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this is an oc i made for a steam punk school project

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I'd say it's shit but with the context of closet cosplay it's just fart. Too many clashing timeframes, and I get that steampunk's whole point is anachronism, but this fit doesn't pull it off.
If you plan on taking it up a notch, beyond the simple, restrictive and admittedly creative bounds of just stuff you've got on hand/can easily and quickly source; I recommend starting from scratch entirely. Goggles are cool, they can stay.
In all, it looks like a 1930s hobo lady who's scrounged random things together but like... yeah, I get it. That's the idea.

The necklace is a bizarre choice. Shouldn't have included that at all.

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Explain the oc but also talk about where this pic was taken, please und thank

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This some kind of train you’re on?