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Apparently this is more of your cup of tea than /diy/'s.
I want to resole this pair of NOS Combat boots. The original sole was a PU monoblock which had dry rotted and crumbled away. All I need is a flat and thin sole, most of my footwear is already minimalistic type. But I can't just slap a tread on the shoes since the'res huge height differences between the uppers and the insole.
How do I midsole the shoe? I'm guessing EVA foam is quite popular sole material nowadays so maybe that's an option. In work boots they use shredded cork paste but I've no clue where I'd find that or work it.
Any ideas how to do a midsole?

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They're nice shoes otherwise, I love me a good domestic combat boot.

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>domestic combat boot
taking beating your wife up to another level anon, I like that

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>Apparently this is more of your cup of tea than /diy/'s
Gotta be honest, I can't imagine how we would be more helpful than /diy/. Most cosplyers make boot covers and lolitas would just buy a new shoe rather than resole one (or take it to a cobbler if they did need to do so). The most I've seen a cosplayer do is buy some tread from Amazon and stick it to the bottom of a bootcover, but we're talking the cheap kind.

To be real honest, traveller, I think you need to head to Grandpappy Youtube and try to get on the cobbling side of the tutorials to figure this out.

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what you're looking for is a "sole unit" which is an integrated moulding of welt band, midsole, sole and heel.
glue the boot, glue the sole unit, press together, boom done.

the new sole is a similar material so will dry rot and fall off again after about a decade. it is what it is.

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It's sanctioned combat anon. I take rules of war very seriously. For example the combatants are identifiable; I carry soleless boots as Identification and she carries several bruises across her body.
Might as well head over to the you tubes. I've always thought cobbling to be very gatekept trade.
These are nice but are always very cushioned. Although I browsed the Vibram repair catalog and found they carry separate midsoles as well. A small victory. Now I need to find an outlet to purchase them from. Thanks.

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my dude, stop being cheap and go to a professional, you should know rules of engagement apply,
if your helmet is defective are you certified to conduct field repairs on your equipment recruit?

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>The original sole was a PU monoblock which had dry rotted and crumbled away
hi, /diy/ and /out/ here. i have had this happen to me on a hike, no cobbler could fix those boots (very similar to yours) they always fell apart again. I just wanted to bolt a new sole on to them. cobbler said "no". i have a >full time job so you can experiment with that one for me.

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Hey Traveler, Paimon notices your woes of not getting much help over at /diy/, but have you checked out the /other/ /diy/? /r/diy ?