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Does anyone have any scans from vol 1-4 of this zine? (Or other obscure lolita zines in general?)

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Went to their instagram page and her tits are literally spilling out of that dress. No thanks

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Two volumes of Sucre, an obscure Japanese zine from the early 2000s:

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thank you anon, this is exactly the type of content i was looking for!!!! you are incredible.

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wow thank you anon it's beautiful

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Are you drunk anon ?

Vol.1 is free and online :

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are you blind? no one wants to see butt crack length cleavage in lolita.

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You're welcome! I've been sitting on this link for a while, no idea who uploaded it initially but huge props to them

Here's Heavenly Creatures, an old school style digital zine:

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speak for yourself, you giant prude

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Excessive cleavage has always been ita. Get a dress that fits or cry about it retard.

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Are you another 12 yo karper who piss themselves at the bra section in walmart ?

big ass prude

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If you think this is butt crack length, you're more telling on yourself than anything, tiny ass.

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Try replying in english next time retard
Cope full shirring warrior

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OK Hank Hill.

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OK lard tits. Maybe you'll get over it after your second lunch

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>everyone that replies to me must be fat!!

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Stop shitting up the thread. Internet shit slinging isnt contributing anything of worth.

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i bet u r fat and ugly w smelly feet

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I feel like there should be a more literal “lolibrary”. Like a site that just archives zones, GLB, interviews etc.

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this pretty much already exists at lolita history

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no, that site is shit. it's basically a cringe blog.

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This site is really limited in what it actually archives, I agree with >>10892751 . I don't have any clue how to make a website but Id love something like this.

Would we want to make a google doc, maybe? Or a spreadsheet, with archived links & mirrors?

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sounds like you’re too retarded to navigate the website properly

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does anyone have moonbow/gekko? There was a thread earlier but that only had the street snaps.

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>This site is really limited in what it actually archives
You do know that they just host user submitted scans, right? If you want lolitahistory to have more content, scan whatever you have that isn't on there and submit it yourself

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i dont have any scans or lolita fashion zines myself yet. i only just found out about zines earlier this year, so ive missed most of them unfortunately

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>Wants to complain about the FREE resource other more experienced people have contributed over years of efforts
>literally has nothing to contribute themselves


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Sous l'Ombrelle - A french zine published sept 25, 2023. As of right now, there's no english translation.


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free projects should be done with MORE passion by the people who do them, otherwise it's just lazy and asking for attention. look at how lolibrary is. and it was done for free. if anon had anything to contribute she wouldn't need the site anyway. plus 99% of jmags were hosted illegally online for years on chinese sites without anyone archiving the double watermarked scans. blame them.

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>free projects should be done with MORE passion by the people who do them, otherwise it's just lazy and asking for attention.
you have actual brain worms. free projects don’t owe you shit, you should expect more from a paid option if anything. the website compiles scans all in one place and isn’t looking for “attention”
>look at how lolibrary is. and it was done for free
you mean also free, incomplete and not perfect, but good enough given it’s ran by community contributions… consisting of the same people who run the website you’re complaining about? so the exact same thing? Again, what have you contributed to the community aside from being a spoiled brat and expecting everything to be spoonfed to you? make the changes you want to see through your own resource or get over yourself.

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if you're too entitled to use the free resource older lolitas worked hard to provide for you you're welcome to buy the magazines yourself like an adult

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Anon the girl who ran lolibrary died. I think anon's point is less entitlement and more that a project for a niche community is by and for the community so it should be more robust based on the presumed passion of the contributors. Look at fandom wikis and such, they're full of information and resources because contributors obsessions with the subject. Also attributing any criticism to entitlement is stupid at best, especially since anyone contributing materials illegally is entitled themselves.

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>Anon the girl who ran lolibrary died.
which is why it's currently running on contributions made by volunteers and has been for years now. bringing up how it used to be literally makes no difference to what i said.
>attributing any criticism to entitlement is stupid at best
calling resources "shit" when you can easily contribute to them, link a better one, or make a better one yourself isn't "criticism"
the original posts of the anon you're defending
>no, that site is shit. it's basically a cringe blog.
>free projects should be done with MORE passion by the people who do them
this is entitlement and bitching with no action being taken. learn what criticism is.

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Literally no one who runs or contributes on either of those sites has ever gone looking for attention. They have gained literally nothing for building and
Maintaining the single most referenced site in lolita fashion. Lolibrary is even referenced in Japanese and Chinese second hand sales. I hope you’re not in a comm jeez you sound awful.

