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Old thread hit bump limit.

My comm president is having her 40th birthday tomorrow. Wtf, I would have guessed she was like 25, but she has 2 kids who both cosplay Sonic th Headgod chracter

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I truly feel that there is no one worth knowing in these types of hobbies. Cosplay, lolita, cons, these are all havens for socially maladjusted losers who turn out to be more bitter and caustic than average ""normalfags"".
On the other hand, engaging in other creative hobbies like art, music, and woodworking has led to meeting so many amazing people, including my current girlfriend.

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Go away moid

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One of my biggest fantasies is going to an anime convention with a girl and letting her use me as her personal human ATM.

>I will pay for her travel costs
>I will pay for her hotel room
>I will pay for her entry fee
>I will pay for her cosplay if she chooses to dress up
>I will pay for all her meals
>I will pay for anything she wants to buy from the merch booths
>I will perform any additional favors or tasks she desires. Carrying her things, saving her place in long lines, taking pictures of her, etc

The most important part is that even though I will be there with her, I will make sure to keep a respectable distance between us. Close enough that she can call me over to borrow my wallet when she wants to buy something, and give me her bags to carry for her, but far enough away that nobody will look at us and think we are a couple. This way she will be free to flirt with any guys she meets there and get hit on. If I'm lucky, she'll let me wait outside of her hotel room while she hooks up with them.

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>dressed up as Miku for Miku Concert
>no one came up to me to say my outfit looked nice
>go up to several cosplayers and compliment them
>"Thanks, your miku outfit is cute too!"
>feels nothin', man, say "thank you" and move on

The only person that took my pic is a mexican girl who took a pic of me and her friend together. that was nice

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When I go to cons, I really need to stop focusing on quantity by trying to take pics of so many cosplayers. It makes me miss chances for social opportunities and making friends with people who'd be interested in talking to me.
where's that pic from?

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All of these hobby spaces have wonderful people in them and unfriendly people in them. I do hear about drama in far away communities but I've never personally experienced that in the communities I've been in (cosplay, lolita, art, other creative hobbies). I don't think I got unusually lucky, I think the drama is the exception not the rule.

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Anime North

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On one hand, I want to cosplay something I'm passionate about because that's the entire point.
On the other hand, I want to cosplay something popular because I experienced the unfathomable dopamine hit of someone asking to take a picture with me and that memory will stay with me for the rest of my life as it is quite possibly the only time anyone I don't already know has been that interested in me.

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When I went to Miku Expo in NYC, I saw a girl at the bar dressed as Miku. It was so cute.

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Let the threadly con karaoke posts, commence! I can sweep the floor with 90% of singers on a bad day. I'm now so self-assured, I'm gonna sign up for a contest the next time I see one. Feels good already man

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Is it bad that I knew she had to be Canadian because I recognized her underwear as being from La Senza?

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>watching IkeNotMike videos while drinking
>see his AWA experience
>recognize one of the Air Force guys I do work for (I do air base supply) cosplaying Nanami
>almost certain it's him
>want to ask him to confirm since he visits my office constantly but don't want to be creepy/reveal powerlevel
Wat do

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Maybe you could put up like a mainstream shonen anime poster in your office? And perhaps just see what happens from there - at least, I think this would be like a more passive / relatively innocuous way of approaching things.

(I just mention shonen in particular since that's mainstream and a relatively "normie" thing now, not like having a Boku no Pico poster or something crazy like that)

Maybe even something like a small anime-related figure or plushie - I guess something more on the inconspicuous side - this would allow him to engage / initiate rather than you (since you mentioned he visits your office a lot - he's bound to see it eventually)

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My dream dress is on LM for a great price in perfect condition but the auction’s gonna end at 3 in the morning. God help me

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if it's really your dream dress then set an alarm, wake up on time and place your final bid, and then don't complain about the sleep you miss out on.

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It is a dream dress but my sleep is heavier than normal due to medication I’m on. I’m gonna set an alarm and try to stay awake anyways.

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For some reason, my friend was worried that I might be after his sister, so he made me scroll through all of her "spicy" cosplay without getting a boner. He gave me a B- because "it moved a little" but I still wonder if things will be weird between the three of us now.

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Set 20 alarms if you need to. Godspeed, nona!!! Share the dress with us after you win it

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Stop posting these stupid little stories. No one gives a shit.

