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Years ago, when cosplay started getting popular, but also sexual, I remember being a big fan of a certain cosplayer. They turned out to be quite rude to their fans, and I was left being disappointed by it.

Later as the years went by, I came upon information that her cosplay hype died down, her twitch and vtuber arc couldn't lift off the ground, and she lost her twitter verification, and just isn't popular anymore.

Basically what I'm trying to say in this thread is; fuck that whore. But also how has the cosplay community/scene been? Has it gotten more slutty? Worse? Better? Are people chill, or rude? Tell me your experiences from before (5-10 years ago) v.s now.

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I wish my face was that seat.

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Me too bud, me too.

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Lot of wannabe cosfame cosplayers trying to burn others for clout and hoping to become seen as white knights riding the dicks of others.

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Still aye?

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the only thing burnt here is you roastie!
sit roastie!

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I just feel pretty good that she's unhappy.

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I used to enjoy the community. Now I know better and treat interacting with them as a chore to get through so I can actually cosplay. In short, love the sport hate the crowd.

All cons I go to now I pretty much just con floor cosplay and then go to bed early. I don't drink much if at all anymore. I don't care about or want to make friends at cons anymore. Dealing with congoers is just something Im now obliged to put up with if I want to enjoy my fucking hobby.

TL;DR: I hate you all, most of you wre socially maladjusted degenerates. Leave me alone and let me enjoy my stupid ass dress up hobby. I pay too much goddamn money and use too much of my PTO to have to pit up with your tism'.

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I feel all of this way too hard. I'm still down for drinking and parties in theory but the reality sucks these days, especially with this trend toward large public gatherings (fountaincon/lobbycon/etc.) instead of room parties and the ever-increasing prevalence of drugs. I miss hanging around in a packed hotel room drinking beers and shitty red cup mixed drinks with a "curated" group of people who are mostly cool and more social because everybody knows the real weirdoes/creeps aren't gonna get invited.

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Cry about it

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See, you're the kind of faggot I don't want anywhere near me

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literally cry more

you sound like a hoot at parties. jk, reality check: people only put up with you because a) they want to fuck you or b) youre useful for something/a tool

piss off loser

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See I can sympathize with this. Except that "curated" group of people also turned out to be massive fuckheads. This is why I say I don't want anymore con friends. Most of the ones I thought were surprisingly chill/normal gradually revealed themselves to be snakes. I unironically now have a diagnosed issue with paranoid ideation that I did not have before I started going to cons.

Normies may be boring but at least they aren't as prone to the same kind of sinister fuckery so many con people are.

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Well that's two things I have going for me that you don't then huh? You reply instantly on a dead fucking board. You're the exact kind of terminally online dipshit with no sense of social norms that I actively avoid now. You want a reality check, here's one. The reason you're into con party culture is because you had no friends in highschool and get invited to zero social events that aren't in some way tied to the con scene. You, and people like you are pathetic losers who never had any of the normal experiences of people in highschool or college because you were insufferable to be around. And now you're desperately trying to make up for lost time by drinking yourself into a coma & striking out with hello kitty girls. I know exactly who you are because you're all the same fucking person.

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yep the "curated" group is actually just a cult of weirdo losers that have absolutely nothing going for them outside of anime parties. some people apparently are too naive to realize this.

imagine being this pressed

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Yeah, I guess I've known a bunch like that too, but I've also known a lot of good people and been part of groups that didn't have people like that in them either. My experience is that the laid back groups that go out to a big dinner together and then chill in a room with some beers are usually fine, it's the more hardcore wild parties that attract the real bad people.

It still sucks though, I'm not quite what's described in >>10902258 (I did ok in high school and well in college) but I definitely found myself with a lack of gender-balanced social opportunities after college because I went into a very lopsided career field so cons were a pretty nice thing to have and I really do miss the way they used to be for me, even if I get that a lot of people had much worse experiences that lead to the way the vibe at cons is now.

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I miss when people did stuff AT THE CON.

Now a days people treat cons like malls where they just passively look at everything, buy an item and leave without engaging with the event or even talk about.

