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last one hit bump limit

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I want to start wearing lolita again, I really miss it. I wore it a lot 10 ish years ago but kinda petered out. Have worn it a few times already this year. I need to update my wardrobe tho. I feel like everything has changed so much since when I was active. Where do people shop now? I prefer secondhand. I am after a few blouses in the plus size range (like 100 cm bust and roomy in the shoulders) and natural fibre. Also some easy ops and jsks for every day wearing. I love the designs from Tiny Garden but the quality is unacceptable. Keen for simple classic in solids and maybe all over prints. Any recommendations?

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Lose weight first

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Is checking mercari even worth it anymore? I haven’t been able to buy anything I was interested in last year.

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Nayrt, it could help but for some people 100cm bust doesn't mean they have excess weight to lose.
Of course it's still good advice to say "if you are too pudgy, lose weight first".
On the other hand, if someone had weight to lose then I see no problem with buying something that fits the shoulders and bust and just taking in the bust later on.

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isnt Qi cultural appropriation or whatever? why is there no nose ring afab screaming about it in the comments or is she half asian i am way to faceblind to see it though

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having tits doesn't make you fat, anachan

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no, it is not appropriation. she could be asian, but who cares.

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skinny well endowed girls are still below 100cm but nice fatty cope

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I still luck out on Mercari just fine, but I prefer girly casual brands opposed to Lolita. What brands do you check regularly?

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i don't like wearing Lolita per say but i do enjoy the community and drawing people in it or making illustration akin to the japan/chinese prints, is that a bad thing can i participate into the community despite the fact that i don't wear the fashion i just like drawing it

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you can do whatever you want, the lolita police wont come get you

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If by "participating in the community" you mean posting your art and chatting online then yes, absolutely. It wouldn't be appropriate to attend meets or give concrit, but that goes for anyone who doesn't wear lolita.

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Speaking from personal experience here, my bust as an adult has never been below 98cm, even at my fittest (have always done sports), flat stomach and not even close to being chubby or overweight. I mostly blame my frame (tall for lolita but not a giraffe either, wide shoulders, wide ribcage, wide hips, bust has never been less than a D cup as an adult).

100cm isn't that much different.

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You don't need to be skinny in order to not be fat.

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How disgusting is it for an apple shaped woman to wear lolita? I’ve never had a flat stomach no matter how low my weight got, and it’s really ugly. Should I quit?

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I'm the original anon and my bust is 98 and has been for most of the time ive worn lolita, I just like looser blouses. If they fit me in the body, they're usually too tight around the shoulders and armscye.
I do need to lose weight but I also want some basic blouses.

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just hide it under sack dresses and empire waist dresses. I've seen a few apple shaped lolitas who had slim limbs, regular bust size and slim face and the only place they were fat was in their stomach and you would never know because they only wear high waisted dresses and sack cuts.

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Lolita isn't exactly a "flattering" fashion for any body type; the frumpiness is what we like about it or we'd wear something else. If you feel bad enough about the way it look on you that it takes the joy out of the hobby, find something that works better. That might be another cut, another substyle, or even another girly jfashion. Your clothes that you put so much time, thought and money into should bring you happiness. Don't be to preoccupied with what others think no matter what you wear on your own time, especially when it's something most people don't understand anyway.

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Putumayo, hnaoto, ozzon, baby and ap. I haven’t bought items from ap and baby since 2021 and I would check mercari every day multiple times.

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whats your bmi though lol

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>Just wear lolita it doesn’t matter what body type you are! As long as you’re happy!!1!1!!!!!1misnsinfidnowmw
Just say your coping at that point. lolita is made to look elegant with a cute twist, no good coord is going to look “frumpy” and I’d rather not wear lolita if I’m going to look like sherk wearing a princess dress.

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Now it's 25 point something (which is factually overweight and it's because of body fat in my case, although I still do have quite some muscle) and I should lose some body fat. When I was a gymnast, younger, more active and had a cleaner diet it was 23.

I don't know why it matters to you though.

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nta, i dont think normal weight girls look bad in lolita, but youre correct that skinny girls will always look better.
the problem with this thread is people are lying to themselves. unless you have a 28" underbust and ginormous huge bazongas, you do not get a 100" bust without being overweight lmaooo

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A lot of dresses/skirts that are gathered at the waist make people look bigger. A-line dresses (no waist seam, no gathering at the waist) can be flattering as long as the petticoat isn't too voluminous. But these are only flattering on people whose torso goes in from bust to waist. Look ridiculous imo on apple and ruler shaped bodies.

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>unless you have a 28" underbust

My underbust measurement has always been over 28" (which is 71cm) as an adult, even when I was a healthy weight and had a healthy body fat % and healthy body fat distribution pattern. This isn't uncommon here. I don't expect americans to understand though, you're short and fat compared to northern europeans.

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Americans are rarely ever taller then 5’10”, so we’re short and fat across the board.

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100cm bust = 34DD, 32DDD, or a 30F. sorry about your raisin tits.

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100cm is not 30F.

cup size is relative to band. 100CM with a 30 band would be something like 30H.

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curious why you think a-line looks ridiculous on rulers? with a petticoat, the hip measurement isn't noticeable at all

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with the ruler body shape there is almost no difference between the visual width of the bust, waist and hip as seen from the front. imo the A-line jsk only looks good when there is a noticeable difference in the visual width between bust and waist. Rulers don't have that. Ridiculous might have been too strong of a word, and don't let what some rando online says determine your choices. If you have a ruler body shape and you like what an A-line jsk look like on you that's what matters.

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Lolita was literally made to look frumpy newfag

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while correct with the sister sizes, 100cm on a 30" ribcage is a difference of 9" which is more like a 30G, or 30FF/30GG depending on the fit

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not a question about jfash but involving buying it:

i am going to be in japan for a few months in the autumn, does anyone know if there is a company where you get a temporary mailbox in japan to mail items to bought online AND pick up in-person? i mostly only see forwarding services or temporary letter mailboxes for expats which is not what i am looking for.

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Where does one buy a decent petticoat nowadays?

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my bad, my math was off. but the point stands.

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It's literally called elegant gothic lolita you potato.

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>gothic lolita is the only lolita
Someone's never seen old school sweet street snaps

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nta but please no more of using oldschool as a justification to be fat and look like shit. you know why street snaps from that era looked 'frumpy' sometimes? because the clothes are LOOSE on them. there's a difference between it not being form-fitting and the wearer being fat.

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You said no good coord would look frumpy and now you’re moving the goalpost to fatties.

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This post made me realize I mistakenly thought the bust measurement was referring to the band size all these years and I feel so dumb now. Retarded follow up questions but what bust does 28C come out to be and is it usually measured in cm or inches?

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Hello newb old schooler big mouth, the fashion is named EGL. Not everything under it is gothic. With that being said, while sweet sometimes looked frumpy back in the day, you can't be this delusional to think that it was created to look frumpy over elegant. Keep coping though.

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aurora & ariel on taobao if you're fine with organza, if you prefer voile or need more customizability then melikestea

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The fashion is not “named” EGL lmao it’s just what mana called it and became a common umbrella term. The word elegant isn’t literally defining it any more than gothic is. It’s a vibe name. Frumpiness has always been a meaningful part of the aesthetic just like elegance has

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>it's not called that!
>it's all about vibes!
>it's literally made to look frumpy!
>it's elegant too!
What are you arguing at this point, retard?

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I dislike people who make lolita all about perfect elegance, it kills what makes the fashion unique and special. Lolita is supposed to be a little weird and imperfect. This isn't about fats btw they look bad in everything

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i agree with you but you must be 18 to post here

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Stop taking the bait jesus christ

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Nobody is saying you have to be perfect but looking “frumpy” is often to associated with awful coords. I would just not use the word to describe my coords at all, it could lead people to thinking the coord is made to look rather unpleasant on purpose.

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Is there a way to shrink your ribcage? I’m 5’0 with a band size of 34. I feel like a human chode

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No, there is no human way on earth to do this. Even with surgery. You can remove ribs to minimise your waist, however.

