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Have you ever been injured at an anime con or seen an injury?

At Ohayocon I saw a Goku cosplayer get his foot run over in the porking lot. Four guys had to carry him into a truck so he could hospital.

Once I was cosplaying D.Va Overwatch, my pad got loose in my undies. When I pulled them down to pee, the adhesive side yanked the hell out of my little lippies and took a bunch of hair too. I saw STARS.

I was at Twitchcon when the girl broke her leg in the ballpit, but not when the other girl broke her spine.

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Zero women are wearing pads with a bodysuit cosplay. Touch grass scrote

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at 2022 holmat someone fell down the escalator and got fucked up bad. i saw multiple ambulances that night

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Lose weight
I missed this one, yet everyone was going insane over a "mass roofy" incident that clearly never happened

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>Pad adhesive sticking to anything, let alone enough to pull out hair
>D.va cosplay

Tranny post, move along everyone

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no biological woman has EVER said the word "lippies"

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Well this thread is off to an absolutely fantastic start

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one of the metal parts of my cosplay (a tiny belt/strap buckle) did a small scratch near my eft pec/armpit

didint find out until i was home

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>I was at Twitchcon when the girl broke her leg in the ballpit, but not when the other girl broke her spine.
What ever happened to the lady who broke her back? Googling Adriana Chechik only brings up porn.

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that was last holmat (2023) kek. nothing like a completely baseless con rumor to spice things up

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>porking lot


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>thinking weight affects peoples ability to see the outline of a pad through thin stretchy material
Stop trying to skinwalk as a woman

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I'm surprised I've never seen this incident mentioned online but also not surprised ig.
At Supernova one year a mentally challenged man accidentally blew a load in his costume pants in front of a reasonably large crowd and his family because the girl who had kindly offered to chaperone him to the event (they had been school classmates at some point years back apparently) and basically take care of him for the day decided to stop wearing the cape part of her costume at some point, revealing nothin but glittered string bikini bottoms underneath aka her full on bare bum hanging out exposed eye level to his face from where he sat while she nonchalantly remained totally unaware of the situation she was causing while bouncing up and down on the spot to the PA music and did fortnite emotes with people.
Completely oblivious to the fact that her round dumpy bum cheeks were bouncin around all over the place and her bare ass crack clapped away in this poor blokes face.

At some point ol Popeye there had as much as he could stand and couldn't stands no more and let one off right there in the middle of the convention centre in his pants while trying to unbutton his fly and loudly mumbling "Sorry...I'm sorry about this..".

I was too far back to see properly during the commotion when people noticed but my friends gf said the wildest part was his poor traumatized mom desperately trying to cover him by throwing the family friend's cape over his lap and then got into a massive sqealing bitch off with the girl cause our pal Forrest Gump was wankin out the rest of his goofy goober into her precious cape

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>spider-man cosplayer climbs this thing and hangs off the spike
>falls off and breaks his back
>fenced off for a few years and took the spike off it

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I knew a 20yo girl who had to be told not to stick a pad to herself like a piece of duct tape. She'd been doing it for years.

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At AX2007 in Long Beach I watched a really fat chick fall over on an escalator at the Hyatt and somehow shatter the entire glass side panel of the thing. She wasn't hurt too badly.

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Horrible blisters from shitty shoes that weren't quite the right size but they were all I could find that was close enough to the character design. Probably an experience most cosplayers have had.
>and took a bunch of hair too
shaving gang wins again

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For any scrotes confused why the prior doesn't check out, pad adhesive is notoriously useless & barely even sticks to underwear wings or not. This is why tampons are generally preferred by active individuals as a necessity. Now, the pad coming loose and falling out shorts, pants legs, and skirts is a very real fear for women & does happen.

>The more you know.

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Cut the tip of a finger on an elevator call button cause the panel protruded about a mm and I had bad aim.
Very superficial, but hurt like a papercut and bled a lot for something so minor.
Ended up accidentally flinging blood around shaking hand in pain and getting a neat little pattern on the maid dress, so it all worked out nice

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fuck you crotchbleeder!

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I don't know if I should feel bad for him or feel jealous.

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That's would never hold. Just glue it shut like the rest of us.

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I still think about the Rin cosplayer whose pad fell out of her shorts and the wind blew it into a guy's mouth.

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We make better women than you.

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So that con has a lot allocated for porking? I always thought that was better done at hotels, tho.

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I should mention that no MTF trans has ever actually has a period, now that we're poking holes in Anon's tales about their holes

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>sister and her friend are talking about what to do if your period starts at a con
>mfw the friend asks "Do guys worry about getting boners at cons? If you do, I can help you."
Wtf did that mean?

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Was at the Friday rave at Katsucon 2023. Saw a conga line that was going around the room and one of the girls on that line popped her knee.

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I was in a congo line at age 5 and someone stepped on my foot, shittering it

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That's cause she's a porn actress.

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This is bullshit but I believe it.

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had an anxiety attack and spent an hour in the bathroom with severe diarrhea
stopped going to cons cause i know it'll probably happen again kek i hate being a pathetic autist

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I onve heard the story that one woman lost her nipple with a cosplay accident

Can't remember, how that happened...

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Please don’t tell me she uses a chocolate chip to fake the other nipple or I am going to scream.

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Not that I'm aware of....

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I vaguely remember that story, something like she forgot the tape that was supposed to keep her top in place and used some kind of hardcore glue instead. Probably an exaggerated or straight up bullshit story but maybe you've heard it from a more legit source than a /cgl/ greentext.