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>Lose and be ordered to pay 100k
>Lose appeal and be ordered to pay 376k for wasting everyone's time

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This isn't /a/

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Your newfag is showing. This asshole used cons as his personal hunting ground for decades. Before he was officially me too’d it was basically an open secret amongst the con scene to not end up in a room alone with that guy

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Realistically he didn't do anything wrong. He's innocent.

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>This nigga gets cast as Ed, makes a LiveJournal and Yahoo community filled with 13 year old girls
>Fanclub run by his mother and underage girls he calls lieutenants and shit
>Talk to a VA for a while at an event and they say he's the biggest asshole in the industry
>It took 20 years for him to get here

He had an exceptionally good run

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I maintain that he probably didn't do anything any other actor that gets famous does. He only got burned by the cancel crowd for pushing the Christian stuff.

Did he probably bone a teenage fan or two? Probably, yes.

Was that the real reason he got cancelled? lol no

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Vic Mignogna

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>Imagine this goofy fuck is the lawyer you asked your fans to pay $290,000 to retain, and then you lose so bad that you owe another $375,000 out of pocket, and you're the PLAINTIFF.
It's over, your career is obliterated, and your retirement is spent paying off the people you went after in court.

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vic grabbed my ass when i was 12.

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His lawyer fucked it up for him. Never trust Rekieta for law advice or law recommendations ever.
Vic deserved better.

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Tom Hanks fucks and murders children on an island.

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Peak corruption and injustice.

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i don't think vic should be around kids if he's molesting them

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Nope he shouldn't if it's true, but it's disingenuous to say the real reason is because he got handsy with anyone. Everyone in Hollywood is a sex pervert.

You can be anything else in Hollywood but Christian. It's the one line they don't like crossed there. (See Chris Pratt).

I'm not even religious myself, but it's plain as day to see.

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He never did anything wrong. If he had, he would've been sentenced in a criminal court, not a civil court which only exists for people to extort money out of each other.

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Vic isn’t from Hollywood. Vic is from Texas. The court case was in Texas where Vic and Monica are from and where Funimation was pre-acquisition.

No one cares if you’re a Christian in Texas. Vic wasn’t liked because he was obnoxious at best and creepy at worst. People knew about this for years.

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I'm using "hollywood" as a catch all term for the entertainment industry, mind you.

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Dude was a pest. It's odd that he got ousted on weird sex stuff because he's been a generally crappy celeb for a while. That should have gotten him blacklisted long before we found out about questionable stuff with fans, cheating on his partner, and all of that.

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Chris Pratt is so hated by Hollywood that he constantly gets cast in blockbuster movies

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There are active communities trying to cancel him for daring to speak about Jesus. Just go to twitter or anywhere else when his name is mentioned.

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He never did anything illicit to anyone. Spinning it that he was somehow "hunting" or "creepy" is just a smokescreen from having to admit that he never did anything wrong. He literally got "me too'd" for being nice to his fans.

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molesting your fans isn't "being nice", you just think female fans are cold lying sluts. enjoy having no bitches.

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He didn't molest anyone. Any incident that was ever named was met with the girls in question coming out in defense of Vic.

This is the problem with this kind of mob rhetoric. All you have to do is point a finger at someone, call them "creepy" or whatever and you'll be branded as a rapist, even if no incident ever took place.

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you're talking to one of his victims right now buddy. he's long since been banned from my local cons because of it

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>bro just wait till the eleventh hour to file bro it'll be fucking hilarious
>oh oops you forgot to do it anyway
>nah its cool anime is fucking way and cringe anyway, I don't even care
>also Josh Moon is an autistic poopyhead and kiwifarms is literally evil

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>Any incident that was ever named was met with the girls in question coming out in defense of Vic
Literally where? I’ve seen dozens of claims from people over the past decade and never once saw anyone retracting their claims

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You're not fooling anyone Jamie Marchi

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so he doesn't voice in any anime anymore? fucking sucks. wish he'd stfu cuz i'd still hit

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Nobody cares about your shit opinion. You probably have dyed hair and hate white people

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Come out of your anonymous hiding hole and provide some evidence for your grand accusation. Otherwise you're full of shit.

