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Where can I buy Jin's flame pants or how could I make them?

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Step 1, get a large pair of dark jeans.
Step 2, wrap tape neat and flat aroound the leg kind of like a "tube" or "sleeve" of tape.
Step 3, using a marker, carefully draw out the shape of the flames you want.
Step 4, cut the tape-leg off vertically and flatten the tube into a square, then cut out the flames.
step 5, use the shape as a stencil to cut out the same shape from a suitable piece of red or gradient fabric.
Step 6, sew that into the pant leg.

That's the gist of it, just do that but like, good I guess.

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I disagree

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Maybe fabric paint? Get a good brand, don’t use regular paint, and don't glob it on there (use multiple thin layers)

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those are just regular JNCO jeans

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This, but use a red and a black gi. Silver or white trim on the flames and belt. How the hell you gonna make gloves that look good and won't be considered "weapons" or "dangerous"?

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Get some tajiri wrestling pants.

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This anon is right. Jeans dont have the texture and look of Gi pants so i would recommend getting black Karate or Judo Gi pants (although you will mostly find them worldwide as a set). Judo pants are a bit heavier but are more comfortable and form fitting from my expierence. If you live in Europe, i recommend Danrho. For Karate Gis, stuff like Shureido is one of the few brands that dont fell akward to wear although its pricey as fuck