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Nayrt, but EGL is what Mana called the style of his lolita brand. The name of the fashion in general is "lolita fashion ". During the old school era "gothic lolita " was sometimes used as an umbrella term for all of lolita (probably because a lot of people learned about lolita fashion as a result of the rise in popularity of gothic lolita), as you probably understand that's not an accurate term to use as an umbrella term for all of lolita.
EGL is commonly used for lolita site names and for tags for all of lolita by the online comm as a way to get around issues with the word "lolita " being blocked by several platforms. So to summarise EGL only refers to the style of Mana's lolita brand, but is used by the western online comm as an umbrella term for all lolita when they need to evade blocks and censors.

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Nayrt, but elegance is very important to the look of some gothic lolita and some classic lolita brands.

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Well that sucks. I’d love to remove some of my ribs regardless though. My ribcage ends right above my hip bones and it’s really uncomfortable, especially when I lean or bend sideways because I can feel them touching each other. I have a very unfortunate body.

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Nayrt, I have that too. It's called being short waisted iirc. Removing lower ribs also doesn't make the rib cage in general any smaller. There are probably also good reasons why you shouldn't remove the lower ribs. It's worth a google search.

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just measure yourself and get your correct bra size that way instead of trying to figure out measurements from an existing size, that’s kind of retarded.

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I have no idea how fat or skinny you are, but generally you can decrease your torso circumference to some extent just by losing weight (obviously you can't diet your bones smaller, but there is fat that sits all around your ribcage).
Otherwise, you're stuck with the skeleton you're born with.

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core excercises can help improve posture which can improve your posture, which can help a little.

>> No.10902644

>can help improve posture which can improve your posture

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Do these two work together? Bought the cutsew to coord with my chiffon pieces but idk, what do ya’ll think?

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Sure, why not?

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yep, and I think it would looks good with sheer OTKs since it has lace long sleeves

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Are there taobao brands that make basic cotton single color solids of decent quality? Every brand is almost always permanently sold out of anything I want and nothing shows up secondhand that doesn't disappear in 5 seconds

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By solids I dont just mean dresses but also blouses and skirts

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is too autist if i care about not mixing cotton lace with tulle lace?

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no, that's just good sense. It can work sometimes but most of the time I don't like what it looks like.

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Which bag is better for classic

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Neither. Gross

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first one. but they're both ugly.

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Fine then recommend me a bag at literally any price point under 5,000 USD for classic. But it has to be in stock and available. Let’s see your taste that’s so supreme and I really appreciate the help because I’ve been looking for a replacement bag for my IW one for years

>> No.10903377

If you don’t want to buy something actually Lolita you could try going to an antique mall and searching for something gobelin or beaded.

>> No.10903381

are you more of an iw classic or mm/vm? i would suggest looking at axes femme on secondhand sites, vintage like >>10903377 said, or even kate spade. i feel like the hardware and details in your op don't match the classic aesthetic very well.

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look on mercari japan there's plenty of cheap cute bags

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are closet child listings not loading for anyone else

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nayrt but why are you being a bitch? just go to any brand website or cc or ww and just buy one if you've got such a huge budget.

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It started bothering me in accesories too, not only in main pieces. Seems like I'll have to build two capsules, one for modern lolita and other for trad.

>> No.10903467

makes sense. I've decided not to buy pieces that had both tule lace and torchon/woven cotton lace on the same dress/cutsew/blouse. Another thing I don't buy are pieces that have slightly different color lace, such as a piece that has stark white lace and offwhite/ivory lace.

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Pleather bags fall apart, already gone through 2 ivory bags. I don’t have the money to buy a Chanel or Dior bag though, they’re just a little too expensive for my budget
I like IW and miss their bags a lot. But I’m tired of brand bags falling apart, sure I could buy one more but it will last me a year at most. Vintage looks ugly, bought a few and they clash stylistically with my dresses. Look good with VM though. Hence trying to find a nicer leather bag

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some old bags from VM are leather. MM and IW have also made real leather bags. IWs recent sherry bag was leather

>> No.10903490

Nayrt, I recommend searching your local second hand online market for something along the lines of "(insert colour here) leather bag". It helps if you know what style of bag would look good with your wardrobe. There's certainly nothing wrong with buying a bag for lolita from a non lolita brand. You might also consider looking for real leather bags from cute Japanese brands. Go look on mercari. Ask a Japanese lolita which brands are popular for real leather bags to be worn with lolita.
Instead of real and fake leather you can also use fabric bags (such as cotton canvas or heavily interfaced fabrics).

>> No.10903496

At that price point, just commission a custom leather handbag. Hell, you'll even have more than enough left over to cover shipping.
My recommendations are Samantha Thavasa and Beara Beara. I do think Jane Marple and LIEF bags are the closest to IW style-wise though.

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There are so many good handbag makers out there, honestly I think your best bet is to go on sites like grailed and browse lots of different brands at once.

My mom owns a few tooled leather Patricia Nash bags that are really pretty. Pretty cheap, too, for the quality. I know they've released ivory pieces in the past like picrel that you could look for secondY4Hhand too.

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that's good advice, variety of laces or shades of white/ivory doesn't mean versatility, also I came to the conclusion that pieces without lace like the pintuck jsks from meta are must for versatile wardrobe, as you can coord them with different types of laces, bringing a different vibe to each coord.

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I have a few brands (AP, Btssb) and bodyline blouses with these heart buttons. I think I'm pretty standard size when it comes to brand items (90cm bust, 70cm waist) but I find the buttons keep popping out when I'm wearing a skirt and it's been pretty annoying (I do wear a tanktop under the blouse so I'm not flashing anyone). They pop at areas where there's a bit of tension due to my bust and where I hunch over/sit down (stomach area where fabric is looser). According to lolibrary measurements, the blouses I have should have been within my measurement range. Is there any way to fix this problem and is this a common problem?

>> No.10903641

fashion tape can be used to hold the button up area together and prevent gapping which should also prevent that, but it sounds like the blouses don't actually fit you and need to be let out or sized up

>> No.10903648

If you see strain lines when moving in the blouse but not when standing still this is an indicator that there isn't enough ease in the blouse to allow for comfortable movement. I recommend sewing some snap buttons to the placket at the areas where there is the most strain (the snap buttons won't be visible from the outside). The heart buttons won't pop then but if you still see strain lines after adding snap buttons you should consider altering the blouse to add more room or buying a blouse with more room.

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Does anyone know if/when Sakura1tama will be back?

>> No.10903891

When all the mary magdalene jsks and ops state the bust is 88cm on Lolibrary how accurate is that? Can someone with a 89-92cm fit it?

>> No.10903896

You'll have to specify which one you're looking at. Some of them can and some of them can't.

>> No.10903956

Where is all the cheap secondhand stuff these days? Every once in a while I go searching and it’s all ridiculously expensive. I may as well buy new.

I used to get printed brand jsks for like 10k yen a few years back. Now even basic stuff like 20k yen? And a shit load of random offbrand and taobao.

>> No.10903958

Depends on the dress, but usually 88-90 is pretty accurate

>> No.10903959

Stuff with a zipper at the back and/or no shirring. I also see some listed as 87 and 86cm bust but I don't think I'll push it with those.
Rote Rose OP
Dolores JSK

>> No.10903960

I'm really into vkei and I like angura kei, but I'm struggling to figure out where to buy a lot of appropriate items like the old fashioned gakuran hats, traditional umbrellas, platform geta, etc. Any shop recommendations or general search terms?

>> No.10903965

I don't see a skincare general so I'll just ask here. Does anyone with the Hado Labo Gokujyun Premium Lotion use it together with a moisturizer? Like underneath, as a toner. I'm considering buying a bottle but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be used as a standalone moisturizer or if I need a separate moisturizer on top.

>> No.10903982

A lotion in Japanese skin care is much thinner than a regular moisturiser, what the Japanese call a lotion=toner in the west, you will most likely want to use a moisturiser on top of the HL gokujyun lotion. I have tried a lot of HL products and prefer to put on a milk (aka emulsion) after a lotion.