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tldr anime voice actor banged a few cosplayers, did not want a relationship, hoes mad (bcuz "mah meal ticket reee")

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>to not end up in a room alone with that guy

What might happen? Sex? Oh no, not that, the horror oh noes

>Did he probably bone a teenage fan or two?
Unironically, what the fuck is the point of being famous if you can't bone a couple teenage fans every now and then?

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>Try to go to a con in Nebraska
>Nebraska cosplayers run him out of town
>Try to come back for private signing at comic shop
>Nebraska cosplayers run him out of town
>Get invited to another con
>Nebraska cosplayers get the con shut down permanently.

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They give Nebraska a bad name.

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Nah, kicking him out is good.

Don't suck his cock

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I remember watching this and the interaction immediately had my "This is is a dude desperately trying to fuck" radar going off like mad
Guy seems like an extreme and obvious sex pest
Idk if he truly raped any kids though I wouldn't put it past him

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The notion that Vic got cancelled for being a Christian - you know, the most prevalent religion in the world - is dumb as hell.
You fucking dentheads must've drunk too much of the Rekieta juice with all his "he's just a good Christian boy and didn't do nuffin' wrong" bullshit.
Vic got cancelled for years of inappropriate behavior. I don't know that he did anything to warrant his career being ruined, but he deserved at least some of what he got.
>You can be anything else in Hollywood but Christian. It's the one line they don't like crossed there. (See Chris Pratt).
Chris Pratt was "cancelled" because he was supposedly part of an anti-LGBTQ church. Had nothing to do with being Christian. Stop making shit up.

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Getting the original leads for the English dub back is going to be super awkward

And that’s not including the hypocrisy

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yep hollywood be like that

cant be christian, also cant be real nigga

on god they be accepting uncle tom ass house niggas ONLY

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>Chris Pratt was "cancelled" because he was supposedly part of an anti-LGBTQ church. Had nothing to do with being Christian.
Hmm... are you sure about that anon?

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nayrt but I remember that tidbit as well.

It also didn't look good when he unintentionally (or intentionally) threw shade at his ex-wife for birthing a son with issues.
It already looked like she was a starter wife he left behind because he was a big star now and wanted to trade up for a more prestigious woman.

Not a good look when you want to be marketed as a good guy in Hollywood.

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>Chris Pratt was "cancelled" because he was supposedly part of an anti-LGBTQ church. Had nothing to do with being Christian.
Christianity is pretty conclusively and inseparably anti-LGBTQ. If you get heat for going to an "anti-LGBTQ church", you're getting heat for being a Christian. According to Christianity
>Gay = sinful
>Being born in the wrong body = impossible
Transgenderism can literally only be a mental illness (and wrong) in Christianity so there's not really room to say you tolerate Christians if they aren't LGBTQ. You sort of have to pick a side.

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>Rekieta juice

I loved his more recent videos of throwing Vic under the bus and then trying to walk back a mile away from all of it. What a fuck head that people believed his large trays of bullshit.

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>molesting your fans isn't "being nice"
No one isn't buying your shit and Vic won't pay a cent to the courts either. He's not giving up at this point.

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and he's still getting booked at other cons You have no grounds here.

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>Nah, kicking him out is good.
They should kick Jamie out as well.

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Sounds like discord raiding and doxxing at its finest.

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He slit my throat and killed me.

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Fucking kids is doing nothing wrong?
Also like everything else?

Sorry for falling for bait but I like ugly and stupid behavior.

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when did he fuck a kid
post proof

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straight white dude here, no horse in this race, but one of the first things I heard about this dude was that he was a creepy child-chaser and that was in fucking 2006

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>Vic's vengeance is coming
I can't wait

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You can tell half of this thread are women because most of the posts are completely fucking retarded and the other half is them pretending to know what they're talking about.
First time I've come to /cgl/ in years and it's the first thing I see. I'll smell your fishy cunts again in another couple years.