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Damn. I've been to every con this guy featured sans DragonCon. Maybe I oughta keep an eye out for him at Colossal. But it does raise the question, are there any REALLY successful "convention lifestyle" channels? Cause I've never found any

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ime though far fewer people recognize a niche cosplay the people that do are WAY more excited. I mean there's always the fear of the "literally nobody recognized me" nightmare scenario... but people are more likely to react strongly to the only person they've ever seen cosplay a character versus the tenth Yor they've seen that day.

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is this real??? m

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no, it's a troll posting made up stories.

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I think con life people are just tiktokers trying to get a foot up by pandering to anime people

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being a lifestyler is hard, i have no normie clothes (work from home) so i have no alternatives. been doing this for a decade. sometimes i don't have the energy to dress up but i hype myself up for it anyway. i just always want to be cute!

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Got any comfy cutsew ops?

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cutsews, cutsew dresses, room wear.

There's also a lot of lolita adjacent cute comfy casual wear to hang out at home in.

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>tfw I tell my wife some vendor was "a Godzilla nerd," and my daughter starts screaming in the middle of the con, "Mom! Dad said the N word! Dad said the N word!"

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I'm not either, but I'm asking because I keep seeing this pattern.
I wonder if christian men actually prefer atheist women, woo them under the pretense of atheism, and keep their true beliefs a secret until they want to get rid of the atheist partner guilt-free.
Then they deliberately overact their lunatic tendencies to get their partner to leave them.
If they dated christian women, they would have no premarital or wild sex (well, except that an anonymous survey revealed that many christian men don't see buttsex as sinful), and would have to actually make it work.
They can just lament that their "conversion attempt" failed, and so, are unequally yolked or something, and thus, free to ditch them.

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christian men want a christian women in the streets and an OF woman behind closed doors, but they can’t handle what it takes to be in a relationship with an OF woman and everything that comes with

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>still haven't found a dragoncon room
I don't wanna stay offsite, bros...

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There's some muslim guys in my college who talked about doing something similar. They're allowed to date non muslim girls as long as they don't marry them. They date and fuck around a lot (hiding their religion, not introducing the gf to their parents) and dump their girlfriends guilt free when it suits them. Their parents are fine with it. If the girl isn't muslim they don't consider it serious anyway. A few of these guys said they were absolutely dreading the moment their parents would force them to marry muslim women, they see it as an end of their life.

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Men just lie to sleep with women. It's not any deeper than that.

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Well, my sister officially kicked the big titty girl out of her cosplay crew. I'm really going to miss them.

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Was she jealous

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Idk, something about how tits girl kept trying to make her cry for fun. It sounded bad. God she's hot though.

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Wtf am I reading?

No. Men just want you to only turn your whore on for them and nobody else when you're in a relationship.

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I love seeing all the fat whores that bullied me struggle to pay their roach motel rent and getting even fatter while I get skinnier and richer. Seethe and burn, hogs.

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>and my daughter starts screaming in the middle of the con, "Mom! Dad said the N word! Dad said the N word!"

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How old are they and how are you getting richer?

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This hoe cope has been around since forever, replace OF with strippers/sluts/whatever
Hoe sleeps with male hoes forming a hoe circlejerk, and then thinks everyone a hoe or closet hoe but everyone else sees them as a walking red flag
Pretty much

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Late 20s early 30s. I’m just autistically good with money.

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I'm unironically considering paying a cosplay girl to be my girlfriend for a day. No sex or intimacy but cuddling and hanging together without worries or being judged sounds nice...

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I just like seeing women in dresses or skirts. I simply do not like seeing women wear pants. If I could live somewhere where women aren't allowed to wear pants I would move there. I have always been this way. It annoys me when my wife wears pants.

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You should be beaten until you no longer are physically capable of posting on the internet.

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What is an OF woman behind closed doors? That is an idiosyncratic concept.

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Not "idiosyncratic". I mean "paradoxical". I am tired.

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idk what this has to do with cosplay but wow what a shocker that religious men are assholes

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And out herself on cgl? Nice try, retard

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I want to fuck a hot slut.

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After dwelling on it, I can say, yes, complacence is part of why I'm not enjoying cons as much. Stuff that seems normal today would have been insane when I first started attending, and stuff that seemed insane at the time would be "Eh" at best now. Will that improve my experiences going forward? Dunno. But at least I feel more grateful, and plan to be on the look out for new ways of spicing things up

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I need a redheaded weeb gf that is obsessed with Evangelion. Not for cosplay purposes, it's just that I had enough with dating normies.