Come night time everyone parties with their cliques and the whole con feels like a ghost town

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>yep the "curated" group is actually just a cult of weirdo losers that have absolutely nothing going for them outside of anime parties. some people apparently are too naive to realize this.
This wasn't really my experience, but maybe I just got lucky. The group I mostly partied with back in the day were almost all serious cosplayers who were decent company, had lives and interests outside of cons, and who just hung out together with some drinks to chill out after a day in costume. Pretty much 50/50 male/female too, and maybe 2/3rds were couples but quite a few single people too. For all I know that group is still going, actually, but I made the mistake of dating and then breaking up with somebody from the group and my ex started enough drama that we both became persona non grata in that circle.

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Lose weight.

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It's okay. I got invited to an orgy once, so I guess the party scene is still going. Got another invite for an orgy at katsucon but not sure if I'll go.

If you're not into partying, the artist alley stuff is better nowadays. I'm hyped to buy some new buttoned shirts to wear at work.

If you are looking for community, it's 50/50. I'm a dude that cosplays, not fit either. Sometimes it's super fun to meet people and talk. Other times, guys and girls have the biggest tism and it makes me cringe. Some girl started reciting the lore about one piece cause I told her I liked her sanji cosplay. We were on the shuttle back to the hotel. She kept going after we got off. She finally stopped when I said I'm going to my room and she tried to follow.

Overall 7/10, it's fun every now and then, but ymmw

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We all believe you too!

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how do you even manage to get invited to those lol

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Name her then, retard

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Honestly, kinda just a right place, right time situation.
>Was roaming the con as Deathstroke.
>Got stopped for a picture by some madoka magica girl for a picture.
>Started talking about shows and shit, making crappy jokes.
>I asked if she was doing anything else that night.
>She mentioned she got some invite to an orgy but doesn't know if it's legit.
>I joked that I can tag along if she needs an out.
>She said sure, room was one of those suites on the 19th floor of the building
>Was a legit orgy, had like a handful of guys there and maybe 20 girls
>Got head from madoka while some other girl ate her out

The guy running it was kinda socially awkward, but he wanted to chat cause he thought my cosplay was cool. We added each other on insta. He mentioned he's running another orgy for Katsucon. But again, ymmw. I wouldn't believe the story myself, except for the fact that I was there and met up with madoka the following day too. Remember, even if it sounds absurd, some girls are just as horny and bored as us.

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>I wouldn't believe the story myself
Assuming they're not trolls, the crowds shouting "This never happened" literally can't understand how it's even possible. Sad but funny in a way. And are you planning on showing for the inevitable gull meetup at Katsu next week?

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It's not that I doubt these things happen. I just know that you wouldn't be there.

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You guys have it good on the East Coast, nobody fucks at California cons anymore. I knew of some orgies back in the day and got invited to a couple but they were with people you wouldn't want to see naked and mostly either mostly dudes with a few nasty girls or more of a couples swinging kinda thing. (Actually had a funny one where my ex and I were hanging out with a somewhat known out of state cosplay couple and the girl kept flirting with me really hard, which I thought was strange, mentioned them later on to a friend from the same region as them and she told me that they were notorious swingers.)

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Ok. so troll. Got it.

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I had a harem of burros at my country, it was
A great orgy

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probably, depends on when the gull meetup is.

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Idk. I was followed by a male Troon for 20 minutes and had to lose him in the crowd. It's either kids, troons, or people looking to grown their social media following. This might be the first year out of 20 without a con, honestly.

The ONE good thing to come out post-covid cons was being high as a kite watching English-dubbed sumo on NHK in someone's room. (Sumo's pretty great, btw.)

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They post them on FetLife now. I'm serious. Check the event page as well as like the anime groups on FetLife and they'll post orgy room info for the cons.

Warning: the Midwest orgy rooms prolly are full of/ran by SJWs (certainly the one at Colossal North last year and AMKE this year)

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Hey be the change you want anon, set up a party and have ",if ppl want to fuck sure". So not advertising it as an orgy but having orgy capability in backup (lube condoms etc) but advertise it as a regular party where shit happens. Also:

Check Grindr and Tinder during the cons.