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A dressup board full of women, oh my god, I'll call the press and make sure they know

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Yawn, 4chan poster wants video of questionable porn as 'proof'

I love how transparent pedophile apologists are, like saran wrap

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local convention staff believed me (and all the other underage girls) which is why he is no longer welcome

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he did nothing wrong

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#FreeVic #FuckTheHoes

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Same shit here. My ex, who I dated from '09-'13, had been groped up by him in an elevator while underage, and during the time I was dating her and hanging out with a lot of other female cosplayers because of it I heard a bunch more stories along the same lines. "Watch out for Vic" was just a common knowledge thing in those days and swapping stories about him was a pretty regular thing at afterparties. It's just that in those days nobody really thought they could do anything about it, nor did they want to put themselves through the shitshow the girls who DID speak out publicly later on had to deal with.

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>local convention staff believed me
Yeah sure try again.

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>My ex, who I dated from '09-'13, had been groped up by him in an elevator while underage
Anyone could have touch her besides Vic but she's not into your life anymore so your allegations is false at this point.

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"Your allegation isn't true because you're not dating her anymore"
Are you fucking retarded?

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When did /cgl/ get infested with tourists?
Literally everybody who's ever been to a con from the mid 00's to the mid '10s knows about Vic. Either you had an experience with him or you knew spmeone who had. Whether it was him getting handsy with minors or being an absolute shithead with constaff and acting like he was more important than he was.

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Same, I'd been hearing shit about him since my first con in '04. First it was mostly him being a giant diva and an asshole to volunteers and staff, then there was the rumor he tried to fuck an underage girl cosplaying one of his characters, then more and more stories came out about him being inappropriate towards his underaged fans, including that video of him whispering something about mouth-feeding in the ear of a girl who couldn't have been older than 16.
According to one of his exes he got fired from teaching music at some christian university because he got caught having an inappropriate relationship with a student. Dude's always been a creep, and the minor fame he got from voicing vietnamese shadow puppets went straight to his head and made it worse.

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Such high-profile events as "Greenville Toy Show" and "Buttfuck Nowhereburg Comicon"
Dude's never coming back to anything close to Anime Expo, Otakon, or Katsu.
AM doesn't count because it's also run by god-awful people.

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>or being an absolute shithead with constaff and acting like he was more important than he was.
>mostly him being a giant diva and an asshole to volunteers and staff
Far from alone in that one though, I've been a GoH at a bunch of small cons (industry) and a lot of dub VAs are like that. I accidentally triggered a giant Greg Ayres hissy fit once, didn't even know who he was and just mentioned something about preferring subs and he threw a tantrum, immediately started sulking and refusing to talk to me, refused to come along to Starbucks with the handlers and some of us other guests which until then had been the plan, etc. His handlers later told me that they fucking hated him and considered me something of a hero for making him so butthurt.

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>it doesn't count because I don't like it
Lel epic nonargument of the highest order

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He doesn’t go to the homophobic church,
She was already famous when they got married, He met his new wife a year after the divorce. He made a Mother’s Day post thanking his wife for the She had given him , And people twisted it to be about his ex-wife. His son is fine

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Wild that Monica and Jamie care so much about women that they didn't even press charges lol. People who are guilty of sex crimes go to jail, OP. Or at the very least get put on the sex offender's registry. Neither has happened to Vic. The absolute worst that happened is he got baited into suing people because they hurt his ego by calling him creepy. It was fucking retarded of him to try and sue in the first place, but his ego just wouldn't allow it. Vic had to pay a lot of money to learn that people are allowed to shit talk you but...he's not in jail, he's not on a sex offender's registry, and he if free to do and say anything he wants.... Monica and Jamie saw a lolcow and milked it, that's basically the beginning and the end of it.

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criminal court has a much higher bar that you have to reach which is why so many people go free for various crimes. it's way easier to slam him in civil court, which they did. it was 100% smarter for them to do civil court than criminal court.

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/cgl/ back in the day (like 06-8) was calling him a gropey creep so no surprises

>> No.10904062

Fuck the other potential victims amirite? They got paidddd. Slay queens!!

