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Thread for good cosplays that are suggestive but still for a blue board (no nudity)

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My interest is piqued.

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Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor

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Imagine the aroma.

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That's literally a transmasc.

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Imagine two people will cosplay Baiser and Azul and do things, that the characters did in the anime, but pushing it even more. Also does anyone know anime like Gushing over Magical Girls, but with cute boys (So instead of yuri it will be yaoi)

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The girl in OP does porn so she could realistically do a set like that. She charges hundreds for her nude and porn videos though.

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Can you send her twitter or smth like that ?

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She goes by Tsuki des. She used to go by Dosya Gasai when she was a camgirl and there are videos of her masturbating online.
Now she sells expensive cosplay sets that include nude photos. I don't know if she still does camgirl shut but if you have money you can probably get her to send you private masturbation videos

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She is breathtakingly beautiful

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yeah it must be shocking to realize you're a pedo. this girl shooped her face into that of a 12 year old and you get a boner from it. seek help

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Lose weight.

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Nobody was looking at her face, I can tell you that much.