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I am looking for white gloves like the one I'm wearing in pic related, except with a black bow on the top of it. I can't find any to save my life.

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You literally already posted this in another thread. Is Google too difficult for you? Go fucking ask reddit you retarded whore. You look like shit.

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Buy that glove and hot glue a black bow to it boom done.

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Two things, one: When you can't find something for a cosplay that is ready-made, you make it yourself. That is the whole fucking point of the hobby. What you're describing would literally take less than 5 minutes to make , and under USD 2 to source. Second: It is literally March 26th; April is in literally a week????

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Or even if you found exactly what you're looking for somewhere, it'd probably be the cheapest worst ribbon stitched on in an unflattering way because that's how cosplay fast fashion is. Just get a needle and thread and some ribbon. It takes 2 stitches.