope offering multiple chances is something they do with future mtos too

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What color do you want to get? The sax and lav and pink are so pretty. The ivory is gorgeous and I just can’t decide

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I got the lavender actually! So excited!! If you still cant decide I think you should go pink!

Me too! I had no idea the first one was going on until after it was finished! Very excited I got a chance to make a purchase.

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I got pink and lavender. I like ivory too, but I'd be too paranoid about it getting dirty really easily.

Congrats on being able to get it anon!

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AP have posted info about the Lyrical Bunny backpack MTO. Scalpers BTFO


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They’re also offering a Princess Ribbon Decoration MTO which I am very excited for


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Why are they kind of ugly

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these are low key usakumya bootlegs and look like actual children's plush toys
actually tacky and costumey, recent AP is so disappointing

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I think it is lovely and hime as fuck. I want lavender but I do wish it was solid like the pink.

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getting one of every color.

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That lavender fabric looks sooo cheap

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Suzuran Bouquet this week


The OP comes in black, mint & pink, and seems to be a presale in certain stores & online shop only. The JSK is available in black, mint, pink & lavender.

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I love this.

Also, did people stop posting AP releases to the Lolita Updates FB group? I was surprised not to see discussion about this release.

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lolita updates is just really slow

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What's the best way to keep up with news of AP's MTOs? Not just announcements but reminders on the dates they happen etc? I don't wanna sign up for the official newsletter because I don't care about regular releases, only MTOs.

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the swollen sphere cheeks
I do not understand the obsession at all, it makes otherwise cute plushies/figures look like they tried to swallow bees.