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Looks suspiciously the previous OP pic but with a new account

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and because I forgot:
Previous thread >>10891414

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This one's white so it can't be the same girl. I guess these ita retards are going to start plaguing LM regularly.

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No feed back and account is less than a week old. Terrifying.

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The person selling these knows nothing abt lolita. They found the dresses in a storage unit they bought and they were advised to use LM.

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I don't believe it. No non-lolita would bother searching up dress names.

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Fair point. I don't know anything about this drama. I was just repeating what I saw them say on Reddit. Could for sure be BS.

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If it’s a flipper then they would, it’s unlikely most non flippers would buy a random storage unit

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That's a pretty wild statement. Lots of high-end jewelry, clothing, and other items has very specific series names and terms that a buyer might search for. If you want to successfully flip anything online you've got to look up the lingo for your listing, it's just part of the job.

I mean my granny managed to find and use lolibrary to buy a gift for me off eBay, and she barely knows how to use google. It's not rocket science.

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Those are some crusty ass fingers kek

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google lens would make it easy nowadays

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Never underestimate flippers. People who buy storage units are detectives when it comes to obscure collectibles. Their whole ass job depends on the ability to research stuff to find where the buyers are and what the items are called/worth.

It is kinda funny that some 50 year old normie dude does better research than ita newbs begging to be spoon fed at every corner and buying off Amazon because they’re too stupid to figure out how to use LM.

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No caps because I don't want to dox myself but I'm in so much disbelief at my local comm

>Girl on a local Lolita buy sell Facebook group is selling her wardrobe with the caption "pm for prices and to discuss bundles"
>Cheap sweet taobao dresses catch my eye and I think I can wear them out casually without worrying about damaging burando
>"Hi anon, I bought them for around $200 each on Devilinspired so make an offer"
>Find the lolibrary links for the dresses and they all originally retail for around $50 max
>Message the seller with the links, tell her that she got scammed, but said I'll pay the original taobao price just to be nice
>"Sorry anon, I got offers higher than that. Have a nice day :))"

Even if I thought the dresses were cute, no way would I be spending much more than what they are worth, and I'm mad that the original seller, despite knowing that, would still overcharge newbies buying off her who wouldn't know any better.

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If retail TB is $50, it’s pretty common to see them go for $75 or so. At least in my experience there’s a bit of a convenience fee for the dress already being in the US unless the dress is wrecked. Plus, incisive of tb fees and international shipping most dresses actually cost $25-40 more than retail.

I don’t think I’ve ever sold a tb piece for less than I bought it for except for one hideous one that wasn’t as pictured in the tb listing. People are very impatient and since buying off of tb still needs an agent, a lot of people are willing to pay more to not go through that process. I really don’t think she’s being all that shitty unless she’s getting $200 offers or something.

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Is anyone else having bad luck with buyers on Lace Market lately, or is it just me? Since September, I have sold three things and for each, the buyers ghosted me. It's hard enough to sell anything right now without buyers also weaseling out of a sale.

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This has been the worst year for Lacemarket for everyone I've talked to. Scammy sellers that don't disclose damages and noob buyers that can't pay or ghost. No matter how many bad feedback, no bans will take place. The career scalpers make up over half the listings on the platform by now. No one wants to sell on LM anymore, everyone is either using Facebook or Depop. It's about time we make a new platform that can actually be moderated.

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flippers wouldn't know the going rate of dresses now though.

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If they can find lacemarket they can see the sales history nonny, and all the auctions have a bidding price that’s lower.

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I used to help an ex sell antiques on eBay. You look for hallmarks. You mouth the pearls because real ones are a little rough. There's a trick for bakelite with soap I don't remember. This person absolutely could have done the research to find LM.

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Are they dresses that are actually currently available on taobao?

A lot of taobao pieces go up in price not just because of the 'convenience fee' like >>10896250 mentioned but also because they're rare outside of China or fill some specific niche (like the fandom dresses). Also a lot of people are willing to pay a premium to get their items immediately from a local, rather than waiting weeks or months for overseas shipping and manufacturing.

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I understand more popular taobao releases having better resell value, but these are all cheap mass produced poly sweet Lolita dresses from small unknown taobao brands. Not to mention the original seller based the value of the dress off what she paid for on Devilinspired which is known to upsell their items like crazy.

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I mean she’s not forcing anyone to buy them… if they haven’t done the basic research then that’s on them. LM is the first resource on every basic beginner post.

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you really put random unwashed pearls in your mouth from a store to test it..

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I don’t stop there, I crunch on them and sometimes swallow them. Antique store grime has a flavor all its own. Git gud flippers.

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I need someone to explain to me why this skirt is so criminally short

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Because it wasn’t designed for giraffes, it was designed for the Japanese market. AP mini skirts are usually about 12 inches long on the skirt portion. Cute if you’re below 5’2”. Borderline pornographic if you’re not.

Plus they also have a tiny waist measurement so they often end up even shorter because you have to hike it up higher on your waist to get it to fit.

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I don't remember this series ever having a miniskirt cut, maybe this was once the regular standard skirt but has been altered to remove the lace and the second ruffle tier. Or a replica?

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I think this has been altered.

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it’s blatantly altered you pompous newfag. ap wasn’t making miniskirts around that time. go chew glass

why did she do this? maybe it was severely damaged?

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Replica is the most likely explanation, but this could also be one of those things that isn’t on lolibrary. A lot of vintage releases have missing cuts.

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Giraffe spotted kek

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i’m 5”3, don’t try to deflect because you’re a retarded newfag who can’t even recognize releases

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I smell BS, This skirt would look visibly shorter in the stock photos if you had to be below 5’2” to make it look cute.
> AP mini skirts are usually about 12 inches long on the skirt portion.
You cannot be serious with this. This is the length of a 140cm mezzo piano skirt.

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That was left to my ex's mother. The main point is these people are feral.

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I'm thinking it's a replica because the placement of the rabbit is more in the center when it's supposed to be more on the side. Also it was a winter release so it'd be thematically weird for it to have had a miniskirt cut, especially all the way back from 2006

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image source?? I know Dakota rose alters some angelic pretty a while back but I don't know if this is her or her doing in this

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Anon is right. AP mini skirts are usually about 30cm from the end of the waist panel to the hem, though usually have longer waist bands like the Milky Planet mini skirt. They are freakishly short.

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Tell me you’ve never seen an AP mini skirt without telling me newfag. They’re infamously short, just go look on library if you need proof. They’re all listed around 40cm total length, 10cm for the waist panel and 30 cm for the skirt part.

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People really are considered newfags for anything these days. AP mini skirts were never really popular and I never felt the need to get one.

This is wild to me. I’m 157cm and 12 inch skirts don’t even cover my ass.

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If you’re short they’re actually hella cute imo. Similar to salopettes, plus they’re always hella cheap because so few people can wear them without flashing their ass.

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It’d probably be longer on me since most AP skirts are like 65 - 75cm in the waist so for me it would go straight to my hips. Maybe I’ll get one if it’s like 30 bucks.

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>image source??
This was taken from a listing for the bag on a Euro resale app, so it's definitely not her

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I'm average Japanese woman height and AP "miniskirt" aren't really that mini. They go past my fingertips, about mid thigh. Short for lolita of course, but my ass is far from falling out. They're a cute appropriate length.

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Lacemarket is full of crap but it's not hard to avoid shitty buyers and sellers if you pay attention to how the listings look, vet the feedback sections and tread carefully with anyone with very little/no feedback.

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Seller says these were only tried on at home, so why do they all look like absolute rats nests? Lowkey pissed off because I've been looking for Arda Skyelar in grey.

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This sold for less than I was expecting. Granted it didn't come with the choker or headdress, but there's a huge difference between $7700 and ~$1300. I wonder if the girl who bought the set regrets it at all.

