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It's been 10 years
Are cons safer now?
Anyone encountered any con creeps?

I (male) got my butt grabbed by another guy once, didn't bother me desu (not gay)

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did a guy grab it or a girl grab it? were you presenting as a male or a female?

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>women dresses like a whore
>literally looking for sex
>having sex with like 30 dudes in one con
>absolutely strutting her stuff
>but oh no, an ugly guy dared to approach her
>rape rape rape rape, I just do this for fun!!! stop sexualising me!!

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Not really, I'm still hearing about creeps, sexual assault, and upskirt photos. Also had a lot of pickpocketers at the previous con I went to.

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As someone that's been going to cons for over a decade. Don't really think cons were ever overall unsafe...
Isolated incidences of creeps being creeps is always going to be a thing.
I think the only thing that has really changed is people are more explicit about asking permissions for photos.

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Literally nothing you said happened. Have you tried not constructing arguments in your own head?

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I had a gay guy hit on me but that was about it

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All the creeps I have heard about were the bums and thugs that weren’t even part of the con.

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Hi again, Kari

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Nothing's really changed from a decade ago. Cons aren't actually "unsafe" beyond isolated incidences which are 99.999% of the time personal grudges/vendettas/stalking incidents and never really have been beyond that (which is more of an issue of mental illness in broadly social spaces than a "con" issue). There are creeps and passing gropers still, but it's shifted from autistic spastics trying to re-enact shit they see in their ecchi animus to normies who think they are cool enough to get away with anything and only seem to materialize at parties. There's also annoying assholes who still do creepshots and manipulative photographers, but they really only victimize new congoers who don't have an eye for this shit, and they're usually scared to even work with clients who have been going to cons for 3+ years.

My takeaway is that this "movement" didn't really help anything, but general societal disdain towards people being rapey or just seeing rape itself as entertaining has vastly reduced the amount of morons who figure it's "no big deal", as well as made it so lots of people will call out rapey behavior among their social circles. This has, unfortunately, also led to a lot of blatant false claims of randoms being rapey or individuals being groomers or "She was underage" (read: 19 years or older at the time of interaction), but those have always been an issue as well.

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not to tinfoil but i'm completely convinced normies go to cons to do creepshots and passing gropes because they know they can probably just blame it on the nearest autist or think anime fans are all desperate degenerates anyway. every time i ever see someone get kicked out it's some guy who doesn't even seem to be there for the con.

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A lot of normies go to cons because they think it's the easiest source of pussy on the planet (the truth is the polar opposite) and if they show up with their basic bitch tastes in anime and what they've deluded themselves into thinking constitutes "rizz", that they can bed anybody they see almost immediately. The creepshots and groping comes from their inevitable failures leading to them "taking it out" on the con weirdoes rather than simply accepting this isn't their space and leaving.

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The only incidents of too much touching I've had were foreigners who didn't speak english who wanted selfies with me but got very handsy during it.

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The only unwanted touching I've ever had a con was when some bitch kept sucking the head after I nut in her dome. I slapped her around tho so it was all gud after.

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Bait but even if it were true... she's consenting to doing stuff with the hot guys and not consenting to doing anything with the ugly one. What part of that do you not understand? Do you really think women owe every man attention or affection just because he exists?

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>sexualize yourself
>complain about being sexualized

The average woman is like the homeless guy masturbating on a bus, they thing what they are doing isn't wrong

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Just men and women not so stealthily grabbing my ass. I know its plump and shit but at least ask me first.

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Defcon took an enormous heelturn when the various allegations of them hit the internet. Now its safe space nonsense with troons everywhere. Oh yeah and its full of business casual normies that don't know shit fuck about anything.

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based analogy

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Unrelated, but this stranger i asked for help lowkey thought i was a creep/flasher because i kindly asked if he could lower the zipper on the back of my bodysuit that i couldnt reach

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damn wasnt expecting a DEFCON poster here. yea SJWs ruin everything, i see that in a local hackercon

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>Oh yeah and its full of business casual normies that don't know shit fuck about anything
I've slept on Defcon in the past because I don't know anything about infosec (most of my expertise is with gamedev), but from what I've been hearing about it over the past few years it seems like everyone there are computer turboautists or don't know shit and there's no middle ground between them.

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I'm not sure how it was before but there's a stupid amount of groping. It feels like people are under the impression that it's acceptable or they won't get in trouble for it. And I guess in general they don't, it's easy to get away with and not taken as seriously as it should because it's not as 'exreme' as other things

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Cons have the highest concentration of maladapted autists in the world. They cannot understand social cues so they do creepy things that weird people out.

This is misinterpreted as malicious sexual predation by normies

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May I grab your ass, please?

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Neither of us in cosplay

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>Go to convention notorious for arguably autistic, and socially starved "losers" (This was back when anime wasn't cool"
>Wear literally nothing
>Be attractive
>Oh jeez, why are all these ugly men looking at me (aka giving me the attention I wanted, just not from ugly men)

This is why nobody listened to women until about 15 years ago. They throw themselves into the lions pit, wanting attention of the alpha lions, then wonder why they got attention from *all* the lions.

Honestly I don't even look at this image as a bad thing, I see it as a remarkable achievement of western culture, a woman can wear basically nothing and at most she gets some ugly blokes staring if not taking a photo (which is expected at a convention anyway), if you had a woman showing her ankle in say the middle east or India, she would have got raped for "being such a slut".

>Ignore women complaining, they love the attention, they just hate that ugly men exist and have eyes as well
>The West is great and champions against fighting monkey brain thoughts

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More to add to my collection

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Skimpy cosplayers know they are going to get attention
Its not that they hate attention they just want people to be respectful

Look but do not touch

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What defines a "creepshot" in cosplay conventions?

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wow look its this bait thread for the 1000th time to fish for reactions from radfemlitas and coomers. Not sure which is worse, this or the chinese girl bait thread

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I've never actually seen this with a real person. Obviously there's a line, touching or really inappropriate comments are a different story, but I know a bunch of girls who wear slutty costumes and I've virtually never heard a single one complain about ugly guys just looking or whatever, and the few exceptions were told more as jokes about really extreme cases, dudes visibly standing there with boners or really ridiculous looking dudes or whatever.

Pretty much every single person I've ever seen actually post or talk about "creepy" dudes staring at girls in skimpy costumes was a girl who doesn't actually wear skimpy costumes, some bulldyke who thinks it's her responsibility to protect all the other girls from the evil that is masculinity or fat/ugly girls who are just coping with jealousy or just straight up prudes who are uncomfortable with any kind of display of sexuality (my ex was one of those) or whatever.

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Jajaja funny as fuck