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>No. Men just want you to only turn your whore on for them and nobody else when you're in a relationship.
So men want a faithful, monogamous relationship with lots of sex?

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Yes. It's disgusting.

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Men want you to be faithful. I don't want to be faithful to you. I'm thinking of your sister, your mom, or your best friends after the 30th time I blow a load in one of your holes. Every time I go out of town I'm getting a hooker or going to a massage parlour. Sorry, just a fact.

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and that's why women don't bother

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Why do you not discipline your wife?

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Anon, I'd do the same thing. I've never been into Miku or any Vokaloid shit, but I know who she is and I've seen tons of cosplays of her online already. So I'd compliment you but not take your picture unless I was taking one out of politeness since you took mine.

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Anime and cosplay are practically mainstream now. At least, you're probably not gonna get fired for it anymore. Just ask the guy if he's into anime since you saw someone who looked liked him in a costume. Best workplace of my life was when I finally dropped my shields and let my coworkers know I was a mega anime nerd, turns out several coworkers who didn't seem like the anime type at all were into the same niche series as me.

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Even if it used to be a super popular cosplay, if it's rare now you still get that huge nostalgia hit when you see them. I wish I could go to a con just full of 80s and 90s anime cosplayers. I wanna be surrounded by Lains, Shinjis, Spikes and Ranmas.

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>If I could live somewhere where women aren't allowed to wear pants I would move there.
Saudi Arabia beckons you

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>Lains, Shinjis
popular on tiktok
>Spikes and Ranmas
still oldfag material

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Thinking about the time my comm was taking selfies in the bathroom, some lady in the stall farted really loud, and the autistic girl told her "Hey! Stop that."

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I'm in my 30s, visiting TikTok would end in someone's untimely death. Plus, oh yeah, it's not real life.

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An organizer from our con may go to jail.

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just stop, no-one thinks these are fun

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These kids said they liked my costume at the con I went to.
The character was really obscure, and there's no earthly way they recognized him

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They just thought you looked cool

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you are the problem. anywhere you go there is at least one person worth knowing, either for their personality, character or simply because they are a good human being. you probably suck in so many ways it'd take years of therapy to unpack so don't even bother replying.

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What did they do?

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Based and true

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I dated a woman for 2 years without any sexual activity due to shared moral convictions, but she left me to follow her career. I guess that makes me the chump. I don't know if I want the alternative, though. C'est la vie.

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Yeah, I'm a fucked up freak. Do what you must.

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I really, really, really miss being in college and going to the college anime club 2x a week; now I know no one and am alone.

>> No.10913469

Jokes on you, I want to turn my current gf into a whore for other women and men

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OP is absolutely correct , people who have gone to cons for 10+ years know that the environment is toxic and friend groups keep to themselves to avoid drama.

These friends you make in the cosplay scene will sell you out in a moments notice for a crumb of clout

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How many people actually cosplay in diapers?

>> No.10913503

He's only correct about clout chasing cosplayers. The people who don't care about e-fame aren't a problem.

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I enjoy subscribing and being part of discords and groups about cosplayers but there's always a thought in the back of my mind that it will never come to anything. I won't make lasting friends and the cosplayers I support will move one day. I plan to meet them and take some photos and that will be a good memory, and I love the cosplay they do. It's just this impending sense that nothing matters and I don't matter that annoys me.

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Stop ruining other women, shitcunt.

>> No.10913712

It’s not ruining if she wants it, retard. Consent is king. Don’t be mad that no one wants your faggot ass.

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>Going up to somebody's room to have drinks with them
>mfw there's a guy or three in the corner glued to their gaming laptops not saying a word to anyone
Did you ever see anything so kudaranai?

>> No.10913733

They sound based

>> No.10913744

Wha? You're a cuck! A literal cuck!

>> No.10913748

I wonder how I would go about making a leather jacket for myself.

