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>Wow I can’t wait to see who’s at this years con…

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wow larpers are not trying to hid the fact that they’re stealing valor anymore. I was right all these years

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And then the actual FBI shows up to ANYC, kek

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Someone should tell glow in the dark to them

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It's actually real. These are actual Army folks.

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I'm mostly wondering why you felt the need to post this one like 4 boards

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I was there yesterday, all the Army Recruiters looked like the wanted to kill themselves and apparently a few people got pretty aggressive with them (didn't witness it but I'd believe it) I saw a Kazuma cosplayer signing something at one of there tables and had a personal chuckle at the idea of getting Isekai'd for Israel. The Marines seemed to be pretty busy tho, there was pretty much always someone on the pull-up bars

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>The Marines seemed to be pretty busy tho, there was pretty much always someone on the pull-up bars
Yeah the Marines knew what they were doing, the Army and FBI stood out so hard

at least the marines knew how to bring people in.

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felt good getting two lanyards for doing 10-11 pull ups at their booth on two days

my buddy did 25 chin ups and got a neat shirt :)

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>that's the only thing he sees wrong with this picture.

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No one in this thread has been to a comic con or culture festival in 10+ years. They're SHOCKED in this thread that the military and feds are recruiting.

Anime has hit normfag status, so now they have to go to where the normies are to get fresh new bodies.

The Tiktok vids are fucking hilarious of weebs getting pissy that they dare invade their territory.

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With all the military and /k/ fags running around anime cons can you blame them?

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while that is true, it is still mostly self-hating, lefty-shitter, obese, mentally-ill, socially-maladjusted fucktards that go to these things. Even the so called "normies" that apparently took over the con scene are among the bottom rung of the normies. They are normies relatively when compared to con weebs, not in the grand scheme of things.

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Right... this shit isn't even new.

These recruiters are even at farmers markets, state fairs and tom cruise movie screenings

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Navy fag here, to be honest these events aren't bad. It's a good way to get out of the bullshit military routine and interact with the public. Most people in the service and glowies are weebs. Going to Japan is a major perk for alot of people in the military.
Also while I agree the military is a shit choice now, people do get benefit from it and I wouldn't be able to go to cons or Japan without it.

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Have people never been to a comic con there is almost always one military booth tucked away or positioned somewhere around the con if it's in a major city.

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I get sad when there's a up meet up for any "guest celebrity" and there's barely anyone there, but I also wonder why would a basketball player even bother showing up to a convention expecting lots of company

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Curiously never see them at wondercon/sdcc. I did see a booth for a nursing school once. Also NASA for some reason

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I know you're subconsciously shilling but I'm only willing to join the military if Israel fucks off from American politics and the economy

I'll die for America sure.
I'm not dying for Israel.

I don't care how many waifu cosplayers you send me.

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>The Tiktok vids are fucking hilarious of weebs getting pissy that they dare invade their territory
What did they expect? Weebs are majority left and probably side with Palestine

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I love how some weebs consider this propganda and should stay away from anime cons

Lol as if anime conventions arent already japanese propaganda. I wish theyd have the same energy for people who sell NFTs, dropshippers, AI artists, bootleg merch at cons

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>live in USA
>get upset at seeing USA military members
I don't understand how people get offended do you know where you are

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you have to admit there is something kind of predatory about trying to enlist autistic weebs

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lel, the Republicucks are way into End Times bullshit to not support Israel

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Remembers me about the Greenpeace (or was it WWF, can't really remember) exhibition at Vienna Comic-Con 2022

No one basically cared

At least the dude there wore a cosplay of cabbage-man from Avatar

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yeah they prey on desperate and foolish young men

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That's a cope. You want to believe fans got brainwashed into liking that stuff as opposed to they naturally gravitated towards something they enjoyed.

It's not Japan's fault Americans can no longer do anything right

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you will never be japanese

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2 nukes weren't enough for those slanty eyed cunts by the sounds of it then

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I don't give 2fucks if anyone joins or not the Navy, military or [Insert abc glowie agency here]. Also people don't join the military because of politics, they join for both a sense of service and need i.e work/education because 99% of the people in the military even at the officer level are from really poor shitty backgrounds and have no choice.