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>didn't come with the choker or headdress
For completionists, that's a big deal, so I'm not too surprised. But LM tends to go crazy with prices more so than the JP market. I have no doubt that it would have been bid up if it was posted to LM instead.
>wonder if the girl who bought the set regrets
I always wonder if the sale even went through.

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I'm so sad when someone posts something nice as an auction on LM. Good for seller I guess but I always know I'm gonna lose out to someone willing to massively overspend on it

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doesn't fix the site at its root but does make it more manageable to use:

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how do you all feel about fatties stretching out and ruining brand? whenever i see a listing with "plus size friendly" in the description i just know that shit is gonna be stretched out and destroyed.

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learn to replace elastics. elastics can wear down to nothing over enough time even if it's never been worn by anyone bigger than the intended size. that's just what elastic does and something you'll have to learn to deal with.

>> No.10898731

It's annoying. If someone larger than the intended measurement range squeezes themselves into any garment (shirring or not) it will stretch/deform the fabric and/or elastic over time if the seams don't pop. But also ALL of my raglan sleeve OPs (standard size, no shirring) that I bought second hand from japan had stretched elastic around the neckline. As well as a lot of jsks with elastic straps (babydoll jsk for example). You just gotta deal and replace the elastic. Elastic loses its elasticity over time, even when the dress was never worn by anyone bigger than the intended body measurements. If you see "plus sized friendly" in the description then be prepared to replace the elastic.

>> No.10898735

Personally I put “plus size friendly” in the title because I know fatties are desperate for brand that fits them and not because it’s stretched out. I’m trying to make a sale here.

>> No.10898743

true, the plus sized lolitas who actually are willing to pay for brand are usually willing to pay a lot for it.

>> No.10898755

i think a lot of people do this. blouses in particular sell a lot faster when labelled this way.

>> No.10898757

oh how cruel, exploiting the fatties for profit!

>> No.10898758

Is that really true? Blouses in my size range seem to get snapped up quickly or subject to bidding wars, but those "plus size friendly" ones sit there forever and take up space

>> No.10898759

nayrt, I see a lot of meta plus size dresses get sold in like 5 minutes.

>> No.10898761

The fastest I’ve ever sold anything was fully shirred JSKs marked as plus size friendly. stuff I’m selling because it was too small for me (a person with bmi 20 so this stuff isnt necessarily tiny) sits for weeks. the lolita community is seriously fat lol.

>> No.10898765

fully shirred jsks sell well because they're comfortable and fit nearly everyone. So the pool of potential buyers is large (pun not intended), larger than the pool of potential buyers for regular size or plus size products on their own. That doesn't mean the lolita community isn't fat, but fully shirred jsks selling quickly isn't a solid indication for that. If you want to see how fat the community is then look at meetup pictures in various locations worldwide.

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I do it as well, but in the description. I'm not fat but if it has shirring, it is plus size friendly so whatever.

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"plus size friendly" is such a stupid fucking term, why do fatties need a special hugbox word for their shit? It's annoying because it's so unspecific, you have to check to see if it's actually an item that only fits plus sizes or if it's just shirred or something

>> No.10900639

>It's annoying because it's so unspecific

nayrt, but it's unspecific because they couldn't agree on a specific starting point for plus sized. I still remember several waves of the discussions about it. Lots of americans loudly argued that it should start at US plus sizes, despite the fashion originating from Japan and the fact that japanese brands still lead the fashion. They got very pissed off at the idea that it should start at a japanese size L. A lot of japanese brands have pieces that use a japanese size M as reference measurements. Some pieces have features that allow for size flexibility below and above a jpn size M, but those that don't simply won't fit someone above a japanese size M. So people who are a japanese size L or larger are cut off from a lot of releases.
As people got bigger some people started to argue plus size should start at 110cm bust, or even 120cm bust.

LM tries to solve that issue by having several different boxes for different size ranges based on bust and waist measurements.

>> No.10900662

Ya, but people used to also know the measurements for things… at least everyone I’m friends with knew what we could fit (ie if we could fit non shirred vs 1/4 shirred vs half shirred etc.) for the brands we wear, now I have people asking for measurements for 1/4 shirred items…. Like how do you not know? It’s not like the sizing changes between dresses that have the same level or shirring. If you’re too fat for 1 quarter shirred dress you’re too fat for all of them in general.

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There's nothing wrong with people asking for measurements because of the following reasons:
-lolibrary/brand measurements are often not accurate, over the years I've heard plenty of accounts of pieces being considerably bigger or smaller than the stated measurements. Sometimes the stated measurements should be interpreted as a recommended size range, not absolute minimum and maximum measurements. This can be really significant, like 10~15cm extra that you weren't expecting, or a piece states a max measurement of 100cm but doesn't stretch above 90cm.
-just because two dresses by the same brand look like they used the same bodice patterns does not mean they have the same measurements. Brands do update their patterns every once in a while, so it might be bigger or smaller than what you're used to.
-sometimes the people cutting the pattern pieces on the production floor were just eyeballing it, which results in inconsistent garment measurements. I think this is especially true for the "made in japan" era of japanese brands. I have lots of old stuff, sometimes multiple colorways of the same release, and size consistencies are very noticeable with those. Terrible sloppy sewing/construction on the inside of some of them too (yes, even btssb), which also contributes to size inconsistencies. I'm not sure what the situation is with modern production in China (I do not have any modern releases to compare), probably much bigger productions runs than they used to, but everything is still made by people with sewing machines which means there's always room for error.

Sellers might consider it a pain in the ass but it's excellent when sellers do their own measurements and state them in the listing. I sometimes see listings that say "official measurements state max of ... cm, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone over....cm" that is exactly the kind of info potential buyers want to know.

>> No.10900675

I forgot to add that the dimensions of clothes can change depending on how it's washed and who wears it. Stuff can shrink in the wash. Some people stretch the shirring. Those are just more reasons to measure the item and include that info in the listing.

>> No.10900720

putting plus size friendly in the title allows you to increase the price by 25% and sell it almost instantly

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If you've had a bad experience with a woman from Austin who goes by Renahime please email me at scammedseagull at proton dot me

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not even going to spill the tea?

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Rare how?

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Beware this person on Depop - they're reselling items they bought off other depop sellers and charging a huge makeup & using other people's photos.

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is she a reseller? i know she's a discord-chan, and she has such an immense amount of clothing that i can't help but wonder if she's flipping. her prices are generally decent, though, so maybe she just has one hell of a shopping addiction. thoughts?

>> No.10901560

Pretty sure she's just an oldhead with a shopping addiction

>> No.10901563

>5 Yeats

She does resell on her depop @shopbelledreams but it's regular jfashion, not sure if she resells lolita but probably.

>> No.10901565

about what? she has a lot to sell and you yourself said the prices are reasonable. who cares?

>> No.10901582

I thought it was so simple until I gained relationship/stress weight specifically in my bust and now pieces that should still fit based on measurements dont due to just how my fat and weight is distributed. it sucks but im just existing.

>> No.10901634

Her friends will defend her but she has admitted to scalping for "easy money."

>> No.10901680

show me what she's scalped then nonny

>> No.10901698

just a tip, when you get this defensive it’s clear who’s posting

>> No.10901699

actual newlita question, is the JP 2nd hand market just actually terrible price wise or am I stupid and not looking right? mercari & yahoo is always lacking in general but even the international selling stores like wunderwelt and closet child seems to feel more dry and expensive ?

>> No.10901709

WW overcharges in general, but JP markets tend to be cheaper than western. Rn you may find better prices on LM though since we're in a recession and lots of people are discounting too.

>> No.10901710

> lots of people are discounting
That’s a really broad statement when it comes to lace market. LM is priced more about what’s trendy whilst mercari is more of what Japanese people feel like selling, of course there’s scalpers on mercari too but it’s easy to avoid. From my perspective LM has only gotten more ridiculous with pricing since 2020.