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>tfw my home town anime con died
>like losing an old friend I met 15 years ago and we only see each other once a year
>decide to hang up my cosplaying, I’m getting too old anyway
>new con pops up in the city, not interested
>two cosplay buddies im close with are very interested, both years younger than I
>guess I’m cosplaying again
>make my costume, do my crafts, spend a lot of money getting good materials
>wife wants to join in, but completely separate series
>make her shit too
>see friends this week to talk about the con
>oh we just bought everything

>> No.10913756

>Work hard to make a cosplay as amazing as I can
>Congoers are impressed
>They keep asking where I bought it from
This hurts me as a craftsman and a poorfag.

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A girl from my comm who's 22 but looks 12 keeps joking that she should start a LonelyHands account and "make bank off pedos." She jokes about it so much, I'm pretty sure it's no longer a joke.

>> No.10913846

>looks 12
I strongly doubt that unless she has a medical condition. 12yos are all awkward in their proportions and body language. Almost every chick I've seen who claims to look like a child is just a womanlet with an ectomorph body type.

>> No.10913860

I have a close friend who's 33 but very petite and slender and with a pretty youthful face for her age, and yeah, she can look quite young at first glance and even wears a lot of clothes made for 10-12 year olds (she's broke and they're cheap) but when you really look at her body in detail she's definitely not the same as an actual kid.

Honestly if the girl from you comm wants to do stuff like that it doesn't even have to be targeted at actual pedos, there are a lot of guys who are into petite flat adults and a relatively small number of girls making content for them.

>> No.10913892

some women get off by pretending to be children and getting "molested" by pedophiles. absolutely sickening. some even buy used japanese clothing from mercari from actual children brands like mezzopiano, etc.

>> No.10913901

I just hate e-thots in general. "Pedo" or not they have this annoying attitude where it's not their fault that they are taking people's money.
If a normal person sees that a guy can't make rent because he is throwing his money away they would go "Wow buddy stop. Intervention time". When a thot sees that she goes "It's not my fault he is giving me his money". Same with gambling establishments and drug dealers.
Don't get me wrong, the paypigs deserve it all. But bitch, you're supplying the market and even converting underage teens into simps and "pedos" because you're advertising in their spaces. Own up to taking advantage of them.

>> No.10913905

supply isn't to blame for demand, anon. there's no victim in the scenario you described other than the paypig being a victim of his own bad habits. it's no one's responsibility to look after others.

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My friend's sister did a Tiktok where her cosplay was bunched up in the crotch, and it was her most viewed by far because of all the femboy accounts drooling over the "hot twink."

I think she needs to embrace this demographic. Sock in the pants for every video, become a femboy icon.

>> No.10913970

I would guess the majority of guys spending on OF aren't literally bankrupting themselves with spending addiction. Most people have dumb shit they waste money on without destroying their lives for it. You're acting like some thot charging money to show her tits is the same as heroin

>> No.10913975

I wore a new JSK for the first time today. It was pretty nice, I looked surprisingly good in reflections.
I should get new shoes, because my current ones limit the amount of happiness I can get from wearing lolita with how they make my feet hurt.
But I'm not feeling excitement right now.

I need social interaction. I went out yesterday with some people I know, I should be happy, but I've been longing to meet friends all day, and I want to meet someone tomorrow. But I don't know who to ask, I feel like I have a reason to not ask any of the people I feel it's acceptable to ask. I wish I could meet people whenever I wanted. And I'm thinking about summer, it'll be so bad, even easter was a bad experience and summer will be many times longer, so alone and with nothing to do.

>> No.10913978

sounds hot, post pic or link

>> No.10913980

reeeeeeee I want to meet someone but literally, LITERALLY who can I meet
I'm the biggest loser in the world, not having people I can hang out with when I want to
I'm losing my group at university as well
could I at least talk to someone on messages, but the person I've been talking the most to lately I'm supposed to have a limited range of topics with and I shouldn't bother them by talking too much. I wish I could just meet up with them, we only talk when we're forced to be together and we never get anywhere in our conversations before we separate, and I never feel like I get to say everything I want to.

There's also a major holiday next week and I'll probably be all alone, as usual, maybe I'll try to distract myself with anime, as usual. One person in my classes mentioned maybe meeting up though so I got some hope.

>> No.10914000

Yeah, personally I just have basic $5-15 subs to a few girls and never really go beyond that. I have pretty specific taste and corporate porn where the girls are obviously only doing stuff for a paycheck turns me off, so when I find somebody who fits my taste AND seems to be doing stuff because she's actually into it it's worth a few bucks for an ongoing supply of fap material instead of having to spend ages trying to find something good in the mountain of unappealing stuff I can find for free.