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More retardation from the Vic corner, lmao.
It wasn't Monica et al. that was doing the suing. Vic was the plaintiff, not the defendent. The burden of proof is always on the plaintiff, he sued them for defamation, he had to prove that
A) Their statements were false
B) If their statements were false, that they *knew* they were false.
C) If their statements were knowingly false, that they were made with the purpose of interfering with Vic's livelihood.
They couldn't even prove A because Vic has had such a bad and documented reputation for decades. He tried to sue, he failed. Now he owes almost $400k and rising.

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Predators flock together.
AM is run by exactly the kind of shitty people who'd go to bat for a rapist just because he got metoo'd.
There have been tons of threads about the chairs of AM on this board before.
Lurkmoar newfag

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>I slighted someone's career and they got mad at me, they must be in the wrong

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The case was decided on TCPA (which Monica and Jamie both filed) Vic never had the chance to prove anything. Vic sued them and he found out that you can't sue someone for calling you a creep, that's freedom of speech (Duh). Now Vic has to pay their lawyers for their time. There are no "damages" won...just legal fees. Nothing ever went to any sort of trial...
Which is why Vic is not on a sex offender's registry right now.

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Damn, Monica and Jamie just let a RAPIST walk free without pressing any sort of charges? Man...guess the money was just too good huh? That technically kinda makes them somewhat responsible for his next RAPE, no? They could have pressed charges...got him thrown away like Cosby..got him on a sex offender's registry and properly exiled from society...but nope, they just took that paycheck. I'm sure Vic's next victim will understand...after all today's economy is crazy./s

Jamie and Monica are just as bad IMO. They had his ass and just...took the paycheck. Jail time or it was all for nothing.

Fuck Vic, Fuck Jamie, and Fuck Monica.

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He proved under oath that pretty much everything they said about his behavior was true.

>> No.10904126

>they had his ass
That's not how the American legal system works, retard. Real life isn't fucking Phoenix Wright. He tried to sue claiming that he was fired from Funi because they called him a creep. As plaintiff it was on him and his lawyer to prove as much. They failed to do so because obviously that was all bullshit. As a consequence for filing a frivolous lawsuit and wasting everyone's time he was made to pay everyone's court fees. He tried to appeal twice, now he has to pay even more for wasting everyone's time even more. These kinds of cases are only about addressing one thing at a time. Maybe outside of the US it's different and maybe that's why you're confused, but at no point was Vic in danger of going to jail if his lawsuit failed. Furthermore Monica and Jaime made it clear they weren't coming after his head, they were merely excercising their right to talk about and warn others of Vic's sexual deviancy. Vic is the one that tried to violate their 1st Amendment rights.

>> No.10904131

>He proved under oath that pretty much everything they said about his behavior was true.
So it was all lies right?

>> No.10904132

Furthermore, the entire case hinged on Vic proving his case, and his quarter-million-dollar legal defense team didn't file their paperwork on time, meaning the entire thing he was suing over didn't even get documented, resulting in the case being an instant wash.

>> No.10904133

>and his quarter-million-dollar legal defense team didn't file their paperwork on time,
Ty and Nick were supposed to be really good lawyers but jesus christ they were fucking retarded for not prepping this case. Still Vic will try again he has fuck you and will find legit lawyers than finding arm chair ones.

>> No.10904134

>Ty and Nick were supposed to be really good lawyers
Ty is a corporate merger lawyer that never touched defamation law before this case, and Nick is a trust fund baby who went to law school because "remaining productive" was a condition of his rich family buying his house for him. I think he's been in a courtroom like thrice in his entire career. And lost at least two of those three times.

>> No.10904137

I thought they were good but I was very underestimate on them how to fuck up cases like this that could been on Vic's favor.

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Monica used to hang out with Greg Ayres all the time and try and help him groom young boys but people seem to never talk about that. Quinton Flynn used to hook up with female fans all the time and people here used to brag about being among them. I worked staff for 10 years at a con and only know of a few guests that actively avoided fans that were clearly try to fuck.

>> No.10904140

>Monica used to hang out with Greg Ayres all the time and try and help him groom young boys but people seem to never talk about that.
I would like to know more please?

