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Inferno Cop weeps. Can't have shit in Jersey.

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Get woke go broke only applies a little but them tarding out over masks and splitting into two locations was the final nail in the coffin

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They're skipping a year is all. Don't you americans have a bunch of other cons?

>splitting into two locations was the final nail in the coffin
Sounds like an internal schism.

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>Eurofags is charge of geography
The closest one is AnimeNYC and New York Comic Con, both at the Javitz Center.
>Sounds like an internal schism.
The venue was too small and the con itself was in 2 different buildings. Artist's alley and dealers were in the convention center, and 90% of the panels were in a hotel 9 miles away.

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>Eurofags is charge of geography
You are irrelevant to us outside of your media, so all our knowledge of your geography comes from there. America is one huge desert full of tumbleweeds and empty highways. There are only two cities in America. New York where steam comes out of all the sewer manholes and all the superheroes live in, and the smaller Los Angeles. All the people outside those two megacities dream of moving to them and escaping the wasteland.

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>throw away a fairly decent and commute friendly location for a middle of buttfuck nowhere venue all because of something as dumb as masking.
Sucks to suck

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>all because of something as dumb as masking.
Cons being operated by cowardly subhumans is par for the course. If it ended here, they wouldn't be in this position, but AnimeNext had to go the extra mile. It's why this news was always a matter of "when" as opposed to "if"

S to spit

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What's the drama behind this con? I'm seeing they wrongfully banned somebody

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>Skipping a year
Kek. Yes, skipping another year, after not holding their con for 3 years due to unrealistic expectations they had of their venue pertaining to covid/masking etc.
The con is fucking dead, and they only have themselves to blame.
They made a really unhinged post when they announced their cancellation in 2022 (that was deleted shortly after) which showed how absolutely dentheaded they were.

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I recall last year they kicked some people out of the con for taking photos during the masquerade. Which they apparently didn't make clear was against the rules, and offered no warnings. Not sure if that's the "drama" you're referring to or not.

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What's the TLDR drama?

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Basically the everyone sucks in this scenario. In 2022 The Atlantic City Convention Center dropped mask requirements and the con organizers chimped out and broke their contract early, leaving AC behind. The new venue was a shit show as it was in 2 locations with a 20 minute drive between the two. People were pissed after having to wait 3 years and for the con dropping masks & vaccine cards a week before the con.

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Can't say I'm surprised by this development whatsoever. Last year was a complete shitshow and I only went because my 2020 ticket got rolled over for 3 years. I didn't even bother taking off work for the Friday or going on Sunday. Throwing tantrums over not being able to enforce mask mandates in the ACCC, expecting to be told by the convention center and hotels that there's another event taking place in the city that weekend (no shit, it's Atlantic City?), and not being able to force random passerbys to wear masks in a public area was completely unhinged and I knew it wasn't going to end well.
4 years without a con in the last 5 years. AnimeNext is dead. This used to be really fun and well run. too. Real shame.

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It seems almost as being an obsessive compulsive control freak and getting high on power dont team up so well and are bad for business.
This whole burning car wreck of a cat urine transporter is simply people with the emotional maturity of a five year old being able to decide more than what they themself eat for breakfast and spiralling into cartoon villain levels of a god complex. It would be almost funny if retards like this wouldn't destroy one nerd hobby after another with being that easy to manipulate by actual adult politics.

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that's nice to hear but let me saying this, your entire continent is irrelevant to this country. i'm only aware of estonia and latvia because ive interacted with people from there before on the internet. just think how the average american hasnt heard of any country besides germany france italy and maybe sometimes spain. we have 50 fucking states here to think about and then our friends up north and then south before we even pay attention to you. meanwhile, we live in your head rent free