>> No.10914001

>You're acting like some thot charging money to show her tits is the same as heroin
it can be, depending on the thot and the simp, if both factors match, there you go, full heroine

>> No.10914003

I guess I'm autistic but I don't understand why people feel lonely when they are alone.

>> No.10914023

Hey I don't know if this is the right place for this but I need some help.
I'm going to my first major convention soon and I'm worried that I'm going to be embarrassed and cringing the whole time. I went to a small local con once before and that's what it was like.
I don't want to be that way, but ideas like "hiding your power level" have been drilled into me from too early and I can't get rid of them. I know that these conventions are celebrations of my own hobbies, but I can't help but feel some sort of shame when seeing them in real life like that.

Any tips on getting rid of those feelings?

>> No.10914027

I start the day buzzed and end up smashed. I don't care anymore and can be free to be myself.

>> No.10914054

>Yeah, personally I just have basic $5-15 subs to a few girls
You're still part of the problem and why foids are so entitled these days with skyhigh standards. I will never understand simp retards like you who can't even rizz up 1 bitch to send him nudes for free.

>> No.10914055
File: 60 KB, 673x1024, 04b022ac9907bdc9afa60aa19c12b76c904a05b4r1-725-1102v2_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Extroverts be like "I haven't had social contact in five minutes. I'm meltiiing! What a world...!"
I guess you could watch Murder Drones on youtube and join the threads on /trash/. They're active during american hours. They used to be buzzing with activity all around the clock back on /co/ but the mods are sods and banished it.
What anime are you planning on watching anyway.

It is an instict meant to keep us together because individually we are predator chow. It becomes stronger as you grow up and as the people around you resemble you less and less. You'll come to feel it even if you're an antisocial lone wolf. It'll just take years.

>> No.10914061

I hate drinking. Why do I keep doing it? I never feel good the next morning but everyone insists we go out. I’ll just sit in my room next time.

>> No.10914069

Go out with them but don't consume alcohol. Ask for the bartender's tallest glass of milk

>> No.10914070

looking in the mirror trying on cosplays I've been working on and seeing how ugly I am is doing alot of mental damage and I hate myself

>> No.10914072

>You'll come to feel it even if you're an antisocial lone wolf

>> No.10914073

I know that feel. I exclusively go for masked/helmeted characters so I don't embarrass my girlfriend when we go to cons.

>> No.10914074

Haha I asked for his finest tap water last night after I got tired of drinking and he got a good chuckle out of it.

>> No.10914084

once in a blue moon I get a certain burst of loneliness out of nowhere but I enjoy being alone most of the time. I do envy people that are sociable though it looks like they’re having tons of fun.

>> No.10914142

I can and have, even my female best friend has given me nudes and been effectively naked in front of me before. I just have some stuff I'm into that no girl I've been able to find IRL is into.

>> No.10914147

>All my acquaintances from 90s anime and convention scene are starting to disappear or die in their 40s.
>Dealers hall/artist alley has almost 60%-80% merch I don't recognize. Hardly anyone carries vintage anime goods.
>Starting to get the age where it's really not fine to go to an anime con alone. I should have a wife and kids by now, or a gf again at least so I don't look like weird old dude at con.

I'm not just getting old, I'm literally watching my era disappear from history. Feels bad man.

>> No.10914160

>Starting to get the age where it's really not fine to go to an anime con alone. I should have a wife and kids by now, or a gf again at least so I don't look like weird old dude at con.
Stop living your life by other people's made up standards.

>> No.10914161

Those things became standards for a good reason.

>> No.10914163

What is that reason?

>> No.10914164

1. healthy society
2. somebody needs to pay the pensions

>> No.10914165

Anon never said he was unemployed

>> No.10914168

>have always done cosplays of no specific named characters, more just outfits that belong to certain settings like a pokemom Team Magma member for example
>friend convinces me to do a duo cosplay of characters from a show
>can't stop comparing myself to the character, even if the cosplay fits my body perfectly I just feel like a horrible representation of who the character is supposed to be and look like
I hate this feeling so much I shouldn't have agreed

>> No.10914175

>What anime are you planning on watching anyway.
Nothing in particular, I've barely watched any anime in the past year anyway. Maybe it doesn't end up being anime.
I have been wanting to do a real rewatch of Princess Tutu for a while though, I have started a few times in the past but never gotten past the first few episodes. But I have this fantasy of forcing people I know to marathon it with me, it'll never happen though so I should just watch it if I want to. I've been listening a lot to the soundtrack lately, which is nice, and maybe it'd be better to watch it a day that's more quiet so I can enjoy the soundtrack more anyway.