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I'm interested in a few recently released items from Baby that are listed as sold out on their website. I see that it's possible to contact them about said items and inquire if they're in stock in physical stores, but only if you're located in Japan. I planned on ordering them through my Japanese SS anyway, how would I go about contacting Baby on their behalf?

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Are a lot of lolita dress waists meant to hit slightly above the natural waist or am I just too tall?

>> No.10904183

if it's not an empire or high waisted dress, then no, probably not. i have this issue as well with a lot of older moitie and AP, and i'm 161 cm.

>> No.10904191

Rote Rose has elastic around the neckline so you'll likely get more wiggle room in the bust than with, say, the Dolores, where to me it looks like the straps and arm holes are small.

>> No.10904194

Yeah I'm 165cm. Most dresses seem to have the waist fall at the bottom of my ribcage

>> No.10904197

yeah, that's why. it also has to do with the length of your torso. the problem is exacerbated for those of us with longer torsos, no matter our height.

i find newer releases tend to hit closer to the natural waist on me than older (pre-2008 ish) ones, but at 165cm you'll probably have this problem a lot. good news: a few cm difference won't fuck up the silhouette. bad news: you'll have to use your ribcage measurement as your waist measurement when considering a new purchase.

>> No.10904201

Just saw 2 jpknees tourist today, one dressed normally and the other dressed all in pink pastel colers, I kek'd and thought of /cgl/

>> No.10904203

k e k
Idea for meme alert
that meme of the kid with an ipad and a phone at once, well just put a lace on him and make him browse 2 lolita fashion markets at once

>> No.10904211

wrong thread?

>> No.10904213

I notice that with sweet lolita dresses a lot of them are between natural waist height and empire waist. There's a lot of dresses where the waist is raised about 3 to 5+ cm on purpose.
Afaik this is called "high waist/raised waist". An empire waist starts right below the bust (basically where your underwire would sit), but a high waist/raised waist is somewhat lower but not low enough to meet the natural waist.
Example of raised/high waist dress

example of empire waist dress

If you're taller than what the brand used for their reference then it's going to sit higher on you. If you're busty it will also sit higher on you.

>> No.10904214

it was a question, eh heh, your right, but no srsly, no need to threadnazism

>> No.10904220

same height, same problem. i sold all my sweet and switched to classic full time and haven't had problems i couldn't fix by tweaking strap buttons since.

>> No.10904221

Can someone explain how actually buying things on Xianyu works to me? I have the app to browse and a SS who will buy from it, but I don't know if it's similar to Mercari JP where my SS has to confirm the purchase with the seller (sometimes, some sellers allow immediate purchase there). Translating some descriptions I saw sellers asking people to comment, so I wasn't sure. Is it as simple as asking my SS to get it, or is there more?

>> No.10904225

random question but i'm working on solidifying my collection of GLBs and wanted to ask if it would be worth scanning/archiving any? I know there's quite a few already done but is there any volumes in particular people are wanting ?

>> No.10904227

It'd always be worth scanning, especially since lots of even the available scans are incomplete or low res

>> No.10904228

sick, my office has a decently high res printer/scanner so i'll starting taking 1-2 in with me to scan when i have downtime lol, what's the best format to store them that people can use? soz for spoonfeeding im newb at technology still, somewhere like archive library? or just google doc it and spread links?

>> No.10904229

nayrt, I agree that it's a good idea to scan them in high resolution and get every single page.
Probably most of the scans available now are low res and missing pages. I don't know how to answer your question regarding format and how to share them though.

>> No.10904331

ZIP files uploaded to a file sharing platform like MEGA, additionally you can email the owner of lolitahistory and maybe they'll consider replacing their low res scans with yours?

>> No.10904332

Urgent question, nonnas, does Baby stock items that had to be ordered via a reservation system in their physical stores?

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File: 42 KB, 700x700, VNaZn7VzOHqKkEwokIou9U8lIJIEQ5wkhOmhGh80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

am I stupid or do I just lace these up every time I wear them? seems exhausting

>> No.10904606

How is it exhausting? Its not like its any different than like...putting on clothes every time you wear them.

>> No.10904619

you can do some small stitches to keep them in place

>> No.10904628

you don't understand, I am built for SPEED and EFFICIENCY
I was just asking becuase it is a bit arduous to get them to look nice every time, since other lace up items such as shoes/boots and corsets are pre-laced, and all you have to do is tighten them
thanks nonny! That's a great idea

>> No.10904638

Wait these are Moite-priced socks that are just plain ruffle OTKs and two pieces of ribbon? They don't have loops?? Insane

>> No.10904640

Technically, the ribbons are actually satin-faced elastic so they can stretch to the wearer's size and movements, but yes, they are just socks with fancy moitie lace and elastic ribbons

>> No.10905065

Where can I buy a good ringlet wig nowadays? I was looking at the Sinwavy ringlet wigs but I'm worried about the quality.

>> No.10905068

Maple wigs

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File: 185 KB, 800x1200, 80s-fashion-joan-jett-1585326899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can anyone recommend some western fashion brands that are kind of 'jfashion-style adjacent'? The only two I know of are My Violet and Chrissa Sparkles, which both have pieces that would fit with the various -kawaii jfash and popkei and stuff. I mostly wear punk lolita and pop-kei kinda 80s-retro vintage, so especially looking for any brands that are cute and colorful.

My wardrobe needs a major refresh and I hate trying to buy stuff like shorts or fitted tops from jp brands bc the cuts are so iffy on my frame. But I'm so out of the loop on western brands anymore.

>pic vaguely rel

>> No.10905087

Miss Alphabet might have some cute things, or Hell Bunny but I've never shopped from there so I can't speak on the quality. check out BAIT for shoes, I've only heard good things about them.

>> No.10905283

Why we don't have online comm threads anymore?

>> No.10905802

are these guys a scam? I can't find any good photos or reviews or anything, and the prices seem insane for a taobao store

>> No.10905810

Is there a tier list on best/sexy cosplay types? By types I mean like are maids better than lolita? Is lolita better than bunny girl? Bunny girl better than school uniform girl?

>> No.10905817

it's not a scam, but the prices on their global store are considerably marked up compared to their taobao store. https://shop34422983.taobao.com/

le flacon is also pricier than most taobao brands in general.

>> No.10905818

thank you! I knew I was missing something

>> No.10905903

is there a way to keep my bangs from moving out of place all the time, especially during windy days? do I just try heat styling + hair spray?

>> No.10905910

Unironically, eyelash glue them in place

>> No.10905913

Was interested in this stuff as a child and early teen but became a mega shut-in NEET towards late teens and adulthood. Any reliable websites for wigs/cosplay/jfashion that are consistently good? What are everyone's favourites?

>> No.10905924

seconding this. my bangs have looked so much better since i started eyelash glueing them into place

r/lolita has shit moderation but their wiki is a pretty good place to start. you'll find website links there.
all my j-fashion wigs are from amazon or maple wigs. can't help you with cosplay, try >>10891006

>> No.10905958

what shopping service do you use to order from maple? Just curious I love their ringlets

>> No.10905987

i use fromjapan, but any jp shopping service should be fine

>> No.10906091

Any US residents been hit with customs buying from japan?

I made a massive moitie order from ww and got hit was a $300 customs bill from DHL, roughly 17% tax. Every online calculator I've seen puts it at about 9-10% for clothing so that seems way too high. I get I just need to eat the cost but why is it so high?

>> No.10906092

only once, but the customs bill was for 0 dollars on a $1,300 order. i don't even know why they wasted the paper to send it lol

>> No.10906093

How odd! Did you use dhl as well? I checked my other dhl package valued at $995 and it was also hit with a 17% customs bill. I'm nervous now, could this be some new DHL issue or am I ridiculously unlucky?