>> No.10901715

cc has stuff at decent prices but scalpers and campers tend to snap those things up as soon as they drop on the site

>> No.10901717

thanks for the scalper report. i won't be buying from them

>> No.10901719

2020 prices were nuts because people were spending more time online and had extra money. Many things will retain their value regardless of a tanking economy, but overall prices have dropped and sales are more frequent on LM. However, sales will likely pick up a bit soon since tax returns are coming.

>> No.10901746

Nayrt, different newlita and JP prices feel crazy compared to LM ones. Most of the pieces I've seen that I liked cost 50k+ yen
Also, is there a list of known LM scalpers?

>> No.10901764

Spotting a scalper on LM is easy;
> There location is in (almost always) China
> Selling 20+ items
> Stupidly high prices

>> No.10901767

Depends on what you’re looking at. There’s expensive stuff anywhere but I’m a newlita and I’ve never spent more than 20k yen on a second hand brand dress so far, and usually a lot less

>> No.10901777

it depends on the brand, too. some brands (old moitie, MM, etc) are pricy right now

>> No.10901785

I'm pretty sure some of these people just have big wardrobes and lost stuff at a price they wouldn't mind letting go of it for. I've thought of doing this, lots of stuff I like but I'd let go for like $500 or $600

>> No.10901799

Doubt that

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Who stole my opportunity...

>> No.10901835

>list of known LM scalpers
Check farms thread #16, it got a list posted. You can check the girl that posted it's LM ToS too. It's not everyone though since she obviously isn't listing her friends. But you can poke around past cgl threads to find some others

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Don't worry anon! It'll be on fril in a few days for 100k :^)

>> No.10902042

Can you post a screenshot please?

>> No.10902059

I wanted to be the one that sell 100k

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File: 631 KB, 1527x516, fuccia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>250 euros
advanced delusion

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hope you had a good day today, anon

>> No.10902603

unironically looks way better than most AP bullshit

>> No.10902608

Are you also by chance an Innocent World fan?

>> No.10902621

Yes, although I was thinking more of Meta and Baby

>> No.10902630

Aside from a few key pieces I usually see IW going cheaper than other brands

>> No.10902641


>> No.10903020

True, I'm new (was here in 2014 though just had to finish high school and pay rent till my mid-20s) and every time I'm looking for a simple, easy piece to coord with anything, boom, there's someone selling Innocent World skirts for $35 yaya thank you IW

>> No.10903098

Has anyone had to ask for a refund or return from Closet Child before? They sent me a stained skirt that wasn't described in the listing as damaged, and another sukapan with questionable stains on the crotch (ikr)

>> No.10903104

I’ve done it many times, you don’t even have to mention a refund. Just email them photos, the listing link and proof of damage and they’ll take care of the rest. Their customer service is great. Unlike WW

>> No.10903107

Oh that's reassuring to hear, thank you! They're usually super thorough so I was surprised.

>> No.10903112

it's literally a knockoff of an AP design

>> No.10903119

How's an OnS design a knockoff? The brand provided the pattern for people to use, so by default it's not stolen or trying to be a replica.

>> No.10903163
File: 405 KB, 1573x594, Capture d’écran 2024-02-18 121852.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10903175

how’s it look better than most AP if AP made the design?

>> No.10903177

Because even an amateur doing handmade has better material and construction than nu-AP

>> No.10903178

then you should have specified, it’s cheap garbage compared to the actual AP release of that design

>> No.10903179

Iirc AP did not collaborate with ONS and gave them this pattern to use. (I could be wrong though).
The thing is though with the sewing books is that they sometimes include designs that are almost identical to brand designs. These lookalikes are on purpose imo because readers think it's interesting. It's not illegal to publish a pattern that is almost exactly like a brand design. I don't think brands are all that bothered either. Individuals making replicas or near replicas for themselves doesn't hurt the brand in the same way that a store selling replicas does. You won't see many true brand patterns in ONS (how many brand collabs have there been with ONS?). Brands giving a magazine patterns to publish happened a lot more in the gosurori books.

>> No.10903180

Knockoff doesn’t mean replica, retard.

>> No.10903193 [DELETED] 

Why wouldn't you pay $200+ for this?

>It's a one of a kind item, the only one in existence
>AP inspired
>looks decent and will well with a certain specific print.
> or left in bedroom as a plushie

>> No.10903194

This is adorable and looks really well-made.

>> No.10903195

Why wouldn't you pay $200+ for this?

>It's a one of a kind item, the only one in existence
>AP inspired
>looks decent and will match well with a certain specific print.
> or left in bedroom as a plushie

>> No.10903199

>Why wouldn't you pay $200+ for this?
Maybe if it was literally anyone else selling it

>> No.10903207

seller's a nutcase but the bag is cute

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File: 58 KB, 1080x370, Screenshot_20240218_170303_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you ESL or just weak vocabulary?

>> No.10903224

Replicas/counterfeit isn’t the same thing as a knockoff. Sorry for your mental deficiency.

>> No.10903238

When are you intending to request that change be made to the dictionary? When it's passed and published let me know.

>> No.10903261

you're confusing knockoff with bootleg.

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File: 497 KB, 1532x687, loliable.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 47 KB, 484x645, 420618842_902084034932917_1404027432839063462_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>like new condition

>> No.10903678

this needs washed...

>> No.10903743

Nayrt but aren’t bootlegs and knockoffs the same thing? They’re just imitations, like fast fashion versions of expensive bags or makeup dupes. Versus 1:1 fakes, which are replicas.

>> No.10903752

nayrt, but ime bootleg, knockoff and replica are often used interchangeably. Personally I kind of expect a bootleg or knockoff to be very similar to the genuine product but if you know what you're looking for you can tell the difference.
With replicas, some are "perfect" (down to the tags), some are definitely not perfect and you can tell it's not the genuine product. Since none of these terms guarantees a perfect copy it's kind of meaningless.

>> No.10903792

Kind of but bootlegs are usually trying to pass themselves off as the real thing and trick you, knockoffs are just copying but they aren't necessarily trying to pass themselves off as the real thing.

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I thought the seller was annoying for repeatedly listing stuff under the wrong brand and ignoring messages with the right product name and lolibrary links, but now she's apparently a scalper too.

>> No.10903963

bootleg is a replica or counterfeit, usually illegal(like brand purses) knockoff is like trying to be a bootleg but is so distinct or fucked up enough it's obviously fake(like shoes that say nikc instead of nike). you can also think of it in terms of movies, a bootleg is like an illegal theater recording of frozen where a knockoff is the completely different movie called frozen girl that grandparents get tricked by. milanoo is a knockoff, oojia is a bootleg.

>> No.10903972

I am once again asking North Americans to stop accusing Britbongs of scalping when it's more likely they're trying to recoup taxes. VAT, duties & handling fees can very easily double the original price if you buy using an SS who won't let you write the customs declaration yourself.

I'm not saying it's a good idea to try to cover these taxes in your resale price because you'll struggle to actually sell anything, but scalping implies profit and that's not what's going on here

>> No.10903981

>VAT, duties & handling fees

I have to pay for all of these, my VAT is a smidge higher than the British one. With the shopping service I use and the shipping method I use (which allows me to declare te value of the goods myself) it never doubles the price of a 700rmb dress even if I am honest when declaring the value. She is trying to make a profit.

>> No.10903983

Found the scalper lol cope, everyone sees through your shit.

>> No.10903997 [DELETED] 

what's good Gnomie

>> No.10903998

You shoudlnt be adding the fees you got from buying to the price of the dress. That is scalping. Learn to use a better SS and not get customs if you dont want to pay your gov. It is scalping and artificially raises the 2ndhand price.