I think I've lost the final few people I was able to sit with at lectures, the few people who were still coming have found different groups to be with, so I got no one left, I'm back to where I began, always being alone.

Not looking forward to summer at all, it'll be so lonely and boring, and I'll lose all motivation for everything, but it probably won't be much better when summer is over either, I lost my lecture people which will remain true, and I'll probably lose three of my favorite people from classes too, when they move or advance to higher levels while I remain.

>> No.10914194

My family was shitty and malfunctional. My mom got pregnant with my older brother to force my dad into a marriage so she could use him as a meal ticket. Now I just learned that initially they wanted to give my brother away to be raised by a childless aunt and uncle and break up because my dad didn't want to get married and my mother wanted someone richer. Why can't these assholes be at least a bit normal.

>> No.10914199

What you just described is normal. Normal and boring. Being a kind, good, and supportive partner is and always has been rare. If you don't like that fact, you can get a trusy old tack hammer and smash your skull plate in until you are dead.

>> No.10914208

nayrt, but I think this is a strange and not common situation. Maybe this is normal in your culture, I don't know.

>> No.10914212

I'm a white American Christian Republican man and tons of my family and friends have had messy divorces. Very common in my church. Not sure what shit hole brown country you're from.

>> No.10914216
File: 181 KB, 999x1500, cgl bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>white American Christian Republican man
>messy divorces
>shit hole brown country

thanks for the bait

>> No.10914231

Fair enough, but why not pay an escort for it? You get to fuck/cum at least and she's paid to fulfill your fetish.

>> No.10914238

Escorts are expensive and illegal where I live, and the stuff I'm into doesn't really work with them (exhibitionism, and it's all about the girl having that fetish and getting super turned on leading to amazing sex afterwards), plus I honestly just don't really enjoy having sex with strangers, it's so much better when it's somebody you're comfortable and familiar with and when there's an emotional connection there.

>> No.10914258

>my female best friend has given me nudes
The anime I watch teaches me that this means she wants to be more than friends

>> No.10914292

Part of her definitely does, she's even admitted it on a few occasions while really drunk or whatever, but she feels that if we get together it HAS to be a serious LTR and she's going through some shit right now and isn't ready for one. I'm moving away in a couple of months and personally I'd be willing to take her with me and think that getting out of our current shithole would be the best thing for her but she's got a bunch of unresolved shit here that she's determined to settle and is really scared of being in a situation where she's dependent on me and doesn't have a fallback if the relationship goes bad because a similar situation really fucked her over in her last relationship.

>> No.10914438

At the last con I went to I bought something from the artists alley. I never buy anything from the artists alley, but this artist was so nice and they also offered me a discount.

>> No.10914652

As soon as a cosplayer starts posting photos with her boyfriend I lose interest in her. It's not like I fantasize about becoming her boyfriend, but it happens on its own. It's worse if she does lewd content, if she does lewd content and as a boyfriend I cannot bring myself to renew my subscription. I guess I see them as cosplayer idols.

>> No.10914668

Just tell her she'll never do better than you and if she doesn't at least try it, she'll regret it for the rest of her life. Then when she's isolated from her friends you can start up an OF for her and really make bank. IT's what a did with a few of my gfs. The dumb whore is already giving you nudes, it would be so easy to make some buckaroos off her while you blow her back out.

>> No.10914692

She's actually already done some OF-type stuff, when she was with her ex-husband and they were desperate for money during the pandemic, the nudes she gave me were actually from that. She has a rare and, to some guys, desirable body type (basically a legal loli) and I'm a former pro photographer so I've talked to her about doing more of that sort of stuff at a higher quality level than what she had before, and we've moved a bit toward more risque stuff in shoots we've done together, but she doesn't want to do full nudity again.

