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>My interest in anime cons was reborn when local cons hosted in my local mall.
>When the local mall no longer hosts any cons, I've decided to learn to travel on foot and use public transportation to go to the cons, from going to the malls in my city to state-to-state travel, relying on Google Maps to show the way.
>This is coming from a guy who doesn't stray too far from my home neighborhood.

It's quite tense given the danger and being in unfamilar territory but it's fun.

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Did this drive almost two years ago. It was, as the kids might say, "kino". It was also agreed I'd split 50% of the drive with another guy and it ended up being more like 75% me, 25% him. I'm undecided if that helped or hindered

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Flew to Japan from America. Nothing special. It was part of another trip.

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1 hour and 45 minutes from San Diego to Anaheim Convention center

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2.5 hours
Going to be 6 hours when I go to Dragoncon this year and 10-12 if I ever decide to go to Katsu or Colossal. Getting a new car soon so that should help, I'll be able to actually justify owning an SUV.

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I had to travel to New York for a work conference and cosplay as a normie.

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From Seattle to London. Wasn't worth it.

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I did 5 hours for a Tampa con and a Rays game

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Magfest in Virginia from Washington State.

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I traveled from the west coast to the east coast for a con