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>covid is over
>too shy to cosplay without a mask

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Just wear the mask then

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Nobody will give you shit for wearing a mask. I'm in the deep rural south and even at the modest cons we have here nobody minds if you wear a mask. Even pre-covid it wasn't weird, cons are hotbeds of disease and half of the attendees are people who never see sunlight.

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Maybe try facepaint as an inbetween?
Helluva/Hazbin is FotM rn.

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Plenty of people still wear masks

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It was never real.

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Easy, just cosplay as characters that wear masks:
- Silk
- Ladybug, and most characters in that show
- Celty uses a motorcycle helmet.
Remember, if you wear a bodysuit, people tend not to look that much at your face. That is especially true if you go for latex.

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You should wear a mask at conventions anyways. I wore mine in 2022 and got covid so bad I basically slept for 3 days. The first two days I could only keep my eyes open for like 20 minutes at a time before going back to sleep. I haven't been to a con since then but when I do I am not catching whatever else is floating around those halls.

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>wears mask
>gets coof anyway

Guys we're all in this together!!!

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based bot reply

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Just 2 more weeks and 3 more experimental clot shots!

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Cosplay a character that wears a mask or helmet

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Most people won't care. I was vaccinated 4x and STILL almost died from covid, and I have no underlying illnesses. I wouldn't think bad of anyone wearing a mask. But yeah you could pic a character who wears a mask or scarf like Kakashi.

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This is a great cosplay but my god 90% of Roland cosplays just look so ass, his outfit and design is intentionally so basic to the point where if you don't get everything almost exactly right (mask, hairstyle, well fitted suit, matching physique, etc...) it can easily look super jarring.

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that heavily limits your options

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>tfw still see people throw an autistic meltdown over people not wearing masks at cons in the year 2024
Why the fuck does mental illness run so rampant in this community?

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Is there any con still doing that? The last of them seemed to give in already that I know of, the final event that required masks I remember was Combo Breaker 2023

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>the ring in the hand
Damn that's cool

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Try Dinaranger cosplay. You can base it off a catsuit and standard hood from, say Hiro Gato.
That way only your eyes are visible.