>Just tell her she'll never do better than you and if she doesn't at least try it, she'll regret it for the rest of her life.
This conversation has already been had and she actually agrees with it herself, tells me a lot how much better I am than other guys she's been close to in her life and stuff too, but she's really traumatized from bad past experiences and abusive relationships, and is really fixated on the idea of getting closure for some of those things and becoming independent and self-sufficient before getting into another relationship, and also has pretty fucked self-esteem and is convinced that she ruins the life of every guy she gets with and will do the same to me if we get together. (Thing is I actually know the details of her last couple of relationships and the guys in question were already fucked up loser manchildren with drug problems etc. and in reality she's just beating herself up over not being able to fix dudes who were already lost causes and horrifically inappropriate partners for her.)

>> No.10914719

Ah, gotcha, one of those. The next time she's opening up to you when she says "Oh, I could never be with you even though I want to" just give her a solid smack. Nothing too hard, but hard enough to sting and leave a red mark. It will activate her to be submissive to you. Then see my previous suggestion.

>> No.10914721

The holiday is getting close and it's going to suck as usual. I should have fled to a different country.
I won't do anything with my classmates. I did sign up for hot dogs though, but it's an open event for people who study the same as me, so going there means nothing and I'm not close with any of the people I study with either, there's a real, great risk that I just end up being alone, not included with any of the smaller groups talking.
The worst day of the year.
And it's not just this year either, I have never spent the days with friends, and I have been alive for many years.
It really shows where I actually am socially. The people in my class were talking about their plans, and I think everyone had something with people who actually want to be with them. And if anyone didn't, I'm sure this year is an exception and they usually do.
I may actually never have met anyone who's less liked than me, and this day illustrates it so well.
I was kind of considering asking a jfashion community in a different country for a last minute meetup, but I'm not really a part of any communities anyway and no one would have wanted to, and it's not that fun to spend the whole day traveling either.

>> No.10914802
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Got accepted to a PhD program on the other side of the country and invited to Los Alamos National Lab for a month to get up to speed with research. My lifts are up; my weight is back down. I'm also doing the cornball heritage trip to Ireland with family in at the end of the month.

I still got it. I'm still a colonial cavalier yeehaw punk rock n roll Irish nuclear cowboy '80s tough guy.

>> No.10914837

it's dangerous to go alone, take this:
"the celtic heroic age"

>> No.10914921

Trying to think of a character to cosplay sends my mind on strange and depressing tangents.
>why don't I finish shows anymore?
>why can't my favorite franchises stay good?
>have I really not played a single game made this year? or last year?
>what am I even doing with my free time these days?

>> No.10915209
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Received a 2006 Baby OP in the mail and I'm appalled by the quality. It wasn't one of their cheaper releases or a lucky pack dress. In fact, it's a relatively expensive OTT release, yet the construction, sewing job and some design choices are honestly on par with Taobao. I'm so disappointed, I never expected it from old/mid-school Baby. I was excited to put together a coord with it, but I know I'll never be able to wear a dress of this quality, so on LM it goes. What a bummer.

>> No.10915422

Hell yeah brother!

>why can't my favorite franchises stay good?
>have I really not played a single game made this year? or last year?
"You have to force behaviours".

>> No.10915982

I found the sex videos of a 10/10 cosplayer and now when I see her cosplaying I can't help but imagine her sucking cock and stroking it really hard. God I want to fuck her

>> No.10916072
File: 36 KB, 600x500, GNp6uPbbIAAZZWO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In my mid-20's and I'm tired of being single. I had one relationship last year and although it barely lasted a month, I loved every single moment (when things didn't go to shit of course), so a relationship is something I'd like to pursue again.

Although I genuinely think I'm a pretty handsome dude, I get no matches on dating apps, so I have to go outside, touch grass and talk to women.

I'm a college graduate and I work from home. My hobbies are just video games and the occasional anime/tv show so literally the only place I can organically meet people with a shared interest are anime conventions.

I went to a few conventions but I've only really had success this year where I actively tried to talk to more women, I went one day and conversated with around 8-10 girls, I grabbed their insta's but I only managed to meet up with 2 of them outside of the convention, and those meetups didn't result in anything meaningful. I think the main problem is that I only approached cosplayers exclusively.

I'm going to another one soon and I think this time I'll try to reach out to more people who aren't in cosplay, as I think the cosplayers are already getting stopped for photos and hounded for their instas all the time anyway, so it's pretty stiff competition if I just only approach the cosplayers.

I just wanna stress that i'm not a creep or anything, the moment I get a whiff they're not interested, I tell them to have a nice day and I walk away asap.

I just want my shy NEET gf bros. Pic related