>> No.10906094

i usually use dhl, but i went with fedex for this one because it was expected to arrive quicker. you may want to try splitting up packages to avoid the declared value going over

>> No.10906097

I never get hit with customs (like it has never happened in an entire decade of buying things from Japan), but I used FedEx recently and got hit with a $130 customs bill on an $800 order after they emailed me asking for more information on the fabric content. No idea if they're inspecting more thoroughly or what.

>> No.10906099

Ouch, how recent was this? In the past month?

>> No.10906109

The limit for US is $800. once you go past that you have a (high) chance of getting hit with customs. Either ask to get stuff marked down or split your packages into two shipments.

The 2 times I imported more than $800 worth of stuff, I got hit with customs both times.

>> No.10906159

Nile Perch website now supports overseas purchases. Has anyone tried it?

>> No.10906237
File: 62 KB, 700x742, 1000005109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kind of blouses can I wear with this? Particularly short sleeved options? I usually style it with boleros so I'd like to try something new.

>> No.10906267

Is the waist on the Miranda JSK as small as AATP lists it? I always think it looks beautiful but my waist is 27 inches

>> No.10906336
File: 70 KB, 960x746, c085bda3-121f-5a9e-90e3-ac4c65e69b16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a square-neck cutsew, in white, brown, or navy could be nice

>> No.10906480

Are you fucking color blind? Navy?! Stop giving advice, period.

>> No.10906526

Wine x navy is a common color combo with sailor pieces

>> No.10906688

Yeah if you're an autumn they're both great neutrals for you

>> No.10906737
File: 1.50 MB, 3464x3388, Picsart_24-03-19_19-19-07-626~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this a passable capsule wardrobe? I'll be moving away from home for a new job for about 6 months-1 year before deciding if I'll stay. I'm not a daily lolita by any means, but I want to attend local comm meetups during my time there without bringing my whole wardrobe+expensive pieces. If the blue isn't working, I'll just trash it and add more black instead.

>> No.10906745
File: 973 KB, 1080x1252, Screenshot_20220708-232257_Firefox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

looks fine, but personally I'd do more like white blouse and socks, black headdress, bag, and shoes, and then have all different color main pieces. It will look more visually different and feel like your wardrobe has more variety than if you bring all black main pieces, especially when you look back on photos to remember this interesting time in your life. of course, if you normally stick to black & white, go nuts, just saying you don't have to feel forced into a limited color scheme.

>> No.10906750

How long does the registered small packet option usually take to arrive? I never used it before but accidentally picked this option on closetchild. The last update from japan was a week and a half ago and my country's tracking still just says they're waiting to receive the package

>> No.10906751

Registered small packet is fine. Takes about 2 weeks to get to me in California. I have to be home on the day they deliver so I can sign for the package, but whatever US shipping service ends up carrying my package (Usually it's DHL) will send me a text on the day it's supposed to arrive, so it's not too stressful.

>> No.10906752

Do you need a coat? Don't forget to bring a sewing kit and stain remover in case anything happens. Good luck!

>> No.10906772

been away from lolita for a number of years. Can someone explain the stupidly high prices on lace market that people are asking for ran through taobao shit?

>> No.10906773

poorfag delusion, but you already knew that

>> No.10906881

This is why you always want to ship with ems or a gov owned shipping service that transfers to usps. Ems transfers to usps once it hits stateside. Private shipping companies like fedex, ups etc. will pretty much always go through filing a customs declaration on your behalf because they charge you for that on top of any customs fees you incur. Technically anything under $800 should be customs free, but ems/usps will often send things through that are well over that price without hitting you with a fee. I’ve shipped in well over 50k worth the stuff over the years and I’ve only ever gotten hit with customs fees when I ship with a private company.

>> No.10906901

UPS doesn't charge fees usually, it's only fedex. i ship tea from japan in US which usually requires special import forms and fedex is anal as fuck about it but UPS doesn't care, they shipped 10k worth of furniture to me without fees too.

>> No.10906926
File: 1.21 MB, 1262x800, Untitled-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I usually wear that JSK with this kind of blouses, I buy them on aliexpress and the neckline usually doesn't shows.

>> No.10906944

Surely this is bait and you don't actually wear that fugly shit

>> No.10906945

Fwiw UPS has always charged me, but takes six months to send me the invoice so I end up thinking I got away with it, only to get surprised sometime later with a big ole customs bill TT

>> No.10906949
File: 1.09 MB, 1024x648, Download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

simple high neck blouse

>> No.10906997
File: 1.33 MB, 1179x1785, IMG_4218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone ever attempted to buy brand from taobao stores like these? Have you had good experiences? Or would it be better to steer clear if your Chinese isn’t very good

>> No.10906998

you mean xianyu secondhand sales? yes, i've bought from them, and had generally good success. there's a bit of a learning curve learning the lingo though, because some listings will be WTB or WTT rather than selling anything. chinese sellers can be weirdly protective of proof pics as well. i've never gotten a replica or damaged goods though

>> No.10907018

Sorry I should have been a bit clearer, I’ve used xianyu before. but I’ve found these stores on taobao itself that will like take deposits or full payments for AP dresses that have been out of stock or released already or upcoming releases and wondering if they were real

>> No.10907025

just looks like someone is reselling on taobao. dunno if this particular store is real but surely there are stores on taobao that act as SS for chinese customers or have stock to sell.

>> No.10907033

Someone asked in the fairy kei thread about fairy kei/yumekawa resin accessories and pieces and stuff a few months ago but the thread is gone, anyone still interested in any of those kind of things?

>> No.10907043

Is there a nanchatte seifuku community anywhere? Does anyone still dress in that style?

>> No.10907046

Anyone else have issues using hotmail to contact closet child? My messages keep getting marked as spam and I can’t use their contact form at all..
I’m worried about it since I placed my order under my hotmail address on Weenesday, but i haven’t gotten my dispatch notice. They usually only take 1-2 days at most.

>> No.10907057

whitelist closetchild emails, should work fine

>> No.10907058

nanchatte is just ageplay if you're not a teenager, and you must be 18 to use 4chan, so no.

>> No.10907061

There have always been nanchatte threads on this board you retarded newfag

>> No.10907084
File: 123 KB, 206x368, 12264 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what would you call a shirt like picrel?

>> No.10907087

I was going to say "Engrish" but upon actually reading the words, its the lyrics of Blur's "Girls and Boys"

>> No.10907095

I receive their emails but it’s hotmail/yahoo that’s being blocked on their end. Just wish I knew this before placing my order

>> No.10907102

that's weird, i've never had it happen. could you try emailing them through an alternate email or something?

>> No.10907107

>18 isn't a teenager
>doesn't realize nanchatte is explicitly for non-school aged people to wear
bad bait.

>> No.10907115

Ok strange thing, I did do that using protonmail but they never responded, but I got my DHL notice send to my “blocked” address, no dispatch notice or confirmation of items though!
So for anyone else, be careful using hotmail or yahoo through CC, they have a notice about it on their japanese contact form that I didnt see until now.

>> No.10907133

what part of larping as a high schooler isn't ageplay

>> No.10907134

Why are you trying to make it perverted, you some kind of pedo?

>> No.10907139

Nobody is larping as a high schooler, anon. It's a nostalgic fashion style.

>> No.10907144

anon probably just has a thing for high school girls or something, quite weird.

>> No.10907192

Nostalgic for what, being a high schooler? A Japanese one specifically?

>> No.10907199

People in the west wear similar uniforms, too. But also nostalgia for the 2000s when uniform themed outfits like kogyaru were pretty popular. Nostalgia for the outfits we all see in anime. Even though I never wore uniforms, they represent a simpler, more innocent time.

>> No.10907212

yeah but when western adults put on a school uniform they're usually not in denial about it being fetish bs

>> No.10907220

why are you sexualizing this so much? it's fucking creepy. do you also think all cosplayers are fetishists too? seek help.

>> No.10907233

What a weird ass take. You need to take a break from porn.

