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I'm going to attend and cosplay at FanExpo Philadelphia this year. I was just wondering if anyone else was going to attend or if anyone's been there before.


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I rarely see convention posts outside of a few of the larger anime cons get any traction on here these days, so I wouldn't expect a lot of responses.
But anyways, yeah, I'm going since the venue is very close to me. Probably just for a single day and not going to bother cosplaying.
I saw that Friday hours are 4-9 PM for single day badge holders. What the actual fuck is that?
I had a giggle when they announced Gina Carano is a guest. I can imagine the insufferable cancel culture crowd has now labeled Fan Expo as an alt right convention or some shit.

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Haven't gone any outside of SF, but from what I can tell from when I staffed at SF, they're a professional outfit. Market/AA tends to be crowded as shit.

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I'm going to go there for the first time and am not sure what to expect

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I've literally never been to a convention and the only weeb stuff I do is very limited and will surely not be here but I think I might go. Probably just Saturday or something. I'll bookmark the thread though and come back later to see if anyone wants to coordinate.

I have a custom made cockmongler t-rex shirt. I would wear it but I expect that most people would just see me as a socially inept retard that wears a t-rex shirt in public if I do and not understand the reference.

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I'm down to meet.

I'm going as Denji from CSM

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is anyone going as carrie kelley on the Saturday of this event? i have an idea for a photo + drawing mashup of sorts

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I'm going as Shanks from One Piece.

How is this con? I'm relatively new to cons. I've been to CCE and anime Boston. I can't tell if this con is really anime focused or more western stuff, but I live in Philly so it seems silly not to go

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This is the first con I'm going to. I'll be sure to look for a Shanks.

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Fan Expo doesn't focus on anime related stuff. That's not to say there isn't anything of interest to anime fans, but it's way more focused on superhero comic type stuff. It's a "multi-genre" convention, which is different from anime based conventions like the ones you named.