>> No.10904142

A friend started talking to Greg at some small con. Greg wanted him to go to Otakon that year to meet up. He would call him a bunch and eventually got Monica to all talk up Otakon to him. She told my friend about how the three of them could go to a porn shop that also sells food that is not far from the con.

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im glad you got molested, bitch.

Actually hes innocent and never did anything, I sure wish he did though!

>> No.10904148 [DELETED] 

No receipts, no proof.

>> No.10904149

No receipts, no proof.

>> No.10904155

They could (and still can) press charges at any time. No statute of limitations on sexual assault in the state of Texas.

>> No.10904166

Sounds like it's true why being in denial.

>> No.10904167

>a porn shop that also sells food
what store is this? do they have some good ass food?

>> No.10904168

*wink wink* They don't have anything on Vic only to slander and ruin him from financially which has worked all favors for Marchi and Rial. A lot of female fans are backing Vic and more support to push another lawsuit trial against Marchi and Rial because Vic fans got threatened by Marchi and other Eng VA's. This isn't over not by a longshot but more cans of worse will open much sooner.

>> No.10904169

Are you sure Vic didn't just accidentally grope you when he was hugging?
He always hugs his fans

>> No.10904192

>another lawsuit trial against Marchi and Rial
Yeah cuz the first one worked out so well, lmfao
The only fans vic has left are the incel groypers and the literal shortbus riders.

>> No.10904193

Name the shop

>> No.10904195

vic fans don't seem to understand the difference between genuine testimony and just making shit up online. Everytime they try to make something up about Monica, Jaime, etc it's the most hilariously obvious thing. Like the time they tried to say a pic of Monica giving a clearly 20-something y/o in a wheelchair a sidehug was a pic of her molesting a minor.

>> No.10904218

>porn shop that also sells food
It's crazy how obvious it is that vic simps never go outside

>> No.10904252

I mean most other stories are just trust me bro. I am not tell you to stop thinking Vic did anything I am just telling you Monica and most American VAs were just as bad.

No idea. This was 2006 and in the red light district of Baltimore, according to him when he told me about it later. I think he was under the impression that he would have a chance with her because the convo.

Take it all with a grain of salt but once again I was in the con scene for a long time. They all hated Vic way before this happened. At the Voice actor after dark panel that same Otakon, all the VAs on the panel made little quips about him when he didn't show up.

>> No.10904265

>The only fans vic has left are the incel groypers and the literal shortbus riders.
You know a lot of Eng VA's and older VA's are backing Vic even give to continue the lawsuits. Also former are going a lot of horrible shit in the VA scene very soon.

>> No.10904274

Just thought I would throw out my personal experiences with Vic (I'm male). I used to be in the Vic got cancelled for no reason camp but changed my mind. I always thought he was a super-friendly guy who had no respect for personal boundaries and treated everyone like they were his best friend and acted like he was super-famous, which he kind of was in the anime scene. If you watched anime in the early 2000s he voiced at least one character on a show you were a fan of.

>He got cancelled because he was a Christian
Quite the opposite, that probably let him get away with a lot of his behavior. He went to nearly every convention in the area and always led a Sunday prayer session. The intersectionality of anime fans and Christians is much higher in Texas area, which led him to have a lot of fans.

He was particularly more friendly and handsy with his young female fans. Given his personality people believed he was just being his overly-friendly self. Some people hated that behavior but others loved that about him. It wasn't until I heard some stories from some of my personal cosplay friends that had no reason to lie that I believed he was going over the line, in particular one girl (16 at the time) said he put his hand under her skirt and squeezed her butt when they were alone in the elevator together. I don't trust rumors but I do trust my friends.

>> No.10904275

To add to that, my experience with Rob Paulsen is that he says wildly inappropriate overly sexualized things to his female fans, many of whom were also underage, but since he doesn't get handsy with them, it just kind of slides off.

>> No.10904278

The only friend Vic has in the industry is Chuck Huber and he's a flat-earth truther moron. Lol try again.

