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Is makeup required for cosplaying? I really want to start going to cons and cosplaying, but I only ever played with makeup as a kid and never got into it as I got older. I am not super attractive either, so I think wearing makeup could greatly improve my cosplay in terms of appearing to be a cute anime girl. Can anyone give tips on getting into makeup with little to no experience? I've tried watching a lot of tutorials, but it seems like I have to buy a lot of products to get started.

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Probably better suited in the stupid questions thread and not its own, but: short and sweet answer, yes. if you are at a con for 10+ hours in a day, yes. Primer, foundation, blush, light shadow(s), mascara, some lips. Pretty much as basic as it gets

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Do you think it's worth it to use contacts? The character I'm going to cosplay has the same eye color as me, so I don't think I need them, but I mean those doll ones that make your eye look larger.

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Nayrt, but it's your call, m8.
Unless you're competing, there are no rules. Wear contacts if you'd like, or do not wear them if you don't like them. If you have the money to spare, sure, buy them. If your budget is tight, better save those dollars and buy something else.

Same about makeup. Will you look better? Yes. Do you have to wear it? No. It's your costume, you wear it the way you like it.

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AYRT; if you care about photos, get contacts. Especially if you want to wear false eyelashes, they will help enlarge your eyes in photos and just help bring out the color more, since you said the character has the same eye color as you.

Contacts are probably one of the cheapest things you can get for cosplaying quite frankly, as a side note. PinkyParadise, Uniqso, HoneyColor, all good websites for contacts - as someone who even orders prescription color contacts since I'm blind as fuck, they're great.

This anon is right about make-up but also again, if you care about photos or appearance, then make-up 100%. Wear it however you want, but if you're at a con all day, your face will get red, splotchy, sweaty, etc. and unless you care about looking fresh all day, make-up is really the only solution to that.

Even so, you'll probably have to touch up any creases, smudges etc. on your make-up maybe once or twice throughout the day, but if applied properly it'll pretty much be fine the whole day.

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Thank you !! I will try watching more tutorials and looking into eye contacts. Hopefully I can put them in without freaking out.

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Of course. As someone who has been doing make-up for years and still struggles with blending eyeshadow, applying good eyeliner (not to mention, finding eyeliner styles that compliment your eye type/shape) and applying falsies properly, it's a constant learning process.

No one method works for everyone, and it starts with knowing your skin type. I myself have normal to dry skin, so I ONLY use moisturizing primers, moisturizing foundation, etc. Blot throughout the day with oil papers or powder for shine, and so on.

Some quick tips are - use beauty blenders for applying foundation - and wet the sponge for better application. Run it under the sink for a bit and squeeze repeatedly until it's just damp and no excess water is coming out.

Also, color correcting primer(s). You can use an all over primer specifically for pores, or matte, or moisturizing. Or, all over color correcting primer. I personally use a general primer for pores, then use green "concealer" for red spots since I have mild rosacea, then foundation.

Generally, it's:
Primer -> color correcting concealer -> foundation -> concealer -> contour/blush -> eyes -> eyebrows, finishing touches (highlighter, etc.)
I know some girls do their eyes before foundation, or they do their eyes before blush and contour due to fall-out from eyeshadow, but specifically the first 4 steps don't change.