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the art in this is really nice. some of the coordinates are iffy. is there another volume?

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I'm not that anon and pointed that out in my post. I'm not defending her either I just think you're too invested in what is all illegal activity anyway.

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>illegal activity
Lol, lmao even

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>I'm not that anon and pointed that out in my post.
>the anon you're defending
are you retarded or something?

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Honey. Do not go to meets until you grow up. You will eviscerate your reputation dear lord are you dumb.

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>she thinks scanning magazines is legal

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are you the same bitch who shat up the aesthetic furniture thread whining about entitlement. >>10892888 lamenting the lack of submissions isn't being entitled. she's not demanding more, she's sad she can't access the things she's missed out on. none of her posts seem entitled at all.

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>she thinks scanning rare magazines that have been out of print and unavailable for purchase for over a decade to share with a small community of enthusiasts is immoral

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not the anon anyone is replying to, bur lolibrary's creator passed away? thats so sad. is that why i see a lot of the posts made by the same person?

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I thought it was the other database that was created was the owner that died. As it stopped updating and it tools years before the site was closed down fully.
I really liked that ones layout. So what happen to that owner of lolita wardrobe I think it was call?

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there’s more than one person on the internet retard. multiple people ITT called her out for a reason. cry about it.

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Less arguing, more zines!

Parfait, only 5 volumes of which were released between 1999-2003:

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You can still buy it from the source, uploading the full thing would be extremely rude when it's still in print...

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the anon that >>10893130 quoted.
I dont have an issue with the lolita history site, i just felt like there wasnt a lot on it based on whats floating around out there. i didnt know it was now community submission based, and i didnt know that the original ownder had died. this was my only response, im not the other entitled anon shitting up the thread.

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it isnt in print in english anymore / isnt available in english at the moment.

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You can message her in DMs and buy it.

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Can you read those? I could only see the titles and the "sold out" sign

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Unfortunately no, but you get a glimpse of the contents in one of the CD-ROM previews

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JBTK - English lolita zine available on Ko-Fi. The first volume is free, but you can get all 4 for $5

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What do you gulls like to see in lolita zines / what do you appreciate? What do you not like seeing?

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I don't like the relatable content that Western zines focus on. I prefer the idealized, aspirational content from Asian zines.
I like it when zines have a few core staff (writers, artists, photographers, designers, etc) and occasionally feature guests, rather than totally submission-based content. The latter is too chaotic.
I really love event reports. I would prefer it in a website, blog format that accompanies the website with a short feature in the zine.
I appreciate an active social media presence.
My dream lolita zine is a mix of Nylon x GLB x Moonbow. Highly stylized, specific content with an DIY vibe.
It would be nice if they lasted longer than a year.

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>I would prefer it in a website, blog format that accompanies the website

Waste of dubs. I meant I would prefer an article in blog format thats hosted on a website with a short feature in the zine. But that's assuming the zine is in print and not just a webzine, PDF format to begin with.

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Agreeing with the first two points of >>10894244
Other than that, I don't like seeing those ugly western animation kind of art styles

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>it's been 20 years and only the intro is translated

bottom kek

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Nayrt but I don't like lolita magazines to have "everyone can be lolita" content. I mean the type of content where they get a size 20 person and put her in a DollBe dress, do a piss poor job at styling it, and then act like some sort of great transformation has taken place. Same thing when they get an obvious sissy (complete with beard stubble and manly man chin) and do the same things to him. I don't want to see any "get ready with me " type content, I don't want to see what people's routines are.

I want to see the finished thing, all polished to perfection (even if it's actually frumpy old school). Gorgeous photoshoots that remind you of old fairytale illustrations, I want to read interviews (of people who are really good at something we care about), also event reports, a list of upcoming large events worldwide, upcoming (indie) brand collections, actually good art, I'll even put up with poetry. DIY content is a must.

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Hard agree with everything

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Western zines will never, ever, be good, because they are all written by political retards who fill them with nigger and tranny bullshit and little to no actual fashion content.

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Post eastern zines then

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ugh i hate how they used that film name

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it's got hundreds of old magazines scanned, it's a great resource whether you acknowledge it or not. Many of these magazines would be lost media within another few years without lolitahistory.

You're willing to do nothing, you contribute nothing. When you leave no one will miss you.

oh, you're a literal child