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>cosplayer starts while taking the hobby seriously
>does props, full costumes, sometimes sexy but only if she genuinely likes the character
>she notices her few sexy cosplay gets insanely more popular than the non-sexy stuff
>eventually, she does more ero-cosplay than non-ero
>starts selling content but is non-risky stuff
>then goes full erotic with risky angles
>some pictures have little glimpses of her areola
>she is still against nudity
>after constant begging (and because she already sold some pictures and knows they would eventually leak anyway) she post her tits
>then full nude
>cosplay is set aside and most of her pictures now are lingerie, nude, ocacionally cosplaying the waifu of the month
>at the end, you can find hd pictures of her spreaded pussy

Why does this happens so much?

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Because it makes money off thirsty simps

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Money and validation. Don't ask questions you already know the answers to. Might as well delete this thread now, there've been plenty of similar ones that all arrive at the same conclusion.

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Yeah, then better post examples

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well I know many real cosplayers who started legit but went down the onlyfans road
but they havent shown full nudity (yet)

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here's one of the biggest hoes on the net back in 2012
can you guess who without googling?

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momokun basically went from "I'll never show my nipples" to doing full frontal porn

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Personally I dislike it when cosplayers go full nude. I prefer to worship and simp for the ones who know how to tease and leave you begging for more.

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Why do chuds hate capitalism?

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girls like money and/or attention, what a shocking revelation
i coom to sluts walking around commando in short skirts

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Didn’t her abusive ex push her into that stuff? I think I also remember him changing her banking passwords to try to steal all her money when she tried to leave

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>Some shots of my Link cosplay from Oni-Con 2012. I won Best Craftsmanship in the Cosplay Contest.

>Every garment, prop, and accessory you see here was made by me, including the chainmaille, iron boots, horse call, and gale boomerang. I styled the wig and did the makeup for the ears as well.

And now she is selling vaginal yeast beer

Maybe but it's not like she stopped when they broke up

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>i coom to sluts walking around commando in short skirts
Fuck, this is my favorite too. Wish I could find a GF who was into doing it in cosplay at a con, even if the skirt were longer, but I always manage to wind up with uptight prudes and my main cosplayer ex wouldn't even do it in cosplays where she had an ankle-length dress and a petticoat that would've made seeing up it impossible even if she'd walked right over a camera on the floor.

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Money makes the world go round. And in some cases its easy money. And I suppose in some other cases some women like the kind of attention they get online.

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Because in the end she liked cosplay but loved attention, ez.

A worthier question is why she never seems to go back and rewear all her old cosplays and wet herself in them, I would watch that, watching is attention, right?

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Ah yes the Amouranth effect AKA the teacher fucks student but is a victim if female
It was the bad scary men that made women exploit the internet for fame/money/attention using their sexuality

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no one knows what a chud is and you don't know what capitalism is.

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>vaginal yeast beer
Plz don't let that b real HOMIEE

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Giving Jews money and power ruins literally everything

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LMAO and you believed that...? Not even her friends at OTV and OTK believed her when she said that lol

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So why didn't you force her to do it then? You could've pulled her panties down just as you guys were heading out the room and told her the only way she's getting them back is if she either blows you in public or goes to a couple photoshoots like that. Simple.

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It literally is.

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Money, duh.

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>Why does this happens so much?
Lack of an asserting and morally righteous paternal figure during childhood and early adolescence.

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That's just the lame-ass excuse she came up with to justify her whoring.

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Not everyone has that kind of creative writing skill.

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Some would call it a fallacy, but I believe the slippery slope effect is psychologically true. In regards to moral erosion at least. I am a moral realist and I strongly believe you will suffer and be unable to obtain true happiness if you don't live a virtuous life. As masaru takahara said "You can't let it cost you your soul. When the dust settles, when you're old and weak, that strength of spirit is all you'll have."

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It's not hot to me if she's not into it and doing it of her own free will and she wasn't the kind of person who would have reacted well to something like that. Besides it wouldn't have been that simple, when cosplaying with skirts she always wore opaque tights and TWO pairs of underwear (one functional pair underneath the tights and another over for "show.")

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its not that she wouldnt have reacted well, its that your a beta simp and she wears the pants

fucken loser aye

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thats a damn good cosplay aside from her slut career

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Well yeah
Sex sells....

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> i coom to sluts walking around commando in short skirts
They do exist?

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Nah, she was extremely submissive, she was just also extremely insecure and prudish about anything beyond regular bedroom sex and would've had a total panic attack meltdown.

No idea how common they are, but I've seen a few over the years, I seem to be some kind of magnet for accidental upskirts at cons (to the point that it's a running joke among my friends) and once in a while they're commando. I've gotta think the actual percentage is higher than that'd indicate too since most girls going commando would be more careful than ones who aren't.

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A friend ex-girlfriend is falling for the same path and is kind of sad. She started her only fans a week after their breakup and the only people who joined in are her coworkers

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What's her name? I'd check her out.

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pearllhime on ig is one you should check out. jasmine kalei or anaxmei on onlyfans. she's a cosplayer

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100% is. my porn tastes were pretty vanilla pre-chan. now i like feet, futa, dickgirls, and all sorts of stuff.

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It's weird, I've been on 4chan almost 20 years now and yet I'm still pretty vanilla, the only real "out there" thing is pussy pumping but otherwise I'm just into small tits and exhibitionism, which aren't total baseline default stuff but aren't really that unusual either.

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i guess it depends on how open you are to things and if you venture into those territories. as you could probably guess i went into /d/ and liked what i saw. i may not have realized beforehand that i was open to that kind of thing but /d/ "opened my eyes" so to speak. also the dickgirls/futa led to traps and now i'm bi. didn't think that one was going to happen way back when.

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lana rain, massive whore, in the best way posible

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it's the con>thot pipeline
>secret twitter
>secret instagram

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this is amouranth???

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I wouldn't care that much if these thots were actually making money but like 99% of girls on onlyfans are selling their pussy for $10 a month to a group of like a dozen dudes at most

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Cute thighs

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thats comfy if you arent doing anything too lewd
like an extra $200 per month for bikini pics nothing wrong with that

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There are cases where the opposite happens

>Camwhore who used to do porn became a cosplayer. She still does sexy content but not outright porn anymore
>Onlyfans girl who only did it for the money, never really liked doing explicit content and recently stopped to focus on her vtuber shit and cosplay, knows she will lose money but its ok for her mental health
>Girl who used to do sexy content for 5 years, lost interest in sexy content over the years
>Girl who used to do gravure and other cosplay. Had cosplans to do more sexy content but started to become famous and stopped her spicy content to improve her image towards companies who could sponsor her. She's been invited overseas as a guest officially so her plan is working

Sexy content sounds like the easy way to success, but the market is saturated. What ELSE you bring to the table is more important