>> No.10907269

When adults on your little chaturbate put on a school uniform and ride a dildo for 4 hours straight, it's a fetish, yeah. Nanchatte is just for people who think the uniforms look sharp. Also, they usually wear high-quality ones versus your cheap, polyester costume quality one on porn sites or worn for cheap thrills, make more sense?

>> No.10907270

Because >>10907233 is right. They've watched too much damn porn.

>> No.10907272

exactly, i am so confused why she(?) is so set on this. nanchatte is actually encouraged in japan because it helps to normalize the uniforms as clothing in a time when they're overly sexualized in anime and porn. anon is acting like wearing it means we're gonna start striping when in reality we're just wearing it to a cafe or the store. i was in japan as an exchange student in high school and basically wore the uniform everywhere because it's considered super formal(so much so that they make OL sets that are similar to the uniform with pleated skirts and blazers) it's actually so it is nostalgic for me because it reminds me of my good friends and fun times as an exchange student. adding some videos that actually explain nanchatte as a real style and not whatever freakish shit anon thinks it is.


>> No.10907276

You are so retarded and naive to think that the school age fetish isn't the most rampant fetish in Japan.

>> No.10907291
File: 30 KB, 622x646, 5a908339dd56182f71b9f7632a21a59eeece63dd1cedd4ef22ac131e98770933_1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10907292

Anon literally said that do you know how to read? Please get some help with your pornsickness.

>> No.10907297

I believe there is one on Facebook, but we don't have threads here anymore because the board is slow.

>> No.10907308

Also, to add - school uniforms are made to look good on a variety of body types, so it's an overall flattering silhouette while still looking cute and put together.

>> No.10907317

It was me and YES

>> No.10907324

Ayrt, I wore a sailor uniform as a middle schooler too but no one’s dressing up in Western school uniforms for “nostalgia” kek. They’re a version of military style that’s been dumbed down specifically for kids and worn exclusively by kids. It doesn’t seem pedo necessarily, just weird that anons insist it’s not about looking like an anime high schooler.

>> No.10907328

School uniforms are way less common and are usually much more ugly, though. And for some of the people that like nanchatte, yeah there probably IS a cosplay aspect of wanting to wear the clothes they see in anime.

>> No.10907610

seifuku and se-rafuku are different things, anon. sei comes from gakusei, where as se-ra is just sailor.

>> No.10907621

You just made that up. The sei in 制服 means system/order as in uniform. It’s not the same as the sei in 学生, 先生, or 生ビール lol

>> No.10908081

I think it's because more people are buying through devilinspired and 42lolita because it's so much more convenient than using TB and a shopping service, and they mark shit way way way up, so secondhand prices are higher on average as a result.

>> No.10908083

Those algorithmically generated Facebook shirts that say "I'm a FATHER to a badass MICROBIOLOGIST so don't mess with me"

>> No.10908084

This is so funny the first video makes it clear this is the Japanese equivalent of like a Dickie's work pants store but because it's what anime teenagers wear it's somehow a big deal and ageplay

>> No.10908295

anon, 生服 is short for 学生服 which means student uniform. 制服 is the general word for ANY uniform of any kind such as military or office or something. are you perhaps chinese?

>> No.10908360

Except it's literally the lyrics to "Boys and Girls" by Blur lol

>> No.10908761

it’s actually spelled 正福 meaning good luck. however, if you’re from the 陰茎 (Aichi) region it’s sometimes written as 静吹くmeaning “to blow quietly”, referring to the motion made by a pleated skirt flapping in a gentle wind.

>> No.10908768

I'm mostly a lonelita and don't really interact with my local comm - are swapmeets exclusively for trading, or do sales occur as well? Would it be considered a faux pas to ask someone to sell something to you if they haven't exclusively stated that they only want to trade?

>> No.10908779

It's pretty normal for a swap meet to have a lot of selling as well. If a seller/trader hasn't specifically stated their preference for trading you can politely ask if they would be interested in selling it.

>> No.10908821

i see more sales than trades at swap meets personally. unless its specifically only UFT, you should be fine to ask

>> No.10909074

what happened to Katie? i know their one store closed last year but they still have the website up. they haven’t posted on social media since last december and they haven’t released or teased any new collections. i assume they’re closing for good but i haven’t found any info on that. anyone know?

>> No.10909092

Online shop is supposed to remain open but whether or not that happens or they ever release anything new is another story

>> No.10909151

are there other brands like Katie? i’m not a big fan of Milk or Candy Stripper, but i like the coquette lolita thing Katie was doing. i like Nile Perch but its not the same thing. i know Katie is overpriced but the quality is pretty good.

are there any nicer taobao brands out there? i see a lot of cute cheap stuff on taobao but obviously the quality isn’t there.

>> No.10909163


>> No.10909196

Rosemarie seoir

>> No.10909202

What's considered an excessive amount of main pieces for someone whose main/only hobby is lolita?

>> No.10909208

100+ main pieces is when I consider it excessive. Even someone into the fashion for a decade at that point would be buying a main piece almost once a month, and that feels a bit much for me.

>> No.10909255

I'm going to agree with 100+ main pieces. I don't buy lolita to collect it, I buy it to wear it so that's my viewpoint/approach towards the fashion. Making sure the 100+ main pieces all have closet space whilst not being overpacked could be a hurdle for those living in small apartments. I would also make an effort to make sure I actually plan to wear most of my wardrobe. Even with many pieces in your closet you probably still have your aesthetic favourites and comfort favourites and will tend to mainly wear those if you don't make a conscious effort to wear a lot more items in your closet.

Everyone has their own standards for how often you need to want to wear something for it to justify a space in your wardrobe. If there's something in my wardrobe I haven't wanted to wear in 3 years it needs to go, regardless of how nostalgic it is.

Also some people go crazy with buying main pieces and neglect everything else such as outerwear, blouses, bags shoes, leg wear, hair accessories, etc. So they either have too few of those or they buy low quality versions of them. I've seen people say they do this in order to save money for buying main pieces.

>> No.10909285

agreed. it's about how many pieces you can realistically maintain to me. things can be damaged if left in storage long term, especially if it's just hanging somewhere-- damp, wrinkles and creasing, stretched elastic, moths, UV damage and fading, picking up weird smells, not to mention if it isn't washed between uses the dirt and skin oils can damage the fabric as well. i think if you can have 100 pieces, still wear most of them at least occasionally, and store and maintain them long term, more power to you, but it makes me sad to see an obvious hoarding situation, and it's even sadder when you see people like that finally sell off parts of their wardrobe and every piece is wrinkled, stained, faded, and just obviously stored poorly.

>> No.10909292

Recommendations for a fan I could use while wearing lolita in summer? I'm moving to a warmer climate and a fan could also be used to cover my face when someone wants to take a picture of me. I wear mostly sweet and old school.

>> No.10909303

Ayrt, that's right you need to check up on all of your main pieces every once in a while and make sure it's stored correctly.

That sounds like a chore if it's 100 main pieces.

I have bought stuff that arrived with undisclosed issues. Creasing and wrinkles aren't that bad, nor are yellowing, stretched elastic and some types of stains. But fading, holes, black mold, all of the unfixable stuff bothers me the most.

And it's crazy to see how densely some people pack their closet or leave stuff out in sunlight, no wonder it gets damaged.

I don't think I even have 100 main pieces that I love, I'm too picky for that. And I wouldn't want to maintain that large of a wardrobe. I would be happy with 60 main pieces tops, and this includes multiple colourways of the same piece.

>> No.10909316

How dense is too dense? I try to keep decent spacing but my closet only has so much space and I want them out of the sun

>> No.10909319

dumb question but if a closet is packed dense and the damage this causes are wrinkles can't the owner just iron/steam whenever or would it lead to permanent damage?

>> No.10909415

Keeping your items out of the sun is indeed very important. I don't exactly know how to describe when a closet starts to be overpacked. You have to take into account that air still needs to be able to circulate to avoid mold problems. This might not be an issue with homes that have a very dry indoor climate all year round (very low relative humidity) though.
A densely packed closet might also be more prone to bug infestation (iirc there was a lolita here who had a bug problem in her closets).