>> No.10903999

>I'm not saying it's a good idea to try to cover these taxes in your resale price because you'll struggle to actually sell anything, but scalping implies profit and that's not what's going on here

>> No.10904001

even trying to recoup the cost of the VAT and other fees wouldn't double the price of a 700rmb dress, she's trying to make a profit.

>> No.10904004 [DELETED] 

Hi Zepplis

>> No.10904006

Does anyone know how much she was actually selling it for? Listing deleted

>> No.10904009 [DELETED] 

iirc she was asking close to 250$ for it, whilst having paid 700rmb (87$) for it.

>> No.10904010

iirc she was asking close to 250$ for it, whilst having paid 700rmb (97$) for it herself according to the comment.

>> No.10904018

good ole poorfag vs scalper fight

>> No.10904043
File: 355 KB, 1179x1822, IMG_1700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

spend $600 usd on scalper listings and get a free jsk! such a steal gals


>> No.10904063 [DELETED] 
File: 782 KB, 1080x1402, 20240226-032352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10904075

fishzoe may live in the UK but she's definitely chinese. she's a pretty obvious scalper but her profit margin is so slim (10%-15% at most) that i don't really care and still buy from her. she still prices at market value so i don't find her particularly egregious.

>> No.10904173

She does sometimes list items with very delusional prices, not just a 10-15% price hike, but a lot of her listings aren't absolutely crazy prices.

Regardless buying something on xianyu and then trying to resell for over double the price is very scalpery, and I would also argue her asking price for that dress is not realistic. It's not worth that much.

>> No.10904329
File: 377 KB, 1397x529, mertz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is up with Koreans and wildly inflated Moitie prices?

>> No.10905043

have any of you ever felt guilty leaving a negative review on LM? I've never done it before but I just had a bad time with a sale (new 0 review account, bought item before asking about international shipping, then ghosted). But I also feel like giving this newbie a -1 as their only review will basically blacklist their account, when maybe they just didn't know how LM works. Am I being too soft?

>> No.10905048

i'd give a neutral here. imo negative should be reserved for awful interactions, scams obviously, bait and switch tactics(like asking you to pay BIN price after winning an auction or asking you to pay shipping when it states it's free), undisclosed damages or harassing behaviors. neutral is more for situations that are annoying like being ghosted or someone backing out of a purchase/sale. that's just me of course, and sometimes i will be more harsh with repeat offenders that i'd leave a neutral for otherwise.

>> No.10905066

I do neutral if someone ghosts since no payment or transaction actually took place. But it isn't like they can't make a new account (we've seen countless people remake accounts after too many negative reviews). I wouldn't worry about it too much, anon. Give what you feel is right.

>> No.10905071

Like >>10905066 said, negatives are only for transactions that took place, if you leave a negative a mod can change it to neutral because no actual sale happened.

>> No.10905105

thanks! I'll definitely leave a neutral. I've seen negative reviews for ghosting when looking at others' accounts but I don't think it's that serious desu

>> No.10905493

Did memorial cake suddenly get more valuable or is this scalping af?

>> No.10905494
File: 163 KB, 553x915, Screenshot_20240309_134513_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dropped pic

>> No.10905507

How new are you? This is a well-known scalper.

>> No.10905674

is LM down?

>> No.10905676

it’s working for me

>> No.10907865
File: 458 KB, 1080x1740, Screenshot_20240330_220356_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you out of your goddamn mind

>> No.10907871

Kek get good or pay scalper prices. This is the way.

>> No.10907951
File: 90 KB, 632x515, cinnaring.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bitches love Cinnamoroll

>> No.10908076

I could literally make that ring out of polymer clay for free right now

>> No.10908125

Not justifying the price but are you really comparing polymer clay with AP? If you can make a ring that looks like that out of clay then please, by all means, entertain us.

>> No.10908145

God damn, just go to a Sanrio store, they have shit like that for 10 bucks

>> No.10908294

no you can't. besides the fact that anyone who willingly uses polymer clay over other materials is a talentless idiot, it's made of acrylic so the only way to replicate it at home is resin.

>> No.10908334

what a weird take. Sure, it wouldn't have a transparent glittery sparkle background but there's no reason you can't DIY a decent cinnamaroll ring out of polymer clay. he's got a fairly simple design and I might actually give it a shot when my mica powders come in

>> No.10908351

NTA but it's true. Polymer clay looks like shit no matter what and anyone who uses it is retarded, you're kind of proving the point. Imaging thinking polymer clay and mica powder will look like anything. Enjoy your terrible ring.

>> No.10908356

if you want to make an ugly ring, do it. your initial point is that you can make the same one, which isn't true. no one actually cares about your dumb hobby.

>> No.10908370
File: 52 KB, 736x454, IMG_7302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Polymer clay looks like shit no matter what
Yeah, no

>> No.10908461

you think these look good? you're kidding right? they look like plastic, especially the cake part itself. there's a reason real brands that make sweets deco use mixed materials. polymer is too plasticky as it's plastic.

>> No.10908489

nta and i wouldn't buy either of these but the ap ring looks like a cheap childrens toy and is literally made out of plastic. sweetfags have atrocious taste.

>> No.10908513

nta but these look like adorable realistic cakes, what are you on about?

>> No.10908574

Sanrio girlies were a mistake.

>> No.10908679
File: 141 KB, 1395x666, Screenshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dress is her holy grail
>only worn for 5 minutes
>doesn't fit
>wants to purchase it again
I hate retards who got into the fashion during covid.

>> No.10908703
File: 1.20 MB, 4656x2620, vjb42kzfnuaz[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NTA but there are other companies that make them out of better clays that are designed for this and they look tons better. I think she's saying the cake should be matte, which is correct since cake isn't really shiny like that.
She's talking about the cake in general looking like plastic, not saying that plastic rings are all bad. I think the execution of those cakes is okay, but as she said using different types of clay for them is good.
This entire thing started because anon said she could make an acrylic ring out of polymer, which is wrong. I agree that 99% of polymer clay goods look like pic related and a few good examples don't negate the fact that anon ITT who's going to use mica powder with her polymer clay will make the same low quality junk as my pic.

>> No.10908709

shit taste. get your eyes checked.

true, honestly all the talented non mass produced clay artists i see usually charge high (ish) prices so i don't know what she's on about with free. maybe not $90, but $40-50 sure.

if you don't value high quality work and are only capable of producing garbage that nobody would ever want for free, of course you'd say you can make it "for free right now". even factory made q-pot rings start at ~$60. she's really telling on herself with her lack of ability and poorfagness, really sad

>> No.10908728

ok and what does resin look like moron

>> No.10908730

>all the talented non mass produced clay artists i see usually charge high (ish) prices so i don't know what she's on about with free. maybe not $90, but $40-50 sure.
this exactly. what's kind of funny about anon saying she can just MAKE a clay cinnamoroll ring that compares with the acrylic one is that she can just BUY a cheaper acrylic one if she doesn't care about the brand. but the thing is people who care about the brand generally know that's what they're paying for, so it's stupid for anon to even suggest making one is as good just because it looks like the character. AP jewelry is overpriced, but because of the branding, and many people, especially lolitas and sanrio girls LOVE exclusivity like that so obviously the intersection of the two will pay out the ass. i actually sold some older AP jewelry recently for 3x their original price because they were rare(someone dm'd me and offered a ton for it) but for me it was just garbage i got in a lucky pack years ago and never sold. the "one man's trash..." adage definitely applies here, but the idea that something can be made cheaper misses the point entirely even if it's true, which it isn't anyway.

>> No.10908731

Bb&B Deco literally uses japanese air dry clay and guess what, it's all pretty much the same shit. Just because I can buy sculpey at Joann doesn't mean it dries like model magic. it's all about getting creative
with tools and the added details for texture, like mica, microbeads, crystals, a good sealant.