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The only change I want to see is that moids stop posting their cringey sex fantasies in cosplay discussion threads.

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Yea hell freezes before then

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>femoids seething about lesbians

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It blows me away that people think they can become famous and loved by being awful towards other people while cancel culture is a thing. All it takes is one Twitter thread filled with screenshots of shitting things they've done and it's over.

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I'm glad someone else enjoys sumo too. Ended up getting into it cause of being bored during Covid too. It was basically hairless bears tackling each other.

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Good luck, this website is infected with porn addicts

/pol/cards have nothing on coomers

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I kinda suck to make friends there
And in general....
And when it comes to women...

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Get ready for the /pol/coomers anon. They are already here.

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Yeh I met my party connections via Grindr lmao

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Wherever the cosplay community is in 2024, it isn't on the deal board of /cgl/!

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Wherever the cosplay community is in 2024, it isn't on the dead board of /cgl/!

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suck my gigantic cock you fag!

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I honestly just stick to one local con a year. low maintenance cosplay, and go with a couple of buddies. it's pretty fun for me, but maybe that's just because I don't go to cons often so I'm not getting sick of anything. my goals are usually seeking out other cosplayers from the same media since I usually go with relatively unpopular cosplays haha

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>lost her twitter verification
…didn’t that happen to everyone though? Blue checks have to be paid for now

>treat interacting with them as a chore
>don't care about or want to make friends at cons
>Dealing with congoers is just something Im now obliged to put up with
Why don’t you just stop going to cons? It seems like there’s absolutely nothing about them that you find enjoyable. You also seem to think cons are a requirement for the hobby of cosplaying when they’re really not. They’re two separate things. You could just make your cosplays and post them online or hire a photographer to shoot you outside of cons. Why make yourself miserable? Do you compete in contests? Because that’s the only reason I can think of as to why you would HAVE to go to cons when you don’t actually like them

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>that giant spike in the middle of 2014 because of dashcon was almost 10 yesrs ago

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Jesus, and I thought /co/ was a ghost town. What happened?

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Majority of oldfags moved on with their life and what's leftover can be found in "insert 21+ con discord here" or whatever social media posion you want to take.

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Invest in /cgl/coin!

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just so you know how bad /cgl/ really is
106 posts per day on average
4 posts per hour

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This used to be the only board that was primarily female. Then the board got overrun with coomers and trannies so a lot of people left for the farm or discord servers like the other anon said

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Personally I think it kind of happened the other way around. Half the active threads on the board used to be costume-making stuff and nobody makes their own cosplay anymore, a lot of the old female guard aged out of cosplay/lolita, and others drifted away because of 4chan's increasingly worse rep and alternatives like discord servers. The coomers etc. were always here, and now they're just all that's left after everybody else is gone.

Personally I was on /cgl/ day 1 and I kinda feel like I'm obligated to check in here and there, but there's less and less point as time goes on sadly.

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A lot of the older female jfashion wearers straight up moved to normie social media because they were sick of the fear of being posted, then it became that the janitors would ban you for "bullying" even if you said completely normal things so anyone who had stuck around moved to the farms
I wish we could all still chat shit here, social media is an echo chamber, I miss hearing unhinged takes

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Why would any significant number of women post consistently on 4chan? They don't need attention. They have better moderated and safter spaces to post in much more supportive communities. And if they're looking to troll, this ain't it. The 4chan mods do not brook any wrong think. Women just aren't allowed since 2015, if they were ever, and that's not going to change until Republicans decide it's no longer profitable to make this one of their hubs of recruitment. Sorry!

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Oh cool. Mentally ill lardass is back. Say what again?

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There are no women on the Internet.

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Cosplay “influencers” need to die

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Im a fit poster and on tren. Try again bro

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>They turned out to be quite rude to their fans, and I was left being disappointed by it.

Its the same but even worse. Now you have discordnigger fiefdoms instead of the threat of being punched in retaliation.

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really defeats the whole fucking purpose of cons. to join one.