It's also important to avoid hanger damage, some unfortunate things can happen when hanging heavier items on a hanger for an extended period of time. This is when elastic gets overstretched, when woven fabric can warp, when interfacing can peel or when heavier knit items can be stretched out of shape.
A lot of people prevent elastic stretching by folding the dresses over the bar of the hanger, but this takes up more width.
I also don't store my petticoats in my closets, it takes up too much space.

My approach would be to divide items over hanging sections and shelves. All of my hanger damage prone items are loosely folded and put on shelves.

Mold, sun damage and holes (usually caused by insects) would be my 3 worst problems if they were to happen. Mold and bugs are my biggest concern with an overpacked closet (note I have almost no polyester in my closet, so bugs that eat cotton and wool are a concern).
You can just iron (or steam) out wrinkles and creases ime. I always inspect things thoroughly before I sell and ship something, and the item will be packed densely when shipping so wrinkles and creases are unavoidable anyway, so I only iron something before shipping when it is severely creased/wrinkled.

>> No.10909439

other anon already gave you a pretty thorough rundown, but to add on: if you have velvet items (or similar fabrics) being overpacked in a dense closet can cause permanent creasing or rub bald spots into the velvet. flocked items can also be rubbed bald.

>> No.10909481

What types of fabric are more prone to hanger damage?

>> No.10909503

knits, anything with elastic sleeves or neckline, and velvets/flocked fabrics are the most prone to stretching, warping, and creasing

>> No.10909504

adding on to what >>10909503 already mentioned, I had a situation where a woven cotton jsk which was hanging from the straps eventually started warping in the side front bodice panels and the fusible interfacing had peeled on the facings. All because this was a slightly heavier jsk and it had been hanging on the hanger for a long time.
Some coats are also really heavy and the ends of the hanger can leave dents in the sleeves/shoulders. You can get wider rounded hangers for coats specifically that help decrease the risk of this happening.

Also if your home has high relative humidity please avoid packing fabric items (such as bonnets, headdresses, etc) into the type of plastic storage boxes that lock and don't have any air holes.

Storing your shoes in shoe boxes outside of your closets/wardrobes also saves space for actual garments. I've seen someone complain about lack of closet space but she was keeping her shoes in her closet on shelves she could have used for other things such as blouses, skirts, etc. You could get specific shoe storage or just store your shoes in their shoe boxes on top of your closets if it's not a built in.

>> No.10909524

Is it worth getting the plus size variant of a dress just for a specific colorway? It's sold out for the standard size variant and my measurements are slightly below the lower end of the olus size variant dress' measurements. I'm worried that it would end up looking too baggy.

>> No.10909533


If you were already on the mid-higher side of the smaller size range, it probably won’t matter that much. I bought a plus size meta jsk because it was on mega clearance, and it actually doesn’t look too big at all, and even gives me a bigger cupcake shape, but I also sit about 4 cm below the largest size range of the standard size, so it didn’t really make a huge difference once I tied the waist ties. It’s also way easier/cheaper to modify a dress down in size if you’re really sold on that colorway and committed to modifying.

>> No.10909550

Ah, thank you! I haven't seen any of the plus size meta pieces around IRL so I wasn't too sure how they'd look compared to the standard size dresses.

>> No.10909567

How do you usually store your petticoats?

>> No.10909583

Does anybody know what happened to Innocent World White?? Why it flopped or if it's still around???

>> No.10909586

Gulls who have moved to another country, how did you handle packing and shipping all your burando to minimize damage? I'm trying to plan out how much I should be putting in boxes and how much should be in my check bags.

>> No.10909598

I hang them on hangers with clips, then hang them on a little rack.

>> No.10909604

it only existed for a short time, and was fairly unpopular, so it seems to be discontinued. weird that the link is still on the site though.

>> No.10909635
File: 16 KB, 250x333, 34a1f13c-f2ea-5642-906b-e4df9fc13f73.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know if the 2017 rerelease of Carnival is a darker shade of pink than the original?

>> No.10909680

as far as i'm aware, yes. i own the rerelease and it definitely looks to be a darker, more salmon-y pink than the cooler-toned original, though i've never seen the original in person (only in LM photos).

>> No.10909748

is devilinspired considered tacky? i would buy better name brand stuff if it weren't for me being broke as shit.

>> No.10909772

Devil inspired isn't a brand. It's a reseller. They sell several different Chinese brands, some of which are not lolita. They also charge a hefty markup, so you might be better off trying to get the same item from a different reseller or by buying it from taobao directly or using a shopping service to get it from taobao.

If you really don't have much to spend on lolita I suggest checking out the second hand market or simply saving up. Higher quality items will last longer, will be more beautiful and have more resale value if you ever change style or get tired of it.

>> No.10909773

Some of the items and brands featured on devil inspired might be considered tacky, yes. I don't know enough about Chinese brand to comment further, please ask your local comm.

>> No.10909817

If you don't have the eye to discern what it tacky from what isn't yet, I'd advise avoiding Taobao resellers. Generally, there are better ways to get things from Taobao for someone on a budget, like ordering through a shopping service, thus avoiding the huge markups sites like Devilinspired usually have. Looking at the website now, unfortunately most of the things listed there are low quality or costumey enough to not only be considered very tacky, but probably be disappointing once you get them anyway. Save your money, look at second hand marketplaces for deals on quality items, and learn more about what makes something work for lolita before you jump in headfirst.

>> No.10909860

guys i think she's asking if using the site is tacky. not if the clothing is...

>> No.10909874

exactly ... im just unsure if i'll be seen as lesser if i admit to ordering off of it lol.

>> No.10909879

Using the site is only tacky because the clothing is overpriced and shit

>> No.10909905

how would people know where you got your chinese brand stuff if you just never tell them? If people are going to judge, they're going to judge what you're wearing.

>> No.10909910

you're not a lolita, are you.

>> No.10909912

just say you got it direct off taobao if you know the brand. or say it’s from 42lolita if you don’t. but i don’t know why you’d torture yourself by ordering from devilinspired when there are so many other resellers out there that sell the same garments for a cheaper price

>> No.10909932

I don't understand the assumption. I mainly wear old school btssb, I don't know much about chinese brands nor do I care enough to hate it. I don't understand why someone would ask "Is it tacky to buy from DI?" when no-one would know in the first place if you just didn't tell them. If anyone asks just tell them the name of the chinese brand. They're probably not going to ask any further by asking "yeah but where did you buy it?", in that case just say taobao.

They can't tell you got it from DI if you never tell them that. If they're the judgy type they're just going to look down on you for wearing chinese brand, at that point I doubt they're going to care exactly where you bought it.

>> No.10909938

How do I deal with the admins of my comm only hosting free events? They claim €25 for afternoon tea is expensive… I’m the only other member hosting but not a lot of members join since my activities cost money.

>> No.10909943

You don't deal with it. I don't see a solution.
What I understand from your comment is that most of the people in your comm don't want to spend 25eu for afternoon tea, and when you do want to organize activities that cost money there aren't enough people interested in spending money to make it work.
If you're bored with the free or low budget activities the only thing you can do is find something to do that is either free or low budget that you actually think is interesting and different from what you usually do with the comm.

>> No.10909978

I’ve always found this so confusing. But this seems like a common issue. People are willing to spend $200+ on brand, or $50-100 on a shitty taobao coord, but are wholly unwilling to spend even just $20 on enjoyable things to do in the fashion. I guess they just want to take pics? I’m continually confused by poorfag logic.

>> No.10909994

My comm has people like this too and I also don't understand it. There's only so many times you can go do the same picnic, mall, con etc. meets trying to include everyone before it gets boring. But it's all they ever want to do and they shoot down anything else that requires the slightest bit more money and effort. It's a lose lose situation with them because you either have to put up with shitty meets, or risk putting in a lot of effort to organise something nice and expensive only to get stood up.Or if you try to have private meets with just the people who are willing to pay you risk causing drama and being branded as cliquey and elitist if the wider comm finds out. Trying to host good quality meets is really just a thankless job.

