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Why do chestlets think they can cosplay as characters with real-woman-sized boobs?

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Frankly I'd rather they not cosplay at all. Even characters who are supposed to have small chests still look better when cosplayed by a busty woman.

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Frankly I'd rather busty women not cosplay at all. Even characters who are supposed to have boobs still look better when cosplayed by a hairy man

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nah them shoes do be clean tho

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because they can. she looks good

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This ain't it chief.

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Flat chest>small tits>big booba

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Said no man ever.

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Man is a complicated creature, he does not tell the truth very often.

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I wish all men died and left this board. Our jannies are the most useless pieces of shit on this site.

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you do realize the purpose of this thread is to get your exact post in response?

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I thought the purpose was to get people to post pictures of hot cosplayers.

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>she thinks it's men making this post

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There's no way a woman would post something like this without realizing how hurtful it can be to the wrong ears.

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... you do know what site you are on?
Like how they had to blanket ban mentions of most cosplayers and their pages due to rampant gossip and bullying?

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I'm saying this to send my regards to the jannies specifically.

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I'm ok with it.

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Those piercings are gross.

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Lmao are you serious? Women are even more cruel than men with words they know exactly what to say.

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Talk less, post more tits.

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Pic unrelated?

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>japanese people cosplaying
Come again? There's 2 flat chests there.

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>tfw 34C
It's over, isn't it?
At least I'm not fat though

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Breast reduction surgery, now!
Also, big tits+skinny chick is a better look. Small tits+big ass is the patrician choice. So get some meat on your bones?