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Alternate title: "Eager for a New Thread After a Full Month at Bump Limit Edition"

Keep it /cgl/-related! Cosplay or J-fashion like Lolita/Brolita, Aristocrat, Kimono, Nanchatte, etc.!


ITT you may post:
- Useful guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

NOT allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition like hormones, operation etc.; >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this
- Casual crossdressing without any /cgl/-context

Link collection:


Contact for suggestions or contribution: crossplay.cgl@yahoo.com


Affiliated Discord server: https://discord.gg/eBnVEtQ

Previous thread: >>10887436

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why you cryin

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No activity yet

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I mean. Summer is still some distsnce away

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hi other thread died but i crossplayed scarlet witch again

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I'll share my latest crossplay, OP! I did Madoka.

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Gonna crossplay again for the first time in 3 years this summer. cant wait.

Shame itll probably be scorching and glisten my makeup

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Very cute! If you don't mind me asking, what was your budget?

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would unironically suck his dick

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I’ve got one planned for end of April, and I’m beyond afraid for my makeup at anything above room temperature

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Room temperature? Da Fuq.

Anything past 25c and Im bailing. The convention centre really isnt sir conditioned and all the heat radiating from these people will murder me when Im wearing my getup.

Might have to strip down some parts

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New to this whole thing.

What you guys think about making vs buying cosplay costumes? I feel like maybe if you buy them people think it’s cheap or lazy or whatever.

Although for me I wanna do Anna Williams for Tekken as my first one and there aren’t many vendors

Either way would this be too hard to make? I am decent at art/painting but I have no experience sewing and I don’t wanna use a sewing machine as I live with my parents and it would be kinda secret what I’m doing

Pic rel

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Hello, Chisato crossplayer on the thread here. This is my first time on 4chan, my friend found it and showed me...

How did my pic end up here :'>

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Are you Asian or white I can’t tell

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You will be making dogshit below some of the "good" chinese premades for at least 2 years.

After that youll probably be making pretty good pieces but it will take plenty of man hours to craft. Only do your own cosplays if youre like super passionate and autistic about arts and crafts

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Budget ended up being about $120? The dress and accessories was bought off taobao for $70-ish dollars, and then the wig and shoes (which I styled and made myself using leftover ribbon) were another $40. Everything else I had at the ready.

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Past threads in earlier years used to have a few lolita anons roaming around. Do they still exist or is it just cosplay anons nowadays?

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Most people buy from what I hear.

That dress isn't too hard to make- I made a similar one for my second ever costume. But without a sewing machine it would take forever and be very difficult.

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You're cute af

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I have a year to achieve this as a 6'0 male. What should I be focusing on in the gym?

My current routine is just pushups/rows/glute thrusts. Keep the course? My legs/calves are bulkier than I'd like due to running for my cardio, but I don't know an alternative that places more emphasis elsewhere.

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finally tried to do some substantial makeup. Hope i did good, the photos really don't do it justice it looks so real irl.

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i hate phone logic.

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idk about the red-black lipstick thing, Very good start tho

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also i hate phone logic

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Good start. Keep practicing.

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why would bulk out your frame even further if you want to crossplay lol.

Stick to thigh and butt exercises, leave all the shoulder, bicep, chest and "abs" alone.

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What targets the thighs/butts but not the calves?

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Youre not gonna grow big calves no matter what you do lol. Just do your leg exercises and climb up stairs.

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I wish I could get juicy (fat, not muscle) calves

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only asians and half asians can have big calves for some reason.

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I'd argue my calves are disproportionately muscular compared to anything else I have, it makes me worried to continue with running as my cardio.

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no one will notice or care.

calve sizes are not gendered.

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Quite gewd ;)

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why are you half naked...

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high heels question.
These are the heels i am using
they are exactly my shoe size (EU 39), they feel fitting, but if i walk for a few moments they feel like they are slipping.
issue is mostly solved by wearing thick or multiple layers of socks.

My heel feels like it is too far infront of the shoe heel, but when i check my heel is bumped right against the back of the shoe.
Is this how it's supposed to be? am i missing something? i am walking like how the tutorials say, on the outside it looks great and nothing is being damaged, atleast i think, feels very wrong to shift all my weight onto one heel. Any tips, could the heel simply be damaged? there's no noticable difference between left and right so idk, would be crazy if they are both damaged in the same subtle way.

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presently i tied them with really strong ropes so the heels hold level and i have added a really strong glue to the rim which i hope will do well enough.

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Shoe size varies from brand to brand. These probably run a bit large.

Wear the socks. You'll be more comfortable and no one will know. I always wear socks with boots.

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I don't have any tight fitting clothes to point out my musculature so I'm just wearing boxers.