>> No.10910003

>I’ve always found this so confusing.
nayrt, but I do understand why people are like this. They simply think spending 25$ on their wardrobe is much more important than spending it on an experience. It's usually people who are either students (barely scraping by, but every extra penny goes towards their wardrobe) or people who could afford to go out and spend money on an afternoon tea, but are still building their wardrobe so they prefer not to.

I'm kind of in a similar situation to the wardrobe builders who do have money to spend, but with one major difference. I think 25$ for a meet is low budget. I expect to spend 80~100$ on a slightly more luxurious meet (incl travel expenses, food, drinks, entrance fees). I wouldn't mind spending around 50$ 4 times a year just to stay in touch with the irl comm. That makes it 200$ a year. Not that much in the bigger picture.

When I get close to the wardrobe I want I expect to spend a higher % of my money on meets. That's also exactly what I see people do who have fully functional wardrobes and who have a lot of their wishlist items. They buy a few dream pieces a year but most of their money goes towards meets.

>only to get stood up
require a small payment up front/reservation fee to deal with flakes. It's amazing how something small as 10$ discourages flaky behavior.
You can organize private meets, and no-one has to find out, and if they do (which they will if you post it on IG) so what? It's pretty normal for people to do this, and everyone else just has to accept it. They can't tell you to not hang out with your friends. Even if you had a legit comm within a comm and never went to regular comm meets anymore, so what? You decide who you hang out with. If you want to hang out with a smaller group of people who share the same style/interests in activities, there's nothing wrong with that. Everyone who thinks that's cliquey and elitist can go kick rocks.

>> No.10910004

you could organize slightly more expensive meets as well as lower budget meets in your local comm to avoid this "cliquey and elitist" reputation, and just expect for only a handful of people to eventually go to the slightly more expensive meets. Depending on your comm organizing meets can be a thankless job in general. Google search for new meet ideas and take preventative measures against people flaking, both might help make it less of a thankless job.

>> No.10910012


NTA but I think I have the flakiest comm ever. People just don’t show up shit they RSVP for whether it’s free or paid. Even when they’ve paid a deposit! It’s part of why I’m basically a lonelita now. I had a tea/lunch meetup that had an implied minimum spend per person to get a private room in the tea house. People put down a small deposit for the required tea purchase with the knowledge that they also needed to buy something on the kitchen menu. 6 people RSVPd, one person showed up, and she didn’t get anything from the kitchen because of her “allergies”. I was so embarrassed because I’d talked up the owner to make arrangements, just to basically have no one show up. I ordered big to try and make up for it, but yeah, I lost respect for a lot of people with that one.

>> No.10910014

>she didn’t get anything from the kitchen because of her “allergies”
I don't know about this specific situation, but if the place didn't have options for someone with allergies and you hadn't provided a menu beforehand so that the person could be aware of whatever they served, I see no fault on her side.

>> No.10910020

Does this dress have any chance of fitting a 108 cm bust? Just wondering since it seems to have extra lacing that can be undone to provide maybe a bit more stretch.

>> No.10910024

That would infuriate me and make me lose respect for all of the flakers.

>> No.10910025

if you check out the lolibrary page someone who owns it has already double checked the minimum and maximum measurements, and those are most likely more reliable than the measurements the brand provided. It's safe to assume the owner measured them minimum and maximum measurements with the lacing removed. If you want this dress to comfortably fit a 108cm bust you're most likely going to have to alter it.

>> No.10910034

I have a white btssb parasol that I took with me to a renfaire and it got dirty, how can I clean it??? I am afraid the dirt will stain it.

>> No.10910039

The full menu is online, as it is for most of these places. If you have allergies and there’s a requirement from the venue to purchase food, it’s your responsibility to do due diligence before committing. Your comm members aren’t mind readers. Even if I hadn’t provided the menu, if you have the allergy, it’s your responsibility to check into it and decide if the venue can safely accommodate. For many people with severe allergies, it’s never going to be 100% safe to eat out.

>> No.10910060

No. As a rule of thumb you should try to be at least 2cm under the max. 4cm over isn’t going to work. Lolibrary measurements aren’t always 100% accurate but it’s pretty rare for them to underestimate. Usually the size is over estimated when it’s off. the only way you’d fit is if you compress your chest or if the previous owner stretched it out considerably.

I’ve got a pretty big wardrobe, and generally anything from AP with the entire back of the bodice as a shirring panel will go up to around 108-110cm. Look for those. The one cut of chocolate quartet is usually pretty cheap and has that feature, and it has the chocolate general theme. A lot of the special sets AP releases have the big shirring panel too.

>> No.10910349
File: 515 KB, 828x879, IMG_3860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought a randoseru in 2019 and it’s been rotting in my room for the last 5 years because I don’t know any cute outfits to pair with it.
Does anyone have any ideas/inspo or keywords I can look up?

>> No.10910351

I use mine when I wear ap. Mostly miniskirts and salopettes but they work great with regular op/jsks because of their size. Just add them to any coord as long as the colors match.
>inb4 someone calls it ageplay
Randoseru are no different from wearing stuffed animals and plastic jewellery and prints with baby bottles.

>> No.10910358

so it's fine to carry a baby bottle or a sippy cup around? please.

>> No.10910374

NTA but you draw the line there? Really? Most people in the west don’t even know what a randoseru is. It’s a backpack, and it holds a fuck ton more. Most people are going to associate plush bags far more with ageplay/something for children. Get outta here with that horse shit.

>> No.10910383
File: 38 KB, 480x640, ANuRC0dimrIAm4XxKd4aX7H42jX26gXbmj1OIcEc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I never said that, retard. But according to baby, yes it's fine.

>> No.10910401

I wish it was more acceptable to carry sippy cups around. I'm retarded and always spill water on myself with normal water bottles and cups.

>> No.10910427
File: 32 KB, 640x471, IMG_8026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it normal for Meta to remove product pages off their website entirely when they sell out? I was waiting for an UTK restock, checking the product page every now and then. I checked again yesterday and it 404s now, so I'm worried they've stopped producing them altogether.

>> No.10910428

Reusable water bottles with straw lids and leakproof spouts exist, they're basically adult sippy cups lol

>> No.10910463

They have really good English support so you could always try emailing to ask? I wouldn't stress out about it. They might have just removed the page because the next UTK restock/release will have some minor difference in construction so it will need a new page. Maybe they're going to start offering regular and plus size socks or something.

>> No.10910634

Anyone know of raincoats that work with gothic and classic?

>> No.10910650

Lumiebre sells raincoats. Haven't tried them personally. I have one from AatP, but it's not been in stock for a while.

>> No.10910811

just get it shipped to your hotel

>> No.10911020

going to japan this may, any recommended secondhand shops to browse (for lolita, specifically? general girly shit like axes femme is also appreciated) eyeing closetchild in shinjuku/ikebukuro, not sure if the harajuku branch is worth going to since it seems to be geared towards their vivienne westwood stock.

>> No.10911029
File: 19 KB, 602x509, 1685649051129908.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there a quality face mask that covers your face from ear to ear? Id use a neck gaiter but im just trying out options.

>> No.10911030

Is there any place I can check an in depth comparison pics from Iron gate’s new and old releases?

>> No.10911093

You don't need them. Just get the older one if you can find it and want the better quality, get the newer one if you can't find the older one or you're too poor or too fat for it

>> No.10911096
File: 1.86 MB, 2142x1854, iron gate jsk comparison.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

grabbed these from a lolita general from last year. the general consensus on the JSK was that the bodice was weirdly large and lumpy compared to the original, and WW is shit at quality control for minor flaws as per usual.

i haven't seen comparison photos for the OP, but it doesn't have the same back bunching issues and seems to be a safer bet than the JSK. there's some unboxing videos on youtube that might be a helpful watch.

>> No.10911121

It's a long-shot, but in addition to actual stores, try to find something like swapmeets or local lolita groups to directly ask. For example, there are special annual or bi-annual "dirt cheap" events for people to sell their used kimono and household goods depending on time of year and city.

