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>107 days until Fanime
>No vaccines but still have mask mandate in place

Did you get the hotel you wanted?
What are your cosplay plans?
How are we feeling about this year?

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This con is deader than shit

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Lmfao @ masks. Dead con is dead. Only ugly people still support that shit.

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Fanime is dead
AX way too corporate
ALA is dull
Sac is....Sac
SDCC is a normies

Whats a good CA con?

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the masking is especially stupid because everyone just takes off their mask the moment they exit the official con area. also dumb because guests can flaunt it and not give a fuck.

staff from the cosplay and gaming departments seem to be leaving en masse

con isn't dead, just stagnant. it's a glorified party con and in that regard it's doing great. tons of people in the park every night.

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Well, sad to see that the consensus on this con is that it pretty much sucks. I’ll be going for the first time this year, is there anything redeeming or is it just something to enjoy with your friend group?

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This is my first year as well and going solo. Sucks to see how dead the con is.

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more staff resigned from gaming and whatever the fuck "stage of stars" is. fanime apparently has jack shit for staff benefits, lol. held together by string and duct tape, and the love of certain department heads providing for their people.

also they have a vaccination requirement for staff but not attendees so that's one improvement. they still want masks.

it's basically a giant party con. it's been that way for a while. if you're looking for a con to just hang out with people or cosplay at it is great. if you are looking for guests, you're in the wrong place, because fanime's have been lackluster for quite a while. if you're solo i hope you're good at talking to people because without friends it is pretty meh.

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>still have mask mandate in place
dude not even hospitals do that shit this is literally just uglies trying to hide their ugly faces and forcing it on everybody else

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nah the hospitals over here still do it. santa clara county in particular requires everyone to at a hospital. most of the other counties are hospital staff only. for an anime con it's outdated though. everyone just takes off their mask the moment they exit the actual fanime controlled grounds lol

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hospitals absolutely still do it. stop throwing a tantrum about it or go lick a toilet seat if you want to get sick so badly

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>if you're solo i hope you're good at talking to people because without friends it is pretty meh

Rats, that is what I was fearing the most. I am not super autistic and have good enough social skills to meet people. However I do need a starting point which is the issue.

I been to Sakura con, Kawaii Kon, AX, ALA, etc for years but never Fanime.

Is there a discord or something to join? Interacting there usually is a good starting point but I have not seen a public bay area/SJ con server

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Anime Impulse is doing a ton of stuff and Anime Pasadena and Anime Riverside are looking up

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I'm sorry this is both of your first times and not during the apex of this cons legacy,
I'm someone who used to frequent the con for years and during the 2010's it was one of the most fun things to attend, same with ALA.

Not that you guys can't find some fun, the party element of it is still there it's just not as big as it once was and a lot of those things people will praise the con for are usually outside of it nowadays.
When I finally attended again last year I basically had to go around and seek the shit that was fun, the park rave, the outside raves and concerts which unfortunately have a cover charge and though fun were usually packed and video programming stuff which is now relegated to the 18+ area that you have to take a bus to get to miles away near the airport, etc.
There weren't that many room parties like there was before and the nightlife at the con itself is nonexistent minus some game tournaments here and there but the con isn't even 24 hours like it used to be so it's pretty much empty all the time.
And like >>10902568 said, the guests are almost zero to nothing, they used to get great bands and industry folks but nowadays there's practically nobody.

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Also they do have a discord through their official site but it's very much kind of empty which reflects the state of the event itself.

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Genesis volunteers don't even get free badges

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Impulse feels like a mall where people just go for a few hours look at stuff then leave

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Why no vaccines but masks required? Wouldn't the opposite make more sense if you required one of them?

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Anime Destiny hosted at UC Berkeley has a nice vibe to it. It's a small more intimate one I'd recommend checking out if you're looking for a single day con.

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>Anime Impulse is doing a ton of stuff
Which one, because the Pomona event sucked ass this year.