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1) the slightest amount of stubble or facial hair makes people view you as male. for turning into a guy, use artificial facial hair, maybe sideburns, waterproof eyebrow pencils. you can dye what body hair you have dark brown or black, which makes it more visible.

for guys becoming girls, use hair removal cream meant for men's faces (most males have hair that is harder to dissolve than female hair).

for wigs, there are "guy" and "gal" versions of the same hairstyle, pay good attention because a tiny difference in the sideburn area or the shape of the back of the head easily turns a male into a female and most wigs are "female" hair. if your head shape is fucked up making you look the wrong gender, try padding the inside of the wig or adjusting the hair shape with clip-on wefts.

2) you can change your voice to sound like almost anything, including another gender, mother tongue or ethnicity (look up "vocal formants" and lessons for actors and stuff). you can literally make yourself sound like a 16 year old japanese girl or some badass super manly guy. but the hard part is remembering to do it every time you speak.

3) if you need a male crotch, most of the time you can just roll up and safety pin a sock to the inside of your underwear. this would work with a swimsuit cosplay for example (even if you're swimming - no one looks that close). for some costumes, a few forms of sports cups would work. if you're paranoid about the sock falling out or want to go all the way, instead of buying some kind of stick-on dick (which will generally just be a pain in the ass), you can buy a piece of silicone underwear with a flaccid or bendable dick attached, they come in both solid shaft and hollow types for $30-50.

4) shoulder pads, super important for girls becoming guys, nowadays there are self-adhesive silicone ones.

5) don't do stuff like use a female t-shirt to cosplay a male character, the cut of the shirt is different

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if you can buy one that looks great, or that would look great with some minor adjustments you can do yourself, then i would say just buy. anyone who is a busy adult fully understands the fact that not all of us have the free time and patience to make something from scratch.

if you can't find anything for your character or everything is shit, buckle down and try to make it. if you need to be silent, you can use heavy duty fabric glue and hand sew.

the bigger problem with a costume like your pic is that this kind of "chinese dress" fabric is VERY unforgiving to uneven sewing or sewing mistakes. so you gotta be prepared to fail

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> for guys becoming girls, use hair removal cream meant for men's faces (most males have hair that is harder to dissolve than female hair).

Please dont fucking do this unless you wanna end up with chemical burns

Shave and use color corrector when doing makeup

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boring thread
I wanted to see more cute sexy women trying to cosplay male characters but this is all men in women's outfits?

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I believe you're looking for >>10859759

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>you can change your voice to sound like almost anything, including another gender, mother tongue or ethnicity (look up "vocal formants" and lessons for actors and stuff). you can literally make yourself sound like a 16 year old japanese girl or some badass super manly guy. but the hard part is remembering to do it every time you speak.
I have tried, but trying to speak male for more than a sentence or two makes me cough uncontrollable.
Record low was ~130 Hz average
Also let me add:
>hide your chest efficiently
Binders are a thing, but they are fairly restrictive and you will sweat like crazy.
I prefer taping my chest with kinesiology tape (do not ever use duct tape)
It's just as effective, less hot and if you're brave enough you can wear an unbuttoned shirt

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Is it possible to widen my hips/thighs as a male?

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Foam padding could help you there

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Uhh, not without taking meds or surgery.

You can use pads or articles of clothing that poof it up. Works great

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For the love of god stop measuring how male/female a voice sounds through its pitch.

Resonance is far more important, you can sound like a woman even at 110hz and a man at 240hz. Dont go around trying to talk like minnie mouse or a chick trying to use the "deep dude voice".

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literally this. If you are under 30 you can sound like some girl who smoked too much as a teenager if you just talk like a fag from wherever you are from, since they just emulate female musicality, ofc not exactly but it's a good start.
Having a girl/boy voice is nice tho i wish i could pull something like that without castrating myself.

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use pads like i did
it works really well especially if you are wearing something a bit loose over them.
Under the jersey sweatpants i am wearing a pair of tight sweatpants and under that a pair of tights to hold the pads i made from memory foam. There are plenty of tutorials online for the shape, mostly just cut two africa shaped pieces at your desired size (depends on (you)), mostly look up female hip-to-wait ratios and figure out how much more you need thru basic maths and measuring.
also chest ratio really important, the bigger your tits the less obvious your wide shoulders, and your ass is more accented, ofc all this to a point do not go full cartoony unrealistic.

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painting heels idk if this is it.
it's currently just painted electrical tape i don't want to fuck something up.

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I (AFAB) can do that a bit, but my boy-voice isn't that great.
It's good enough to trick people on the phone though.

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what are you going for anon?

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Leg exercises can give you larger thighs but you'll also gain definition, which will make you look less feminine. There's nothing you can do to widen your hips.

Your best bet is to use hip pads, like other anons have suggested.

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Thanks! Would it look weird to wear skin colored spandex over the pads? The character I'm aiming for has larger, exposed hips.

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Skin colored tights or leggings look fine. Girls often wear them for cosplay.

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Nothing specific, other than "girl from my city"
Maybe more on the punk alt side, but certainly she is supposed to be the daughter of someone's son, y'know how it works?
Only goal is to look slay and aesthetic as hell.
I want to drive the eyes to specific areas, like the heels, i am not walking in them for nobody to notice.

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girl from the balkans?

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