>> No.10911124
File: 822 KB, 738x449, スクリーンショット 2024-04-21 132030.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone know the precise name of these gaiters? (open at heel, go down between toes of tabi, sides touch the ground). Or is there a website with extremely detailed info on various types of Japanese gaiters?

>> No.10911251

Are the only options for posting jfash coords still between Insta, Xitter, Facebook or fucking tiktok? I had an Insta previously but haven't used it in years and heard there was some annoying new verification shit going on.

>> No.10911254

Insta is also definitely shadow banning tags.

>> No.10911598

How's Boz's quality these days? I have a lot of their super old releases but I haven't picked up anything since they moved web shops. Thinking about making the leap and rebuilding my wardrobe to be more boz centric.

>> No.10911730

Does anyone own a piece from makyu (dead gothic brand)? What is the quality like?

>> No.10911734
File: 52 KB, 400x500, IMG_8038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m also a j fashion user who wears Randoserus, I wear randoserus for practical reasons (so not just related to fashion choice) so I might not understand your situation completely. I believe the color of your randoseru makes a big difference, if you have a red one like pictured it can be limiting. You should keep in mind that randoserus are kids backpacks so you have no chance of finding keywords outside jojifuku that have tons of results. But I do have a couple photos of lolitas wearing randoserus.

>> No.10911749

>lolitas wearing randoserus
how new are you that you don't even know that this isn't a lolita? it's a moid that posts latex fetish porn pics and upskirt shots in dresses wearing diapers and randoseru. this has been known since 2012 atp lmao

>> No.10911756

>I'm also a j fashion user
Uh huh...

>> No.10911810

Ayrt and this photo has no relation to atom studios jojifuku pornography. I’m not going out of my way to find this girl however if she was involved with some kind of porn then I want proof. If she was involved then I wouldn’t use this photo as I was unaware.

>> No.10911811 [DELETED] 

Quick update and I was able to find one or two of these upskirt photos, one of them is pretty obviously ment to be a upskirt. But if this person was making fetish porn pics then there lost to time or don’t exist, I could only find their photos on flickr.

>> No.10911812

Here's your spoonfeeding since you're apparently incapable of RIS: type "sutiblr" into Google to see this man's gross fetish shit

>> No.10911814

NTA but it’s actually kind of… cool? Like the things that come up when I google that aren’t pornographic so maybe I’m not seeing the super gross stuff, but the latex cords are kinda neat, and there’s something visually interesting about the monochrome looks. It’s not something I’d ever wear out, but I don’t find it sexy or pornographic at all nonny, maybe you’re just a prude. Chill.

>> No.10911816

Fuck off, you don't even go here. Please just fucking kill yourself and spare the rest of us your newfaggotry.

>> No.10911823

Ah yes the upskirt shots of him in lolita, definitely not done to be sexual

>> No.10911824

did you conveniently ignore the pics of his literal nuts hanging you retard

>> No.10911850

>i'm not attracted to it, therefore it's not sexual!
also why do zoomers like you need everything to be subversive, including things that already are?

>> No.10911859

Jesus y’all need a fucking Xanax. I saw zero nuts in my expedition, and it reminds me of the meta series that was either vinyl or latex. Not sure what kind of search history yiu got going on over there, but I literally said in my initial post that I might not be seeing the super gross stuff in my search. I’m certainly not going to go in depth trying to find it. Way to sperge out though. That’s the most excitement we’ve had on this dead ass board in a while.

>> No.10911864

You didn't even actually look through his social media and made a very wrong generalization about what he posts, and now you're saying people are sperging because they're calling you dumb? This isn't excitement. This is a normal day on /cgl/

>> No.10911879

i get what you're saying nonna, but even when you look exclusively in google images, it's still weird. notice how all the lolita photos are taken at a very low angle, just shy of an actual upskirt creep shot.

>> No.10911886

It's obviously a troll

>> No.10911922

God I hope so. I just googled him to check whether what they just said was even true and all but like two things that immediately came up were so obviously fetish content. I worry about that anon's ability to protect themselves if they aren't trolling.

>> No.10911923

>"kinda cool"
The very first image that appears upon googling him is this, complete with comments about sissy and infantilization kinks. I won't even disgrace my computer with downloading it nor your eyes by forcing you all to see it, but here's the link https://www.flickr.com/photos/30788655@N08/50113702977

>> No.10911970
File: 108 KB, 933x691, 1713285597038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>order from meta
>plus plus for my big chesticled hamplanet ass
>they send the wrong colorway in size 1
>forget the KC I ordered too because fuck you that's why
go on, laugh at me.

>> No.10911972

Oof, right when their English customer support is closed too. Good luck

>> No.10911973

I sent them an email in english. Guess I will try to get a refund on paypal if they ghost me. I guess this is the questions thread so my question is do I kill myself or try to sell this dress with my literal 0 karma lacemarket account. I dont even have a FB account. I'm fucked.

>> No.10912005

Everyone on LM had to start somewhere, I didn't have any other reviews to show for myself at first either. Just include plenty of proof photos and offer tracked shipping if it comes to that.

>> No.10912386

Why is it so hard to find all white cotton main pieces. They disappear in seconds whenever they show up secondhand I swear

>> No.10912389

Probably because I imagine fewer of that color make it to secondhand market because of staining? Blouses I get, but white main pieces are pretty rare to begin with I think? I’ve seen a few Lolita weddings but usually they’re wearing a cheap white TaoBao dress, but I guess it’s possible people snap those up for a Lolita wedding? The most likely explanation still is probably that white colorways are just not so common in general. That combined with the way westerners treat their clothing probably sucks most out of the market before they even make it to LM to begin with.

>> No.10912395

AP literally just released a couple, but i agree it can be hard to find good quality white mains. these days every brand is using paper thin fabric. you might have luck with old IW.

>> No.10912396

brands keep using chiffon and other polyester materials and a lot of people dont like it. they look good but are not breathable at all.

>> No.10912411

Is there an actual gyaru discord?
Everything I find is just fugos and roblox.

>> No.10912465

i left because it is dogshit. they're only concerned with pc sjw shit now, as if gyaru are supposed to care about that. i resent every gaijin gyaru who was a former lolita.

>> No.10912604

I made the horrible mistake of wearing a dark bolero with my brand new white OP and unfortunately some color rubbed off along the folds of the gathered bodice.

Is there any hope to save this OP? I managed to lighten the affected areas but there’s still a slight brown/grey tint that remains. I’m so mad at myself right now but lesson learned.

>> No.10912613

I had color transfer like this except it was a black jsk that transferred color to a white blouse.
I never got it out, but that was a long time ago. If this happened now I would use a specific laundry product that claims to remove color bleed. I have seen it at the local drugstore, just never tried it. It's called laundry SOS or something.

>> No.10913383

Poly from sheglit and BPN feels so good why did no one tell me polyester could feel so nice?

>> No.10914018

I wanna start dressing like a guy from a magical girl anime. Do I just go full visual Kei?

>> No.10914068
File: 122 KB, 1080x1056, IMG_8068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really like lolita styled boots and was wondering what would be a good brand to purchase from. I know that brand shoes aren’t necessarily good quality (i.e. synthetic leather). Here’s a reference of what I’m looking for;

>> No.10914177
File: 510 KB, 1587x1135, blonde.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kind of j fashion would work best with this hair style/color? Let's assume the person can not change their hairstyle to fit the look better.

>I think mori kei is super pretty. But I feel like the hairstyle might not be feminine enough for it. >Amekaji looks neat. I kinda like the gaudiness of it. I don't know popular it is though. Like if you saw that outfit in America, would you be able to identify it at all.
>Don't know if you would classify Sex Pot Revenge as punk/goth, or if they're considered Japanese Hot Topic. I generally like their designs though.

I've also thought about kogal and egl. But I feel like the short hair disqualifies it from egl. Kogal might work though. Any suggestions?