>> No.10904280

I have a bunch of friends who staff at several different cons and when they've all been saying the same kinds of things about him since like 2007 and you notice that some of those cons have invited him once and never again, things start to fall into place.

>> No.10904282

What area of the country are you in though? I've only staffed in the Texas area, but I've been to cons in New York, Florida and California. These places at times can feel like completely different countries. For example, I've never seen faith groups or military recruiters tabling at an anime convention outside of Texas.

Guest lists can vary widely by who's local and easier to get. In the early 2000s, if you were a bigger con in Texas your guest list almost always had Vic and David Jason Frank because they were local. As for other guests that you had to pay more to get them there, there were quite a few big names that attended once and never again, just because you want to mix up your guest list each year and also grab people who are relevant at the time.

>> No.10904284

My ex, who I mentioned earlier, was from Dallas and her Vic incident happened there, I think at A-Kon. Elevators seem to be a big part of Vic's MO, I've heard multiple that happened in them including my ex.

The Christian shit pisses me off, and I agree that he's actually gotten away with more than he otherwise would have because of it. I have absolutely nothing against actual Christians, I'm one myself (though from a relatively obscure Eastern European denomination) but the way scumbags can just put on a bit of Evangelical lip service and instantly have hordes of supporters no matter what fucked up shit they do is absolutely insane to me, like people from my church would be skeptical as fuck if somebody accused of fucked up shit suddenly started putting on a big show of being devout in our denomination but people in the South just seem to take their word for everything the instant they invoke Jesus's name, all the way up to big preachers smuggling blood diamonds and shit. In my book they should crucify the fuckers for using God's name as a shield for their own sins but somehow they don't see it that way despite all their shows of supposed devoutness.

>> No.10904290

>My ex, who I mentioned earlier, was from Dallas and her Vic incident happened there, I think at A-Kon. Elevators seem to be a big part of Vic's MO, I've heard multiple that happened in them including my ex.

I'd ask you if your ex is my cosplay friend because guess where the incidents I heard about happened? At A-Kon! Unfortunately I can't even ask based on a first name because the ones I know that had incidents with Vic are still popular in our local cosplay community and both have fairly unique names that if I said people would immediately know exactly who I'm talking about.

>> No.10904291

This would've been mid-late '00s, she's in her late 30s now. She cheated and then tried to make up a cancel on me after I dumped her so I haven't been in touch but from what I've heard she's been on the east coast for about 10 years and has at least one kid now. Given the timeline she must have been one of the first girls Vic did something to at a con. For what it's worth I heard very similar stories from other girls 10+ years ago and some of them were also at Texas cons so it's a pretty big pool of potentials.

>> No.10904294

>she's been on the east coast for about 10 years
Then it's not either of my two cosplay friends that had incidents with Vic. JFC how many victims does this one person have?

>> No.10904295

More than we can probably imagine. I was once sitting around at an afterparty or group dinner or something with the aforementioned ex and a whole bunch of other girls from what was then the "elite" West Coast cosplay scene, somebody mentioned Vic, and out of maybe 10 girls there 3 had personal encounters and a fourth had a close friend who'd had one. The whole attitude was different back then though, just something to pass around and warn other girls to watch out and to some degree something to laugh about, nobody really took that kind of thing as seriously or wanted to make a whole public shitshow out of it.

>> No.10904322

There's more than besides Chuck Huber and many of them would stay out of it but they do support Vic.

>> No.10904323

>JFC how many victims does this one person have?
Where are the proofs though?

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>(though from a relatively obscure Eastern European denomination)

>> No.10904407

Sonny S, Colleen C and Kyle H all seem to follow him on Twitter as well as a few other big name VAs and Youtubers, some probably just don't openly support him for fear of pissing off Funimation.

>> No.10904409

Nah, Ruthenian Greek Catholic, which is usually, and confusingly, known as "Byzantine Catholic" in the US but isn't the same thing that's called "Byzantine Catholic" in Europe.

>> No.10904431

>following someone on twitter automatically means support
Oh look the retard is back

>> No.10904432

Any decently sized con has budget to fly a high-profile guest or two. Location really isn't that big of a limiting factor.