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who's going? what are you going as?

this'll be my first con since like 2007.

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>weeb con
Guaranteed to be terrible. In '07, you could walk down there as an SS officer, or as Schrödinger. What now? Does the liberty police of 2024 even allow entrance into cons with "problematic" pictograms? Kill yourself, people of Seattle.

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It's likely going to be garbage. They lost money last year doing a show in San Diego.

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I'm confused by why the show runners are simultaneously hosting a K-pop con and sneaker con for the same 2 days using the same venue (Seattle Convention Center). All three groups are going to converge in the lobbies and common spaces, aren't they.

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More $$$

Anime and Kpop fans go hand-in-hand. Sneakerfest is a weird one because poorfag weebs and Kpop stans are the last people you want to try sell overpriced shoes to.

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it's a money saving tactic. they did this last year too. splitting things three ways is better than a large venue on your own.

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Will be checking it out, 40 bucks is cheap enough

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OP here, any suggestions for better WA cons that are coming up this year?

SakuraCon's over, but while it was fun last time I went over 10 years ago it was so damn big we waited in line 3 hours despite having prebought tickets, it was so packed you could hardly move, and people kept offering me drugs.

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What’s the hotel situation? I don’t see a facebook group dedicated to finding roommates. Probably because it’s such a small con..

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The only con hotel is the Sheraton. The con hotel rate ends on April 26, book now if you want it.

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Anyone wanna room with me? I’m broke as fuck and I refuse to get a ride.

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>The only con hotel is the Sheraton
safe bet there won't be any parties then

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Forgot to post contact info! I’m female if that matters. cscythes@proton.me :)

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Hmm, will these be any good? Not exactly sure if I want to go or not. I just went to Sakuracon so...

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They're small events. Don't get your hopes up. It's definitely not an event worth traveling for, more of a locals only kind of thing

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I’ll go for a Saturday. Wearing Mayor Cody since I never got around to cosplaying him.

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Sure are a lot of vtuber guests. This the norm for Anime Impulse?

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Vtuber guests are cheap and easy to get because they don't have to actually fly somewhere. Anime Impulse is basically all English guests, cosplayers, and vtubers. They hold a lot of events so they don't have money to throw out for actual Japanese guests.

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They had a strong relationship with NijiEN. Since the fall out of Salene, they pretty much distanced themselves from them.

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I dunno about that one...

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No one is going to show up to this clusterfuck.