>> No.10908732

I meant I'd make one for myself for free with materials I currently have, not that I'd make anon one lol

>> No.10908756
File: 99 KB, 820x580, cropped-top2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she thinks polymer clay needs to be sealed
>she thinks bb&b is good quality
the fact that you think this means you're as much of an idiot as everyone's been saying. japanese sweets deco like pic related could never be made from polymer clay because it's just not suited for it. please grow up and stop pretending people care about your hobby, and learn how to read.

>> No.10908758

Anon is talking about the cake, not bashing resin jewelry. I agree that cake shouldn't look like plastic if the intent is trying to make it look realistic. Use your brain to find the context clues.
She was making fun of you because you said your work would only be worth a few dollars which implies it's shit.
Japanese resin clays aren't the same as polymer clay, and it doesn't sound like you understand how the clay even works, honestly. Polymer doesn't need to be sealed, it's plastic.

>> No.10908801

I dunno why people feel compelled to write all that unnecessary stuff in sales listings, nobody cares why you are selling it or how much it means to you. Just describe the condition of the item and post enough pics for buyers to make an informed purchase.

>> No.10908915

>I think she's saying the cake should be matte
but it is? only the berries look glossy to me

>> No.10909125

ok, I never said I was going to make this, and obviously polymer clay doesn't NEED a sealant, but you know a good clear coat makes it look better. You're being purposefully obtuse for no reason.

>> No.10909137

How does this looks bad?

Ofc it looks like plastic it's a fantasy plastic necklace, it doesn't have to look like a real cake. Do you also complain about lolita prints not being photorealistic?

>> No.10909142

You're missing the point on purpose, no one is saying plastic necklaces are bad but polymer clay looks cheap.
No one said you were going to make this, you just can't identify good quality if you think bb&b looks good. No one is being obtuse here but you, you're just a hack and have no business criticizing anything. No one wants your polymer clay abominations.

>> No.10909146

polymer clay chan is a fucking moron if she's still responding to this thread. it's embarrassing honestly. go make your ugly cinnamoroll, you have too much time on your hands.

>> No.10909625
File: 702 KB, 720x1298, Screenshot_20240408-202132-434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is actually ridiculous

>> No.10909626
File: 77 KB, 720x807, Screenshot_20240408-202156-803.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10909628

her feedback is so fuckin funny

>> No.10909638

They can help give the impression you’re buying from a real person who isn’t a scalper and probably takes care of their shit.

>> No.10909642

Nayrt, she's flaky. This is just another attempt to reduce the ways in which people can contact her, since she sometimes ghosts her buyers. If she ghosts you after you've bought something from her, and before she provides you with a tracking number and you try to get in contact after a month by messaging her on IG, she'll be offended you went to her "private online space" and block you.

>> No.10909665

she wants no comments bc she had these listed before claiming they were AP and the comments called her out that they're taobao and only like $10

>> No.10909669

It was even worse than I thought.

>> No.10909761

I feel like she should be banned for that

>> No.10909778

that and for having all of that negative feedback because the ghosting rule was 4 maximum but no one has been banned since 2019. there have been hundreds of users like her who should’ve been banned but the sites been abandoned and scammy deadbeats are allowed to roam free.

>> No.10909787

not to wk this retard but the ghosting rule is 4 per year, not 4 all time. her negative seller feedback is the bigger concern desu

>> No.10909792

there are 4 in a year if you count the neutral feedback saying she was a deadbeat buyer

>> No.10910939
File: 540 KB, 1359x573, Screen Shot 2024-04-20 at 11.54.37 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's it. LM is fucking doomed.

>> No.10910952

why is she selling it if she wants to rebuy it and why does she want to rebuy it if it doesn't fit?

>> No.10910994
File: 354 KB, 1641x3646, 856853858358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey, could anyone source this?
its h.naoto channel.h, found it at a flea market for 18€

>> No.10911017

Nayrt, I don't know which dress she's talking about (I didn't see a reference) but the dress was probably released in multiple sizes.

>> No.10911183

i'm gothic not sweet so i know nothing about sweets jewelry quality. what makes them "good" vs "bad"? desu bb&b looks pretty much the same as all the other sweets jewelry i see, but like i said, far from an expert. so just struggling to figure out the difference

>> No.10911215

They didn't even spell it right!

>> No.10911216

it's a replica, did someone actually buy it?

>> No.10911219

Design wise, it’s the same thing that makes squishmallows and western “kawaii” items ugly while plain Japanese cutesy stuff like Rilakkuma are cute. Visually the proportions and style are often off and uglier. Usually there are areas where there’s too much detail/“realisticness” and not enough in others, resulting in an uncanny look. Would you take a shitty Killstar dress me say it’s the same thing as a moitie dress because they’re both black and lacey? Same concept. There are times where Japanese makers make some ugly ass jewelry and Western makers (not BBandB) who have cute work though, but usually the best designs are not made by westerners.

Quality wise, BB and B is strongly reminiscent of taobao jewelry that used to be more easily accessible in the early 2010s, with the same cheap pearls and metal findings. The only difference is that those necklaces were $5-20 max. I’m sure people would be fine with the quality though if their works weren’t so fucking ugly and overpriced.

>> No.10911603

it got taken down

>> No.10911665
File: 235 KB, 828x1415, IMG_2925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10911667

you're just mad that you can't afford it, poorfag.

>> No.10911673

I’m not mad, hope the prices keep going up so I can eventually sell my shit for as much as I can. Just astonished someone would pay that for a skirt, would expect that for an jsk or op.

>> No.10911676

pretty sure the buyer worked out a trade with the seller and just placed the BIN to stop the auction

>> No.10911753

crazy that’s it’s easier to believe someone bought a skirt for $999 than for you to take 3 seconds to see that it was partially a trade post. You people lack the ability of cognitive thinking

>> No.10911761

This seller buys everything and anything just for the bragging rights and complains about how she can't afford the luxury of owning a car or paying outstanding medical bills.

>> No.10912647
File: 318 KB, 1550x412, jail.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone needs to ban her atp

>> No.10912653

They need to ban all the scalpers ffs.

>> No.10912671
File: 455 KB, 643x1143, IMG_6102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10912685

The fact that they havent already reflects badly on them. Its just exploiting new people interested in the fashion and making it harder for people to get good deals elsewhere since scalpers buy them up instantly to resell.

>> No.10912686

Wouldn't the scalpers still buy up all the good deals and just resell them elsewhere?

>> No.10912696

It’s be far less profitable and harder to sell, lacemarket is easily the biggest western platform, doesn’t take any fees, uses PayPal which has more reliable seller protection, and has far less flakes/difficulty to use than something like Facebook marketplace. Chinese/Japanese/Korean girls all have their own sites and groups where they can buy pieces they want for cheaper, other than a few coveted OTT sweet pieces rich Chinese lolitas would pay scalped prices for I don’t think many of them buy on lacemarket. Better they get banned, though mods don’t give a fuck because their previous (?) mod was already a notorious scalper.

>> No.10912697

i can't remember the last time i ordered anything from lacemarket. it's practically unusable at this point.

>> No.10912735

Are they even a lolita? Almost every dress and blouse has a replacement button inside, it's not something special enough to sell extra.

Can't blame her, people are paying batshit insane prices for old school lately.

>> No.10912741

it'll probably go over 1k honestly
it's met>>10912671
a gobelin set what do you expect

>> No.10912742

>>10912671 #
it'll probably go over 1k honestly
it's meta gobelin set what do you expect

>> No.10912770

If we could have mods ban scalpers & resellers i think the world would be a better place. They arent even profiting off of them, unless theyre slipping them money under the table, so whats the fucking point??

>> No.10912807

>they aren't even profiting off of them

How dumb are you?

>> No.10912833

she means the mods aren't profiting off scalpers. why are you confused?