Believe me I think the Navy is a shitty choice and I'm glad I'm out in 6 months.

If you want to stop supporting Israel I would first look at the reason why people join in the first place, i.e they have no other option because American culture does fuck all to help people unless there's a monetary gain from it.
If you go down to Yokosuka which is like 45min from Tokyo station by train on the Keikyu line. It's basically an American Colony for all intensive purposes. Also none and I mean NONE of your anime, cosplay, hentai, goth lolita, weeb culture would exist if it were not for America not only after the war but before it in the late 1800's with Commodore Perry's expedition to Japan.
The country would be a backwards 3rd world shit hole divided by colonial powers or if WWII didnt turn out with us in Japan, something far worse than North Korea and Hunger games combined when the soviets inevitably moved in.
The very fact there are statues of Gen. McArthur built voluntarily by the Japanese is proof just how much the country is intertwined with America.\
picrel Yokouska

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Army at Planet runs a full gaming trailer setup with VR. It's pretty sick.

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I think its foolish for the fbi to be there, but if they paid for the spot/sponsorship then who has the right to stop them?

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I mean, not really recruiters don't care if you get the job or not they just people who meet the wickets and send them off the hiring manager or in the military to boot camp if you have a pulse and meps accepts you.
Anime con is probably not a bad place, I remember the cia was recruiting at Otakon and they played the whole glowie meme which was pretty funny.

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Israel is less a country and more the forward operating base of United States in the Middle East. Until the place runs out of oil we aren't getting off the petro-dollar which means we aren't getting out of the Middle East anytime soon. As long as we are there we need the foothold Israel provides.

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because they need more mentally unwell patsies to continue mass shootings...

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As a follow up to my previous post >>10893685 although Japan is a country, it's also an extremely cucked country and has served as the forward operating base for the US in the Pacific since the end of WWii. Almost the entirety of the Korean war and Vietnam were ran through Japan. Again the phrase "US empire" isn't metaphorical. We have these kind of relationships across the glove to enforce our hegemony.

Anon is correct that modern Japanese pop culture wouldn't exist with the US being heavily involved in Japan. It's a weird blending US pop culture, anxieties over Japan losing their empire and sense of self, and rebranding for Western facing audiences.

I don't understand Anons schizo fantasy about the US not being involved in a Pacific war and the Soviets taking over Japan as if the US wasn't in the Pacific since the war in the Philippines in 1899? If anyone was going to take that island it was us. We called dibs when Perry opened up the country.

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The CIA specifically wants to you do the job without thinking about the implications of the job. If that means being a irony poisoned weeb? Fine. If that means being college grad that is centering their oneness? Fine. Whatever cope you need to continue the surveillance state and motive the mentally unwell to commit mass shootings.

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You do get that most people who do these jobs are post military or college grads. Also very few people in the military law enforcement and Intel world are political belive it or not. Everyone just wants to get home safely at a reasonable hour, get work done, pay bills and engage with whatever hobby you like be it anime cosplay or games.
The vast majority of work is extremely mundane, but your so beyond help with your "glowie" conspiracy that you litterally cant fathom this work without some nefarious movite. Also the CIA and by extension the military doesn't control US policy despite what you may think. That power lies with the House, and I can tell you this much no-one in thsr world is a fan of congress fucking with pay/material support and putting people I harms way.

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I mean, Misato IS military

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Non american here. Army here is an umbrella term for all the armed forces departments. What are you americans refering to when you say army?

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There are several distinct branches of the US military

-Coast Guard
-Space force (lol)

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Hmmmpf i thought nerv was just a pretend-military force

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.....Is that Misato a Dude?

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>edgy teens & asocial unemployeds
thats the target, just think about all the chunnys thinking they are this misterious person and now they can actually pull it of with a badge

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Apparently it's a shithole that is so desperate for fresh cannon fodder that they have recruiters invade anime conventions as if a big chunk a weebs weren't some sort of anti-establishment types.
Comparable with dudes taking yoga classes because they want to pick up women.

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The state of these zogbots lol.