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What kinds of Cosplay do you think you could adapt to your regular fashion or outfits? Or rather, which characters do you like not just for cosplay sake but also for general fashion sense.

Pic related isn't far from my body type or how I normally dress during the winter seasons, but idk if just removing the hat would make this something that could work in daily use.

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That is far from any body type, even anorexic skeleton would not be this thin in waist

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If you don't wear the hat you don't deserve to wear the coat.

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I want to wear the hat but I think people would just keep asking if I'm Russian or something, maybe I will, who knows.

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Oh they will!

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I love GE999, but almost every Maetel cosplayer is either a hard drug pusher or a cheating whore.

I do not know why.

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It's because of her free spirited nature.

as for me,
I can't smoke or do drugs, and I don't really have any reason to cheat so there's that.

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what why cant you party?

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I have really bad lungs.

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youre good you can turkeybaste most drugs hits harder that way too

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These fur hats are popular with the Y2K zoomer crowd right now, so I don't think it'll be any more of an annoyance than the lolita little bo peep comments

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You know I never considered that, you're right though.
I wonder if all the 90s-2000s Matsumoto adaptations and the influence of J-fashion at the time is in any way responsible for that honestly.

I'll keep that in mind? I guess?

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My Paul Atreides black long coat and leather gloves are literally my winter wear. Works well with my suits.