>> No.10912841

Do you genuinely think scalpers pay mods so they can scalp or do you have brain damage

>> No.10912845

they would all stop scalping if people would stop buying from them. that heinous jap scalper on fril only started scalping after she saw how much people were willing to pay for brand. blame the tiktok trustfund zoomers and shopping addicts.
>inb4 someone calls me a poorfag
supporting scalpers is being looked down upon in every other consoomerism based hobby.

>> No.10912848

The issue is that a lot of people just don't *know*. You'd be surprised at how many people have never bought an ap dress for less than $100. The amount of scalpers in this community has overinflated these prices and newbies just accept it because they dont know how expensive their expensive dresses should be.

>> No.10912853

Obviously no one likes scalpers but if you’re that concerned with the rise of prices, you should look at the root of the problem. Most scalpers are Chinese or Americans who are profiting off uneducated people or trendhoppers with daddies money. You know that your none of those things so it’s easier to just wait for good deals. How long you wait depends on your style and how rare/old it is, but contrary to popular belief most jfashion finds are just a matter of time until they appear on the secondhand market.

>> No.10912868

The problem is these scalpers are basically running a business and can camp out all day waiting for cheap dresses to appear so they can instantly snap them all up to flip. Normal people just buy the items that they personally want, but career scalpers mess up the secondhand market by hoarding large numbers of items.
Unfortunately this happens anywhere that there is limited supply and high demand and it's hard to control. There will always be people who want an item so bad they will just buy it even if they know they are getting ripped off.

>> No.10912895

the trouble comes up when scalpers get a hold of rare pieces. it's hard not to support a scalper when it's an item that almost never shows up. the mary magdalene market is particularly bad right now because mm always had very small stock runs. old moitie has a similar problem because the rereleases are so poor quality. lolitas can also be very competitive, so it's hard to organise any kind of scalper boycott.

>> No.10912900

> these scalpers are basically running a business
Lmao why do you guys talk like you just discovered lace market. Scalpers have been making goofy amounts of money off jfashion for years, this isn’t a grand discovery.

>> No.10912902

either mad they are not doing the scalping themselves or arrived yesterday.

>> No.10912905

Agreed. Lolitas aren't very known to do things for the greater good, it's all about fomo and showing off being a better hoarder than others. Scalpers have a positive side too in that way. Instead of some poorfag snatching up a rare piece just because she was at the right place at the right time, scalpers give a smaller amount of people a bigger chance of getting that piece.

>There will always be people who want an item so bad they will just buy it even if they know they are getting ripped off
I completely understand doing that if the item is in good condition but so many times lolitas have been spending an unreasonable amount of money on dresses that are damaged, stained beyond repair, have missing pieces etc, just because it's a dress from 2001. Embarrassing.

>> No.10912906

Its not that its 'new', its that its gotten so much work and has artificially inflated the cost of the market over all this time. Its harder to avoid.

>> No.10912992

>Scalpers have a positive side too in that way. Instead of some poorfag snatching up a rare piece just because she was at the right place at the right time, scalpers give a smaller amount of people a bigger chance of getting that piece.
This is some Olympic level mental gymnastics.

>> No.10912997

This sounds actually retarded. why would a lolita, a style of fashion that gets little to no attention in media and literally the opposite of trends today be in fear of missing out? This makes zero sense. Maybe it’s because I’m pretty outcasted from the j-fashion community outside of cgl, but if you have the confidence to join this fashion in the first place why would you care about what other lolitas are doing?

>> No.10913002

because some dresses are rare enough that if you miss a listing, it can be years before it comes around again.

>> No.10913011

i think that poorfag should be able to snatch up the rare piece and enjoy it actually. go fuck yourself.

>> No.10913018

i agree. the listing staying up longer due to the price doesn't really make me feel any better about paying it. and if i ever resold an item bought this way id have to do so at a loss. meanwhile most of the cheap listings get snatched up by scalpers and relisted for double, poorfags rarely get them even at a good price because they're not even willing to pay retail.

>> No.10913038

Not gonna lie but scalping is just as bad as producing a replica in my eyes. You're still profiting off of someone's work at the end of the day.

>> No.10913039

Gone are the days where you could buy an old school piece for less than $100

>> No.10913040

i wonder if the old school bubble will burst at any point

>> No.10913046

Nayrt but if an item is popular enough that people are scalping it, it can actually be beneficial for the brand as they get more publicity.

>> No.10913053

no it doesn't.

>> No.10913095

Probably not. Been waiting for the sweet bubble to burst for 5 or 6 years. I dont think bubbles burst in this fashion.

Noone outside of people already interested in lolita know shit about popular dresses.

>> No.10913119

poorfags can feel free to stalk mercari at 5am like everyone else. I'm not a richfag or a scalper but I seldomly buy anything from lm exactly because most people are trying to sneak a little profit on their burando. there are plenty of idiot poorfags who only buy from lm then complain about scalpers. or you can do charity, stalk mercari at ungodly hours and sell at market value to those people. some people are just dumb with money.

>> No.10913127

we need a new 'black x white pieces are ita' movement. or some psa post claiming old school is racist/homophobic/transphobic/pro-russia/pro-israel so the trendhoppers will leave it alone.

>> No.10913130

This wouldn’t work because sjw activism is just performative and no one would actually give up something they like or spent money on, also you have retarded efame chasers like ita toys and cynical neo princess that made it a trend to dress like shit. Cynical is the worst offender because she shoves her blog down everyone’s throat, she can’t even have an irl conversation without mentioning it and all she does is talk about how rare or hard to find her pieces are/were when they really weren’t that sought after to begin with and rent her wardrobe for clout

>> No.10913135

what else is left then? cyberbullying?

>> No.10913141

you are fucking retarded, kys larper

>> No.10913145

This hasn't worked for about 3 years now. Unless you have a SS who buys immediately, one of the resident 3 scalpers buys up ANYTHING remotely desirable and cheap as soon as it's posted. I'm honestly surprised the majority of japanese lolitas didn't block them yet, because they are annoyed by it too.

>> No.10913147

Even if you have a SS who buys immediately, by the time you have pasted the link and added the item name in your other tab it's already gone.

>> No.10913153

>most jfashion finds are just a matter of time
not if you have scalpers snatching up anything and everything even remotely valuable within seconds of it being listed. I missed an extremely rare OP, my one and only DD, that I've been looking for for 6 years twice to that one fril scalper, not to mention about a dozen other wishlist items. I had absolutely no chance of buying any of them before she did, despite at one point spending entire days stalking the secondhand market, obsessively refreshing the pages every 30 minutes. this scalper-induced hopelessness ruined the fashion for me.

>> No.10913157

i feel like it has to go out of the trend cycle at some point, i mean theyre called trend-hoppers for a reason. i just feel like its been getting particularly bad these past few months. i have been seeing some people lowering the price of old-school and old-school adjacent pieces to some extent on lm.

>> No.10913163

this is true
also the funniest thing is she cries about current prices the most.
she’ll say she’s depressed because of the current prices but her blogs and fame chasing made it that way.
how do you expect to post about old school every second you get and act surprised when people start wanting the pieces you talk about kek

>> No.10913186

is it possible to convince the lacemarket mods to ban scalpers, genuinely? Is this possible? What would the criteria be?

>> No.10913187

if actual rule breakers don't get banned, what makes you think scalpers will? lm is hardly moderated anymore

>> No.10913194

what they really need to do is pass the site on to people who actually want to manage it, or hire more mods.

>> No.10913229

if mods wont mod, why not make dnb informational posts on lm calling out specific scalpers, comment on their listings that they're scalping, etc?

>> No.10913284

I hate auctions with no BIN. Auctions are so stressful just let me buy it now.

>> No.10913303


Dont forget her shitty experimental music project that flopped severely
I think itatoys got depressed & went mia & only keeps up her shitty neocities sparingly but Cynical NeoPrincessism will never give up trying to get attention
I do believe she’s a huge reason old school is so scalped now
Every other old school influencer layed pretty low and were humble about it

>> No.10913344

She's one of the most well known oldschoolers yet almost no-one seems to actually like interacting with her. Although I do not think she's single handedly responsible for the popularity and resultant price increase of old school. I'm sure that would have happened without the involvement of the western comm, because old school had a rise in popularity in Japan. The weak yen and western old schoolers buying overpriced stuff on mercari/fril/yahoo auctions just made things worse.

>> No.10913355

Tik tokers look up to her and nostalgia nightmare who is personally the worst offender for me. It’s definitely trending on tiktok and among 20 and under year olds trying to snatch up all the gothic Lolita bible pieces that old school influencers brag about

>> No.10913364

this might be a good idea, but it would be difficult for it to be properly widespread enough for it to be effective. maybe a google docs page instead of a spreadsheet format?

>> No.10913365

She would be less annoying if she didn't post the same content on every platform and publicly cry about her pictures not getting enough reposts all the time desu.

>> No.10913374

yeah, i think her gimmick would be fine if she wasn't constantly selfposting here and everywhere else. the extreme tryhard vibe put me off of her content.

the old school boom seems to me like a side effect of zoomers/gen alphas latching onto Y2K "nostalgia" in general. lots of kids hoarding old crap to try to "relive" an era they weren't around for and driving the prices up by turning "old junk" into "valuable collectibles". every generation does this with previous eras to some extent, but now that social media is a "career" it goes from a niche hobby to an influencer gimmick, and that in turn causes a fad from all their followers hoping that if they collect enough old junk maybe they'll get e-famous too (spoiler: delusional).

based on the current popularity level, i give it a year or two before someone makes up a reason that old school is actually problematic and cringe, and all the trend hoppers pretend they never liked it in the first place, and it returns to being a niche substyle (and some other bullshit fad takes its place). wait it out that long and you'll probably see all those pieces being sold for dirt cheap by people "leaving old school"

>> No.10913384

I don't have tiktok anymore so I don't know what any old schoolers have been up to on tiktok since a year or so.

thank goodness there isn't a large overlap between my wishlist and the pieces other old schoolers often drool over.

> publicly cry about her pictures not getting enough reposts all the time


>constantly selfposting here and everywhere else
>the extreme tryhard vibe put me off of her content

Same here, it just gets so annoying. If people like this interacted with people more instead of constantly plugging their socials/blog and only showing up for asspats then there would be a good chance that people would actually like them.

>you'll probably see all those pieces being sold for dirt cheap by people "leaving old school"

I'm not sure people are going to leave old school in droves but I'm hoping it will happen.

>> No.10913394

oldschool has its origins in racism, classism, and fatphobia, especially sought-after materials like gobelin and velveteen. it also sucks and is ugly. you should all sell your wardrobes for dirt cheap or I’ll go ahead and assume you support the genocide in Palestine

>> No.10913592

Why the hell is Mercari JP showing me prices in USD now? It was showing yen just a few hours ago.
This better not be a permanent change.

>> No.10913594


>> No.10913600

This “banning scalpers” discourse is so fucking stupid. How do you propose it’s policed? Most of you cry “scalper” whenever a jsk is over $200. If you want cheap old school and AP sweet you’re more than welcome to go back in time to 2016 when supply outstripped demand. People can do whatever the fuck they want with their private property. You aren’t entitled to extravagant niche fashion. If the price is too high then it simply won’t sell, but there are enough lolitas willing to pay a premium that market values are the way they are.

I’m so sick of covid kiddies in collectible communities crying over this shit. You’d think they were being deprived of food and shelter. I recently sold a “desirable” jsk set that I originally paid a lot for, and I made back basically what I paid. I could’ve sold it for more and yet I still got 0 feedback zoomers asking me to sell them a 10 year old dress for retail. Fuck right off.

>I do believe she’s a huge reason old school is so scalped now
>random British girl responsible for market fluctuations of a fashion based in Japan
Unbelievably shit take, dare I say a selfpost

lmao what

>> No.10913602

>Unbelievably shit take, dare I say a selfpost
I wouldn’t be surprised, she has self posted so much recently it’s painfully obvious.

>> No.10913606

>How do you propose it’s policed?
Just allow a certain amount of active LM listings at once. Would weed out the most notorious scalpers pretty fast.
Or, if items are consistently resold for- and in a certain amount of time. Proof has to be shown in screenshots of the scalped items + the scalper listing. If it's in a short time frame, it's pretty easy to proof.
>b-but what if I just bought an item and decided I didn’t like it?!
That's fine, but if you do the same thing 20 times within a week, you should be in therapy and not on lm.

>> No.10913607

>I’m so sick of covid kiddies in collectible communities crying over this shit.
Samefag, but it's those who support scalpers. Way to shit on your own customers kek.

>> No.10913610

are you upset that you weren't able to sell your rare items for as much as you wanted? is that why you're acting like this thread has any effect on the real world? you can just hide the it and keep scalping, retard. or even better kill yourself. you're acting like lm will actually do anything to stop roasties like you from selling dresses their too fat to wear.

>> No.10913612

>telling someone to kill themselves over frilly dresses
calm down, now

>> No.10913624

i agree with this. even doing nothing but limiting the amount of listings a user can have would make a massive difference.

i do agree on the second part. if we could report scalpers with proof that they bought the item recently for half the price or less that would also make a big difference, though i suppose there's the issue of japanese markets making it hard to ID who bought it.

>> No.10913625

Are you fucking lost, scrotum? Go back to your play pretend prop making threads you little manchild.

>> No.10913645

That’s an awful lot of work for volunteers when the chrome extension exists, and given no one is actually being scammed. I don’t know if it was mentioned in this thread or another but whenever listing limits are suggested it brings up the logistical issue of leaving lolita sales or just major decluttering. Yeah you could make a case to the mods for an exception but again, more unpaid work and hassle.

I don’t think a lot of you guys appreciate how good you have it with LM compared to the old LJ sales. If LM didn’t exist we’d probably be stuck with the terrible user experience of Facebook sales groups like a lot of other hobbies.

>Way to shit on your own customers kek.

This reads as if you’re agreeing with me but being really hostile about it

>> No.10913658

is there a want or need for a new lolita selling platform? what if each listing took a small fee, but the platform guarantees some type of moderation?

>> No.10913675

Would never happen. First, poorfags are still the main demographic and won’t pay a premium. Second, the amount of moderation relative to the number of sales to generate fee income is just so out of whack it would never be sustainable. People have talked about lacemarket alternatives since it came about, and there’s a reason it’s never happened. Even with arguably better off are options like Fb marketplace, LM is still far and away the most used.

>> No.10913690

nayrt, it literally changed like overnight. it would show usd when you clicked on a listing, but now it's showing it on the search results too.

>> No.10913705 [DELETED] 

Penishaving moid programmer husband of a lolita here. Retards keep buying things from her then backing out, requesting payment plans after the purchase of an item (even ones that say "no payment plans") etc.

Basically I feel like the platform could at least allow people to block bids & buy-it-nows from people with too low of a threshold of good feedback. It's crazy to me that lm doesn't already allow this. It would be really easy to implement, and wouldn't require more moderation work

>> No.10914222

Has there been a steady influx of people selling overpriced taobao items on LM? I know it's always happened but there seems to be way more now. Is it scalpers or noobs who want to make their money back from buying from DI?

>> No.10914272

lacemarket is babby's first secondhand lolita site so people who have no idea what their items are worth tend to wind up there

>> No.10914297
File: 590 KB, 1242x1315, IMG_6589.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These are the same old-schooler lolitas that are itt crying and screaming about scalpers to the point of suggesting a revolution against lace market. You girls would willingly pay out the ass if these so-called scalpers switched their listings to auctions. This is the standard you guys are setting for Asian resellers to set their prices to. I literally don’t want to see another thread derailed about old-school prices because you guys are in complete control of the market. 21 bid is pitiful.

>> No.10914370
File: 23 KB, 769x289, Screenshot_4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She almost forgot to mention she got 2nd place in an international contest

>> No.10914380

honestly all the old schoolers ive talked to think this is fucking deranged

>> No.10914388

I honestly don't know any old schooler who would pay that much for socks. Everyone I've talked to thinks this is delusional pricing. Western old schoolers are also not the only people buying old school stuff from the japanese 2nd hand market.

>> No.10914416

>only came in 2nd place

>> No.10914437

enormous cope, they are amongst you.

>> No.10914440

And? There will always be people who overspend on auctions and drive up the price for everyone else because they can, it's not unique to old school or westerners.

>> No.10914447

>I'm lying and coping!

>> No.10914452

The "and" was for the fact that these people exist. Try to learn reading comprehension.

>> No.10914716

Has anyone ever had closetchild send you a completely different item than you ordered?

>> No.10914725

This happened to 2 people in my comm, so yes.

>> No.10914736

Not CC specifically but one of their sister shops, yes. They refunded me and let me keep what I was sent rather than exchanging it.

>> No.10914776

>I don’t think a lot of you guys appreciate how good you have it with LM compared to the old LJ sales. If LM didn’t exist we’d probably be stuck with the terrible user experience of Facebook sales groups like a lot of other hobbies.
This so much. Lm is godsent

>> No.10915498

BEGGING sellers to stop smoking crack cocaine

>> No.10915548

Did this get cancelled? It shows up on google reverse image search, but nothing in sold history for Meta or the sock category. I dunno if I'm looking in the wrong spot, but I know for Buyee it's possible to not pay if you disconnect your Paypal and remove credit cards. I've seen retarded teenagers post about doing that before, did that happen?

It's the buyers' fault for bidding up prices, look at the morons paying $200 for 3 pairs of socks. Why should a seller short themselves money?

>> No.10915549

Actually there's a huge chance it's largely Chinese girls. Even during the 2020 sweet boom it was Chinese lolitas paying thousands for certain dresses, on LM you could see them bidding 2x more than westerners with the shittiest spending habits. I'm in a lolita adjacent hobby and over the past 6 months the price of items from a certain brand shot up from 3000 yen a piece to 25000-50000, with many going for more. You can see the poorer girls frothing on Xianyu and telling each other to hold out for low prices in the listing comments instead of buying from scalpers and showing old listings they bought for 2000 yen, amongst the sea of posts offering $250 for certain items. The brand isn't popular in the west, but I've seen a few stupid westerners cry about westerners jacking up the price when it's really not. It's really wild.

>> No.10915556

I can believe this. I don’t think people fully appreciate how the buying power of the Chinese middle class has exploded over the past 15 years, and how the cost of manufacturing in China has skyrocketed. I see this disconnect all the time in fashion doll communities where people are constantly crying about how they can’t pay 2005 prices for their plastic crap. How bold of the Chinese to grow their economy and aspire to Western living standards kek.

Lmao this. There’s a dutch sweetfag who’s forever screeching on instagram to not support scalpers and to “wait for deals” and yet she has a massive wardrobe of old AP sweet and has openly admitted to overpaying for pieces. Many such cases. Gotta deter the competition somehow I guess.

>> No.10915811
File: 611 KB, 916x736, aa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One is stated as being used once and the other has the condition listed as "like new" implying it is not entirely new and thus has also been used

>> No.10915851

the listing can still be viewed

>> No.10916116

Buying these soley to wear them on my head

>> No.10916498

$15 for cheap, used taobao trash bras. amazing.

>> No.10917328

>over the past 6 months the price of items from a certain brand shot up from 3000 yen a piece to 25000-50000
It's alice auaa isn't it?

>> No.10917330

>These are the same old-schooler lolitas that are itt crying and screaming about scalpers
Source: your ass

>> No.10917991
File: 1.48 MB, 2420x957, Lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy shit that is clearly not the same dress. not even close

>> No.10918004

[Official colorways]
- Black medium size strawberry print x white lace x red ribbon
- White large size strawberry print x white lace x red ribbon
- White medium size strawberry print x white lace x red ribbon
That explains the print difference.
They also have different lace, the lolibrary page only shows the white large strawberry version, but other than that basically the same dress.
There are also no dresses on lolibrary that perfectly fit the seller's images, the other AP strawberry dresses have different features/cuts/details. I plugged in Angelic Pretty, OP, detachable sleeves, strawberries.

>> No.10918013

the quality doesn't look like old school AP to me. the fabric looks weird, and the tag on the listing mentions a poly lining of which there is none? right?

>> No.10918022

How do we know that this isn’t just a different dress not on Lolibrary? Or it could be an early sample for this print before it was sold. You can never be to sure with early AP.

>> No.10918028

it's possible that this dress was released earlier than the lolibrary listing she linked and it's just not on lolibrary.
Doesn't look homemade, there's also the tag

>> No.10918045
File: 58 KB, 426x640, 808B9CB6-25D3-4E1D-A4B4-11C3068F22C9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm aware that dresses exist that aren't listed on lolibrary. however, sellers sew real tags into fake goods all the time. i'd be curious to know if she bought it on xianyu or what. there's been discussion on the lolibrary server that nearly 50% of the btssb classical series items floating around on xianyu rn are knock-off.

to clarify, i don't think this seller is purposefully misleading anyone, if at all. the bleeding is probably making the dress look cheap, too. i'm mostly interested in IDing the dress in some way. anyway, i did a preliminary search on jp secondhand markets for anything by ap in that same fabric and couldn't find anything. the print looks a lot closer to pic rel, but obviously isn't.

>> No.10918054

I think you're thinking too hard or are paranoid about this. Back then AP just used commercial fabrics, and not everything was lined. They probably just had this fabric in stock at whatever time it was made, and the cut is similar enough to the Lolibrary listing.

>> No.10918097

>sellers sew real tags into fake goods all the time

I believe you that it happens, but the dress listed on LM does not seem like a dress someone would make a replica out of for profit. It's too niche. Now, someone could have made that for themselves and then decided they wanted to sell it and the only way it would fetch a lot of money was by sewing the brand tag in. I doubt this is the case though.

You could argue it's a replica because the tag is not in any place it usually goes. But this has an unlined bodice and the collar is sewn on without a collar stand. If you placed the tag lower it would be attached to one layer of thin cotton. The location of the tag on this dress makes sense because it would be worse to put it only on the single layer of cotton.

The fabric; looks like commercially available fabric. They've done that before. The lolibrary listing mentions that broadcloth was used as well as twill. This looks like broadcloth.

Quality; could be mostly due to the low quality of the fabric itself. I can't see any mistakes in the construction. This looks like it was made by someone who knew what they were doing.

It also has a wash tag.The other side of the wash tag mentions polyester lining and tulle, so it probably has a layer or two of tulle. Dresses where only the skirt portion is lined are common. Why go that far to include a brand tag and wash tag (especially one that says made in japan) for a niche dress that only a small part of the community likes ?

The only pictures on lolibrary are of the large strawberry print, there are no pictures of the medium sized strawberry print. How would they have had access to the details of this dress if the only pictures available aren't even of this print version and are grainy? They could have copied the genuine article, but why would any lolita do that when they already have the dress.

>> No.10918207

newfag as fuck, embarrassing

>> No.10918262

stop posting this everywhere, you sound retarded. how much old AP have you owned? serious question

>> No.10920239

why is the retarded scalper on fril now also scalping h.naoto stuff I'm going to kill myself I can't take it anymore

>> No.10921061

Because no one buys their other stuff. I don't know why they don't just stop, it's they like wasting money. Maybe it's all just a justification for a shopping addition to them.